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Professional Experience outline
Create an outline (Refer to the Outline Guidelines, below, for details) for your Week 8 presentation based on Week 6’s PowerPoint presentation (a video preview is available under the Week 7 tab in Blackboard). You may use the provided Presentation Outline Sample posted in OneDrive or develop a different outline on your own. Step three: Save your file to your..
answer the following six question - outline version. important notes
Those are my final exam questions, I need you to outline that can help me prepare for my final. I need the important points and little explanations and expamples. you can do it in point form. 1) Based on the exchange between Hoffman and Sageman, which author do you find more convincing regarding the type of organizational threat posed Al-Qaeda? Explain with regards..
College Tuition should be made free to all students
7 paragraphs needed. And follow the attached image for instructions. NO PLAGIARISM, NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS AND FINALLY WRITE IN THE FORMAT INSTRUCTED IN THE ATTACHED IMAGE .. must have a thesis . Point 5 means you should write why don’t others agree with your arguments. Point 6 you should write why you opinion is correct and not theirs. For your reasons 1,2&3 should..
"NO PLAGIARISM! Top A+ Writer" help is needed completing a Outline,
Please review the attached files, my instructor's guidelines have been highlighted in yellow. She will use Vericite/Turnitin to review your work, so I need you to include a "Work Cited" page for your research conducted. "ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!!".
Increasing profits in the manufacturing sector through embracing green reverse logistics
This assignment will be an annotated outline for the topic the student has chosen.  This minimum of four page outline will be a full sentence type outline and will be in APA format. To gain an appreciation for the full sentence outline, please see an example at the following website: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20081113013048_544.pdf .  Attached..
Does marrying young put you at higher risk for divorce
Please see attached instructions. Book is referenced in instructions. *Please Price this assignment to include a research outline that is 2-3 pages long plus an annotated bibliography that includes 4-5 sources. please see instructions and follow all prompts.
Cultivating Relationships and Family Partnerships: Environmental Assessment and Interview Form & Reflection
Cultivating Relationships and Family Partnerships: Environmental Assessment and Interview Form The programs from which you may choose include the following: Early Head Start, serving children and families prenatally through age three Head Start, serving children between the ages of 3 and 5 Child care centers, serving infants through school-age Preschool,..
Industrialization After the Civil War Thesis and Outline
After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place after the Civil War and discuss ways that industrialization affected the U.S. between 1865..
APA Outline for a research paper on IED Awareness, use, counter efforts and continued threat.
I need an APA Outline on the use of IEDS the presence of them and use globally, How do we now counter them and defeat the threat. I need a title page, full thesis, body and conclusions as well as a reference page.
Environment Assessment,Interview form and Workshop Form and Reflection and Application
Week 2 Looking Ahead: Observations of Children Note: In Weeks 3, 5, and 7 of the course you will be required to conduct a classroom observation in an early childhood setting and to interview the teacher. Plan ahead by selecting the sites and confirming the dates. For your reference, you will be using the following form to complete your Week 3 Application assignment:..
TOPIC:This project examines the role that PM play in delivering innovation. This would relate to leadership role to motivate the project team and supply chain to deliver innovation. Its a research outline which is to be submitted. A TEMPLATE is attached which is to be followed Also the dissertation proposal is attatched which is to be strictly followed in doing..
Module 4 Assignment - Outlining/Drafting an Analysis Essay
STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1) Demonstrate that you understand the basic elements of a good, well-written analysis essay. 2) Use drafting techniques effectively in developing an analysis essay. STEP 1: Read the following preparatory material before completing this assignment - 1) Creating an Analysis Essay: The Key Elements 2) Transition Words: What..
I need a "A+ Writer's" help completing a Outline & (Peer Review Questions) "NO PLAGIARISM!!"
Please review the attached files, my instructors guidelines have been highlighted in yellow. She will use Vericite/Turnitin to review your work, so I need you to include a "Work Cited" page for your research conducted. "ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!!"
RFID Technology in Retail Term Paper Project Part 3
Part 3 is the detailed outline of your plan but with a minimum of facts and information from three peer reviewed or other journal sources from the APUS library or Internet sites provided in this course. This is a minimum 3 pages of written copy or content. Also include title page, reference page, and use APA Style. *** I will post three peer reviewed articles or journals..
What the government is doing to prepare for and/or mitigate against a cyber attack.
the topic that you choose must generally be on state or federal preparedness and mitigation programs. Examples of topics that could be written about successfully include: - A discussion of a particular program, to include how the program could be improved, - A discussion of how mitigation strategies were enacted by a State or local government, - A discussion..
M5A1: Topic Proposal and Outline for M6A1: Essay 3
Part 1: Topic and Outline (due at the end of Module 5) You have been examining the liberal arts disciplines throughout this course. You have also wrestled with complex ethical dilemmas, as well as issues and concerns around diversity and communication. All of these activities have required you to apply your critical thinking skills. In Essay 3 you will have an..
M4A1: Essay 2: Topic Proposal for Essay 2: Education and Socio-economic Status
This activity is a two-part assignment that will unfold over a two-week period. The first step, which is due at the end of Module 3, is to choose a topic and create an outline for the second part of the assignment, which is an essay that is due by the end of Module 4. The process of creating a topic proposal and outline before your essay will be a required step for all of..
Identify Etruscan Influences on Roman Culture, Politics, and Language
Topic: Identify Etruscan Influences on Roman Culture, Politics, and Language I need someone to construct a detailed outline with the research included. I will draft the essay myself. I just need an outline and research of secondary sources and primary sources that are of use. The outline must be detailed enough, so I can draft it properly. Also, provide me with..
My Discipline is ethics. I will post my topic and then post my instructions for the outline. My Topic: EMPLOYMENT ISSUES THE SILENT WAR SEXUAL HARASSMENT The effects of sexual harassment in the military are devastating. It destroys morale, breaks down the cohesiveness of the unit, jeopardizes the mission, and puts lives at risk. When the average person thinks..
The Socioeconomic and Cultural Diversity of Urban Space
Need research question, outline and bibliography. Must follow AAA style (i attached directions) Also, attached info about the paper and topic info. I included the locations in Atlanta that I will do the ethnographic research so that can be included in the outline. Also, attached is the rubric that will be used later on to complete the paper (it is not due for two..
