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10. Plutarch (c. 75 AD). Parallel Lives: Alcibiades – Coriolanus.
From Plutarch, "The Parallel Lives" we need to compare-analyze "Alcibiades - Coriolanus", by answering 4 question in ppt. and Analyzing leadership styles & personality questions are. (a) What were the defining personal characteristics of Alcibiades and Coriolanus? (b) What were the strengths and weakness of Alcibiades and Coriolanus as leaders? (c) What..
Show comparison to Indian vs American dietary guidelines
Show comparison to American Dietary guidelines and Indian Dietary guidelines in powerpoint format. Focus mainly on carbs and write a 2 paragraphs summary. http://www.ninindia.org/DietaryGuidelinesforNINwebsite.pdf, https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/guidelines/
Special Education in Urban school public comparing suburban public school
Special Education in Urban school public comparing suburban public school used 10 peer review work Using the document it literature review and also addition creat a powerpoint info Special Education in Urban school public comparing suburban public school . The powerpoint add picture as well with subtopic in comparing...
Complexity Leadership: Enabling People and Organizations for Adaptability
Discuss the article and current challenges in health care leadership. Brainstorm how complex leadership strategies may be leveraged to address one or more of these challenges. Select one or two health care leadership challenges and map which leadership functions (operational, entrepreneurial, or enabling) can be used to address them. Create a 10-minute,..
PRECEDE-PROCEED Program Plan Presentation Safe Injection sites
The critical assignment in this course is a PRECEDE-PROCEED Program Plan Power Point Presentation. safe injection sites, that you could use to develop a program plan presentation using the PRECEDE-PROCEED model. You will apply qualitative/quantitative research methods approaches for needs assessment data collection. You will identify positive and..
How to select and recruit employees” (10 page powerpoint)
The book my class use is Managing human resources 17th edition, Need this by the 18th of july Turn in a 10 page power point presentation (no flash bang , or lightning bolts and please don’t make me click 10 times to get from one page to the next. Just a simple power point using clip art and or photos) The topic is “How to select and recruit employees”Write this from the..
Are characters in games hyper sexualized? What effect does that have on the perception of the players?
You and your team member will create a six- to eight- minute presentation on one of the topics below. Please attach at least one media example of your topic. Have one member of your team submit the presentation here. The powerpoint (or prezi) for a presentation this length is typically ten slides long. Think about your topic from an ethical standpoint. Find the..
Present the pro position and its rhetorical approach of Electric Car in future
Collaborative Presentation: A group presentation should distill the most important information from the bibliography and your early draft of the essay. It should include handouts or an audio/visual presentation. In small teams (3 students), we will research, curate, analyze, and offer presentations on our findings. Beginning in the second week, each..
the importance of using hand-free device while driving
Direction Select an academically appropriate text of your choice, analyze its rhetorical situation, and present it to the class. Your presentation must have these components in this order: introduction, interpretation, evaluation, and response. What is a Text? A text is broadly defined as anything that carries a "hidden message" (or multiple messages)..
Airline Operation research (Powerpoint presentation)
It's important to understand how airlines can stay profitable, especially to survive in a struggling economy or during periods when fuel prices soar. We all know that the person sitting next to us on a flight probably paid a different fare than we did. Was it higher or lower? We may never know but understanding how airlines set fares can help us make sense of the battle..
Spoken Communication Confidentiality Presentation
Create a PowerPoint presentation that provides a scenario involving a breach of confidentiality related to spoken communication. In your presentation you must: 1. Describe a situation with background information to set up a scenario where spoken breaches can occur in Addiction counseling. 2. Provide at least two events and interactions that represent..
Topic 40: Environmentalism Presentation Issue/Question: What obligations do we have to the environment?
Pick a controversial ethical topic or moral issue. Post your topic to the Module 3 Presentation Topic discussion activity and await your instructor's response. It is best to keep the topic very focused for this short assignment. Decide what your position is on the topic and prepare to explain why. Pick one or more ethical theories to justify your beliefs about..
Taking Women’s Studies to the Public: Option Z – Creative Zine
Women and Gender Studies Class - Along with the Op-Ed Zine being created. Assignment attached below. TOPIC is Black women and sexual harrassment - Target Audience would be African american teenage girls at Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School ... Add pictures, explain next to each picture. view examples on google of sample op-ed zines...
Signature Assignment: Business Decision-Making Project – Part 3
About Your Signature Assignment This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignment may be graded with an automated rubric..
Environmental Issue Research Multimedia Presentation
The subject for this project is American Indian Studies and I have attached a file with the full instructions for this final project. For this presentation project you will have to examine a topic that is relevant to American Indians and environmental issues. You can choose from the list below for ideas: 1. Northern California fires (affecting Pomo people, and..
Combating terrorism (1): Counterterrorist strategies
-Jackson & Sinclair, chap 9, “Are counterterrorism frameworks based on suppression and military force effective in responding to terrorism?” -European Council. 2015. Council Conclusions on Counter-Terrorism. 9 February. http://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/pressreleases/ 2015/02/150209-council-conclusions-counter-terrorism/ -Garriaud-Maylam,..
The 2007 Southern California Wildfires: Lessons in Complexity
http://samples.jbpub.com/9781284057027/Chapter2.pdf Use this case study to make a power point presentation Answer all of these questions 1) Synthesize and simplify: the article is difficult to get through; how can you simplify it for the average reader while including the most important information (this is subjective; what main points are important..
