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World History Task 5 Power Point
Note: It is policy to not accept live links (i.e. Prezi links) as submissions. Please submit your work as a downloadable file (e.g., PDF, .ppt, .doc). A. Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) in which you do the following: 1. Describe the major causes of one of the following conflicts: ● World War I ● World War II ● Cold War 2. Discuss the effects..
Environmental Health Project on the "health and environmental impacts of Detox diets."
Collect reference materials about these issues over the term…newspaper and newsmagazine articles, videos, websites, journal articles, etc. It is important to get information that can represent and support two (or more) different views on the topic of the health and environmental impacts of Detox diets. It is also important to find high-quality ‘evidence-based’..
10. Plutarch (c. 75 AD). Parallel Lives: Alcibiades – Coriolanus.
From Plutarch, "The Parallel Lives" we need to compare-analyze "Alcibiades - Coriolanus", by answering 4 question in ppt. and Analyzing leadership styles & personality questions are. (a) What were the defining personal characteristics of Alcibiades and Coriolanus? (b) What were the strengths and weakness of Alcibiades and Coriolanus as leaders? (c) What..
Disruptive Innovation Video Presentation (Individual) - Script
1. This would be an oral video presentation, but you can help me, by doing the script 2. You may use up to 15 – 17 PowerPoint slides and put a note or text or the script below in each slide that I am going to say. 3. Word count is 1800. To include like 5 to 6 sentences for a brief introduction before I proceed for the presentation. 4. Need at least 6 -7 references. 5. Please follow..
As you have explored in this course, ongoing challenges in the business environment are mostly attributed to unethical business practices, failure to embrace technology advancements, and stiff competition among businesses. Imagine that you have been appointed as the Chief Compliance Officer of one of the below companies. You must prepare a presentation..
Strategic Analysis PowerPoint Presentation (6 Slides Min)
For this module’s SLP assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that presents a strategic analysis based on the resource-based view of the firm. Be sure to review the background material, especially the material on the resource-based view, before beginning the assignment. Your presentation should be at least six slides long (not counting title..
Evaluate the view that the state is the best protector of common resources in t
4 slide presentation- the first being the title/question of the last being the conclusion - plain slideshow- nothing fancy. Concise information-please use the module materials I sent you before and base it on that. Please also ensure you read the slide presentation. This is a Powerpoint presentation of four slides I am asking for...
Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Resources
As you do your research about CAM, it is vital to establish what information is credible and reliable. By the time you complete this assignment you should have made some decisions about the credibility and reliability of information related to CAM. Create an 14- to 16-slide (including introduction, conclusion and reference slides) presentation (Microsoft®..
Positive Outcomes and Association Costs within a Nursing Career
I need a 15 minute presentation on a research paper that is completed. I also have the interviews transcribed that can be shared in order to put quotes from the interviews in the presentation. There should be 6-10 slides in the powerpoint. I will be presenting this so a word document with what should be said would be great...
ELLs in a Title 1 setting about how assessment is used for placement
Interview one content area classroom teacher that services ELLs in a Title 1 setting about how assessment is used for placement. You should also inquire also about how placement is determined for both special education and gifted ELLs. Your questions might include, but not limited to, the following: What are the indicators of exceptionality a classroom teacher..
Depression within The Teen Population (Summaries & Powerpoint)
1) Summary of first 5 pages (approximately 250 words) of the first five pages of your research project 2) Summary of pages 6-10 Post here a summary in narrative form (approximately 250 words) of pages 6-10 of your research message icon 3) Summary of pages 11-16 Post here a summary in narrative form (approximately 250 words) of pages 11-16 of your research project..
Educational Programs and Resources as Community Resources
Your center director has asked you to present to a group of parents a "workshop" or "informational session" on Educational Programs and Resources as Community Resources. You want to give information to parents that would be a help to them. What resources do you think a parent could use? Think careful about the resources. You are to create an outline, a PowerPoint..
What influence does a chronic illness in a family have on the lives of the children in the family?
This Powerpoint presentation based on a paper entitled "What influence does a chronic illness in a family have on the lives of the children in the family?" The PowerPoint should be 12 pages or more, and it will be used to present the paper. The PowerPoint must be clear, precise, and explain the research question, the literature review, the methodology, and the..
Show comparison to Indian vs American dietary guidelines
Show comparison to American Dietary guidelines and Indian Dietary guidelines in powerpoint format. Focus mainly on carbs and write a 2 paragraphs summary. http://www.ninindia.org/DietaryGuidelinesforNINwebsite.pdf, https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/guidelines/
Prenatal Development: Influenced by Environmental or Genetic Factors
Develop a chart or diagram that will illustrate how prenatal development is influenced by environmental or genetic factors. Creativity is strongly suggested. There is no requirement for APA format in this assignment. There is no requirement of references for this assignment.
SBIRT: Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Presentation
Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an evidence-based practice intervention used to identify, reduce, and prevent problematic use, abuse, and dependence on substances such as tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs. The SBIRT model was incited by an Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendation that called for community-based..
I need it done by midnight if possible Activity 1
(I NEED IT DONE IN 10 HOURS)Find a blank outline map of the United States adn Canada on line and copy and paste it onto a powerpoint slide or if you prefer a word document. Using text boxes, carefully and clearly label all of the sub-political units (i.e., states and provinces) for each country. Then, select at least 20 physiographic features found with North America..
Regulation for Nursing Practice Staff Development Meeting
Nursing is a very highly regulated profession. There are over 100 boards of nursing and national nursing associations throughout the United States and its territories. Their existence helps regulate, inform, and promote the nursing profession. With such numbers, it can be difficult to distinguish between BONs and nursing associations, and overwhelming..
PowerPoint Presentation: Poster of Evidence-Based Practice
Goal: Develop a clinical practice question using PICO(T) that focuses on a clinical issue to improve the quality of care. Requirements: 1. You will identify a clinical problem/opportunity, draft a PICOT question. 2. Review the literature (using the articles you are reading for your weekly summaries, if possible), make recommendations. 3. Create a poster..
Insurance Fraud and Abuse Globally and in Saudi Arabia
Locate an example in insurance fraud or abuse in Saudi Arabia or another country in a newspaper, magazine, or internet. Be sure to discuss the following in your presentation: A description of the event, who committed the fraud, and any sanctions issued; Evaluate what went wrong in the situation; Discuss the impact of this fraud on the economy; and Devise a method..
Story & Author Presentation of Ta-Nehisi Coates "Between the World and Me"
Ta-Nehisi Coates, "Between the World and Me“ Each of you will give a 5-10 minute presentation on one story, essay or poem and its author assigned on the syllabus, to be given in class to start the discussion of that author’s work. Literature is written by individuals with complex histories, so these presentations will give the class important background material..
Powerpoint - International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) versus Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
This presentation is for discipline Global Business. The topic is to cover Export Administrations Regulations. Directions: What is the reason your topic exists? o What is the driving problem, origin, or need for your topic? This may include a (brief!) historical overview, but preferably you should explain it in applied terms a company might first encounter..
PowerPoint - Harry Potter Overview and Relation to AppDynamics APM Software
Harry Potter PowerPoint and relation to APM Software I.e AppDynamics (Application Performance Monitoring System) - Presentation should be 30 minutes long (roughly 30 slides) 1. What is Harry Potter? (I.e Who wrote the books? What were the revenue made off each book sold? When did each movie come out? How much revenue did each movie make?) For the slide for books..
Modern Patterns in World History (1500 CE to present) -
Modern Patterns in World History (1500 CE to present) - The graduate analyzes major cultural, political, and economic shifts that led to revolution, industrialization, and ideological change in the modern period. Introduction: In the twentieth century, globalization and modernization contributed to the outbreak of incredibly violent global conflicts...