Influence of dating applications on sexual behaviours
The Outline for the paper will be 2 pages, outlining the central topic of analysis, questions proposed concerning the topic, areas for research and a list of 5 academic references that you plan to read. The outline exercise should clarify the focus of the paper.
STD increase in the United States proposal for funding
It is a good idea to always begin with an outline of the information you eventually want to turn into a full document. Writing the narrative of a grant or contract is no different. A draft outline is a tool that can help you organize your thoughts and develop a narrative that is fully descriptive of what you want to write about then, address the following: Prepare a..
ENG-102: Week 4 - Write an Outline and Rationale for the Week 7 Paper
Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ’s in 50 words or more (be specific): Discuss the basics of your paper and your intended audience. Discuss how you’ve planned for your paper to work for your intended audience such as words that you will use and define, the items you will highlight, and more. Then choose a very different audience such as a high-school..
College Students who abuse Adderall are at risk for depression (outline)
Hello! This is an outline assignment for my topic " College Students who abuse Adderall are at risk for depression" I included the bibliography which you have done and completed some sections for the outline already, but please feel free to edit it to your preference.
cover all the article and make outline of prepare it for presentation
summary of the article + personal statement I will present this paper, So you have to cover ideas benefits advantages and agree or disagree from teachers point of view examples, quotation etc. also, make good conclusion at the end of the paper as restate all ideas and mentions to assessment benefits. you have to points each parts and make paper well organized and..
due today Interviewing and Assessing Presentation
due today... 5 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on the interview and assessment processes. Include the following: Provide a brief scenario of a client in the criminal justice setting. Include background information about the client's personal and social history, along with information regarding why he or she is in the criminal justice system...
Persuasive Policy Speech Water Pollution in Nebraska Outline, Speech/Paper & Slide Show
I will need a outline, a written speech and a slide show done in power point done in a 15 year olds writing on water pollution in Nebraska. All done by tomorrow by 7 PM. I needs to Persuasive speaking, Have an introduction with 3 main points with sub points and sub-sub points, Monroe Motivated sequence and a conclusion paragraph. This speech focus on solutions to problems..
5 Page Synopsis of an Article Published by Professor
The directions for the assignment can be found below in attachments, along with an article needed to complete assignment. All that is needed is a 5-page essay that summarizes the contents of an article/essay published by a professor in one's language of study. Nothing outside of the contents of the article included are needed for the essay. If you have any questions,..
Literary analysis outline on the feminist view of the story of an hour
3-4 full pages on a literary analysis outline on the feminist view of the short story "the story of an hour" by kate chopin • MLA format • Alphabetical order according to authors last name • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. i will include an example as well as the short story.
Outline of disability policy/program analysis paper
Outline of disability policy/program analysis paper Your paper should critically engage with a disability policy or program, and how it speaks to key theoretical, conceptual and political frameworks discussed over the course of the semester. You could visit and study a disability institution, agency, service provider, or dialogue with a prominent disability..
Literature review of professional level theatre movie
Have to see 3 professional level movies from any production.And I will provide the outline format from my professor.No plagiarism.I could fail this class otherwise.Be careful.Have to submit by tonight 11:59pm so,better finish it by tonight 11:59pm.2full pages minimum for each critique typed critique,double spaced,12font,times new Roman.If needed MLA..
Domestic Business Plan Outline (Only need the outline due for this week)
OUTLINE (DUE WEEK 4): This week you will submit your final Portfolio choice along with a tentative business proposal, outline, and 4-6 references FINAL PORTFOLIO (DUE IN WEEK 8): As an entrepreneur, you want to start a business. You know that the first step is to consider drafting a business plan to organize all of your ideas. For this assignment, you will be submitting..
“Bystander Intervention in emergencies: Diffusion of responsibility”
Use PsycINFO to find the classic 1968 journal article by John Darley and Latané titled “Bystander Intervention in emergencies: Diffusion of responsibility”. Read the article and make notes. Prepare a summary of the article, not to exceed 600 words (include a word count with your summary--this word count does not include the reference, your name, student number..
Why is cyber bullying among adults so prevalent in this day and age what can we do to combat it?
Please be sure to use the template and follow the instructions on the template exactly as written. The main mode of discourse in the paper is argumentation. The outline needs to be 550 words or more and have at least 5 creditable sources, 3 of which must be scholarly.
Marketing Plan for a New Product or Service – Outline
Option #1: Marketing Plan for a New Product or Service – Outline Submit an outline of your marketing plan to your instructor for review and feedback. Be sure to include the following in your plan: Company overview Objectives or goals Situational analysis Segmentation, targeting, and position analysis Marketing mix..
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treatment with CPAP
I am looking for just the outline for this paper within a few hours if possible. Just to give you an idea of what needs to be included in the paper are: -What is the illness? (COPD) -What causes it? - Signs and symptoms -How is it diagnosed? -Prognosis -Complications -Prevention -Typical medications/TREATMENTS (CPAP) -Prehospital treatment I ONLY NEED THE OUTLINE..
Prevention Methods for Teens in Domestic Viloence Relationships
Project assignment, you will create an outline of the headings and subheadings you will use to organize your review of the literature, based on the content you have gathered thus far in your review of the research literature. Include one or two cited sentences under each heading and subheading to substantiate why it is important to include that information...
Rome: Culture's Suicide Squad and History's Legends of Tomorrow
The outline must include the thesis you would choose to defend in an historical essay. It must also include topic sentences for each section of the outline that contains specific information that you would discuss in each body paragraph. Within each section of the outline you must also include specific examples of historical evidence you would use to support..
Organizational Budget Planning: The Purpose and Process of Budgeting Planning and Monitoring
Focusing on the Banking and Finance industries, submit a 2 page outline that briefly describes the topic, and the approach taken to discuss and analyze the topic. Due on Sunday, April 15 at 3PM PT/USA. ** Note, this outline will be used to develop a 6-8 page research paper that is due towards the end of April. Depending on the quality of the outline, I may need/want..