The student will select a chosen position/ profession that matches his/her career goals. A PowerPoint presentation will be created that includes the following: desired career/position required educational background projected salary projected career growth individual characteristics and strengths needed for success in the profession and professional..
Reflection on and Presentation of Program Highlights
There are two parts to this assignment. For the first part for the slide show it MUST have speaker notes under each slide Part 1: Review and reflect on the work you’ve completed in the B.S. in Human Services program and on what you’ve learned. Prepare a slide presentation using the application of your choice (e.g., Prezi, PowerPoint, or Google). Your presentation..
Techniques for Improving Listening i want it today before 10 am
power point about Techniques for Improving Listening • 3-part formal structure (introduction, body, conclusion) 13 slide i will give you a file in which information you use and you add more information and explain it
Critiquing an Article with Power Point Presentation
In Module 4 Assignment 2, you were asked to provide your impressions of Peter Singer’s article “America’s Shame.” Now, you will compose a researched response to this article. This assignment allows you to assess and defend the reasonableness of your personal beliefs through critical assessment of Singer’s arguments and the presentation of your own, original..
Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal Presentation.
You are a juvenile justice consultant creating a proposal that will be presented to the state legislature concerning the future of the juvenile justice system. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, detailing your proposal. Address recommendations for all aspects of the system, including: Community involvement,..
Life Long Strategies: Reflection and Implementation
During the units in the course, you have learned about professional presence in your desired field. Now it is time to produce the last assignment based on what you have learned. Assignment Instructions You will create a PowerPoint presentation which will be comprised of seven slides. That will cover the areas listed below. Be sure to explain how you look at: Cover..
How to Apply a Decision Making Model----powerpoint
Construct a Power Point presentation of a 6-8 slides, with corresponding speaker notes, that educates an audience of newly hired human services workers about how to apply a decision-making model to address ethical dilemmas. You should reference key concepts from the module with in-text citations to support your answer in the slides and in the slide notes...
Aspect of Aging and an Accompanying Disorder Presentation
Aspect of Aging and an Accompanying Disorder Presentation Create a PowerPoint or Prezi (www.prezi.com)  presentation about an aspect of aging (special population, dementia, grandparenthood) and substance abuse disorder (or another addiction based disorder such as a compulsive disorder like gambling- be sure to pick something specific). Create a 9 slide..
Case Study Report
Hello! I need you to create 5 good slides of Recommendations and one extra slide for Conclusion in my Powerpoint presentation, I am sending you the Jasper Nursing file with the information on there now. You will start with the bottom of page 8 where it says Rehabilitation Services Utilization and end on page 11 where it says Potential Need and Demand for Alzheimer's..
research project (college-level research)
About Team formation and dynamics powerpoint Structure and Organization: Introduction, clarity of objectives and goals, organization of presentation, summary / conclusion.
fallacy presentation
fallacies should be currrent one all shold taken from from year 2017 after 9 jan
Long Distance Relationship Slideshow Presentation
Create the slide using facts from the following documents. 1st document - the essay that you will use the information to input into the presentation. (Long distance relationshops.docx) 2nd document - the orders of how I want the slides. (Slide Guidelines)
PowerPoint Presentation on Problems Faced by Society Today 14 Slides
Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation Select and describe an important problem faced by society today (e.g., income inequality, gun violence, online privacy). Once you have selected your problem, be prepared to address the following in your presentation: APA format with a total of 14 slides that should include a Title and Reference slide...
Powerpoint presentation
In this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation based on the application of the functional health assessment of a movie character. To complete this assignment, choose a movie from the following list and identify a character from the movie on whom you would like to do a health assessment. Films: Away From Her Lorenzo's Oil Mask My Sister's Keeper..
Health Care and Human Resources Legislation Presentation
Select a piece of legislation or regulation (passed within the past 3 years) that directly affects an organization from the human resources aspect (e.g., Americans With Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay Act, sexual harassment law, visas/work permits). Develop a 7-10-slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker's notes describing the..
Ethics Application-Interviewing Healthcare Adminstrtors
I been struggling to turn this paper into a PowerPoint presentation. I just need a 10 slide presentation. There is no conclusion on this paper this working on it... Attached is my paper. Please I need this done my tomorrow. I apologize for the late notice.
Civil Liberties v. Civil Rights: Create a PowerPoint slide show explaining what Civil Liberties and Civil Rights are. Your slide show should consist of 10-14 slides (not including a title slide and reference slide which you must have) and should include, but not be limited to:  Definition of civil liberties and discuss how these rights are protected on a federal..
Unit III Part two
Criminal evidence and the strategies and techniques utilized by criminals to commit crimes are constantly changing. Therefore, the strategies and procedures used to collect and present criminal evidence must also continue to evolve. Your task is to develop a presentation report that explores the latest strategies, advancements, and innovations in the..
Final Project
Follow the format below to complete your presentation: Total slides - 15 slides •Slide 1: Introduction slide •Slide 2: Topic Overview •Slide 3-5: Characteristics of a Good Critical Thinker •Slide 6 – 8: Barriers and Resistances to Good Critical Thinking •Slide 9 & 10: Informal Fallacies •Slide 11 & 12: Moral Dilemmas •Slide 13 & 14: Critical Thinking Topics..
Professional Standards Presentation
This week’s readings from CMSA present professional standards that case managers should use to guide their work. The process of learning about one’s career and growing into a professional cultivates an understanding and valuation of the guiding principles of the profession. Directions: Complete a slide presentation on the Guiding Principles of Case Management:..
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