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Create a Pamphlet on Methamphetamine and Mental Health
Warm-Up Activity 9.1: How to Prepare a Pamphlet A pamphlet is an format in which you can present select and concise information to improve knowledge levels, to change someone’s attitude toward a subject, to be used in conjunction with other interventions, to educate patients, their families and professionals, and to target specific populations. The Challenge..
Thesis Statement for the Integrative Literature Review on ADHD
In this assignment, you will create the thesis statement for your Final Assignment. The thesis is the statement of your perspectives on the literature. It should also include the rationale and relevant empirical and theoretical background supporting your perspectives. The primary objective of this assignment is to outline specific areas of inquiry you..
Personality Disorders and Impulse Control Disorders
4 to 5 SOLID paragraphs on discussion below: Identify one famous historical figure and one fictional character with the traits of a personality disorder, identify the disorder associated with each of them, and describe the characteristics that led to your choices.
Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders Discussion
4 to 5 SOLID paragraphs on discussion below: Discuss the perceptual disturbances, as well as the disturbances in self-identity, volition, interpersonal behavior, and psychomotor behavior in schizophrenia. Are these disturbances what you would have expected to see in a schizophrenia patient prior to reading this chapter on schizophrenia and psychotic..
KWL & Classmate Connection over Ch. 10 (Emotional Development and Attachment)
KWL Instructions: Make sure to read the syllabus about specific guidelines about this assignment. Name and describe two facts you already know from the chapter prior to reading. Then scan the assigned readings and describe three facts you want to know about chapter based on your review of the readings. Make sure to not list a string of questions. Finally, after..
Cognitive Neuroscience Research,Intelligence, and memories
Cognitive Neuroscience Research, Intelligence, and Memories Prior to beginning this discussion, please read the Frost and Lumia (2012) and the Rhodes, Rodriguez, and Shah (2014) required articles as well as the following selections from your required text: “Attention in Cognition and Early Learning” (pp. 71-77) “Cognition and Emotion” (pp. 78-84) “Memory”..
discussion post on false info on vaccines being harmful to kids
Discussion #1 The way scientific research is conducted requires a very specific approach. Pick one of the following memes and explain why it isn't valid, based on failure to follow correct protocol. Then cite evidence that supports your position. The Cure.jpg or Vaccines.jpg min. of 250 words *my book-Feldman Understanding Psychology 13th edition*..
reaction paper written after reading the supplemental book
write a paper based on your reactions to a book of your choosing which addresses developmental, behavioral, or educational issues affecting adolescents. You select one of the book from a list of approved readings. Also, I have attached the rubric. You can skip the title page and start working on the paper from the first page ...
Current topic/ ethical issues in gestalt psychology
will use scholarly resources to discuss how the topic or problem can be ethically and scientifically approachedwrite a brief 200-250 word paper in APA format discussing their problem and solution. An example of an Ethics Assignment is presented in Appendix C. Other examples of unethical publication behavior can be reviewed at http://retractionwatch.com/...
Real- world event applying psychological principles
Students may write up to two single-spaced two-page papers for extra credit (EC). In these papers you will apply psychological principles to explain a real-world event. To complete a paper, choose an event that can be described and explained through appeal to psychological principles. This event may be something that happened to you, that you observed happening..
summarize an article on ;provision of kangaroo mother care:supportive factors and barrier perceived by parent
assignment – Article Summary Article for Summary: Infancy: Thernstro Blomqvist, Y., Frolund, L., Rubertsson , C., Hedberg Nyqvist, K. (2013). Provision of kangaroo mother care: Supportive factors and barriers perceived by parents. Scandanavian Journal of Caring Science, 27, 345–353.
Unit 4 Unit 4 Key Measurement Concepts for Assessment in Addiction
Inept Assessment Development If you have not already done so, view the Inept Assessment Development multimedia, linked in the Resources. Identify three errors in the creation of the presented assessment tool. Incorporate your text to apply key assessment concepts that demonstrate why identified methods were flawed. Response Guidelines Respond to the..
Grant Proposal – Proposed Study, Budget, and Draft Grant Proposal
This week you will write the Proposed Study and Budget sections of your Grant Proposal. The Proposed Study section will resemble a typical methods section like the one you would write in an empirical paper (except that the data have not yet been collected). In this section you will describe the study that you are proposing to conduct to test your hypothesis. You..
survey of four group of ages in exercise, age group from 20s,40s, 60s and over seventies.
the questionnaires are used for this different age group, so you ask the same question from the age group 20s, 40s, 60s and above seventies. Research Project: Physical Fitness for the Elderly in Your Community There is a tremendous amount of research available today that points to the importance of exercise for successful aging. This project will allow you to..
