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Physical Education topics

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Teaching a fifth grade students how to do a lay up with basketball
Lesson Plan I You are to complete a lesson plans. This plan should be in sufficient detail so that a substitute teacher with no background or training in physical education can easily follow it and teach a quality lesson. The plan should be completed in the appropriate Stillman College format that we practiced in class and the lesson plan should include 12 parts,..
Select any sport or game that was played in a new world society.
Select any sport or game that was played in a new world society, and conduct your own research to find out when and how the activity originated; how was it played,and in what form the activity exists today. How and where did it originated? Please give factual details from your research. What are the rules of the game? How many players? Equipment? How has it evolved?..
I would like to discuss the history and benefits of a specific activity such as basketball.
References The References page format is APA style - see (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. APA guidelines Include all journal articles, books, and other research sources used for thesis purposes All sources should be peer-reviewed scholarly sources (Links to an external site.)Links to..
What is the optimal time limit for an exercise session?
5-slide PPT presentation centered on (1) article citation in APA-style, (2) research study purpose, (3) at least two key background literature, supporting articles cited in the RA and specifically what each contributed to the study – background, purpose, study design, etc., (4) key components of the study methodology/design – subjects, instruments for..
PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics - Winter Paralympic Games
1. List the six sports of the Winter Paralympic games in PyeongChang. 2. Explain how to play/work for the six sports of the Winter Paralympic games in PyeongChang. Document Formatting - Paper should be typed and double-spaced using TIMES NEW ROMAN font, (12-point font size) with one inch margins on all sides...
Health is relative to age and therefore young people are healthy
Discuss the accuracy of this statement in describing the health of young people in AUSTRALIA. You need to include for and against. Please refer to determinants of health, dimensions of health, etc. You need to use the PEEL method. I NEED THIS ESSAY IN ABOUT 10 HOURS!! AND I AM WILLING TO PAY $10.
An overview of research on the effect of Tai chi & Qi gong
APA citation style, Please research about the effects of Tai chi & Qigong with at least 5 different sources. They are ancient Chinese wellness exercise. Please following the outline : 1,Introduction including their history 2,Terminology : about Qi 3, Difference and similarity of Tai chi and Qi gong 4, Medical benefits of Taichi and Qi gong : e.g. hypertension..
Should there be just one universal personal training certification program, as opposed to the many out there?
This is in regard to the many physical exercise/ personal trainer certifications that are available. Should there just be one universal exercise/personal trainers certification that every Personal Trainer must pass, (example of a certification for personal trainers is the national academy of sports medicine or NASM) or should there be many different ones?..
EXAMINE the dimensions of health and EXPLAIN how they are interrelated to each other.
You MUST include Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual. + use examples. Please refer to the MARKING CRITERIA: -Inquires into the dimensions of health -Clearly demonstrates how these dimensions depend on each other for optimum health -Presents ideas in a clear and logical way -Supports answers with relevant example P.S. I need it in about 4 hours!!!..
Prevention programs are essential to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Prevention programs are essential to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. Locate one prevention program in your local community that addresses HIV/AIDS; you can locate this program through Internet research or by checking with local mental health agencies. The prevention program you select should address at least one of the following prevention topics: safe..
Educational Psychology - Cognitive Learning Theory
- Your assignment must be between 1700 to 2500 words excluding references. - Effective Learning Theory - teaching and learning objective is reached - Important cognitive theory; - * Discuss the types of cognitive theory and theoretical interests. * Explain and justify how this theory can contribute in the teaching and learning process for the subject taught...
Total Wellness about Flexibility and Cardiovascular
This assignment is due today on Sunday, July 16, 2017, at 11:58 pm. Only have 10 hours to complete this assignment. 1- This first assignment, you have to write a paragraph about your current or desired flexibility program. Make sure to answer all the questions. Flexibility- The flexibility component of exercise is often overlooked or neglected. The optimum..
Write a report rationalising the research study (see module guide) and use the group and your individual participant data to discuss the findings in relation to previous literature. Your essay should further consider the broader applications of your findings. The following should be used as a guide when producing your report: Section Points to Consider/Include..
What computer programs are used by someone in the Physical Education area?
Minimum of 10 Sources Also how does computer software influence physical education and physical activities Do not give me a general overview. Discuss TWO or THREE specific software programs used by someone in this profession.
Research summary paper
In this research paper you will be asked to summarize the three articles you found and draw conclusions. Your paper will consist of 5-8 pages, double spaced, 12 size font, and normal margins. Use APA style for referencing and have a reference page. Im going to attach the articles i have used and the presentation template that u guys need to answer this question in..
please read everything and follow each interaction i ask. for this project first i need you to watch a youtube video of a 60-90 minutes of yoga class (make this project yours and pretend that you went to that class and that you were part of it) then write about your experience try to imagen that you are part of that class and give your experience in 400-1000 words (1-2..
