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narrative essay (reader response) "What This Song Means to Me"
this will be very much like an expanded reader response, so it will not require that you refer to any outside sources except for the song. You need a thesis statement. think about a song that really speaks to you. describe the special significance of this song in your life. so follow your energy in telling the story of the poem's significance to you...
Pride, Power, Women, Religion
Beowulf is a rich and dense text that gives readers insight to not only 6th century culture and society but also to 11th century culture and society. It is well known for its clash between pagan and Christian cultures in the sense that it is a story about a pagan society, but it was written down by a Christian monk so there are references to fate and revenge (pagan beliefs)..
Beowulf Anglo Saxon Culture
Although Grendel has often been seen as a bad or evil character, some scholarship argues that he had no other choice but to behave the way that he did. He was the descendant of Cain, who committed the worst sin imaginable to Anglo Saxon culture: the murder of a brother. Therefore, he was malicious by nature and outcasted at birth, forced to lurk in the shadows and listen..
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