Final Project - Evaluation Plan for a Behavioral Health Organization
In 1975, the U.S. government passed legislation, known as the Special Health Revenue Sharing Act, which affected all community mental health centers that received federal funding. This bill required that an annual program evaluation be conducted at an expense of no more than two percent of the operating budget. It also required quality assurance specifications..
psychological theory and research to critically analyse
I NEED SOMEONE WITH GOOD PSYCHOLOGY KNOWLEDGE Using a given case study as a trigger you will bring together psychological theory and research to critically analyse an individual’s experience of several different psychological and biological aspects of ill health. THIS IS THE CASE STUDY: http://nogoingback-thereisonlyforward.blogspot.co.uk/ FULL..
How Ethics Differ in Research and Therapeutic Practice
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.in its entirety, paying special attention to standards 8 and 10 that cover ethics in research and therapeutic practice. Oftentimes research methods courses discuss the ethics of research..
MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Changes, choices, and constraints 8th edition. NIJOLE v.BENOKRAITIS.
The book: MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Changes, choices, and constraints 8th edition. NIJOLE v.BENOKRAITIS. 4 pages discuss the 2 most important topics/knowledge/skills you learned about in this course. For each topic/knowledge/skill (Be sure to type each question prior its answer for each topic): 1) Briefly describe the topic/knowledge/skill and why it is important..
analysis paper to the article Miriam Zoila Pérez: How racism harms pregnant women and what can help
The paper should between 2-3 pages long (points will be deducted if less than 2 pages). Times New Roman 12 pts or Arial 10pts Double-space (default setting) All margins should be set at 1 inch (default setting) You document must include the extension .doc, .docx or .pdf. Other extensions will not be accepted I do not accept google documents or .pages documents...
Write a draft research report on the experiment done in class
The report must be in APA style throughout. You must write the research report as if you were the only researcher and conducted the experiment but did not participate in it. You will need to refer to the following files on Blackboard INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH SECTION: INTRODUCTION (about 500 words): contributes 35% toward the report grade Cite 3 articles talking..
Write an argument in favor of or against more laws restricting gun use or purchasing and answer questions
Write 1-2 pages on an argument in favor of or against more laws restricting gun use or purchasing. Note that you will have to include a section in which you represent the viewpoint of the other side. See hints for help on how to write this article. Answer these following questions based on the article you wrote 1. What is the main claim? 2. List two reasons supporting..
"Tool Kit for a Parent of a Child in Middle Childhood"
Please read the instructions carefully, this is not a research paper. The instructions state: - "Create a 6–8-page 'tool kit' for a parent of a child in middle childhood, including specific situational examples for behavior modification and sample dialog for the parent to use for each situation." - "Do not write this tool kit in APA format, as it must be comprehensible..
Controversies in Industrial and Organizational Assessment
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 11 in the text, the articles by Baez (2013), Hogan, Barrett, and Hogan (2007), Morgeson, Campion, and Dipboye (2007), Peterson, Griffith, Isaacson, O’Connell, and Mangos (2011), and the Maximizing Human Potential Within Organizations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Building..
Answer these questions. Please answer each question for 1 page and each question have 2 paragraphs.
Answer these questions. Please answer each question for 1 page and each question have 2 paragraphs. Please use simple words like the previous essay. No references. 1. Should there be a Christian Psychology as a separate field of Psychology? Why or why not? 2. Should secular Psychology integrate spiritual explanations of Human Behavior? Why or why not? 3. What..
Lifespan Development Developmental Periods ( I NEED IT TODAY !!!)
Directions: For each developmental period, discuss the physical, socioemotional, and cognitive developmental theories, and identify the theorists. Include any concerns/issues that might arise during each developmental period. While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of..
Assignment: Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit Analysis
This week, you will choose one of the below articles and write a critique on the cost-effectiveness\cost-benefit studies presented in your article of choice. Your 2-3 page paper should demonstrate your ability to apply what you have learned thus far about good methodological practices and the decisions and assumptions made by those conducting the study...
The Non-heteronormative form of the Character # 1
Find three examples of sex-positive portrayals of non-heteronormative characters in film or Netflix shows. Explain one short scene from each character in NO more than ten lines using lgbtq / gender studies terminology. Extra points if there are intersections with other categories, such as race, class, disabilities, etc. terminology would be: cisgender,..
