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summarize book by Wright, Norman H., (2011) The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling DEADLINE B4 12AM
Please write a four page summary of the paper below and use the book by Wright, Norman H., (2011) The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling as your guide. Running header: The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling Summary H. Norman Wright, (2011) The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling: What..
Answer the following questions with citations and refrences
Answer the following questions cleat and concise using citations: US Immigration policy biased? If so, How? Use examples to illustrate your argument. • Explain the following components of the US Immigration policy: a. Family Based Migration b. Employment Based Migration c. Per-Country Ceilings (Quotas) d. Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Temporary Protected..
two U.K Newspapers, The Sun and The Times, between January 2018 and April 2018.
Representation of ‘Rape’ and ‘Sexual Assault’ in two U.K Newspapers, The Sun and The Times, between January 2018 and April 2018. ESSAY QUESTION ABOVE PLEASE REWRITE I am resubmitting my essay to a different module so i need the essay completely paraphrased with different sources but the same newspapers as the analysis have to be the same finfings. and a new graph..
Create a table with the concepts, the definition and source from which the definition was taken.
Create a table with the concepts, the definition and the academic source (or sources) from which the definition was taken. A -Organizational Behavior:  definition, concepts, and objectives. B - People Behavior and the organization. C - Organizational behavior:  perspective and limitations. D - Organizational behavior models (historical background)...
table with the name and briefly describe the strategic tool.
Prepare a table with the name of the following strategic tools on the first column: SWOT Analysis Porter’s Five Forces Value Chain Analysis Vertical Integration Horizontal Integration Ansoff Matrix BCG Growth-Share Matrix GE/Mc Kinsey Matrix Core Competencies On the second column, briefly describe the strategic too with References...
[Rewrite] Design Project-Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning
Topic: Design of Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning for the 20-Floors building -Rewrite the paper from my friend (Will submit the paper as the same time and same tutor) (Maybe paraphrasing, point form list, remake the table, etc...) - only 48 hours for paraphrasing
Rewriting, editing and put together all my Research paper
I need to take all the parts and make it into one coherent Thesis. I'll need it to be corrected according to comments in the file. I'll need some of the things analyzed and paraphrased. Ill need rewriting of some parts of the paper. I need it all to be edited technically as well I'll need it with high academic English *the whole thing needs to be 70 pages maximum. *some..
The Palestine Mandate and the Birth of the State of Israel
According to Cleveland and Bunton, "The territory that composed the British mandate for Palestine was only slightly larger than the state of Massachusetts. Yet, the repercussions of developments in and attitudes toward this small piece of southern Syria have reverberated throughout the Middle East and the world at large." Explain this statement...
paraphrase a 3 posts ~700 words + answer 3 questions ~200 words each question + paraphrase ~1800
1- 3 posts ~ 700 words need to be paraphrased. need to be done within 12 hours 2- write 3 posts 200 words each. need to be done with 24 hours. 3- around 1850 words of reflection paper need to be paraphrased. need to be done within 3days. more details after assign the writer.
Proofreading and Paraphrasing of staff appraisal report (Engineering)
Total- 3 nos. of staff appraisal report (around 700words for one) -Proofreading and Minor Paraphrasing for the No.1 report and to be completed within 24 hours. - No.2 & 3 to be completed 13/08/2018, (4 references will be given for paraphrasing/ re-writing.)
Reccomendation Proposal to Social Work Grad School
I need to write a letter of recommendation proposal to my adviser, my field supervisor , and my field instructor. I just want any grammar errors to be fix and way to use the same paper but difference context that can be directed to all of them.
How can organisations develop a successful social media strategy in the international business environment?
The complete title: Globalisation, e-strategies and performance: How can organisations develop a successful social media strategy in the international business environment? What has to be done is only writing the Introduction and the Literature review part of an essay. I will attach a file, where more information is given. However, the important thing..
Regionalism in practice: the Role of the Arab League In the 2003 Iraq War and the 2011 Libyan Crisis
i want the attached file to be paraphrased and additionally one page of methodology, methodological stances and approaches of the study. for example: qualitative or quantitative, deductive or inductive, data collection etc. Moreover, if the research question included in the study, needs and can be developed better in comparison with the conclusion. last..
The Political and Societal salience of immigration: The case of Syrian refugees in Jordan
this is a topic study, mini research paper which needs to be paraphrased for the masters semester exam. the promagram i am studying is Culture - communication - globalization. I also would like to ask, to dedicate half page , on what methodology has been used. for example :qualitative or quantitative, inductive or deductive, what kind of data. the format of the..
