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Disruptive Innovation Video Presentation (Individual) - Script
1. This would be an oral video presentation, but you can help me, by doing the script 2. You may use up to 15 – 17 PowerPoint slides and put a note or text or the script below in each slide that I am going to say. 3. Word count is 1800. To include like 5 to 6 sentences for a brief introduction before I proceed for the presentation. 4. Need at least 6 -7 references. 5. Please follow..
As you have explored in this course, ongoing challenges in the business environment are mostly attributed to unethical business practices, failure to embrace technology advancements, and stiff competition among businesses. Imagine that you have been appointed as the Chief Compliance Officer of one of the below companies. You must prepare a presentation..
Powerpoint - International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) versus Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
This presentation is for discipline Global Business. The topic is to cover Export Administrations Regulations. Directions: What is the reason your topic exists? o What is the driving problem, origin, or need for your topic? This may include a (brief!) historical overview, but preferably you should explain it in applied terms a company might first encounter..
Internal and External Environmental Analysis Presentation
You work for a consulting firm whose primary objective is to help businesses improve their strategic operations. Your firm recently was hired by a newspaper company named Hoosier Media Inc. The client's print newspaper circulation and subscriptions have declined, resulting in 30% lower revenues over the last five years. Online ad revenues have increased..
Professional Career Development PowerPoint Presentation
1400 word PowerPoint presentation using academic and reliable sources. Please include diagrams, graphs and questionnaires if needed. Do not jam pack the slides keep it simple and easy to follow with relevant information. And the rest of the words can be used for supplamentory notes. A minimum of 20 academic and reliable references must be used. This requires..
Research Presentation: The Influence of Technology on Organizational Communication
a list of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, Internet of Things, and Augmented and Virtual Reality) that could create value for organizations in a variety of industries. For this assignment, students will explore an opportunity to enhance a company’s external communication (i.e., customers) through the integration of a technology...
Workplace culture and it's impact on organisational efficiency
Powerpoint presentation and supplamentory notes. 25 Harvard style references from a mixture of books, journals, articles and websites. The organisation is Amazon Introduction: what is culture Describe 2-3 models e.g: cultural web, Stein, handy, deal and Kennedy. Describe the culture within Amazon using the models e.g under cultural web *** supplamentory..
Integrating Business Processes through Lean Operations and Total Quality Management
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you recommend and evaluate a selected business process improvement plan for an organization of your choice. Identify and develop plans to eliminate the root causes of waste in your organization, and recommend a strategy for continuous improvement and alignment with organizational goals. Include in your paper the..
Why should Marks and Spencer continue to engage with its stakeholders
1000 words PowerPoint presentation including presentation notes. 6 tasks. Each task should have notes attached of no more than 250 words per task. The slides should be bold and informative but easy to read and attractive. The slides should not be jammed packed with information, (slide need to be brief and notes in more depth). Try to reference each slide and notes...
Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal -Dell
THIS IS A PPT PRESENTATION The Final Project requires you to develop a Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal and presentation to senior management targeted at improving diversity training within an organization of your choice. My organization of choice is Dell. This will be a PowerPoint Presentation: Must have a title side, introduction..
Advantages and Disadvantages of each Mode of Transportation
We have covered different modes of transportation in class. Think about the criteria a transportation manager might use when making strategic transportation decisions. In a PowerPoint presentation summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation. This presentation should consist of a minimum of 10 slides in APA format. There..
Presentation on Conflict resolution of Kinder Morgan pipeline company.
This is the power point presentation on Kinder Morgan's conflict resolution. There is issue in Canada on Kinder Morgan's pipeline. Main topic is Conflict resolution on Kinder Morgan, how we can implement conflict resolution theory on Kinder Morgan's conflict in Canada.
MBA - Critical Case Analysis Presentation (Slimline)
Note: An order instruction file is provided for a more clear read. (it's the same as the following instruction) Generically, your case analysis should cover three major elements: (1) case (major events, players, their background) and a company profile; (2) business environment as relates to the industry involved in the case, and (3) the relevant country environment..
Produce a presentation with accompanying notes which
· explains the importance of review in developing organisational strategy and business plans. · evaluates the tools which can be used to review organisational strategy and business plans. · review the position of an organisation in its current market using appropriate tools. · analyse the competitive strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s current..
KM and IC Knowledge Transfer and Training Presentation
Your consulting team will review the organizations understanding of KM and IC knowledge transfer and training. The team will prepare this review and create a plan for recommended changes. Prepare a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes to present to the C-level Officers of the organization. Complete the following:..