Signature Assignment: Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Performance
About Your Signature Assignment Signature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with a..
Internal and External Environmental Analysis Presentation
You work for a consulting firm whose primary objective is to help businesses improve their strategic operations. Your firm recently was hired by a newspaper company named Hoosier Media Inc. The client's print newspaper circulation and subscriptions have declined, resulting in 30% lower revenues over the last five years. Online ad revenues have increased..
Behavioral and Social-Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits
Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation analyzing the formation of habits using behavioral and social-cognitive approaches. Your presentation should cover the following areas: Analyze one of your habits. How did you develop this habit? Were there role models for this habit? Which people influenced the adoption of this habit? Why do you continue it? Has there..
Professional Career Development PowerPoint Presentation
1400 word PowerPoint presentation using academic and reliable sources. Please include diagrams, graphs and questionnaires if needed. Do not jam pack the slides keep it simple and easy to follow with relevant information. And the rest of the words can be used for supplamentory notes. A minimum of 20 academic and reliable references must be used. This requires..
Mindfulness - does it provide coping skills for young people to survive academic life
10 minute narrated presentation- critically evaluate mindfulness for improving an aspect of human health/performance in applied psychology Need title slide Overview slide An intro to health/performance focused ointro into mindfulness-justification around mindfulness- discuss contribution of empirical research Conclusion References Each slide..
The use of effective strategies in engaging consumer families / carers for MH Nurses
Dear sir/madam greeting I have been written all the information and structure of the presentation in the attached file, so just need to add that 10 contemporary references no longer than 5 years of age, and need 5 questions and its answers regarding to the topic.no need power point. please note that, no need to power point or slides...
Implementing Change With an Interprofessional Approach Presentation
Implementing Change With an Interprofessional Approach Presentation As an advanced registered nurse, you will serve as a leader within your organization. Part of this role will entail being a change agent, and spurring positive change on behalf of patients, colleagues, and the industry. Consider a situation you experienced previously where change did..
Explanation of the origin of the poem, a few words about the author and a detailed explanation of the meaning of the poem. Line by line analysis and overall meaning of the poem must be made. Strange fits of passion have I known: And I will dare to tell, But in the Lover's ear alone, What once to me befell. When she I loved looked every day Fresh as a rose in June, I to her cottage..
Child development assignment various topics to choose from
14-16 slide powerpoint presentation, using pictures and charts and brief wording with bulletpoints on a preschool or adolescent topic from th elist of attached topics. Must in include citations from sources. Please see attached instructions and topic list
Research Presentation: The Influence of Technology on Organizational Communication
a list of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, Internet of Things, and Augmented and Virtual Reality) that could create value for organizations in a variety of industries. For this assignment, students will explore an opportunity to enhance a company’s external communication (i.e., customers) through the integration of a technology...
Create a presentation on the architectural styles, architects, and history.
Overview Create a presentation on the architectural styles, architects, and history. Part I – Structural & Stylistic Identification Identify two: 1. (Victorian homes 1837 – 1914 ) 2. (Gothic Revival homes styles in architecture). significant buildings, of different styles, from the periods in American architectural history. Provide the following identifying..
English presentation essay based agreements, points, thesis of all text listed
Follow instructions that are uploaded must be a good power point presentation also Must provide me all the notes about the powerpoint to have in my hands so i dont read off the board to explain each point
The APRN professional in the state of Florida and regulations for the professional practice in the state.
PowerPoint presentation should follow APA 6th Ed rules. Minimum of 12 slides with speaker’s notes Should be well-structured and presented in a logical sequence, use time wisely. Should be clear and easily understandable, and maintain audience interest. Presentation material should be high quality. More than 3 references should be appreciated, not including..
Ethical dilemmas-Olympus Fraud and Petrobras corruption scandal
You will need to present no more than 7 slides in Microsoft Powerpoint format and 15-20 mins per person. 1) Choose 2 companies of your choice in the news (current or within the past year - not covered in class). 2) Identify the Ethical dilemmas / issue at hand 3) Use the Ethical decision making framework and come up with your position 4) Provide your analysis and recommendation..
To what extent does an aging and slow growing population do to your economy?
please view the attached files and follow the instructions. I have already started my power point it may help out a bit.. can I also have a word doc that explains whats written in each slide so it can help me during my presentation. as if they're flash cards. I chose my topic question .
EDMG230 - Mock Incident Response Plan - Powerpoint Presentation
Powerpoint presentation containing a minimum of 10 slides. Develop a response plan for a mock incident involving a facility or location in your community. This is a single incident of your choosing, such as a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, etc. We are looking for you to simulate an incident response and use your project as an opportunity to demonstrate..
Workplace culture and it's impact on organisational efficiency
Powerpoint presentation and supplamentory notes. 25 Harvard style references from a mixture of books, journals, articles and websites. The organisation is Amazon Introduction: what is culture Describe 2-3 models e.g: cultural web, Stein, handy, deal and Kennedy. Describe the culture within Amazon using the models e.g under cultural web *** supplamentory..
Technology & American Society PowerPoint Presentation:
Technology & American Society PowerPoint Presentation: Due Sunday Feb. 24 Select an invention, technology, or individual who has been influential in American technology. Prepare a PowerPoint slide program, with basic information, illustrations, photos, etc. The program must be "original" and must include an introduction & conclusion. You must discuss..
Integrating Business Processes through Lean Operations and Total Quality Management
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you recommend and evaluate a selected business process improvement plan for an organization of your choice. Identify and develop plans to eliminate the root causes of waste in your organization, and recommend a strategy for continuous improvement and alignment with organizational goals. Include in your paper the..
Why should Marks and Spencer continue to engage with its stakeholders
1000 words PowerPoint presentation including presentation notes. 6 tasks. Each task should have notes attached of no more than 250 words per task. The slides should be bold and informative but easy to read and attractive. The slides should not be jammed packed with information, (slide need to be brief and notes in more depth). Try to reference each slide and notes...
Prevention Program: Final Presentation Assignment
Create a small prevention program that could be implemented at a health fair, at a workplace, or in a school. The goal of this assignment is to articulate the social, biological, and psychological consequences of addictive behaviors to an at-risk population and contextualize issues of addiction in historical and social frameworks. For this presentation,..
Clinical Field Experience A: ELL Instructor Interview
Allocate at least 1 hour in the field to support this field experience. Interview one content area classroom teacher that services ELLs in a Title 1 setting about how assessment is used for placement. You should also inquire also about how placement is determined for both special education and gifted ELLs. Your questions might include, but not limited to, the..
political parties, political participation, campaigns and elections multimedia presentation
Imagine that you've applied for an internship with your local Senator but there are many other people competing for the position. In order to determine the best person for the job, the Senator wants to determine how much each potential intern knows about the U.S. electoral system. Create an 15- to 18-slide presentation to illustrate your knowledge about the..
cultural differences between Australian and Hong kong
The discipline is international human resources. my assignment only answer the question "what are the cultural similatiries between Australia and Hong Kong?" you have to answer based on Hofstede's 5 dimension the similarities between Australia and Hong Kong? i will attach my report for you. please just do on powerpoint slides. I just need 2 slides. can you..
New Supervisor Training on Performance Evaluations
Now that the position has been created, you’ve taken the opportunity to create a PowerPoint presentation to train new supervisors on how to conduct performance evaluations. job is call center supervisor Whether you use an annual evaluation, real-time feedback, or quarterly evaluations, it is important that new supervisors understand: the rationale for..
Political Parties, Political Participation, Campaigns and Elections Multimedia Presentation
Imagine that you've applied for an internship with your local Senator but there are many other people competing for the position. In order to determine the best person for the job, the Senator wants to determine how much each potential intern knows about the U.S. electoral system. Create an 18- to 20-slide presentation to illustrate your knowledge about the..
Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology Presentation
Select one of the following disorders: Depressive disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you compare and contrast the major approaches to clinical psychology—psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family..
“Picket Fence Federalisms: A Schematic Representation.
Instructions Oral PowerPoint Presentation In your textbook, review Deil S. Wright’s article on page 344, which is titled “Intergovernmental Relations: An Analytical Overview.” Starting on page 353, Wright reviews the competitive phase of intergovernmental oversight and introduces the principle of picket fence federalism. Review the example of public..
Cloud-Based Office Productivity Suite Presentation
Create a 6- to 10-slide presentation about a cloud-based office productivity suite, identifying how each of the above needs can be met and the collaborative benefits provided by the suite. Your presentation must include: A title slide (not included in the slide count) Appropriate and relative graphics or images Detailed speaker notes or recorded audio narration..
pros and cons of body cameras worn by police officers
PowerPoint presentation on the pros and cons of body cameras worn by police officers. The presentation will provide an introduction of the topic, the impact the topic has on either law enforcement, courts or corrections and conclude with a slide identifying at least five researches used to prepare presentation..
Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal -Dell
THIS IS A PPT PRESENTATION The Final Project requires you to develop a Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal and presentation to senior management targeted at improving diversity training within an organization of your choice. My organization of choice is Dell. This will be a PowerPoint Presentation: Must have a title side, introduction..
cultural differences between a german and hong kong organisation
Hi, my discipline is International human resources management. i just need 3 slides for my parts. and please give me the speech (explanation) as well. I have attach 2 files, which one is my report and the other one is powerpoint. so here you just do my slides in the powerpoint that i have attach for you just do in slides pages 8,9,10 "Scenario Number Three, Response..
compensation and benefits options within the healthcare industry
This assignment will research compensation and benefits options within the healthcare industry. Instructions 1.Explain the advantages of offering employee benefits from the perspectives of the employee and the employer. 2.Discuss the three basic approaches job evaluation. Explain the function and purpose of four legally required benefits. 3.Describe..
Something observed but not understood powerpoint presentation
The deadline is Wednesday Morning. The assignment is simple, I just do not have the time to complete it. A PowerPoint presentation with about 6-7 Slides. The content has to be on a natural phenomenon that is OBSERVED but not UNDERSTOOD. Any topic is fine. I.E, Tsunamis, Earthquakes.
Do video games cause aggressive behavior and violence?
Do video game cause aggressive behavior and violence? I need an opposing side and supporting side. Need to be 8 to 10 slides with a work cited at the end support my argument that I do support that video games do cause aggressive behavior. I need to be clear straight to the point with examples supporting my claim...
Special Education in Urban school public comparing suburban public school
Special Education in Urban school public comparing suburban public school used 10 peer review work Using the document it literature review and also addition creat a powerpoint info Special Education in Urban school public comparing suburban public school . The powerpoint add picture as well with subtopic in comparing...
PowerPoint On; Do video games lead to aggressive or violent behavior?
PowerPoint Presentation - Present an overview of your topic and your main findings. Should consist of 8-10 slides and any other materials you would like to include. - The findings will be below attached on file - Although for this PP, I need a two-sided argument. But I support that video games can lead to violent or aggressive behavior...
Maxwell and Company: Staff Auditor Embezzlement at a Small Client presentation
hello, i need an answer for question number1 (a,b,c,d) and i want an easy introduction to the presentation thank you Anna Thomas committed a fraudulent act by making personal charges and cash with- drawals on Rusher Automotive’s credit card. The accounting profession believes there are three conditions necessary for fraudulent behavior. (See Statement..
The Purnell-Model-for-Cultural-Competence Power Point Presentation
The student will choose a culture and fill in the wheel with this information based on that culture. Because the wheel is a pdf, the assignment will be that the student will complete 12 slides based on each topic on the wheel. Student will site their sources of where they found this information on each slide and a reference slide at the end, for a total of 14 or more slides..
Complexity Leadership: Enabling People and Organizations for Adaptability
Discuss the article and current challenges in health care leadership. Brainstorm how complex leadership strategies may be leveraged to address one or more of these challenges. Select one or two health care leadership challenges and map which leadership functions (operational, entrepreneurial, or enabling) can be used to address them. Create a 10-minute,..
Develop a Health Program based off of Healthy People 2020
Guidelines: • Assignment should be a minimum of 12 slides, excluding the title and reference page. • Utilize a minimum of 5 references, only 1 can be the text book. • Provide details in your content to all the sections listed above. • Follow proper APA guidelines. • Substantial Speaker Notes throughout presentation. Reference your readings and include a minimum..
search for a protein that is a Pharmactieucal target
-What molecules does - what it look line -molecular target -have an image -how does protein interact with drug -protein to stop enzyme -reference how molecule is being used to study -structure . what is it . what does it do . what does it used for . compare with or with out drug..
Critique the contribution of qualitative and quantitative research in well being
need to include: * A title slide * An introduction to the area of individual differences you are going to discuss * A discussion of the contribution of qualitative/quantitative research to this area Provide critique of the appropriate current literature (relevant to your chosen research topic) that includes critical evaluation of key issues, concepts and..
Business Case Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
Scenario- Opening a New Hotel You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation for boutique luxury hotels in the capital city. Having recently disposed of a successful hotel in the capital, the directors wish to reinvest the funds by branching out to another large city within reasonable travelling distance of the capital city. Your team is..
please create a power point to answer the following
Please create a Power Point to answer the following… 1. Go to the Healthy People 2020 website: http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/default Pick 2 goals from the Healthy People website that you feel affect your community and why? Find local or state data to show where your community is currently at with these goals. As a nurse, what can..
Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Presentation
Create a 6 slide power point presentation that examines the effect of legal, safety, and regulatory requirements on the human resources process. 3-4 Bullet points per Slide no more than 5-6 words long, may include images. Your presentation should focus on employee-related regulations established by the United States, such as #1 the Department of Labor, #2..
How can we alleviate the problem of teen homelesness in Las Vegas
It is a solving panel discussion presentation. You need to use P-MOPS technique. to discuss the problem thoroughly. You will need to: 1)Describe and analyze the problem 2)Generate and explain the possible solutions Each section has to last 5 minutes during presentation. The P-MOPS discussion agenda has to be in Wordprocess not Power point. You need to provide..
How a Character and Leadership program will help your student/athletes and school community
Athletes want and need someone they can count on whether it be a coach or a fellow teammate, so they need to be sold on your vision and approach this happens by developing and creating an atmosphere for new ideas and challenges which can be explored and presented. Class your Character and Leadership Academy should focus on what days of the week and what time your class..
changes in education/primary roles of local, state, and federal agencies in public secondary education
powerpoint and 3 page essay ESSAY Write a 750-1,000-word essay analyzin negative changes in education. Discuss the changes/reforms you think still need to be made and defend your choices. How these changes will affect ethical dispositions of educators. Using the GCU Library, locate scholarly articles on changes and/or reforms in education from the last..
APPLICATION OF STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP & FUTURE DELIVERY MODELS This assessment will require you to analyze a healthcare system’s survey data (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or HCAHPS) and develop a strategic plan for improvement of organizational scores. The HCAHPS results posted on Hospital Compare, which is part of..
analysis of case study: ellen zane at tufts medical center
As a team of change agents you will creatively construct and present an analysis of the chosen case study. After the analysis, the team will offer a possible post-factum solutions with an application of a relevant change model/theory including but not limited to: Kotter’s 8 Steps, Motivational Theories, Lewin’s Unfreeze Model, Force Field Analysis, ZPD ,..
