Personal Statement on Sociology examples

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this assignment is for a term paper for my social theory 200 class
10 pages essay. i work in a nursing home so i am doing this topic as a observer in this setting My topic is How elderly without visitation affect their behavioral, mental, and physical health and their interaction with others compare to those that have visitors or love one coming to check on them. keep in my mine to use the sociological theories to explain your finding...
Dorothy Smiths contributions to the discovery of human development
In a one page written statement , present an argument supporting Dorothy's (First person role-play) contributions to the discovery of human development. Answer why her work is superior to other sociologists and relevant in today's society. Format APA With references
Why im passionate about wanting to be apart of the Helix Summer Institute
The statement of intent should not exceed 500 words. outlining why you want to participate in the Summer Institute. This is a unique occasion to acquire real-world experience and to take part in an experiential activity that builds life skills. For more info i brought in a link that can help with idea's to why i want to be apart of this below.
how body Image portrayed by the media affects society, teenager self esteem
Be very specific what types ? Media? what image who image what does this impact woman? man and children. how the media affets teenager. how woman want to be perfect and have surgery because of media and what society telling us to do to look different. how we consume certain product to change our skin color. minimum 11 pages 3 to 5 outside sorces.Make it a argument,..
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