Working with indigenous, rural and remote communities
This is very easy. Real lecture notes, and paraphrasing(summarizing) and write essay like "Reflextive essay". Today, weve learned blahh~ I think that~ blah~ I dont want to be perfect! cuz Im first year stduent! :) no plagiarism!! Thannks!
free plagiarism my text findings about Knowledge Management and Innovation
Dear friend, Please note : This work will used in scientific research for publication in international refereed journals. I need you to : 1. Re edit this text with plagiarism free. 2. Paraphrasing no grammar mistake. 3. don’t change the variables or numbers or references. thanks
representation of Trauma and Survival in Native Am. Lit. (Louise Erdeich)
Hallo, I need help with the first part of mi paper. I have a file of collected information about the - historical and cultural context of Native Americans, especially Aneshinabe/Ojibwe - Definitions/terms of Trauma + ist effects.. PTSD.. - Trauma in Literature - Trauma Theory and literature devices I need them put together and paraphrased it’s about 50 pages..(many..
Rough Draft Qualitative Research Critique and Ethical Considerations
CATHETER ACQUIRED URINARY TRACT INFECTION ABSTRACT According to the nursing staff of a rehab center, it was concluded that, there is a connection between incontinent of urine and undiagnosed urinary tract infection (UTI). It is also part of their findings that urinary tract infections are better improved or healed through the administration of prescribed..
Canadian Foreign Policy - in class presentation questions
I need some one to, summarize 4 articles for me briefly and each article I must come up with 1 huge question, or a cluster of questions to ask my class for discussion look attachment in class presentation. Need done in next 2-3 hours this is urgent
the role of generous return policies in creating customer loyalty in the retail industry.
Be 1,000 words minimum (There are no page/word limits for this assignment) Have in-text citations (APA or MLA) Be in .pdf format margin 1" top, bottom ,right , left double spacing Arial or Times new Roman Font size 12
Describe Mintzberg’s five types of organization structure.
Title: Describe Mintzberg’s five types of organization structure. In what ways does Mintzberg’s work advance our understanding beyond earlier ideas about organization structure? 1.Introduction of essay 2. Describe Mintzbergs 5 types of organisation structures (simple structure, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisionalised form,..
CEEP 262 Periods of Vocational Development Assignment
CEEP 262 Periods of Vocational Development Assignment Locate a child, an adolescent, and an older adult (30 years old or older) for an interview on vocational development. If you don’t have access to a child you can interview an adolescent, young adult and an older adult. The following questions can help guide your interview: For children: “What do you want to..
Paraphrasing Activity – “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
For this assignment, you will use Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” to help you practice the important rhetorical skill of paraphrasing. Be sure to address the following: • State the purpose of the essay. Be sure to paraphrase the speech throughout your analysis. • Describe one strategy for development of the speech. This should be one that..
Describe an experimental or quasi-experimental design
see attachment- 3-400 words--: Maxfield, M.G. & Babbie, E.R. (2011). Basics of Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology (3rd Edition). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth (ISBN: 978-1-111-34691-1).
The effects of PEGDMA 750 Concentrations on Properties of Hydrogel
I want you to help me to paraphrase everything in this document: 1- low plagiarism percentage. (maximum 10% on Turnitin) 2- perfect grammar and sentence structure. 3- DO NOT MIX SECTIONS. 4- 4000-4500 WORD COUNT. the deadline is in 10 hours from now.
2 Completed Essays have minor edits to make. NEED STRONG WRITER-EASY
Already 2 completed essays but need revision on the two with minor edits. **MUST BE ABLE TO FOLLOW STRICT DIRECTIONS *If you have any questions feel free to email me and DON'T ASSUME. *NEED a STRONG Writer **VERY IMPORTANT NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL, PREFER A TURNIT REPORT sent when complete. This is a small project with majority of work completed. Just read the instructions..
Copy Math Assignment Answers
All you have to do is look at Chapter 11 and 12, take my account, and copy the answers in your own writing to a .doc file. This is due in 12 hours.
Article Review
Find an article and summarize it regarding Dissociative Identity Disorder. The summary should be at least 2 pages. Included in the summary will be purpose of the article and the points made by the author(s). Then you will present their reaction to the article, in at least 1 page. What did you think of this topic? Did the article have any personal meaning to you? Did..
summarizing and paraphrasing an article
-read the article, summarize, and paraphrase -following the rubric
Paraphrasing Chemistry
Hi, I need someone who would be able to paraphrase chemistry related text that is one page. All words and structure of sentence must be change. At the end it must look like two completely different texts. To do this must know chemistry!
nursing- paraphrasing
Aim of assessment Academic writing for your university assessments requires that you summarise information from published sources such as journal articles, books, reports and websites into paragraphs to support your ideas. Your ideas and the information from other sources must be paraphrased or written in your own words so that you avoid allegations of..