10 Strategic Points Quantitative Study Extraction #1
Using the "Modified 10 Points Template," identify each of the 10 strategic points in this quantitative dissertation. Complete the "Evaluation" section of the template by addressing the following questions (250-500 words) with regard to the 10 strategic points in the study: Discuss the key points in the literature review and how the author used this section..
debate (pro) Depression is more common in impoverished communities
I need three outlines (Pro) defending three different claims on the same topic. The topic is: Depression is more common in impoverished communities. I will attach a copy of the outline that is required by the professor . Every section needs to be completed. there is additional instructions on the assignment sheet. There needs to be three different claims to defend..
Capitalization and its effect to Gentrification in New York City
I have attached an outline to follow. Kindly include building examples. If possible, use the Whitney Museum, the Highline, the Shed, and/or Hudson Yards neighborhood. Kindly include works cited. Please create the outline as follows: 1. Introduction: Present theoretical approach (time period, proponents, predecessors, key tenants/concerns/claims.)..
Rome: Culture's Suicide Squad and History's Legends of Tomorrow
The outline must include the thesis you would choose to defend in an historical essay. It must also include topic sentences for each section of the outline that contains specific information that you would discuss in each body paragraph. Within each section of the outline you must also include specific examples of historical evidence you would use to support..
negative effects of electronics in the classrooms.
please focus on first two pages of the file that I am attaching.all the information is provided on it .I will also attach examples but it shouldn't look like that example.and do not forget the third part of the requirements. provide 3 pages on the topic. and one page on the third part under requirements...
Analyze the use of figurative language in a song
See attachment for corrections please. Purpose: To show how the song’s use of figurative language contributes to its appeal to its listeners Method: n To prepare an outline or graphic organizer that will serve as the foundation for a 1,200–1,500 word essay 124 Graded Project n To begin the research process by preparing an annotated bibliography in Modern Language..
outline and introduction ( public vs. private school)
attached is a sample format of an outline and introduction that i needed for my final research topic about private vs. public school. please follow the format for this outline will be the final flow of my research paper at the end. 4 pages max. thanks. one page for introduction and the rest are purely outline. PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING: Outline should appear after..
Why poor people tend to be incarcerated more than upper and middleclass people.
The Question: Outline and discuss the reasons why poor people tend to be incarcerated more than upper and middleclass people. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: An essay outline with bibliography (at least 5 academic references) Word limit: 500 words (bibliography not included in the word count) Harvard style referencing. I have included reading list for books to..
How Technology and Social Media Have Helped Shape the Millennials
Gather your preliminary research. Look at your sources and categorize information according to topics related to your thesis. Organize the topics into the most logical order for presenting information and make each category I,II,III, etc., in the outline. Write at least 50 words under each category, summarizing the major findings from the literature. Come..
CAUSATION OF DEMAGE, explain the principles which would be applied to determine causation of demage
Make written notes on causation if demage tort law . A) in respect of Jacobs origin injury from the chain saw B) in the respect of the further injury suffered by Jacob whilst out walking You must include But for test Modified test material contribution ,factual causation, legal causation, duty of care, breach of duty, acts of third parties, acts of the claiment..
The Iranian Revolution and The Second Oil Shock (1979-1980)
2 to 3 pages - to be submitted The outline should include:\ -Preliminary statement of objectives (what, why, how) -Main issues (2 to 3) -Possible thesis statement (preliminary conclusions) -Bibliography
Inequalities of minorities in the united states criminal justice system
These 25 key words must be used but it does not have to be defined. I just need an argument/persuasive outline for this assignment. 12 size font times new roman single spaced Discrimination ,Racism,Prejudice,Segregation ,Stereotype, Bias, Apartheid,Injustice, Sexism,Bigotry,Unequal,Fear, Hate Crime, Dissociation, Public Perceptions, Ethnicity,..
Industrialization After the Civil War Thesis and Outline
After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place after the Civil War and discuss ways that industrialization affected the U.S. between 1865..
). Select a crime of morality and provide a discussion of the crime’s historical context, the reas
Crimes of morality are defined as “illegal activities that are against the law because they are regarded as threatening to values” (Boyd, 2015; p. 375). Select a crime of morality and provide a discussion of the crime’s historical context, the reasons for its “deviant” label, and the way(s) in which the criminal act is enforced...
The retirement age for judges should be raised to 75
 explain, in outline, the law on the age at which judges must retire  explain why someone might legitimately hold the opinion that the retirement age for judges should be increased to 75, and why someone might hold contrary views on this issue  set out your own views on this issue; and  note, in relation to any issue or problem which might be addressed by raising..
Critically compare two theoretical traditions discussed in the attachment
Critically compare two theoretical traditions discussed in the attachment: 1) John Maynard Keynes and the Revolution in Economics. 2) Karl Marx and the Critique of Political Economy. Create an outline with the main parts of essay (intro, main body, conclusion) , You can not express your own opinion ,only can use evidence and theory..
Motivational Speech: Taking Care of your Body and Living Healthier
I have attached the instructions for this speech (for my public speaking class) as well as an example outline. I need it to be structured very similarly to the example outline, but about the topic of taking care of your body and living a healthier life. Some ideas that I have had to contribute are eating right, sleeping right, and to stay active. The sooner I can get..
TITLE: Is Gazprom a natural monopoly in the EU energy market?
I need the detailed outline (intro, body,conclusion) of the question. You should use this link so you can refer to it while writing the outline. Please read it carefully! You are not allowed to show your opinion. Please also refer to other simuliar texts from internet to answer the question and write the bibliography of them. Please use the link below it has to be..
To persuade the audiece that exotic animals should not be kept at pets.
The format of the Persuasion speech outline should follow Motivated Sequence format. At least FOUR different sources must be used and cited on the speech outline (Ebook, newspaper, book, etc.) Document where your information was found within your outline (informally with a brief notation) as well as in a formal "Works Cited". Failure to document your research..
Video Games Affect Weight Gain or Loss In Children
Due on November 10 at 6:00 AM. Outline/Discussion: Argument Essay 1 1 unread reply. 1 1 reply. Overview: First of all, this must be submitted as a Google Doc, so go ahead and begin by typing this into a Google Document. Second, you are creating an outline for your Argument Essay. Make sure you review the Argument Essay guidelines (Links to an external site.) to know..