Strategic Management of Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
Select a familiar organization.  Your will play the role of a consulting firm hired by the chosen organization to analyze the KM and IC. Create a 10-15 slide presentation in which you complete the following: Assess whether or not the organization understands the value of KM and IC. Determine what processes, if any, are in place to share knowledge. Analyze what..
Assemble Various Ethical Viewpoints to Address an Ethical Dilemma
Begin by selecting a case study of an ethical dilemma that you discovered in the research during this course. Review the case study from the lens of each ethical viewpoint (utilitarianism, deontology, altruism, and ethical egoism) explored in the assigned readings. Then, prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a group of undergraduate business students in..
Organizational Contribution Powerpoint (8-10 slides)
Envision yourself as the middle manager in your organization. You will create a PowerPoint presentation for upper-level leadership in an effort to initiate an organizational contribution to employees who are interested in outside professional certification. In your presentation, address the following: •Summarize any connections between professional..
Compensation Strategy for Knowledge Workers PowerPoint 12 Slides
Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation Compensation Strategy for Knowledge Workers To prepare for this assignment, review Waring’s article about employee compensation, which is also listed in the required reading section of the Unit IV Study Guide. Note: both links contain the same information; only one needs to be reviewed. Waring, D. (2013). How to design an..
Entrepreneurship-and Unemployment in Saudi Arabia
Q1 prepare a presentation on the provided topic - MS powerPoint Q2 what are the different components of a research report? Q3 Write briefly about oral presentations and its parts? NB: use pproprate references Q 2and Q 3 in one zipped word file
Final Presentation (formal proposal, or PowerPoint presentation,)
Assignment Instructions This is it! You have spent the last 7 weeks working through the necessary information to present a solid plan to the executives. This project comes with some flexibility. You can choose the format of this submission. You can write a formal proposal, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video presentation. If you would like to use something..
Niche Marketing and Customer Involvement Presentation
Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on niche marketing and customer involvement for your selected organization. (EVENT PLANNING - ALYSSA PARADA & CO.) The presentation should explain the following:  Define and explain value proposition. Discuss the value proposition of your business or proposition. Identify 3-5 competitors...
Case Analysis Presentation- Making Better Investments
Case Analysis Presentation (100) Students will be assigned a case study to complete by the end of the course. Emphasis will be placed on the main problem being solved, key issues, and/or root causes. Students will be tasked with applying the appropriate analytical tools to case data, both quantitative and qualitative. For some cases, root cause analysis will..
Mission, Vision, Values and Management
11-12 slides. 6 bullets per slide, 6 words per bullet. I attatched the word version of the instructions, please review and ask questions to clarify and understand. this assignment is due tomorrow morning at 11am California, USA time
Human resource management Interview presentation
please make a power point that following the chapter and incorporating it with the information gained from the interview in a professional way. BTW, contact me to know details and the amount of slides
Unit III PowerPoint IT Support of Business Processes Introduction: The main learning outcome of this unit addresses the importance of software, hardware, and telecommunications to a business. This involves the support of current and new, emerging technologies to the business. The assignment is a good assessment because you have to think of areas of an organization..
Red Bull and Levi's
Easy PPT final. Once writer is selected, I will send the instructions. I need 16-20 slides, that does not need 275 words per page.
Capstone Project: Part IV - Board Presentation
15 total slides As Under Armour’s CEO include things that keep you awake at night? What parts if any might possibly be broken here? What may be lurking around the corner? In what ways might this organization be perhaps too complacent, from which you should work hard to instill a sense of urgency? Also focus on Under Armour’s proposed game winning move(s), like developing..
Leadership Portfolio - Organisation Behaviour. Leadership
Detailed description of assessments LEADERSHIP PORTFOLIO: (a) Leadership Consulting Exercise; Power Point Maximum 8 slides (b) 800 Words Individual Reflection, (required to reflect upon your own personal experience with leadership (e.g., what was your experience as a leader?, were you a leader? why or why not?, what aspects of leadership were prevalent..
Brainstorming and Team Creativity Presentation
This week you explored team creativity and brainstorming. For five days, keep a creative idea journal. Each day you should come up with 5-10 fresh ideas (these can be business concepts or strategies, for example) and reflect upon the merit of those ideas. Additionally, identify the brainstorming technique/approach you used and determine the merit of the approach..