RUA: Technology Presentation on Electronic Health Records
Please if you can do what you did last time it was amazing. This presentation focuses on Electronic Health Records, my part I have to do is Introduce Technology (Electronic Health Records) & Team and History & Current Use. Please let me know if you are able to do this
Required Uniform Assignment: Discharge Teaching Guidelines on Postpartum Depression
Just write 7 powerpoints that include notes only on Introduction to Topic and Reference Once Statistic found in Assignment Criteria. Also for the powerpoint it says to follow a 7-point rule for Powerpoint. Please refer to Directions and Assignment criteria under Introduction to Topic and Reference Once Statistic...
Natural History Museums and Environmental Education
Students will be required to develop a mock instructional program for a museum. The instruction can be intended for one for the following forms of delivery: print, online, CD-ROM, or Powerpoint. Develop a museum public program or exhibit illustrating object-based learning and best practices of museum education regarding learning theories. The program..
RUA: Technology Presentation (Electronic Health Records)
This presentation is on Electronic Health Records. All I am asking you to do is about 8-10 slides on topics History & Current Use, and Impact on Healthcare & Nursing. I attach a file of direction and assignment criteria. Please follow it to the tee. Do not worry about the introduce Technology & Team, Three advantages & Disadvantages, etc. Just focus under assignment..
Edward Hopper and the House by the Railroad (1925)
This is my alternative to having you all write an essay on poetry. Instead, we will be focusing on the section in your text titled "Poetry and the Visual Arts." It can be found in the middle of your textbook on the glossy pages (beginning at the 864 page break). This section has you analyze a painting that is paired with a poem, and there are several lists of questions..
Social and cultural influences on health and emotion
I need a powerpoint presentation on chapter 6 of the book working together by Stephen R Zubrick. It needs to have the following two parts a. Emotional contagion, crowd mentality/group think b. Stigmatism, oppression, discrimination It needs to be 8 slides focusing on the two above topics. I need by tomorrow at 2 pm...
that employee for posting things on social media is justified
i need by today at 6;0 pm or earlier because i know your work fast and i wrote since yesterday about you never replied back so can you handle that. i send you everything you need and you already have the essay too.
Electronic poster on author Stephen King (the body)
Webquest: Electronic Poster 1. You need only one Power Point slide 2. Choose a background 3. Choose four imagess. Do not download your images so you can avoid getting a virus on your computer; simply copy and paste. 4. Make sure that the images relate to the issues (the most important events of his/her life; writing career and award winning/best works; famous quotations;..
30-90 day role pla, client engagement plan presentation
Hi, Im going for a senior customer success position. And as part of the final stage the'yve asked me to present a role play presentation. (Brief attached) Im wondering could you do a 10min presentation for me on the following brief and how would you approach it? 5slides or so with good speaking notes- I need a fast turn around Please see attached the roleplay brief..
Examine Trait, Skills, Behavioral, Situational, and Path-goal approaches/theories of leadership
This week’s assignment is to create a Powerpoint presentation. This presentation should be 12 - 15 slides long in addition to a cover page and a reference page. Use bullets on most slides but each page should include a note section with at least 150 words in addition to the slide. Cite your work, limit quotes, and edit your work well for spelling, grammar, and punctuation..
Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Development Report
Assessment Description . You are required to review an organisation case study including statistical information on business unit performance and current market conditions. The case study will also include information regarding the organisation’s current capacity to respond effectively to change. You must then prepare a Business Portfolio and Dynamic..
CLC - Educational Program on Risk Management Part Two - Slide Presentation
This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. Building upon the outline created for the Topic 3 assignment (Educational Program on Risk Management Part One: Outline of Topic), you will develop a 20-25 slide PowerPoint presentation to expand in further detail upon the risk management element you chose in Topic 3. To successfully complete this..
10-20-slide PowerPoint presentation Digital Marketing Summit for Small Businesses
at least 3 reputable sources throughout the presentation to support your claims and/or provide examples of successful implementation of these strategies. Sources should be provided in the PPT notes or as a separate works cited document in APA format.
Adolescent Literature in the Content Area Classroom
Use 12 slides to create a PowerPoint presentation that describes how to use quality literature to enhance curriculum in the math, social studies, and science content areas. Be sure to distinguish the differences in use among the three different content areas. Describe three engaging activities that may be incorporated into lessons. Describe an implementation..
Employer Project with Jobstreet.com (Expert Needed)
The contents of the employer project are in the pdf document. We are required to do PPT slides to fulfill the assignment. As this is an employer project, we would need an expert with experience in the related field because we will be needing to solve the issues that the company is facing today with out of the box thinking and applying effective practical methods...
Legal, Ethical, and Privacy Issues in the Cyber Domain
The CIO of the organization you chose read your letter and would like to meet with you to discuss the legal, ethical, and privacy issues governing the cyber domain and directly impacting the organization. Research the legal, ethical, and privacy issues as they relate to your chosen organization and the broader cyber domain. Using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, prepare..
Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills Action Plan
**PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS** Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes answering the following questions: What conflict styles have you encountered while working in groups? How will your approach to conflict change in the future based on what you have learned in this course? What group cohesion strategies..
Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI)
Identify an "Evidenced-Based Practice Model" AND a "Change Theory". (I will provide and upload both). Describe in detail how you would utilize the "Practice Model"AND the "Change Theory" to implement an evidence-based practice change in your clinical enviroment, related to CLABSI. This is a PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides of content (not..
Visual Representation of Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems
Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems You have looked at research and its use in early childhood education. You have also started discussing current trends. Let's look at what happens when the two meet. Given what is known about early childhood development and brain development, it is imperative to ensure that children have a solid foundation in the first..
PowerPoint Presentation: Community Education on Substance Use and Addictive Disorders
Details: Select one of the following topics related to substance use and addictive disorders: Prevention of substance use in families Violence in families with addiction Family coping through the recovery process Family roles in families with addiction Another topic approved by the instructor Create a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including..
PRECEDE-PROCEED Program Plan Presentation Safe Injection sites
The critical assignment in this course is a PRECEDE-PROCEED Program Plan Power Point Presentation. safe injection sites, that you could use to develop a program plan presentation using the PRECEDE-PROCEED model. You will apply qualitative/quantitative research methods approaches for needs assessment data collection. You will identify positive and..
Marketing and strategy powerpoint FOR JOB APPLICATION
Need a very creative and professional looking powerpoint document explaining the following: How important is the idea of ‘Gentleness*’ when positioning bar soaps? Which brands are doing it well or less well? And if you think that ‘Gentleness’ is not important which other idea do you think is more relevant to consumers today?  Please note you can add any supporting..
Information Technology and Systems for Health Care
This week you learned about fundamentals of the electronic information system. One way to learn something is to teach that concept to someone else. For this Assignment, you will design and construct a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation that highlights different areas of the chapter as if you were going to be teaching this to new HIT students coming into your..
FP-4002 assessment 1 Interdisciplinary Communiction
Create a 6–8-slide PowerPoint presentation that describes communication barriers within an interdisciplinary team and how those barriers affect patient safety and health care outcomes. Offer a solution in which you recommend evidence-based strategies to improve communication within the team and explain how the strategies benefit the team and patients...
Outline and Bibliography for Final Powerpoint Project
Your bibliography must include at least two (2) sources from the course readings and a minimum of three (3) outside references. Only one (1) website reference will be allowed. reference from books, The Buddhist world of Southeast Asia by Donald K. Swearer and Introducing Buddhism second edition by Charles S. Prebish and Damien Keown..
Description of proposed health promotion initiative & Statement of intended outcomes
6 sides on this topic Description of proposed health promotion initiative & Statement of intended outcomes This power point will be base on the health promotion paper i did which will be attached on the instruction part. Maximum of two nursing articles less than 5 years. Article need to be attached to the final draft highlighted..