FOR TODAY - OUTLINE Persuasive speech about Organ Donation
Simply complete the file attached with information about organ donation. I NEED THIS EXACTLY FORMAT, not an essay. You should be divided (THE SAME AS ATTACHED). Also, I need an APA citation page with 4-5 sentences describing each source and justifying your use of them toward persuasion. I need to submit it in 6 hours...
(PhD only) Please write the outline of PhD dissertation in the topic"Market entry into China"
Please write the outline of PhD dissertation in the topic "Market entry into China : The Influence of guanxi in business negotiating and dealing with Chinese business partners" and "Market entry into China : The Influence of guanxi in business negotiating and dealing between Thai entrepreneur and Chinese business partners"..
interpersonal communication outline to final paper
Here are the learning objectives you must cover in this outline, and some advice for adequately addressing each: Explain the principles of and barriers to effective interpersonal communications. Be sure to address the significance of each principle in being an effective communicator. The best papers will list at least two barriers and provide advice for..
the critical bookScott, James, 1998. review assignment
TITLE OF THE BOOK - Seeing like a State. How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed. Yale University Press (Introduction + Chapter 3: 'Authoritarian High Modernism'). Subject -INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY PLEASE DO THIS TASK IF YOU READ THE BOOK OR HAVE DONE ANY ASSIGMENT ON THIS. THE BOOK CHAPTER IS BELOW, SO YOU CAN REFER TO IT IF NECESSARY...
Multiculturalism in the News Outline: hate Against Muslim
Develop a 175-word outline for the Multiculturalism in the News assignment The thesis must be adequately supported by the content in the final paper Here are the 2 Annotated Bibliography resources that I have obtained through peer-reviewed journals which relate to the assignment: Cleland, J., Anderson, C., Aldridge-Deacon, J., (2017). Islamophobia, War,..
Systemic Injustice in the American Judicial System
My teacher wrote down extremely detailed and specific requirements for this outline. Attached will be pictures of the provided instructions it. Please if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Thank you!
Research Outline and thesis statement for the Novel Fahrenheit 451
The outline and thesis statement assignment is for the novel Novel Fahrenheit 451. You can organize your outline any way you see fit. I am not looking for a particular style or method. I would like to see some detail, though, so I can ward off any disasters. Remember, the more planning you do, the easier your paper will be to write...
Information System Technology in Aviation CURRENT EVENT
In this assignment, you will create a summary report on a topic relating to Information Systems that has impacted a business decision or served prominently as a solution utilized by an enterprise. The idea here is to locate timely, NEWSWORTHY DATA RELATING TO THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS. You will evaluate and synthesize your new-found data..
Portfolio Milestone:Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking
A final Portfolio Project is due at the end of the course. Please read the full Portfolio Project description in the Module 8 folder page to preview your Portfolio Project assignment. Also, review the Portfolio Project grading rubric, which you can also access in the Module 8 folder. This is the first of three preliminary assignments that count toward the completion..
"Exploring the Impact of Using Technology in the Skills Development of ESL/EFL Learners".
you need to read 15 articles; out of 15, 12 of them must be peer reviewed articles in journals, and 2 of them can be gray literature. Remember gray literature might be reports published by a teachers’ association. For example the Alberta Teachers’ Association https://www.teachers.ab.ca/Publications/Pages/default.aspx British Columbia Teacher Federation-BCTF..
Information System Technology in Aviation CURRENT EVENT
In this assignment, you will create a summary report on a topic relating to Information Systems that has impacted a business decision or served prominently as a solution utilized by an enterprise. The idea here is to locate timely, NEWSWORTHY DATA RELATING TO THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS. You will evaluate and synthesize your new-found data..
the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and their role in the Civil Rights Movement
I am interested in obtaining an outline that can guide me through my writing. I have 6 sources that have been approved by my professor. However, if I can get just a sketch on what topics to cover and how to progress it should be sufficient. The length doesn't matter as long as I have enough information for a 5-7 page term paper...
HIS-122 Detailed outline & Final Paper - Forgotten History - PT.1
This is a 2 part assignment and I'll of course pay for each but want to use the same person for both. This assignment is: Option 3: Outline Assignment: This is a very important step toward a successful paper. Like history detectives, this is where you will demonstrate the evidence you have found thus far to support your thesis. Each piece of evidence must have a source...
Texting undermines vocabulary and the mental effort that intelligent writing necessitates
I'm sorry for asking this of you but right now but I need this outline done by 8:55 PM on Sunday July 9 so today. I'm willing to pay extra for this as well. I need an outline for a persuasive speech with research backing it. the topic is "Texting undermines vocabulary and the mental effort that intelligent writing necessitates." If someone is willing to this it will..
Topic: To compare and contrast a book and a film based on that book
Lesson 7: Prewriting: Comparison and Contrast Objectives: For this exam, students will n Use the writing process to draft and revise a comparison and contrast essay n Write an effective thesis statement n Identify, define, and analyze literary elements n Develop critical reading skills n Use responsible research methods to locate appropriate secondary..
a letter of advice for a couple or group of co-workers,
Final Paper Outline This week, you will write an outline for your Final Paper. Before you submit the paper, you must do the following: a.Read this sample of an exemplary outlinePreview the document from a previous class. Please note that at that time students were required to cover different learning objectives. You are only required to make a plan for the three..
Community Action Plan For Obesity in New York State
For this option you will submit a detailed, 2-page full sentence outline (in outline format, not in essay format) of the final paper for your chosen public health issue and Community Action Plan. This is helpful as it will allow your instructor to give you specific feedback as you bring your ideas for your final portfolio project together. For the detailed outline:..
Qualities and Habits of Functional Human Services Team
Write a 2-page paper outlining how and why you would select members for one of the committees or the team listed below. The committee or team will function within a local community action group: 1.A committee dedicated to securing a financial grant for advertising a new housing program. 2.A team focused on recruiting volunteers to assist at a local food shelf...
