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Would liked to aply for social worker .... ITS CALLED STEP UP TO SOCIAL WORK
I am applying place to step up to social work. I had degree psychology and social science fro Latvia 2002 and apart from volunteer I was in the completely different field as a sales but when I came to the UK in 2010 I was still working similar jobs... I haven't done any social work but I did involve volunteering work which closes to social work they call it Women kind working..
US national response to weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
First, select a newer scholarly journal article (no older than 2015) relevant to the course regarding the US national response to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or the psychological impact of an WMD attack on the population. Then conduct an article review of that article. It must be related to the course or course materials. Additionally, the review of the..
Federal and State Government Representatives for California
Assignment # 1: Internet Assignment (Due September 24, 2018) Competency 1 c; Competency 2 a; Competency 3 a; Competency 5 a, b; Competency 8 a Dimensions: knowledge, affective processes, values Go to and click on Government, then on Federal Government. Identify your current United States Congressman and your two United States Senators...
Ethical, cultural and professional considerations
Read the article “What does it mean to die” Article that can be accessed on google or the New Yorker website by Rachel Aviv and Considering the theoretical frameworks for ethical decision making and some of the ethical principles discussed in the readings for this week, what ethical dilemmas do you recognize? How would you have addressed them? How would you have..
Community Health and Health Promotion: Reflective Exercise_Discssion_Board_ Questions
Watch TED Talk video from Dr. Joseph Ravenell: How Barber Shops Can Keep Men Healthy. This was a study conducted originally in New York and then in Dallas (similar studies are undergoing in California at the moment). Now imagine to be a social worker working in a community health center and that a recent study found colorectal cancer and hypertension are the two..
Discussion Question? Sendhil Mullainathan solving social problems with a nudge.
Explain the role of the media in shaping public perception of social problems. Question; What role does the media seemingly play (or overly play) in shaping how the public perceives the seriousness of various social problems?
Feminist Theory Is Essential in Preventing FGM Among Vulnerable Refugees in The Resettlement Process.
This paper needs correction. One of you did it but I did not get a good grade. Please I need an A in this class. The highlighted part and side statement is what is needed for the correction and others. The attachment below will help. This is the paper that needs correction.
Reaction Paper Assignment #1-Documentary-Take it From Me
In this reaction paper, you must use the Take It From Me documentary. However, you are welcome to incorporate other videos seen in class, but the Take It From Me documentary must be the focus of the paper. Please be sure as you write your paper you are covering each part of the RICE Model (as explained below). You will be using the RICE Model for your papers: Reaction-your..
The differences between retributive and restorative justices in the United States.
I need you to create a Powerpoint poster for the topic, and in the poster include information that explain the topic, and the abstract I will attach. Please follow the guidelines for how to create the poster in Powerpoint. I need you to include the references you used. I need you to add 8 references, all should be scholar, or academic. Please add one colorful graph,..
Therapeutic process of groups with vulnerable populations
This paper is a 2 page literature review and a 3 page group process paper. Needing 4 references. APA. I would like to do this paper on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for population with Borderline Personality Disorders. I do have the articles! Not sure how to attach to this.
Advocacy Letter To congress regarding Homelessness LA County
5. Advocacy assignment: Write a letter to an elected representative of your area advocating for a policy issue or for a vulnerable population group. You can send letter after the letter has been evaluated and graded by the instructor Also use stats from LA co. homelessness
Imagine that you are a client to a social worker.
Imagine that you are a client to a social worker. How would you like to be treated? Generate a holistic summary of client expectations for the social work professional relationship, and support your discussion with social work professional values and code of ethics, ideological perspectives and a person-in-environment perspective. Quote at least 5 references..
Film Critique
In order for students to gain an increased awareness and understanding of how persons with disabilities are portrayed in the media and the extent to which their strengths and challenges are presented, students will view a film that involves persons with disabilities and analyze it. Some examples of acceptable films include: Radio, The king's speech, A beautiful..
Material girl
MATERIAL GIRL. Do some research on materialism. Provide at least three sources for that research. What does the academic literature say about the concept? You will need to look at least two sources you found using Business Source Complete. Before you do any reading, generate some hypotheses using these questions: a. which gender group do you think is more materialistic?..
Critical analysis
Write an overview,criticism, evidence and personal evaluation of Brofenfrenners Ecological systems theory.
Program Evaluation
Assignment due next Friday the 17th, by 5pm. I need a 3 page introduction and program descriptions on the nationwide agency YWCA. You must write about everything there is to know about the YWCA and all of there health and wellness programs. This is the start of a 15 page paper. My portion is introduction and program descriptions. You do not have to worry about a title..
Comprehensive Multilevel Psychosocial Community Assessment and Treatment Plan of Case Study (Rhonda)
Comprehensive Multilevel Psychosocial Community Assessment and Treatment Plan of Case Study (Rhonda) must include case formulation and overall goals for treatment and community advocacy efforts. The paper should include specific goals and action steps in SMART goal format, identify resources and barriers, and strategies to address them. You will write..
Disscussion and Risks
Discussion board assignment so, not too technical. I need two paragraphs from each article. The article needs summarized and needs to include risk factors relating to the community, family, peers, etc. and in relationship to substance abuse.
Integrative Personal Theory Paper
write a 5-8 page, double-spaced, APA (6th Edition) style paper that articulates their personal, theoretical, orientation (approach) to counseling and psychotherapy. The approach you articulate would be one that you would feel comfortable using as a future counseling practitioner. The paper should cover the following aspects: • • • • • • • • Key concepts of..
Week 2 Discussion
locate articles to will discuss: "Cultural Competence" and the "Social Context" in order to complete the discussion forum. Locate an additional reference to use for this week's discussion that shares more on the subject material in chapters one and two. Provide the definition of each term in quotation marks and give examples. , provide an overall concept of..
Reflection Paper: Supervisor Review Form
please read the instructions first and let me know if you are able to help me. I have the paper already written down. it is attached as Internship reflection paper.
Week 1 Discussion
access a journal article on the subject matter of Cultural Competence, Understanding and Constructively using Diversity. Locating at least one article on this subject will get you through this first discussion forum and provide foundational information on the meaning of cultural competence and its importance in all walks of life. Be sure to also access the..
Policy Analysis of Sex Trafficking in the United States and its effect on Children in the foster care system
Policy Analysis, Write a 5 page Economic Analysis using: 1) the topic "Policy Analysis of Sex Trafficking in the United States and its effect on Children in the foster care system," 2) using the Social Policy Theory the Democratic Policy Design", and 3) using Social Policy PUBLIC LAW 113–183—SEPT. 29, 2014. The paper should answer the questions to: IV. Economic..
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