Vietnam * RUSH 12 HOURS ** power point presentation
RUSH 12 HOURS *** Why did the United States lose the Vietnam War? Prepare a presentation that explains at least three different reasons why the United States lost. Which interpretation is the most persuasive and what lessons are to be learned? End your slide show with a final paragraph of conclusions that includes a thesis statement and highlights the themes..
Marketing Plan for an Existing Company; Promotion in a New Country
Your final project is to create a marketing plan for a company of your choice. The marketing plan will introduce and promote an existing product in a new country in a PowerPoint presentation in a bulleted format. Suggested slide setup and number of slides (25 slides)
Topic: Respiratory Issues Complicated by Economic Disadvantage
A mother brings her 8-year-old child to the clinic, stating the child “just isn’t breathing right, doesn’t want to play, just lies on the couch — this happens all the time.” The appearance of both mother and child is disheveled. The child’s wheezing can be heard across the room. When asked if the child is better at any certain time of the day, the mother responds,..
Power Point– Diversity Awareness & Self Reflection
In the profession of social work, there is an expectation that all service providers and professionals provide culturally responsive interventions and considerations to diverse individuals, groups, and communities. At the same time, the topic of diversity has the potential to create discomfort. How do social workers continue to not only engage in difficult..
Public Relations Analysis Presentation and Press Release
Part I Develop a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on public relations. Apply the following approach in your presentation: Identify a major public relations crisis as though you were a public relations consultant working to help a client. Propose a crisis plan to the client to address the crisis. Suggest what sort of attitude the client should..
In 7 hours, Presentation about financial department on a business recover plan
It is a 2 min presentation, I need 10 PowerPoints Slides and a full speech Draft(2 pages) You will need to do research on this project. Our group comes out the ideas and you need to follow it. See details in the attachment.
Assignment 2: New Supervisor Training on Performance Evaluations
Now that the position has been created, you’ve taken the opportunity to create a PowerPoint presentation to train new supervisors on how to conduct performance evaluations. Whether you use an annual evaluation, real-time feedback, or quarterly evaluations, it is important that new supervisors understand: 1) the rationale for a performance evaluation..
Employment-at-Will and Progressive Discipline (5-8 Slides)
Put yourself in the role of an HR Manager advising line supervisors on how to document any disciplinary action given by the supervisor. From the 10 common disciplinary documentation mistakes set forth in the Segal (2014) article, choose 5 that you think are the most important to focus on. Prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation (with speaker notes at the bottom..
Media Representation of Latino Men 15 minute powerpoint and 4 page summary.
WRITE A 3-4 pages of summary/outline for your presentation. AND ALSO A 15 minute powerpoint. Use PowerPoint, including edited media clips, or links to videos. SEE ATTACHED BIBLIOGRAPHY AND USE THESE SOURCES TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW. powerpoint should be long enough to cover a 15 minute oral PRESENTATION...
Public Relations Analysis Presentation and Press Release
Part I Develop a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on public relations. Apply the following approach in your presentation: Identify a major public relations crisis as though you were a public relations consultant working to help a client. Propose a crisis plan to the client to address the crisis. Suggest what sort of attitude the client should..
Business Plan for a New or Enhanced Program Service Line
Business Plan for a New or Enhanced Program Service Line The challenge in this focused individual project is to consider what basic information should be included in the business plan of a new or enhancement of a program service line. First step: Begin with a definition of your service line of your choice Second step (ALL PARTS required): Prepare a legible PowerPoint..
How to select and recruit employees” (10 page powerpoint)
The book my class use is Managing human resources 17th edition, Need this by the 18th of july Turn in a 10 page power point presentation (no flash bang , or lightning bolts and please don’t make me click 10 times to get from one page to the next. Just a simple power point using clip art and or photos) The topic is “How to select and recruit employees”Write this from the..
Are characters in games hyper sexualized? What effect does that have on the perception of the players?
You and your team member will create a six- to eight- minute presentation on one of the topics below. Please attach at least one media example of your topic. Have one member of your team submit the presentation here. The powerpoint (or prezi) for a presentation this length is typically ten slides long. Think about your topic from an ethical standpoint. Find the..
Presentation for the module of "Toxicology Occupational Health and Hygiene"
Course Title: Health, Safety and Environmental Management Module Title: Toxicology Occupational Health and Hygiene Assignment is the presentation and all speakers will be asked to present the respective topic for 10 minutes each. For the presentation, presentation material (PPT file) and script for 10 mins presentation shall be required. Please refer..
Present the pro position and its rhetorical approach of Electric Car in future
Collaborative Presentation: A group presentation should distill the most important information from the bibliography and your early draft of the essay. It should include handouts or an audio/visual presentation. In small teams (3 students), we will research, curate, analyze, and offer presentations on our findings. Beginning in the second week, each..
Criminal Justice system potential issues in WA State
Select a potential issue in the criminal justice system that you see as problematic in the future. Prepare a Power Point Presentation utilizing the “Five Step process for Planned Change” [page 74 text] on how a policy can be developed to address this issue. This presentation must include a minimum of power point slides and accompanying audio. For those adventurous..
Hiring Practices and Legal Compliance (10-12 Slides)
Prepare a slide presentation (10-12 slides). In your presentation, be sure to include a) how specific laws regulate screening pre-hires, b) your recommendations about what the employer should consider in deciding whether or not to conduct investigations or other pre-employment inquires of employees, c) the potential negative consequences of not conducting..
Discrimination in Employment and the Law (5 Slides)
Prepare a slide presentation identifying current issues in Age Discrimination in the workplace, social, economic, and political factors that will impact Age Discrimination in the future, and your recommendations for approaches that organizations should take to address age discrimination in the future. PowerPoint presentation should be about 5 slides..
Social Media's Impact of Adolescent's Physical Development
Prepare a voice-over PowerPoint presentation to present to an undergraduate class on research methods and begin by briefly describing the four different scales of quantitative research measurement that scientists use (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio). Provide additional clarification to illustrate your understanding of the four different levels..
Analyze Observations, Interviews, Focus groups, and reviews
Week 5 Assignment Instructions: You have been assigned the task of presenting an examination of a direct observation, an individual interview, a focus group interview, and a document analysis to prospective doctoral students. Identify and utilize four peer-reviewed articles, one for each type of the four qualitative data collection strategies, to develop..
PowerPoint Presentation: Significant Contributions of Important People (Listed in Instructions)
Using PowerPoint, create a presentation examining the significant contributions of all the following figures: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Be sure to include images, and ensure the last slide has a list of citations...
Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal Presentation
You are a juvenile justice consultant creating a proposal that will be presented to the state legislature concerning the future of the juvenile justice system. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, detailing your proposal. Address recommendations for all aspects of the system, including: Community involvement..
subculture or counterculture Powerpoint Presentation
Choose a subculture or counterculture(10 points), and using the six elements of culture, research your group and share your research in a PowerPoint presentation. The six elements are: symbols(10 points), language(10 points), values(10 points), norms(10 points), beliefs(10 points), and material culture(10 points). Presentations will need to meet..
Motivational Enhancement therapy for substance Abuse (acohol) young adult
Seminar Presentation: Students will work in groups of 2, and take responsibility for applying a selected evidenced based theoretical framework to a specific population (e.g., individuals with anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, specific cultures, etc.), or to a group. This presentation should include a rationale for the choice of..
Should court of appeal have same power as supreme court to overrule its own models?