Proof reading
As an officer in the federal intelligence unit, with background in the field of business, accounting and anti fraud, and money laundering sector, and with a hobby of learning and exploring new ideas and trends in that field exactly. I have completed my SSC in 2006 with a major of science and math so I have noticed that I am good at numbers, so I took an elective subject..
Drilling Project
Please read the instruction carefully. The files that I am attaching are going to be used to work on this project. So basically our teacher told us to find any drilling well and collect their data and write the paper so I have all the documents here where the data the teacher has asked us to put on our project paper. I am also adding a project from the last semester, who..
copy writing
I will provide you two different documents all you need to do this just copy write it using different words Dont just use online tools I have 6 hrs of time for you
Judith Lorber 2-3 pages
1: Night to His Day Analysis Consider Judith Lorber’s Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender, which was assigned reading for this module. Carefully address the following two questions: If you had to summarize in ordinary language the concept of "gender as structure," what would you say? (How would you explain "gender as a social institution" to..
Periodic properties of the Elements
I want you writ a conclusion about the pepers which I post it in the ttach. Write one page. I need it after 8 hours.
Fisher & Paykal Company Profile
I need someone to paraphase and submit the attached Company Profile and New Zealand Economy ASAP. Fisher and Paykal (New Zealand). It's a simple task and wont take more than half an hour work hence wont pay more than $5.
Density Measurements
Write a conclusion one page about the papers in the attach. I need it today.
The purpose of a college education
* Give at least three reasons for that purpose, with specific details. * What might be other purposes of a college education? * What three reasons might support that opposing viewpoint? * How would you respond to the opposing reasons? * Does age make a difference in the purpose of education? *document sources in the body of the paper and give complete information..
Australia and the world
For this assessment task you are required to write a 400 word summary of the reading for Week 3. The reading is: Bastian, B. (2012) Immigration, multiculturalism and the changing face of Australia. In Bretherton, D. (ed). Peace psychology in Australia, New York: Springer. For the summary you will need to provide a brief statement of the author’s argument, or..
discussion 11 review
1. Income inequality is defined as the uneven or unequal distribution of income over the economy among a population. Income inequality is measured by dividing up the population into various groups and then comparing the groups. After the second World War ended in 1945 the income inequality in US changed drastically. After the War inequality started to reduce..
MICROECONOMICS Discussion 8: Oligopoly
1. (1/2 page) Name a product that you regularly purchase from a firm that operates in an oligopolistic industry. Explain why the product and firm fit the model of oligopoly. Think about the TV commercials and/or print advertisements that you’ve seen from this industry: What interdependence have you noticed between the firm you selected and its rivals in terms..
MICROECONOMICS Discussion 7: Price Discrimination
1. (1/2 page) Draw the graph for a monopoly with demand, marginal revenue, and marginal cost curves. Identify the profit-maximizing output level (Qm) and price (Pm). Suppose the monopolist sells Qm units of output at the regular price and then puts the product on sale at a lower price, Ps. Show the new price and quantity. Identify the consumer surplus of the additional..
1.(1/2 page) Independent trucking is an industry that can be considered perfectly competitive. Draw a graph showing market supply, market demand, and equilibrium price and quantity. Draw a corresponding graph for the individual firm/trucker using the market equilibrium price and marginal cost curve. If you line up the two graphs horizontally, the equilibrium..
ENC Peer Review
Please see the attachment and review follow the requirement below: "Given your understanding of the assignment, what is working about the writer’s first draft? What is good? What do you like? (Point to three specific aspects of his/her draft that are working or 'good')." "Given your understanding of the assignment, what in regard to this draft needs work? (Point..
VRIO analysis and Proposal praphrase
The LV case is located down to the last case in the case pack, and there are two assignments in this order. 1st: One-page Introduction and One-page VRIO Framework Analysis. The introduction needs to cover the LV company info from the case and the work that my team is going to do (details are showed in 'BUSI7000GroupWork); the VRIO Framework Analysis for LV company..
ENC Discussion 3 review
Reply to each discussions 1. In "Colleges Should Mandate That All Textbooks Be Digitized", Marc Prensky argues that all college textbooks should be electronic textbooks. He supports his argument by stating how e-books can be expanded to a multitude of supplemental materials, including videos and the like. Prensky says this in the quote, "Faculty can augment..
Critical Reflective Report
Paraphrase the critical post about project management. Write more words please for the Introduction to define and explain the context, intent and the structure of the post. Add extra 3 peer-reviewed References (The APA style) at any section. Create Table of Contents for the headings. This assignment is subject to Turn it in plagiarism checking. This report..
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