Prepare a pamplet about risk and resillience in young childhood
Prepare a pamphlet suitable for distribution to parents, teachers, and caregivers of young children about the impact of stress on development during childhood. Focus your attention on the topics of risk and resilience, and how caregivers can promote positive development in children. Your pamphlet should draw on the principles presented in your readings..
Evidence and Non- Evidence Based Treatment Options
This is a discussion post the instructions are below: Evidence and Non-Evidence Based Treatment Options Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read both “Limitations to Evidence-Based Practice” and “Rationale and Standards of Evidence-Based Practice,”and listen to the Case Studies in Non-evidence Based Treatment Part One. On the last day..
psychology reaction paper 5 chapters 5 different pages
http://www.slideshare.net/hunzikerCCC/cicc4e-06-finalppt here is one chapter of the few you can pick from. Pick 5 chapters and write a one page double spaced for each chapter that is chosen. So 5 pages 1 page each chapter
Developing Psychoeducational materials for children
This is an interactive assignment, The instructions are as follo Developing Psychoeducational Materials for Children For written transcript, click here. In this interactive assignment, you will create a story for children to educate them about psychological assessment. To begin, select a targeted developmental or reading level pre-K through grade 6...
Professional athletes held to a different standard
I have written the research paper attached for my Psych final, but the final piece I need for this to be able to pull it all together is the Introduction. That is what I am looking for someone to write. ONLY the Introduction, after reviewing the paper attached. A page minimum, two pages at max!
Religion and Psychology: short Discussion Board Post: 200 Words
How do the ideas of coherence and connection apply to passages of Scripture you may have read independently or encountered in your coursework? Have you found that some books or passages of Scripture are easy to understand whereas others are more difficult? In the passages that are easy to understand, does one thing appear to follow another, whereas in the more..
Benefits of Early Detection and Intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
In a 3- to 4-page paper, write an overview and an analysis of your selected topic. Include the following elements: Include a title page and references page. Divide the paper into three separately labeled parts: Part 1: Provide an overview of the disorder—how it is diagnosed and what its symptoms are. Provide a thesis statement reflecting your position on the..
Philosophical Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Paradigins and Approaches
this is a discussion post: Philosophical Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Paradigms and Approaches Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 1 in the Frost e-book, Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, and the required journal articles for this week. Also review last week’s PSY635 Week Two Discussion Scenario. In..
Problems is designing an Experimental Research Study
This is a two part assignment,the first one is a discussion post that is due on Thursday,this is the instruction Problems in Designing an Experimental Research Study Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read the required articles by Skidmore (2008) and Henrich, Heine, & Norenzayan (2010). Carefully review the PSY635 Week Two Discussion Scenario...
Personal Reflection/Observation Assignment--Emerging Adult Issues (Needs to be done in 28 hours!)
In a 2-3 page (double-line spaced) reflective essay, outline your progress toward adulthood in terms of relationships, career, and becoming financially independent. Notably, a number of you in this class are at the very beginnings of this life stage, so your observations may be more of the nature of projecting yourself into the future, while some are able to..
Personal Statement
I am needing a paper written, only 250 words. A Personal Statement for my entrance into my psychology masters program.
1. Describe Freud’s ideas of the ID, Ego, and Superego. How do these three parts of personality work together? 2. What is the Myer’s Brigg Type-Indicator (MBTI)? Take the online version of the MBTI at: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp What is your personality Type? Do you think this is an accurate depiction of you? Why-Why not? 3. Describe..
Body Image and the Media
Need an abstract (300 words) paper on female body image and the media to submit for research grants. Focusing on curvy, thin and athletic body types.
How Ethics Differ in Research and Therapeutic Practice
How Ethics Differ in Research and Therapeutic Practice Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct in its entirety, paying special attention to standards 8 and 10 that cover ethics in research and therapeutic practice. Oftentimes research methods courses discuss the ethics of research..
For this assignment, you will identify persuasive communications. Using information presented in class and/or in your book, find an ad that demonstrates EACH of the following persuasion tactics: • Trustworthiness • Attractiveness • Credibility • Logical appeal • Emotional appeal • One-sided appeal • Two-sided appeal • Repetition • Social Proof Although..
Adult ADHD
Empirical Journal Article. Find a journal article o Adult ADHD tell how Scientific Method was used in the body of the article. Paper should be about two pages long with a title page
leadership and your career
In this assignment you are asked to engage in a reflective self-assessment. In a word document thoroughly address the questions and explain your answers. 5-6 pages not including , title,reference and abstract list Reflect on your personal experiences, how did you arrive at this point in your career, and how did you arrive at this program? Describe the relevant..