European Roadmap Smart Systems forAutomated Driving
Decide which pattern of organization makes the most sense for your topic, and create an extensive outline using topics/headings, keywords, phrases, subtopics, subheadings, major points, etc. The outline should include a minimum of twenty (20) references using APA parenthetical citation format and a reference page. Information contained in the outline..
outline of What are we doing about the Islamic State
In a word document create your working/planning outline for your informative speech. The outline should meet the requirements laid out in the PowerPoint and in chapter 11 (full sentences, proper indentation and symbolization, etc.) This outline must be a minimum of 3 to 4 typed pages using a standard 12 pt. type. See sample outline under sample documents. Include..
Educational Program on Risk Management/ patient privacy
develop an outline for an "in-service"-style educational session on risk management: Topic Patient Privacy you will develop a 500-750 word comprehensive outline that communicates Patient safety The outline is required to include a minimum of three objectives to discuss what you consider to be key or core risk management elements that pertain to the point,..
research outline for The Millers Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer
I need someone to start with an idea about tale- I will upload thesis- from thesis will get 3 aspects of thesis- from here will have 3 sub ideas or ways to look at thesis- from that will have points 1 or 2 something you are arguing. what are you going to be talking about?(I will upload an example for this) need examples for each point-don't need 2 points on all 3 categories..
Argumentative Research Essay: Introduction and Outline
Essay for ENG 130: Argumentative Research Essay: Introduction and Outline Source Materials:  “The Hanging Stranger” by Philip K. Dick  “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury  “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor  “Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature” by Roane State. Background:  In the previous unit, you read three short stories, explored..
Benefits of Early Detection and Intervention on Children Diagnosed with ASD
I have to complete a power point presentation in two weeks, however the professor is requesting an outline prior to the final project. I have compiled references and created a thesis statement, but outlines are not my favorite. It needs to be two pages in length (not including the bibliography which I have already completed)..
meditation is an important strategy for coping with stress
course paper outline • Meditation is an important strategy for coping with stress. Discuss current research on the many positive effects of meditation on psychological and physical well-being need to include a minimum of FOUR scholarly sources to support your ideas. One source may be your textbook and the other three should be scholarly journal articles...
How does Acute Stress Affect workers in Self-Evaluation
Your research outline should follow the following structure. You do not need to write in paragraph form (bullet points are acceptable), but please write in complete sentences and include in-text citations (Author, year) every time you reference an idea from an external source. Feel free to download the research paper outline template to use as a starting point...
Language: A Cure Against Xenophobia (Persuasive Speech Outline)
Please read Assignment packet first, fully, and follow it. This outline will be following the Motivated Sequence format. Then, read the other file and check my progress and rest of remaining outline. To start working on it, please find at the end of the document "Notes and Brainstorming" for opinions to be substantiated. Do find more and enough sources to your..
rapid curriculum change in the Philippines: From revised basic education to k to 12 curriculum
This outline is to be used as a guide in writing a position paper with a thesis statement: K to 12 curriculum advantages basic education student in the philippines. and the antithesis: k to 12 curriculum disadvantages basic education students in the philippines
Formal Outline for Informative Speech on the Negative Impact of Low Oil Prices
I am presenting a speech 5-6 minutes in length. The topic is the negative impact of low oil prices. Sources have to be included. The other pictures above describe in detail exactly what I need. I do not need the speech written out, only the formal outline has to be submitted for a grade. Along with the outline I need a power point presentation to present alongside my..
Regerian Outline Handgun Ownership: Threat or Right?
I need a Rogerian method Outline over Handgun control. I need the introduction to be almost like it will be in the actual essay. Lists of shareholders on both sides of the problem etc. listen to instruction. That is where I must have the bulk of my outline. But I also need the rest of the outline to work. ALSO, i have provided the information listed below-covering information..
Facebook or any social media is replacing face to face commication
Outline Format For Persuasive Speech Topic: General Purpose: (to inform) Specific Purpose: (to persuade) Thesis Statement: Organizational Pattern: Visual Aids: Introduction I. Attention-getter: (wow factor) A. II. Credibility Statement: (why are you qualified to speak on this topic?) III. Preview:**Instead of separate statements, combine your preview..
health policy (Individual Mandate)
This should be a follow up for the Individual Mandate paper from last week
Assess the contention of a US diplomat that the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan
Original title should be "Assess the contention of a US diplomat that the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan were 'different sides of the same walnut.'" I want to get a price of my outline. Thanks for helping me everyone.
mindfulness and work
According to 3 resources An outline for research essay due in 36 hours no words required list of references use APA
Research Paper: Proposal Prep Topic: Potential: Audience: Argumentative stance (what are you trying to prove?): Potential sources: Potential naysayer: Voice:
Go to the Healthy People 2020 website: http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/default Pick 2 goals from the Healthy People website that you feel affect your community and why? Find local or state data to show where your community is currently at with these goals. As a nurse, what can you do to help the community move towards this goal? (6-8..
Perceived Risk of HIV Contraction
I only need a 1 page introduction. I have attached a guide I want you to follow.
Rogerian Outline Handgun Control
I Need a Rogerian Outline research paper covering handgun control.
who is God for them?
this outline should be written for five essay pages. the outline should talk and compare between to women's theology. the first woman is (Catherine of Siena) and her book is "Little talks with God". the second women is (Teresa Of Avila) and her book is "Interior Castle". there is a third book where you can use which is "Accidental theologians". the first two books..
APA Format It's to costly and trying to figure out ways to cut the cost please include the information that is provided if possible. I was given this little info to work with.
Partner speech
Speech 3: Partner Speech (70 points for speech script + 30 points for delivery + 10 for manuscript w/ delivery notes) Length: 6-7 minutes. Purpose: To construct a persuasive speech for your partner with the purpose of gaining adherence for some mission/activity/event/fundraising effort important to your partner. You will work closely with another person..
The MIllers Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer
I am needing an outline only for a research paper. I have all the material needed, would simply need it typed up. I can upload all materials. I am still waiting on confirmation from my professor on additional information,
Sentence Outline
Will be based off of the Proposal Essay attached below For this assignment write a clearly formatted sentence outline following the guidelines in the Sentence Outline Tutorial. •Remember to use complete sentences. This outline will serve as a precursor to a complete draft. •Remember to provide a title for your intended paper and cite any sources you use according..
I have to write a research paper but I just need the guideline right now. Please see attached and the outline instructions are at the bottom.
