Paraphrasing on Cultural Studies examples

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Regionalism in practice: the Role of the Arab League In the 2003 Iraq War and the 2011 Libyan Crisis
i want the attached file to be paraphrased and additionally one page of methodology, methodological stances and approaches of the study. for example: qualitative or quantitative, deductive or inductive, data collection etc. Moreover, if the research question included in the study, needs and can be developed better in comparison with the conclusion. last..
The Political and Societal salience of immigration: The case of Syrian refugees in Jordan
this is a topic study, mini research paper which needs to be paraphrased for the masters semester exam. the promagram i am studying is Culture - communication - globalization. I also would like to ask, to dedicate half page , on what methodology has been used. for example :qualitative or quantitative, inductive or deductive, what kind of data. the format of the..
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