Should court of appeal have same power as supreme court to overrule its own models? Hierarchy of courts Court of appeal? Define • Criminal division define • Civil division define Supreme court? Define High court in u.k Case law ? Common law? Judgemade law? Precedent ? judical precedent ? Stare decisis Ratio decidendi Obiter dicta Explain these? And their terms..
Intervention Strategies for Special Needs Children
Based on what you have learned in this week’s readings and additional resources, create a PowerPoint presentation or Prezi that addresses each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all of the questions for each bullet point. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation...
Health promotion presentation Adult patiwnts with childhood disease
Evaluate how this disease or illness (Cystic Fibrosis) impacts the adult client in the following areas: Susceptibility to engage in substance abuse. Prenatal care and childbearing. Occupational considerations and hazards. Ability to cope with stress.
the importance of using hand-free device while driving
Direction Select an academically appropriate text of your choice, analyze its rhetorical situation, and present it to the class. Your presentation must have these components in this order: introduction, interpretation, evaluation, and response. What is a Text? A text is broadly defined as anything that carries a "hidden message" (or multiple messages)..
The Odyssey: What Makes a Hero? Powerpoint Presentation
Develop a list of characteristics that you believe "make" someone a hero- bravery, loyalty, etc. Create a thesis statement around these characteristics: for example, "While many traits make people heroes, compassion, selflessness, and bravery are the most important ones." Use characters and their actions from the book The Odyssey to support your argument..
Critical reading of "Tithonus" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
i need a critical reading of "Tithonus" by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Please, let the idea of "eternity of the human conditions: to see what happens when you live forever" be one of the ideas you'll be discussing. i really need the presentation in less than 24 hours
NETW310 Week 7 Lab: Troubleshooting Network Problems
This is to be prepared in a Power Point presentation attached are the instructions. The deliverable for this project is the video presentation of your completed project. Be sure that you have an introduction, an in-depth analysis, and a conclusion that supports your findings for this project.
Advantages and Disadvantages of each Mode of Transportation
We have covered different modes of transportation in class. Think about the criteria a transportation manager might use when making strategic transportation decisions. In a PowerPoint presentation summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation. This presentation should consist of a minimum of 10 slides in APA format. There..
focus on how cloning is accomplished in the lab and the ethical arguments for and against cloning
1. Introduction to your topic ... 2. An investigation of your topic / question posed ... with proper citations / references within (references on the slides as needed) 3. Conclusion of your topic, tying together what you have covered in your presentation ... 4. References (properly formatted in MLA or APA style) 5. • Must include at least three scientific references..
Airline Operation research (Powerpoint presentation)
It's important to understand how airlines can stay profitable, especially to survive in a struggling economy or during periods when fuel prices soar. We all know that the person sitting next to us on a flight probably paid a different fare than we did. Was it higher or lower? We may never know but understanding how airlines set fares can help us make sense of the battle..
Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Resources Presentation
complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on a methodology you create for assessing credibility and reliability of an Internet source of complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) information. -Include detailed speaker notes for each slide. The last 2 slides of your presentation..
Autism Spectrum disorder and using play therapy to decrease aggression
The content of the presentation must include the following: A brief introduction Devise a specific research question related to the topic you chose in Week One. Explain the importance of the topic and research question. A brief literature review Evaluate published research studies on your topic found during your work on the Weeks One, Two, and Four assignments..
Presentation on Conflict resolution of Kinder Morgan pipeline company.
This is the power point presentation on Kinder Morgan's conflict resolution. There is issue in Canada on Kinder Morgan's pipeline. Main topic is Conflict resolution on Kinder Morgan, how we can implement conflict resolution theory on Kinder Morgan's conflict in Canada.
I2P 8.0 Creating a PowerPoint Presentation for Future Colleagues- You can decide
PS124-3: Describe how the study of psychology is relevant to students’ career field. PC 2.1: Achieve goals through planning and prioritization. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation for Future Colleagues For this week’s Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint® presentation that illustrates the connection between current psychology research and your..
Professional Responsibility and Protection of the Public
Statesville Penitentiary Malaria Study (1940s) Develop a slide presentation, containing a title slide, 10-12 slides of content, and a references slide, focusing on the study listed above. Your presentation must incorporate: 1. A summary of the study conducted which includes a description of the intended outcome and a description of the population selected..
The Nurse as a Leader, Teacher and Heathcare Promoter
***Need this done by Sat. June 2*** The assignment for this week is another PPT presentation. Just like week one, there are two parts, Healthy People 2020 and Patient Teaching but it is only one ppt presentation. Remember this is a professional presentation so it needs an introduction or objectives slide, correct use of APA citation on the slide and in the Speaker..
Presentation of: John Rawls Justice as fairness: a restatement (part I to III)
Reading: John Rawls, Justice as Fairness, Parts I – III The presentation should (i) explain the insight which you discover from the book and, if possible, its application and relevance to daily life or the daily operation of the legal system; (ii) identify any possible weaknesses or criticisms of the thinker’s ideas; and (iii) put forward your own reflections..
Role of the leader and nurse care manager in the fair and equitable programming of the staff
I need to make a power point of 12 slieds of content, including the front cover and references, making a total of 14 slieds. The theme of the work is: Recognize the role of the leader and manager of nursing care in the fair and equitable programming of the staff, according to the needs of the staff and patients..
Summary of Shoshana Felman's turning of the screw of the interpretaton
Analysis Felman's 'turning of the screw of the interpretation' form p96-p112 (chapterI. An uncanny reading effect and chapter II. What is a freudian Reading). Summary the content in detail with some main points and briefly explain after it. (An introduction of what these 2 chapters are saying).and make briefly power point . * this paper need to make some quote..
Psychology (Trends of Depression over time powerpoint presentation)
I need 10-15 slides trends of depression over the years. Must include cover page, a short video about trends of depression over time, Depression type: I need both teens and adults, can have graphs if applicable. Doesn't have to be long and boring, but very appealing and interesting to the audience. Everything must be from a psychological point of view. MUST BE..
Conflict Management Plan 10-12 slde powerpoint with speaker notes
Chapter 8 - Conflict Management Skills Speaker notes are REQUIRED for this assignment. Create a plan to manage conflict in professional life that addresses the following: Introduction Slide In professional life, how does conflict occur? What are the common characteristics of workplace conflict? Summarize conflict management styles. Discuss how each..
Health promotion and community resource teaching project
3 to 4 slides Explain how the focus area relates to the individual, the family, and the community, as well as to all age groups throughout the life span. Identify ways to enhance or optimize health in the selected focus area using evidence-based research. A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles must be utilized...
Why should school age children with ADHD be treated with Ritalin and other stimulants
I need a powerpoint presentation on why school age children with ADHD be treated with Ritalin and other stimulants. I need arguments and points on why school child need these stimulants. I need data and research on my topic.
Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching Project
Collaborating with other health care professionals and consumer groups in the community in redesigning health care can help meet the goals for Healthy People 2020. Refer to http://www.healthypeople.gov/ to open the Healthy People 2020 home page. Select the "Topics & Objectives" tab to access the 2020 Topics & Objectives – Objectives A-Z page. Select one..
Presenting to a management team, client, or work group is a skill that professionals need to master. Multimedia presentations are the norm today. For this SLP 4 assignment: Research duty ethics using articles primarily from the Trident Online Library’s full-text databases (such as Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, and/or ProQuest Central)...
Evidence-Based Practice Project-Intervention Presentation on Diabetes
Based on the summary of research findings identified from the Evidence-Based Project-Paper on Diabetes that describes a new diagnostic tool or intervention for the treatment of diabetes in adults or children, complete the following components of this assignment: Develop a PowerPoint presentation (a title slide, 6-12 slides, and a reference slide; no larger..