Baked Macaroni is the best side dish
Please create a simple outline that presents your Illustration essay like a road map of your thoughts.
Expository Essay
Create a one page thesis and outline on any given topic. Easy to understand too. Not to easy but enough to understand the idea
aspect of your personal life
For this first essay you are to write about an aspect of your personal life; therefore reflect on one of the follow possible topics and then decide. – Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. – Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance..
We the Men
Compare and Contrast the two articles below and create a thesis and outline. (1 page)
HealthCare evaluation
I have an essay and I want outline for it. I want it to be done with 7 hours
Bussiness ethics
Objective You will identify key ethical problems facing the company, create potential solutions to those problems, and explain why certain solutions are better than others. Instructions In this assignment, you will identify problems that face the two companies that you have chosen to study in this course. You will explain those problems, how they affect..
cybercrime exercise
The cybercrime section of the LAw Management and Enforcement (LAME) has received intel from INTERPOL’s Hacker Awareness and Management that, due to our information collection exercise that you participated in previously (which was detected as a threat), the hacker forums have moved onto The Onion Router (Tor) and are no longer available on the public Internet...
Mapping Crime Outline
Outline any chapter from the attached file. It can be in roman numeral style and between 250-500 words. Need by 3:30 central time TODAY!
For this assignment you will need to create a timeline that includes a minimum of 10 significant dates in the history of health care. Include the following in your timeline: 1.Important events or eras in health care and their impact. 2.Major figures and their contributions to health care. 3. The formation of the various health-related organizations. In addition..
cultural artifact outline
please refer to syllabus on list of topics not to use. and how to structure outline
The following assignment is an exercise designed to help you begin the process of addressing a moral issue, a process that will continue in the next two assignments. In this exercise, you will do the following: Formulate an ethical question within one of the given topic areas from the list provided. Provide an introduction in which you briefly explain the topic..
Make an outline following the proposal, with an annotated bibliography
"The Pawns of a House" by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
I need a literature analysis on one theme in "Los Empeños de una Casa". I also need 3 academic source who has critically analysis this work as well.
English Outline
Use 2 articles from website provided. Go to aacps.org->>Students->media catalog-->select a highschool-> north county highschool->onlinedatabase-> info base learning it may not allow u to go on there just use articles based upon the essay prompt and link me to the article but that's the directions my teacher gave for the articles..
Biological Approach
Topic: Thesis Statement: 1st Main Point: That Serves to Prove Your Thesis: • 1st piece of research That Supports this Main Point (citation) o How does this article support this main point (key ideas) • 2nd piece of research That Supports this Main Point (citation) o How does this article support this main point (key ideas) 2nd Main Point: That Serves to Prove Your..
Research Data in the news
I want it in a couple of hours. Read the PDF in attachments. Answer the following questions: “Data creates a lot of clarity around decision-making,” said Sean Boyle, who runs the finance division of Amazon Web Services and was permitted by the company to speak. “Data is incredibly liberating.” The above statements were made by Sean Boyle? Do you agree with them?..
What is true Happiness
For this first assignment, you will submit an outline for your research paper. The method of outline may be unique to your personal style, just be sure to include the following information. Intro: topic, thesis statement, philosopher, direct quote from the philosopher about the chosen topic Each body paragraph: primary source information, quote from primary..
What is an appropriate use of body worn cameras by police and other law enforcement in the United States?
See attached
Barn Burning
An Outline fr a research ppaper. I have cited works for reference. Pnly need one (1) page.
Argument outline about 'climate chagne'
1)requirements are in attached pics. See part 2: outline. 2)You need to find minimum of 5 scholarly sources for this assignment, and upload those 5 sources as well when you finish. 3) The outline needs to have counterpoint. 4) Pages: 2-3
Persuasive Speeches_Policy Change/Refutation
Request to answer the following questions in the attached document. Hypothesize a little about what the persuasive speech and refutation speech topics will be. This can be different what the actual speeches...just start brainstorming. Utilize them as example to answer the following questions. Questions should be considered short answer. Then write 2 outlines..
Who Is Vivian Maier
I need a 1-page Essay Proposal Outline completed today. The essay is a Profile of Vivian Maier, a Photographer.
a business situation that presents a legal and ethical issue
Address all of the following parts of this assignment: Make sure the correct amount of sources are used 1. Prepare a two-page double-spaced outline of your Final Paper. 2. The outline must contain the following major sections that will exist in the Final Paper: o A description of a business situation that presents a legal and ethical issue. o A description of at..
research paper outline
this is an outline for an arguement essay. the subject is climate change. i have an sample and proposal already done.
Annotated Outine
Skill Builder 4.1: How to Prepare an Annotated Outline An annotated outline resembles a table of contents. Underneath each element of the outline, you include a notation of the source material. If you develop the habit of preparing an annotated outline for your assignments, including preparing a reference page, it becomes a simple matter of addressing each..
Starbucks project
I need just to paraphrasing my paper because has high % of plagiarism don't change the concept
World Hunger
Essay Proposal. A proposal of your research establishes the focus question, explains your interests in the topic and what prior knowledge you have about the subject. Bibliography A working bibliography uses a recognized format (APA, MLA) and should be considered a work in progress throughout the ISU process. It represents the body of work that has be referred..
GPs pattern and decision referral for common injuries to acupuncturists relating to co-payment claimed
Dear Writer, I have some work done on "APPLICATION FOR ETHICAL REVIEW OF RESEARCH PROJECTS" but still not able to met the requirement yet.Please see the comment and writing the relevant to my topic research. Kinds Regards,Siriyada.
Karl Mannheim The Sociology of knowledge and Ideology
1 page single spaced paper source is Charles Lemert Social Theory book 500 words
special occasion speech
I'm doing a inspirational speech on Princess Diana. In the introduction he does not want us stating are name or topic. the instructor wants the attention getter thesis preview of the main point. I have attached a file on how I need the outline to be
charles cooley "the looking glass - self
1 page single space review source Charles Lemert Social Theory
Revisit the article by Oliver Williamson titled: “The Modern Corporation: Origins, Evolution, Attributes,” Journal of Economic Literature, Volume 19, Issue 4, 1981, pp. 1537-1568. Write an outline of the most critical points raised by the author in the article. Your outline should be 2-3 pages. Define carefully any new terms that you will encounter in the..