Your instructor will assign to you three questions based on the study guide you prepared in advance. Each question must be answered with 250-300 words. Make sure to write as clearly and specifically as possible. Use your own words. 1. (Mandatory) Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Divine Command Theory. Give a strong, well-supported argument in favor of..
1. What are the different stages of sleep? In your discussion, please include the stage of dreaming and it’s importance in your answer. 2. What is hypnosis? Discuss how hypnosis affects consciousness? 3. What is the difference between physical dependence and psychological dependence on a drug? 4. Compare and contrast the specific short-term and long term..
reflection paper
The reflection paper to integrate the readings with your experiences. Each paper should be directly related to this article attached. The paper should be no longer than 3 pages double-spaced but no shorter than 2 full pages, typed in 12-point font with 1-inch margins. The paper should be written from the first-person perspective (I, me) and should include your..
APA Citation Assignment
Your Assignment: Imagine that your best friend knows you are taking a psychology course and wonders what psychology is all about. How would you define psychology for your friend? The requirements of this assignment are: • Write an essay on the discipline of psychology. • Minimum of 300 words. • Use THREE sources. o The first source may be your textbook. o The second..
Childhood Schizophrenia Research Results
I need a journal article summary of the article i have chosen. I have specific instructions and even an example of what it has to look like. The article, example and rules are attached
Critical Review
This is Critical Review The final assignment for this class will be a 10-page critical review of the drug treatment for a psychiatric disorder (broadly defined to include psychological and neurological disorders as well). The review will use peer-reviewed sources to evaluate the current drug treatment modalities for the selected disorder and determine..
Treatment Overview
This is a discussion Post that is due March the 16th:Treatment Overview Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. Over the course of the past weeks, we have considered the use of medications in the treatment of various psychological disorders. This discussion will provide..
Marsha. Probability proposal
See attached. Exercises due wednesday, part two due 3/22
Conference Proposal
I need a 8 pages paper on Eating disorder in young men/ boys . In references to the last paper. Attached detail need by 2/24/16
Statement of Interest
DISCIPLINE: SOCIAL WORK I have an original statement of interest. It has to edited (changed) according to the new requirements that are attached as well!!!! It also misses correct resources. It is for a University in Quebec, Canada
Psy 630 Psychopharmacology
This is 2 different assignments one is a discussion post the is due March the 9th : Risks, Benefits, and Diagnosis Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. The risk-benefit calculation for any drug assumes a correct diagnosis of the disorder. Many investigators and clinicians..
Theoretical application paper
You must follow the instructions and you must read bio pertinent to paper 12 pages
Psychology Coursework
2 Coursework - APA format only for References Case Study - at least 2 pages Essay - at least 1 page
Statistics exercises
Our next one is started on statistics, this is for the first week attached. Make me a bid so I can shut off these vultures offers!
each question needs to be 250 words 1. (Mandatory) Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Natural Law and tell why you agree (or disagree) with this ethical theory. 2. (Mandatory) Discuss the core aspects that comprise virtue ethics. Also, analyze one primary strength and one principal weakness of this ethical theory. 3. Explain two or more post-Enlightenment..
PSY 630 Psychopharmacology
The Instructions are attached: Rapid Review 2 Select a psychoactive drug that is of pharmacological interest to you, but not one you will review as part of your Critical Review or one that was included in your previous Rapid Review. For this paper, you may choose drugs of abuse; however, the paper must focus on the pharmacology of the drug and not on the social or..
child psychology chapter 3-4 quiz
child psychology 2030 quizzes and discussion board questions
Monthly Newsletter & Design
I am looking for someone who will eventually be my Virtual Assistant for ongoing work. I need them to be American. I will need original work researched from online materials free of plagiarism, and should be familiar with researching systems such as Main Chimp, Ebay, Etc. The first task will be creating a newsletter with content geared toward generating interest,..
Step 1: Explain how you studied for quiz 2. Step 2: Watch and summarize all five videos below. Each video should have a summary of at least 5 sentences. Video 1: Beliefs That Make You Fail…Or Succeed The first video examines common mistaken beliefs students often possess that undermine their learning. The video tries to correct those misconceptions with accurate..
Personal Timeline
Personal Timeline assignment. Choose events from your life that illustrates Erikson's stages Don't remember the infancy stage? No one does....make it up. They must be 2-3 pages (600-850 words) long, papers should be in standard English, with appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization...
Issues Behind Addictive Drug Use
This is a discussion post Issues Behind Addictive Drug Use Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. Humans have engaged in psychoactive drug use, sometimes in formal (ceremonial) settings and sometimes recreationally, since before recorded history. It has only been..