Oral Case Presentation: Ethical Dilenma & Jonsen Model
See the attachment for detailed instructions with GRADING RUBRICS. However, the summary of assignment is as follows: Oral presentation (25 minutes) of case (patient scinerio) including focused details of history, exam, labs, differential diagnosis, management plan, referrals, follow-up. Include a community assessment specific to identified patient..
social issues and business issues on enterprise rent a car company
I need a powerpoint with few bullet points one the social issue for enterprise rent a car company as well as the business issues. I only need about 4 slices max 2 slices for each issue. I would appreciate if the bullet point doesnt have a lot of information but rather keep it shorter and more relevant. doesnt need to be fancy or anything just stating the points will be..
Freedom is the most important civil liberty and must be protected at all cost.
Choose a contemporary ethical stance and support it with solid facts and ethical theory. First, choose an ethical stance that really grabs you! Substantiate your position intelligently and creatively. This project will primarily take the form of a creative presentation (powerpoint or other format). Submit a one-page paper in canvas simply listing the points..
The presentation should be based on your research of Samsung PLC and other relevant information.
Your presentation must include the following: An evaluation of the sources of financial data which can be used to inform business strategy. An assessment of the need for financial data and information in relation to the formulation of business strategy. An analysis of the risks related to financial business decisions. A review of methods that can be used for..
Pros and Cons of Mandatory Continuing Nursing Education
Create a power point in which you compare the pros and cons of continuing nursing education related to the following: Impact on knowledge and attitudes. 2 slides Position statement with rationale 2 slides References 1 slide 5 slides in total. I also need this power point with rule of 6 and speaker notes...
"A Simple Heart/A Simple Soul by: Gustave Flaubert
Students will create a PowerPoint presentation based on a work of literary criticism about any work we have read this semester. You may choose one of the early poems or a recent short story. The presentation should focus on an analysis of the work. While the presentation involves a presentation of the work and is guided by your understanding of the work, you do not..
poster presentation in power point and individual summary
Part A – Group poster presentation. You will communicate your ideas through a poster presentation. As a group, you will create a poster (using Powerpoint) that effectively communicates a theoretically informed framework for social work practice. The framework must articulate a conceptualisation of social work as planned change that is done with care, in..
Comparisons and Benefits of Mobile and Wearable Computing
Based on what you have learned about mobile and wearable computing devices this week, create a maximum 5-slide Powerpoint presentation to the CEO of your company.  Convince the CEO that these devices and the data from these devices would benefit their business. Also, compare two different kinds of mobile and wearable devices, including their features and..
Team Project – Social Media Marketing Plan or Sponsorship Proposal
INSTRUCTIONS 1) Select a large, recurring sports event from a tourism perspective. 2) Research a major city that you think would be a prospective host location 3) Develop a plan/proposal using the format to be provided (under separate cover) CONSIDERATIONS A. How many overnight stays may be attributed to the event? B. What are the tourism impacts on the host..
***NEEDED IN 12 HOURS!!WILL PAY EXTRA***School Based Intervention: Social Stories
In order for you to become more familiar with various school-based interventions, you are required to write a 6-8 page paper describing an intervention that can be used with an individual student, classroom, or on a school-wide basis. Your paper should include: A detailed description of the intervention (including any visual aids or material that will help..
Professional Responsibility and Protection of the Public
Select one study from the following list: Nazi Germany Experiments (WWII) Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (1932-1972) Statesville Penitentiary Malaria Study (1940s) Human Radiation Experiments of 1946 Germ Warfare Tests (1949-1969) Willowbrook Study (1963-1966) Presentation: Develop a slide presentation, containing a title slide, 10-12 slides of..
Digital Automobile distance and speed monitorng system
General Proposal Guidelines: These guidelines are basically a summarized conversation I had with Dick Duda an IEEE fellow and SJSU EE professor, after I was rejected for my first proposal as a junior faculty member. Any proposal you make should have the following basics covered. The first is to clearly state what you are going to do. The second is to clearly state..
Powerpoint presentation following previous assignment
Powerpoint presentation following previous assignment. (10 slides) summarizing what in the attached document. The instructions are in the previous assignment's chat. The deadline is in 12 hours. The points in each slide have to be bullet points, not full sentences. I also need speaker notes for each slide...
Teaching Net Present Value (NPV) & Future Value (FV)
You have been asked by a manager in your organization to put together a training program explaining Net Present Value (NPV) and Future Value (FV) and how they are used to evaluate the price of stock. You have been given the following objectives: Upon completing your Net Present Value (NPV) and Future Value (FV) Training Program, employees should be able to do the..
Prevention and Management of diabetes type 2 in Hispanic/Latinos
Using your teaching plan from module six as a guide, along with the rubric for this assignment, develop a teaching tool to use during your teaching presentation. After the presentation, participants complete the evaluation tool that you prepared for the teaching plan. You then analyze and evaluate the achievement of learning objectives. The tools will be..
How were Sciencists influenced and impacted by Technological change or advanced in knowledge
You have already begun gathering research content for your final Case Study paper so in this assignment you will submit a proposal for your case study. In our case, your proposal will be a formal request to conduct the specific case study you have chosen. It must be persuasive (convincing) and make a solid argument for your study. In other words, you’ll indicate..
Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Substance Abuse
Seminar Presentation: Students will work in groups of 2, and take responsibility for applying a selected evidenced based theoretical framework to a specific population (e.g., individuals with anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, specific cultures, etc.), or to a group. This presentation should include a rationale for the choice of..
Social Forces that contribute to poverty in the Overtown Community
A photojournalism project featuring pictures that represent a sociological topic.. I have 35 photos, but I am unable to attach the file. in a community in Miami fl a neighborhood by the name of Overtown I am looking for a well put together journal with a little detail of those photos
Parents Should be Responsible for children's healthy diet
You will select a topic, you will write your speech on a word document, two-three pages, double-spaced, 12 point font on Times New Roman or Calibri using APA format. Please submit your title page, outline (include a proposition), written speech with APA citations and your reference page (minimum 5 sources) in APA by due date. Powerpoint should be ready by day..
Interpreting Statistical Output for Data Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Purpose
The purpose of this Assignment is to enable you to present the information that you gather from a systematic review on your PICOT topic. This activity will give you the experience to present what your research findings to others. Directions: Define the clinical key questions based on PICOT. Briefly review the database selected for key clinical questions. Identify..
I need help writing an essay and answering a few questions within the next 48hrs, who's up for the challenge??
Please see the attached file, the instructions have been outlined in yellow. I will need for you to complete this assignment into a PowerPoint Presentation with a "Work Cited" slide for the research conducted. {Place your immediately bid, if you want to be hired!!!}
PowerPoint Presentation on 4 different species (10 slides)
PowerPoint Presentation on four different species: one that is extinct, one that is critically endangered, one that is endangered and one that is (Threatened) Vulnerable. One species must be a Plant or Fungus, the three remaining species each must be from a different Animal category (Avian, Amphibian, Reptile, Mammal, or Aquatic/Ocean). Please see attachment..
Efficiency and Adaptation PowerPoint Presentation (10 slides)
For this SLP assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that is 1-10 slides in length and addresses the requirements outlined in the attachment. Place the text containing the answers to the questions in the slide area, summarizing each topic using bullet points (in your own words, expand in more detail using the notes area). Please see attachment..
Individual: Comparisions and Benefits of Data Protection Controls
Based on what you have learned about data protection in an online environment this week, create a maximum 5-slide Powerpoint presentation to the CEO of your company.  Convince the CEO that data protection controls would benefit your business.  Also, compare two different kinds of data breaches, the threats and vulnerabilities that lead to the breaches,..