Steps to do
As you move through your academic and professional journey, you will be called upon to work with teams and colleagues to share your skills and to collaborate toward the completion of projects and requests. Therefore, the ability to objectively, clearly, and accurately communicate process steps to others is a critical and high-impact skill that is requested..
Annotated Bibliography MLA format
I need an Annotated Bibliography MLA format, summarize the annotated Bibliography 25 sources total 2nof the are not online THE CITATION IS DOUBLE SPACEd, The annotation is single spaced. NOOOO PLAAAGIARISM PLEASE !! The topic is E-Cigarettes- the effect on YOUR LUNGS, Please read carefully before commenting..
Napoleon Bonaparte
2000-2500 word outline on Napoleon Bonaparte and his attributions on the French Revolution
special occasion speech
I have to have a special occasion speech. I have chosen to do my on a inspiration. My topic I'm doing mine on is domestic violence. It need to be in out line form and enough for me a 3-5 minute speech. In the introduction they do not want us to state are name and topic. They want the attention getter, thesis, and the main point..
Informartive Speech Outline
excluding anything medical or disease related). GENERAL PURPOSE: to inform SPECIFIC PURPOSE: ________________________________________ Your topic should incorporate the following: creativity, originality, the needs and interests of your audience. Video editing and video stopping/pausing are NOT allowed. OUTLINE: see p 246-247 (Preparation Outline)...
Outline on Environmental Issues
I have to use at least 3 of these sources “The Hidden Life of Garbage” – article from text book, by Heather Rogers “The Case against Air Conditioning” - article from text book, by Stanley Cox “Environmentalism as Religion” - article from text book, by Paul Rubin “The Value of Trash” – video presented by Slovaj Zizek “Why Fighting Climate Change Requires Changing..
Women during the Enlightenment in Spain
I need an outline and sources to for my paper so that I can get started
Fetal Research
Directions: 1. Develop a list of your personal ethical and moral feelings toward the issue 2. Research and list the professional ethics and morals of the issue. 3.Explain how you can respond to the dilemma in a professional manner without compromising Integrity. 4. Describe your plan to reconcile your personal ethical and moral feelings/ attitudes with your..
Drones In Media
Must include thesis statement: Drones have had an impact on media budgets, by altering between a camera and a projectile, and by increasing in their use for good and evil purposes. Must be written in MLA Format. MLA sources are provided for you. They must be used and cited.
Culture Artifact
Introduction Attention Getter: Tell a short story. (This story could relate to the artifact you chose or one of the characteristics surrounding your artifact.) Introduce three characteristics that you and your artifact have in common. Body I. Discuss the artifact that is the focus of the speech II. Discuss the culture from which the artifact comes by sharing..
Outline to non profit website
http://moodle.mcny.edu/mod/url/view.php?id=449511 outline for your webpage. Include a description of your webpage, what services you might consider offering, the population you will serve, and include any questions you still have that I and/or the class might be able to help with in order to flesh out your idea.Think about the agency you critiqued for..
Eccentric training
the question of my thesis is how does eccentric training increase strength and mass faster? I need help writing a prospectus outline
Long term effect concussion during playing football
One major component of your 437 paper is the selection of a good topic for your Senior Project. The topic will need to be related to your Field of Study, be of significant personal/professional interest, and be robust enough to satisfy the requirements of a 50 page research paper (BIS 437). That being said, you may wish to expand on an area of previous research, or,..
Rape case coverage by media
I need strong abstract for rape case coverage by media in three countries india pakistan and australia with 3 specific cases from india case of Asifa Bano, from pakistan case of zainab ansari and in australia case from sydney father raped young daughter. So i want to do comparison how the media in three countries cover these cases like do they follow ethical journalism..
Vibrio vulnificus in Estuaries
title: abstract section 1: Introduction section 2: Methods section 3: Results/Discussion(combined or seperate) section 4: Implications/ CConclusion References
advocacy speeches outline
Prepping for advocacy speeches starts soon so we need to be thinking about topic ideas now. The policy speech asked you to reach out and attempt to persuade the members of your audience that disagreed with you. Now, you must work on getting those members of your audience that agree with you to take some type of action. In the advocacy speech you will ask your audience..
Binge Drinking and The law
Your detailed outline will provide the skeletal framework for your completed project. The four major headings should be Introduction, Method, Findings, and Discussion. Provide specifics describing what will occur in each heading and subheading of your paper. For each major heading, you should include several descriptive sentences or a short descriptive..
Culturally Responsive and Individually Appropriate Curriculum Assessment and Interview Form & Reflection
Application: Culturally Responsive and Individually Appropriate Curriculum: Program Perspective As you have been learning, culturally responsive, individually appropriate curriculum requires careful attention to values and attitudes, individual children, the classroom community, and how the environment, activities, program, and interactions..
International Banking and Finance
I need a Table of contents, an Introduction and at least 7 points well explained , and a work cited
Term Paper Outline
Your assignment for Unit 3 is to prepare an alphanumeric outline of your term paper. You must use the required paper headings as the main headings in your outline: Criminal Event, Etiology, Prediction and Prevention, and CJ Responses. The subheadings will have detail about the information included under the main headings. Before you submit the outline, remember..
Trifles Essay Outline
An essay on “Trifles,” the play by Susan Glaspell. There are two choices for the subject matter. Choose one. 1. The choice is to find three clues that lead you to believe who the murderer is and the motive for the murder. Link the title of the play, “Trifles,” to your clues. 2. The second choice is to find three differences between the genders and describe how they relate..
Is Credit important?
My position was Affirmative(Credit is important) The thesis was “ Credit impacts lenders determining their risk when giving loans, mortgages and credit cards. Create an outline for a 5 paragraph informative essay 2 pages APA, title page, page headers, sub headings, one inch margin, double spaced Times New Roman 12pt; 3 creditable and relevant sources..
Reference Table
Create a table of 10 to 15 empirical studies that address the various topic areas for your research topic. It is okay if you have more than 15 but there should be a minimum of 10. Note. A table of reviewed articles is a good way to have a single page summary of most pertinent articles. It is helpful for summarizing results of other studies, making comparisons across..