PARAGRAPH NEEDS ONE REFERENCE. Research has shown that the involvement of noncustodial fathers in the lives of their children can both reduce negative outcomes found in many never-married families and may actually increase positive outcomes. Thus, most agree that encouraging fathers to get involved with their children should be a goal of a society. Interestingly,..
Cover letter and personality approaches
1) For these discussion post, you will use the knowledge you have gained about personality, the career specific reports you have created in the previous weeks’ discussions, and assessments associated with various fields of psychology you have studied to help you to choose and develop a cover letter for a job in the human services sector. To begin, determine..
Psy 630 Pyschopharnacology
The title of this assignment is called a rapid review the instructions are as follows: Rapid Review 1 Select a psychoactive drug that is of pharmacological interest to you, but not one you will review as part of your Critical Review. For this paper, you may choose drugs of abuse; however, the paper must focus on the pharmacology of the drug and not on the social or..
Evaluation discussions
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Rammstedt, Kemper, & Borg (2013) and  Rodrigues, & Rebelo (2013) articles for this week,  and review Chapters 7 through 9 in your textbook. For this discussion, you will be taking on the role of the career counselor in a university. In this role, you will facilitate the evaluation of a student based on a five-factor..
Taking sides Psychological issues please see instructions
Here attached is the rubic and the options you can choose from for a topic. The topic is your choice as long it is on the attached file. Please I would like the paper back by 5pm in evening on 24th of February mountain time. length - Your summary of each position should take up about a page each (2 pages total), and the description of how the literacies relate to this issue..
Proposal Grant
See attachments. Grant proposal topic on PTSD associated with domestic violence or child abuse. Instructions: This assignment involves preparing a grant proposal requesting support for a 12-month research project. The total amount of support you may request is $60,000 (including direct and indirect costs sample budget attached). The grant proposal must..
conflict analysis
This is not even an essay. I wanna buy this paper because I should write about experience related to conflict in relationship but I have a lot of assignments!Everything you need to know is found easily on google or website! (for example: power dynamics
psychology exercise
Exercise 6: Erikson's Ego Integrity vs Despair Stage - This assignment is designed to focus on Erikson's Ego Integrity vs Despair Stage of Development by creating a set of interview questions and asking the questions of 1 person who is presently in the stage.
Neuropsychological Disorder OF Biopsychological Analysis
My chosen Neuropsychological disorder is ADHD! Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review your completed Week 1 Selection of Final Project Topic written assignment, Week 2 Final Project Annotated Bibliography written assignment, and your Week 3 Final Project Annotated Outline written assignment. In your Final Project, you will synthesize an overview..
Response Paper on Flynn Effect
Please Read this: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2007/12/17/none-of-the-above Based on this reading,please address 4 criteria(Flynn Affect,IQ Fundamentalists,cognitive environment,and applicability of intelligence and standardized test to Mental health counseling
Whatever you choose for me
The subject of the paper is your choice, but it must be in the psychology/counseling area and come from a professional publication. These are professional journals such as the Journal of Counseling and Development, etc. Newspaper articles from the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, etc., and textbooks are not acceptable. The papers shall..
Okay here it is officially, do you think that you can get it done for me by late Thursday night(late tonight)?
Article Summary Assignment
It's important we don't use any quotes from the article!!! I placed an attachment of the direct instructions for the assignment and the professor is very adamant about us following the instructions to a T. I have also provided an attachment to the articles we need to summarize.
peer-reviewed scientific journal article focused on a Psychology topic you find interesting
Topic: Who Da Scientist? You Da Scientist! Scientists read the work of others, think about it critically, then often decide what should be done next. That will be your task in this peerScholar activity! Specifically, your task is to find some peer-reviewed scientific journal article focused on a Psychology topic you find interesting. It can be anything related..
Week 7 exercises
Due Date: Feb 22, 2017 23:59:59 Max Points: 30 Details: Complete the even-numbered problems for the designated chapter(s) in the textbook. Students are highly encouraged to complete all problems in each chapter, as odd-numbered problems increase understanding of even-numbered problems (answers to odd numbered problems are located in appendix A at the..
essay psychopharmacology
in paper formate discussion a list of prescribed medications ( in the attachment only that has a highlighted ) for a patient currently receiving intensive psychiatric monitoring. (i.e.,the medication's proposed risks and benefits,the symptoms that the medication is prescribed to treat,the class of drug under which the medication is classified,etc.).The..
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