Description You are the facilitator of a group for substance-abusing clients at a community mental health center. One client, Bill, asks for an individual session with you regarding an urgent matter. Bill reveals to you that he is gay and HIV-positive and that he is concerned about how the group will accept this. He wants to disclose this information to the group..
Heart disease
The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize the student with heart disease and its impact on our society, red flags tests and interventions prior to the upcoming clinical experiences and board exams. Each student will be responsible for preparing a 2-3 page. What to cover in your assignment: 1. Different types of heart disease 2. The most common preexisting..
Head Coaches Paper
Instruction will be found in the attached file below. The two head coach that I selected are Eddie Robinson former Head Coach of Grambling State University and Tony Dungy. *Minimum of ten sources
Why exercise helps your grades in school and gets your better grades
It is for a science fair project and I am putting it on a poster board. Hypothesis is that exercise helps gets you better grades in school and helps you concentrate. I need to get data to prove my hypothesis
Human motor development
Exmple article: 1) 2)
Write About Your Workout and Diet Programs
This assignment will require you to submit to me a sample of your weekly workouts. Do you do more cardio than weight training? Do you hate cardio and do more weight training? Do you list a certain body part each week or do you superset? How many Reps/Sets? This assignment is important to give me an idea of where you are in terms of "building" a workout plan. You can type..
Developing metacognition method in elementary school
three articles and two case study articles are uploaded below. use this 5 written articles to create a Action Research Project Paper.
Emma Goldman and ″Minorities vs. Majorities″ - 3 hours
Read Emma Goldman′s ″Minorities vs. Majorities″ (see attached) and Chapters 16 - 18 of the text book then address the following: Is Goldman correct in her assertion that ″individualism″ was a myth in the United States in light of the economic/industrial revolution of her day and all that it brought with it? Is Goldman correct in claiming that an unrestrained..
Physical Therapy in relations to breaking world records in Track and Field
This project is assigned to promote research, writing, decision formatting, and philosophical thought processing for the student. Students will work in groups of for and develop a topic related to Kinesiology (Physical Education, Sport Studies, Athletic Training, Adapted Physical Education, Motor Development, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics,..
Personal Training
Your research paper must be: A minimum of 3 to 5 full length pages, reference page is separate 12 inch font double-spaced throughout the entire paper (even between the topic headings) proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling at least 3 different sources used and cited with links included in references paper content must be in your words - do not cut and..
Critical analysis
My class is called psychology in sports. I would like you to analyse the movie called Race that is what we were told to write the assay about or if you have a scholarly article you can choose and cite it.
I have a summary (abstract) on a article about smartphone addiction. The summary should be around 250-400 words. Here is the link for the article:
Physical Therapy in relations to breaking world records in Track and Field
This project is assigned to promote research, writing, decision formatting, and philosophical thought processing for the student. Students will work in groups of for and develop a topic related to Kinesiology (Physical Education, Sport Studies, Athletic Training, Adapted Physical Education, Motor Development, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics,..
Conference Paper Presentation
Design a 20-minute presentation of your research paper that includes animations and narration. Review the following resources on creating excellent PowerPoint presentations:
Cross Fit
1) Watch this 2 minute youtube video 2) Read the document titled CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret 3) Then after all that's done answer the question with a 250 word well written paragraph:- Cross Fit has become an extremely popular means on exercise across the world. The Cross Fit Games have become widely known as..
Conference Paper
Write a 3,600-to 4,500-word research paper about a problem to be solved in K-12 education or administration that supports the theme of the WCCI 17th World Conference on Education. The problem could address a classroom, instructional, or administrative concern. Include the following elements in your paper: Title page Reference Page (minimum of 10) Appendix..
Reference Table
Create a table of 10 to 15 empirical studies that address the various topic areas for your research topic. It is okay if you have more than 15 but there should be a minimum of 10. Note. A table of reviewed articles is a good way to have a single page summary of most pertinent articles. It is helpful for summarizing results of other studies, making comparisons across..
Standards Based SDAIE Cirriculum Unit
Assignment is to create a lesson plan that is 3 days long! Attached is a template Create a 3-day standards-based SDAIE unit that incorporates Content or Common Core Standards and English Language Development Standards appropriate for an English Learner student at the emerging (formerly known as intermediate) level at the grade you teach now, or plan to teach..
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