Biggest Challenge
Assignment 3: Presentation: “Biggest Challenges Facing Organizations in the Next 20 Years” Due Week 10 and worth 250 points In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines what you believe will be the biggest challenges facing organizations in the next twenty (20) years. Faculty Note: For students taking this course online, if..
Unit III PowerPoint IT Support of Business Processes Introduction: The main learning outcome of this unit addresses the importance of software, hardware, and telecommunications to a business. This involves the support of current and new, emerging technologies to the business. The assignment is a good assessment because you have to think of areas of an organization..
Fiji Water
1) Need a Brief history 2) Need Porters five forces on the company (Threats of new entry, power of buyers, threat of substitutes, power of suppliers, competitive rivalry). 3) recommendations NEED DONE WITHIN 36 HOURS if possible
Management and leadership Power Point Presentation
I am asking for a specific writer if you did not get invite from me do not respond. Create a power point I can deliver length of 10–15 minutes. In the presentation, do the following: Discuss five core competencies you developed throughout your MSML program. Which I have attached Analyze your experience in task 2 by doing the following: a. Explain how you applied..
PowerPoint Presentation
Human resource management plays an important role in any successful business. This assignment focuses on the key functions of human resource management. Your presentation must include a description of each key function in your own words. Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides. A template has been provided to get you started. Your task is to complete..
IT Support of Business Processes
Introduction: The main learning outcome of this unit addresses the importance of software, hardware, and telecommunications to a business. This involves the support of current and new, emerging technologies to the business. The assignment is a good assessment because you have to think of areas of an organization that could benefit by emerging technologies...
powerpoint presentation
powerpoint presentation please put together an Executive Style Presentation of approximately 20 mins in length. In this presentation, please inform your senior management about one topic from the following list of choices: 1. Differentiate Transformational and Transactional leadership and evaluate how the two concepts translate into a practical work..
Business Strategy Task 3
REQUIREMENTS Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. An originality report is provided when you submit your task that can be used as a guide. You must use the rubric..
Country analysis
Your country analysis should answer the following prompt: What country-specific information is important in the consideration of market entry? How do cultural differences impact business communication and decisions? Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in consideration of your country of choice: I. Introduction and Country..
Training And Development Responsibilities
Final PowerPoint project. Each student should focus on the training and development responsibilities of a human resources department, while developing suggestions for matching performance goals and objectives, and the ways training and development of personnel can enable the success of that organization. Considerations should be given to the method..
Town Hall Meeting
Instructions Prepare an analysis of decision-making currently used and the changes that need to be made for organizational success. ** Include research on one technology method and one analytical method that will help the organization and influence approaches to decision-making. (You may focus on one department or a merger.) Use your knowledge from each..
Powerpoint presentation about future inventions this new product could help to inspire and what innovations...
3 pages Instructions Review the processes of invention and innovation. Then, select a new product that you have been introduced to in the past 12 months. You are encouraged to research this new product using outside sources. You can use the same company you have been researching, or pick a new one. You are to create a PowerPoint presentation about future inventions..
PowerPoint Nutrition Services
Please read Chapter 10: Developing Business Presentations from Business Communication for Success ebook and the accompanying background resources. Create a PowerPoint slideshow as described here. Add audio to your presentation by using the “Record Narration” option under the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint. You will need a microphone, which should be built..
A Boardlevel Presentation
You are required to read the chosen case and prepare a 15 minute board level Powerpoint presentation (.pptx format) that addresses the questions with full support to your answers in the Notes section of each slide. The required number of words to be contained in “Notes” should be 1500-2000 words:
Enterprise Resource Planning system in a world class organization
Format the presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Use bullet points in the slides applying the six-pack rule of no more than six lines a slide and no more than six words a line. Use scholarly sources from the library or your text not the Internet 2 slides needed with speaker notes : -Describe the rationale for utilizing sales orders process modules in the..
Leaders: Are they Born or Made
(I went with leaders are born) Create a 12- to 16-slide PowerPoint® presentation justifying the conclusion(s) about whether leaders are born or made. (I chose born) Defend your position on whether leaders are born or made. Justify your position using relevant research. Apply leadership theory to your position. Include an introductory slide and reference..
identify a local organization
• You must identify a local organization as well as select a possible country that the organization could consider expanding into. • You will need to use appropriate frameworks to conduct an external environmental analysis of the chosen target country, identifying key environmental factors which could affect your chosen organization. • Thereafter, you..
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