PowerPoint Presentation on Biology examples

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search for a protein that is a Pharmactieucal target
-What molecules does - what it look line -molecular target -have an image -how does protein interact with drug -protein to stop enzyme -reference how molecule is being used to study -structure . what is it . what does it do . what does it used for . compare with or with out drug..
focus on how cloning is accomplished in the lab and the ethical arguments for and against cloning
1. Introduction to your topic ... 2. An investigation of your topic / question posed ... with proper citations / references within (references on the slides as needed) 3. Conclusion of your topic, tying together what you have covered in your presentation ... 4. References (properly formatted in MLA or APA style) 5. • Must include at least three scientific references..
Genes in Wastewater, Surface Water, and Drinking Water Biofilms
Create a powerpoint with 20 slides at least, starting with an introduction and ending with a discussion. Paraphrase the sentences!!! This is an Ecology presenation. Add figures that are in the article and explain them! Use the title of the article as the title of the presentation.
The Power of Malaria Vaccine Trials Using Controlled Human Malaria Infection
Presentation Students will pick a biological study that is recent within the past 5 years, and dissect it: Everybody loves a great story; think of how you can make it a better story. Choose any biological topic that is published in a scientific journal Use Microsoft PPT Guidelines on Presentations: Upload your presentation and send it to me on blackboard Your..
Anthony Allison
Research presentation on Anthony Allison (Sickle Cell Disease/Malaria/Human Evolution). o Include a 2-3 sentence summary of your report including the name of your scientist. o Share general background information. o Share information about what inspired each scientist to pursue a career in science. Include barriers faced by your scientist if applicable...
organ system (integumentary, muscular, skeletal, or nervous system
In your first milestone, you will select the organ system (integumentary, muscular, skeletal, or nervous system) that will be the basis of your project and describe basic information about the anatomy and physiology of that organ system. Prompt: To begin, you will select an organ system of your choice and describe the chosen organ system in detail, using correct..
research presentation
Do online library research. You will choose a topic that covers some aspect of sustainability. Examples include (but are not limited to): climate change water issues or drought energy use or alternatives waste, recycling, or compost issues biodiversity loss habitat destruction Make a slideshow. You will create a short research presentation, using the presentation..
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