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coefficient of variation and the standard deviation
The coefficient of variation and the standard deviation are two measures of variability or dispersion among data values. Provide two different sets of ten data points each as examples. Calculate the standard deviation and coefficient of variation for each data set being sure to attach your Excel file to show your work. Explain which of the two mentioned measures..
critical review of the experimental studies through a questionnaire w/ 10 questions
In this assessment you will compare two clinical trials which produce rather different outcomes when examining a similar question. This could result from differences in sampling, measurement, analysis or simply in the rigour of the experimental design. You are to critically compare the papers by answering the questions below. I need someone who understands..
Introduction to Statistics and Descriptive Statistics
Complete the following exercises from "Review Questions" located at the end of each chapter and put them into a Word document to be submitted as directed by the instructor. Chapter 1, numbers 1.8 and 1.9 Chapter 2, numbers 2.14, 2.17, and 2.18 Chapter 3, numbers 3.13, 3.14, 3.18, and 3.19 Chapter 4, numbers 4.9, 4.14, 4.17, and 4.19..
Analysis and Presentation of Data - Hypothesis Testing & Measures of Association
Q1) Test a sample data of your choice/provided by your tutor using t-test. Present the main results Q2) Test a sample data of your choice/provided by your tutor using ANOVA. Present the main results. Q3) Test a sample data of your choice/provided by your tutor using Chi-Square. Present the main results..
Analysis and Presentation of Data - Exploring, Displaying and Examining Data
Search for three papers in your area of study that you think contain statistical analysis. Then, in a written response, address the following: Q1) What is the importance of statistical data analysis? Q2) What is the appropriate published literature in your area of research?
Collection of Data – Questionnaires and Instruments & Sampling
1- Define central tendency with examples : mean , mode , median , standard deviation The standard deviation should contain the types and example of skewed 2- Write a small review about questionnaires , questions , and then search the internet for any research that has a sample and questionnaires including 5-6 questions 3- Write a short report on various interview..
Ages of workers killed in the Triangle Factory fire
I uploaded data and project description down below. Please read the project description carefully. All 5 topics have to be answered in a few paragraphs. NOTES: For all hypothesis testing questions, use 0.05α=, the method of your choice, and the six steps of hypothesis testing. For topics 3,4,and 5 verify that normality requirements are met. Provide justification..
"How does the UK weather change?" - HYPOTHESIS "I believe the UK has got colder and wetter 1965-2015."
Please carry out statistical investigation on above hypothesis. Research question document attached. This includes a weblink to the data given for analysis, and also two small tables of data given for analysis. Guidance document has been attached. Controlled assessment questions (7 questions, 2 sides of A4.) has been attached. Please let me know if you can..
week three assignment
It must be in APA format The word document tells you what to do
week two assignmentsta322
the word document tells you what to do and it has to be in APA format
it is due today. the word document will tell u what needs to be done
Discussion & Assignment
Discussion - Surveys Background There are different random sampling techniques that are discussed this week. Please choose a scenario below: You have been asked to prepare a survey, collect data and present to your employer. Your topic is to find out which item is the most popular in your store. You have been asked to prepare a survey, collect data and present..
Biometry (Reading Assignment)
Answer the questions for the articles. I uploade the article and the question
Statistics Project, Part 2: Hypothesis Testing and Two-Group t Test
Now that you have run descriptive statistics with your data, it is time to create a hypothesis and test your hypothesis. This part of the Statistics Project will take you through the process of creating and testing your hypothesis through statistical methods, using Microsoft® Excel®. Creating hypotheses provides you the opportunity to think like a researcher..
The Statistics Project assignment has been broken down into multiple parts and you will complete these parts throughout the course. This week's assignment allows you to become familiar with opening data and viewing it in Microsoft® Excel® and using the Analysis Toolpak. In research, the individual data points are entered into databases, but for the purpose..
Article Analysis
Find an article that includes a statistical analysis of an experiment. Describe and comment on the design of the experiment (population, the sample, method of sampling, and the variables). Identify one particular issue addressed by the study, and determine whether the results were found to be statistically significant. Make a reflection on the study...
Biometry (RStudio)
Dear writer, I have assignment fir my Biometry class . it needs to be done by (RStudio) program. Also, there are some questions can be answer based on the result that you got from the program .
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