The Impact of Imprisonment of Activists Towards Correctional Services in HK
In recent years, some of the most extreme activists in Hong Kong have been sentenced to imprisonment. We are studying whether they will have a different impact on the prisons in Hong Kong once they are sentenced to imprisonment. In this assignment, I was responsible to set up an interview schedule. The interview target is 12 Hong Kong Correctional Services stafsf...
Johnson Controls, Automotive Systems Group: The Georgetown, Kentucky Plant
powerpoint About this company must include brief description about the company identify the major issue of the case; • investigate the root causes of the major problem(s); and • describe the team’s recommendations and the action plan. charts would be great to explain please make it look professional..
Spoken Communication Confidentiality Presentation
Create a PowerPoint presentation that provides a scenario involving a breach of confidentiality related to spoken communication. In your presentation you must: 1. Describe a situation with background information to set up a scenario where spoken breaches can occur in Addiction counseling. 2. Provide at least two events and interactions that represent..
The Joint Commission Workplace Violation PowerPoint
Perform an Internet search to identify and research and a situation where a health care organization or individual provider in your field of allied health was sanctioned by The Joint Commission or other regulatory body for a violation of one or more of The Joint Commission workplace safety, risk management, and quality care requirements. Taking the role of..
Blood -borne pathogen standard and isolation precautions
Create a presentation on your topic as though you are training a new employee. What do they need to know about this topic, how does it pertain to their job, and what do they need to do to comply? You may utilize hand-outs or a powerpoint presentation. There is no time requirement
What is the optimal time limit for an exercise session?
5-slide PPT presentation centered on (1) article citation in APA-style, (2) research study purpose, (3) at least two key background literature, supporting articles cited in the RA and specifically what each contributed to the study – background, purpose, study design, etc., (4) key components of the study methodology/design – subjects, instruments for..
Stakeholder need with respect to a strategic initiative
You are required to produce a powerpoint presentation identifying how an organisation of your choosing has responded to a stakeholder need with respect to a strategic initiative. For example, if the initiative in question was a corporate re-structuring you might show how employees or trade unions were involved. Your presentation should • briefly explain..
Case Study: Strategic Planning and Management Presentation
Your hospitality consulting firm has been hired by Shell's Seafood Restaurant, a rapidly growing start up, to help them improve their operational project planning and overall client satisfaction scores. Shell's is a family business with little formal training, which is why they are hiring your firm. Review the Shell's Seafood Restaurant Case Study in Ch...
Individual: Comparisons and Benefits of Unified Communication Platforms
Based on what you have learned about unified communication platforms this week, create a maximum 5-slide Powerpoint presentation to the CEO of your company.  Convince the CEO that this would benefit the business. Also,  provide a comparison of the two different kinds of unified communication platforms; including their features and functions.     Include in..
Renewable energy sources that utilize oceanic sources
Topic selection is very liberal, provided it is related to oceanography in some way. The possibilities are virtually endless. Browsing through the list of these the following topics for inspiration: Renewable energy sources that utilize oceanic sources such as waves, currents, etc. Description: The focus of the paper can be general or a detailed look at one..
MBA - Critical Case Analysis Presentation (Slimline)
Note: An order instruction file is provided for a more clear read. (it's the same as the following instruction) Generically, your case analysis should cover three major elements: (1) case (major events, players, their background) and a company profile; (2) business environment as relates to the industry involved in the case, and (3) the relevant country environment..
Movie analysis(Maximum of 15hrs due)-TAKEN / CAD 35
[High school assignment-Grade 12th) Your job is to subdivide the story of Taken into 12stages according to the hero's journey cycle that I attach. You may give me at least one picture for each stage related to your analysis. (it can be scenes of the movie or any pictures you choose) I also want you to have it done within 15hrs at max. The rubric and the outline for this..
Produce a presentation with accompanying notes which
· explains the importance of review in developing organisational strategy and business plans. · evaluates the tools which can be used to review organisational strategy and business plans. · review the position of an organisation in its current market using appropriate tools. · analyse the competitive strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s current..
Mkt 113 4-2 Presentation: Marketing Channel Analysis
We are focusing on making an organic pet food. My brand name is called Noah's Ark. The organic brand dog food is called Noah's Ark Premium Plus. It is all natural and organic product I am promoting to the Beverly Hills Location in LA. I included a SWOT chart and module transcript to give you an idea. The PP will be on the marketing channel Analysis. Using the product..
KM and IC Knowledge Transfer and Training Presentation
Your consulting team will review the organizations understanding of KM and IC knowledge transfer and training. The team will prepare this review and create a plan for recommended changes. Prepare a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes to present to the C-level Officers of the organization. Complete the following:..
Speech- Business & Professional Communications: Path Goal Leadership Theory Project
This is for Business and Professional Communication SPCH 1311 course: My class is required to make a 25 slide powerpoint over a specific theory. My theory is Path-Goal Leadership. Here are more specific instructions as well as attached pdf of them: Students will be grouped by me and are to investigate the leadership theory assigned. The intent is for the students..
Community Assesment for Collier county Powepoint presentation
Criteria for Community Assessment Presentation This is a Power Point Presentation NOT a Paper Component Comments A. Introduction/Purpose B. The Community: • Windshield assessment overview • Useful data: o Demographic: race, age, gender, ethnicity o Household income average, education level o Vital statistics: number of births, infant deaths, marriages,..
protecting Australia's intellectual propertyprotecting Australia's intellectual property
intellectual property represents the property of the your mind or the intellect. Using a case study, show how intellectual property protection assists Australian businesses to achieve success in increasingly competitive world markets. and this ppt presentation should work with the ppt the example of the third part of the main points should talk about the..
The Pros and Cons of Controlling the Cost of Medications
I kindly need help with powerpoint presentation template. I have attached the word document that needs to be in powerpoint with bullets and graphics inserted in for each slide. I would kindly appreciate to do the Importance of Policy Change to Stakeholders(the con ) and Costs of Policy Change on Stakeholders(the con). just by editing or adding your thoughts..
organizational social structure power point presention
to format attractive creative and interesting power point using the book of organization theory for mary jo hatch and ann l .cunliffe chapter 4 the out line is Organization Social structure • Origins of the social structure concept • Modernist theories of organizational social structure • Symbolic approaches: Social practices, institutional logics, and..
Wholefoods Market Organic Food Chain Pricing Strategies
(1) you are the manager of a large, national, and geographically dispersed organic food store chain (2) the strategic decisions you must make in the areas of price and promotion. (3) compare and contrast various factors that influence promotional strategies for each of the five pricing strategies: premium pricing, penetration pricing, economy pricing,..
Movie Review / Character Presentation / Nursing Care Power Point
Details: In this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation based on the application of the functional health assessment of a movie character. To complete this assignment, choose a movie from the following list and identify a character from the movie on whom you would like to do a health assessment. If you wish to use a character from a movie not..
Solving the Problem: Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Presentation
Scenario: You are the marketing manager for a local nonprofit charity whose funding is based on membership fees. You've noticed a severe drop in new memberships and a decline in repeat memberships, which is threatening your organization's ability to survive and grow. You have decided to implement the Five-Step Marketing Research Process to help understand..
Strategic Management of Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
Select a familiar organization.  Your will play the role of a consulting firm hired by the chosen organization to analyze the KM and IC. Create a 10-15 slide presentation in which you complete the following: Assess whether or not the organization understands the value of KM and IC. Determine what processes, if any, are in place to share knowledge. Analyze what..
PepsiCo Brand Positioning and Strategy Presentation
PepsiCo Brand Positioning and Strategy PowerPoint For this presentation, select your favorite brand, and describe the reasons why this brand is so appealing to you. You should further explain the ideas represented on the slides by using the slide notes feature. The outline below needs to be used as a guide for the presentation, and the number of slides for each..
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