Eldery care and IPE
* use the template provided to produce an outline * interprofessional education to deepen your understanding of Human Services practice. *Interprofessional education (IPE) is the learning between professionals with different backgrounds and experiences. * Write how the IPE can help to improve the elderly life. ELEMENTOS OF OUTLINE TITLE: THEME: RIGHT..
Philosophical Differences
Hi, I am a grad student and the assignment is to Interview someone whose philosophical or religious tradition is different from your own. 1) Prepare at least five thoughtful questions that address philosophical differences and asks how that ethical or religious philosophy influences the person’s decision making. 2) Mechanics: Prepare a detailed outline..
outline and paragraph
1. Grammar must be accurate 2. outline points must be in order as given in paragraph 3. format must be followed 4. everything double spaced 5. summary must follow outline and outline must follow paragraph 6, never use first name of author in summary 7. pick main points for outline from each paragraph 8.if the info is in first paragraph then dont put it in second point..
Need help with Speech Outline - JM Family
My topic is about JM FAMILY ENTERPRISES. (how Jim Moran started, company's culture, etc) For this speech, you may pick you own topic. I encourage you speak about something you are knowledgeable about or interested in. Familiarity with your topic will enable you to focus on your outlines and speech delivery. • You must speak for a minimum of 5 minutes but no longer..
Proposal Speech Outline
ESSAY AND OUTLINE persuasive outline and speech that proposes a change to an existing federal, state, or local law. You will use this skill in the workplace to persuade others to support your point of view (i.e. pitching a product, gaining a client).
Puerto Rico
I need an MLA format outline on Puerto Rico. The main topic sentence is History traditions and architecture.
Lesson Plan: Curtailing Crime & Violence. (12 Graders)
Write a one term lesson plan on Curtailing Crime & Violence. Lesson plan should include 5 units. Note: See attachment for example of how units should be.
Effects of social media in the process of connecting society
Please see the attached Word doc for instructions on creating a formal outline for your research paper. Make sure you include a section on what you say, they say, and naysayers say. The instructions provide an example regarding careers and the army. Again, each section should contain phrases that are more than one word--elaborate a little...
Writing Skills and Techniques
"The cost of higher education is too high" thats the statement i choose for this assignment
Informative Speech
INFORMATIVE SPEECH A speech about objects, people, events or concepts (excluding anything medical or disease-related). SPECIFIC PURPOSE: ________________________________________ Your topic should incorporate the following: creativity, originality, the needs and interests of your audience
Persuasive Speech
PERSUASIVE SPEECH - "THE PRODUCT SPEECH" You will persuade your audience (the class) to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria. real (something we can see and touch) legal be able to purchase online or in a local store current retail price- $50-100 US not anything living, like a pet etc. not a weapon of any kind not a drug,..
Outline Worksheet and Final Paper Pre-Planning
You will establish and develop a strong thesis for your Final Paper. The thesis (see Writing a Thesis Statement (Links to an external site.)) will serve as the backbone of your Final Paper and should showcase in one complete statement what your policy is, why it is important, and how it relates to policymaking and government program administration within the..
Overprescribing of controlled substances by medical professionals
THIS IS A HEALTH LAW TOPIC, AND SHOULD INCLUDE LAWS ON THE SUBJECT MATTER The outline should expand upon your topic statement by providing detailed notes about the content and format of your final project. The outline should include major sections of the project, such as: (I) Introduction; (II) Background; (III) Proposed Solution; (IV) Conclusion, as well..
Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline
Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline This week’s required readings discuss intimate partner abuse and the residual effects of victimization. Looking ahead to your Holistic Victim Restitution Plan due in Week Six, develop an outline highlighting the major points of your review; this outline can be used in the construction of the body of your Final Paper...
The Manhattan Project
I would like for the outline to include things like who was involved, why it was created, World War II, outcome/effects , and what technological advances occurred during this project.
National Campaign: Nutrition Counseling Services for Diabetic Patients
References on different paper without outline in APA format.
Media Review Paper Outline
TOPIC : PTSD from the Movie : Seven Pounds ( Will Smith) Instruction: You will receive my login for my UMUC account. Briefly outline the major sections of your paper, providing references at the end of your outline in APA format. Your outline should be 2-4 pages and be descriptive enough that I can get a sense of what the content of your paper will include. This is imperative..
Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline
Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline This week’s required readings discuss intimate partner abuse and the residual effects of victimization. Looking ahead to your Holistic Victim Restitution Plan due in Week Six, develop an outline highlighting the major points of your review; this outline can be used in the construction of the body of your Final Paper...
The Opioid Epidemic: The Overprescribing Of controlled substances by medical professionals
The topic statement must describe your topic and your foundation for using the topic for your final project. In addition, the topic statement should include a brief description of the research you performed to determine whether the topic is viable (i.e., can be expanded to meet the approximately 30-page requirement for the final project) and the additional..
Public Policies within Political ideologies
Choose two public policies (domestic and/or foreign), which reflect differences in political ideologies. Analyze the whys and wherefores of the differences.
Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline
Holistic Victim Restitution Plan Outline This week’s required readings discuss intimate partner abuse and the residual effects of victimization. Looking ahead to your Holistic Victim Restitution Plan due in Week Six, develop an outline highlighting the major points of your review; this outline can be used in the construction of the body of your Final Paper...
Mexican Migration into the USA
I tried sending you this on the other email but I'm not sure you got it. This is an ISU that is to be done in sections. The first due date is Feb 16. I have attached the outline and the section that is due. I will attached the others sections based on due date.
800-1200 words total I suggest that you do not try to write it from start to finish; instead begin writing wherever you feel, and then rearrange it before you turn it in You must use this format/structure: Introduction [about 75 words] First evidence paragraph/section [about 300 words] Second evidence paragraph/section [about 300 words] Third evidence paragraph/section..
Informative Speech Proposal / Informative Outline
This is a proposal for your informative speech topic. Please follow sample speech proposal. Submit outline in a Microsoft Word document. Make sure to use complete sentences throughout your outline. Avoiding using phrases and or only words. Remember this should be you complete speech. Include all content. Make sure to label EACH part of the outline. You must..
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