PowerPoint Presentation on Philosophy examples

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Freedom is the most important civil liberty and must be protected at all cost.
Choose a contemporary ethical stance and support it with solid facts and ethical theory. First, choose an ethical stance that really grabs you! Substantiate your position intelligently and creatively. This project will primarily take the form of a creative presentation (powerpoint or other format). Submit a one-page paper in canvas simply listing the points..
Nord Korean Leader is immune to defecation: can we know if people really do accept the information?
I am an IB student and I need a TOK presentation. MY Knowledge question is Can we know whether people really do accept the information? or How can we know the reasons why people accept information? My Real Life situation is an article about North Korean Leader that is believed immune to defecation. My tok presentation should be a PowerPoint Presentation in which..
(PPT) Should internet companies collect information about their customer without their consent?
Important instructions The presentation is to be in PowerPoint format consisting of at least 10 slides plus the references. Thoroughly research this ethical issue in terms of its origin, history, most recent development, argument of the opposing sides, your own opinion on the issue and possible solutions to the problem. You have to use at least 5 outside sources..
debate on cybercrime : leaking military information
Debate : Three point of view. 1. You 2. Phil 3. Wiki-leakes type media My position is -Phil So write for me as “Phil” debate power point including at least a youtube video and little detail that i can read in front of my class pattern should be somewhat below 1.how it has impacted me 2.argument 1 3.argument 2 4.argument 3 5.counter argument if needed to add 6.conclusion,..
Article Summary (6 slides with speaker notes) due in 48 hours
- Explain the position of the Author using a visual aid (Power Point). You will be graded on clarity, thoroughness, and coherence - 6 slides with speaker notes - Due in 48 hours
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