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Seven Step Method for Analyzing Ethical Situations
Please look over the attached documents. you will need to read these articles to fully understand assignment and answer the questions. https://www.wbur.org/news/2018/03/22/school-threats-suicide-prevention-tech https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/06/us/social-media-monitoring-school-shootings.html Edit - document 2 - help with understanding..
explain the view of some philosophers in different topics
my professor from philosophy gave me two topics which I have to explain it as a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Here is an example attached of how he wants to look the answers. the following questions below that are empty are the ones that I need to complete. Thank you
Rational Argument Paper and Applied Summary Paper -two papets
#1 paper 3-5 pages Rational Argument Paper  Select an ethical dilemma like:  Cheating  Make a rational argument for a solution using definition of terms (neutral def.), reasoning, and evidence.  Connect your argument to an ethical approach described in the readings (pick one)  Utilitarianism  Ethical Egoism  Kant’s Duty Ethic  Divine Command Theory ..
Due in One Hour -Discussion Assignment: Ethical Theory
Your assignment for this unit is to reflect on the following two cases and make a posting to your group based upon this. In the first case, you should ask yourself what factors, ethically speaking, Helen should consider in deciding what to do. In the second case, you should comment on what factors you would need to take into account in deciding whether what the physician..
A particular business ethics situation that you have faced in your workplace and what decision finally made
Briefly Describe the Basic Details of the Case, and Identify and Discuss the Main Business Ethics Issues Involved. Set Out the Main Responses, Solutions, or Courses of Action that could have been Considered in Relation to this Problem. Evaluate these Options Using Theory Discussed in the textbook (you can use anything contained within the textbook and additional..
With confidence we know little with knowledge doubt increases.reference to 2 AOK
1. state position and identify central knowledge questions 2. identify significant claims and counterclaims 3. Identify Areas of Knowledge (AOK) and Ways of Knowing. In this case Im using Religion and ethics 4. Identify possible examples 5. In the beginning intrerpret the title in relation tgo its key terms and concepts..
Explain how Ethical Culture, such as management and authority, affect the workplace
In a posting of at least 150 words, with one APA reference, (your text is fine) choose a real example of both a good leader that has established a healthy ethical culture in his or her organization and a bad leader that has created an unhealthy cultural environment in his or her organization. Using terminology from our text, describe how each culture has been created...
rite a 5 page argumentative paper presenting a thesis and then a rational argument defending your position.
For your final paper you will pick a topic of your choosing. Some suggestions are listed below, but if you feel strongly about another topic you can do it as long as the paper directly engages the material in some way. Write a 5 page argumentative paper presenting a thesis and then a rational argument defending your position. A few notes on Argumentative Papers An..
“We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases”
“We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases” (adapted from JW von Goethe). Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. Maximum word count is 1600, It's IB Diploma TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Essay.
Who has the better argument out of Rachels and Benedict? Justify your answer using the tools of philosophy.
James Rachels critiques Ruth Benedict's defense of relativism. He points out that the fundamental argument Benedict offers is invalid. The fact that people disagree about something does not prove that there is no truth of the matter. Similarly, Rachels argues that people across cultures do share some basic values. There is a good reason for this. If people..
Need a Stellar Revision for a Shitty Research Paper
Basically, another writer on here delivered me a steaming pile of garbage, and I need a complete 360-degree turnaround as my teacher hated the first version. Need it completed by 9 am tomorrow to leave room for changes; shouldn't take long with the info I'm providing. I received a 60 due to repetitive information and lack of sources used by the writer used, and I..
A vindication of the rights of woman (personal summary)
Hello. I wanted a summary report on the following reading(A vindication of the rights of woman). The response papers has to be 300-600 words. The paper will be a report or summary in your own words of what the author is saying in the reading, ending with 1-2 paragraphs of personal commentary. Whatever you write must be solely in your own words, and must not be based..
Read the Philosophy and Life piece titled "Science and the Attempt to Observe Reality" Answer 3 questions below by 3 paragraphs What implications do the Hawthorne experiments have for our claims to knowledge? Do you believe that we can ever hope to know the world as it really is? To what extent does it matter if we ever can know the world as it really is? Explain and..
Gig Economy could save capitalism
Select Assignment Type * : ARGUMENT ANALYSIS USE THE TEMPLATE FOR CASE STUDY ANALYSIS (course outline). the two articles blow: 1- http://time.com/4370834/sharing-economy-gig-capitalism/ 2- http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/rob-commentary/heres-the-downside-to-the-sharing-economy/article30408140/ please combine..
Argument analysis
Hi I have two link article , you must read both of them and answer all the argument analysis question which is 4 questions, you have 24 hours to finish that. please see my file. Thanks
Memo Five Assignment: Best Practices for Future Students Due Date The Google doc link for this assignment, with the permissions set to "can edit," is due on or before Friday, March 17th at 3:00 p.m.to its Canvas dropbox. Purpose Memos are assignments that allow you to practice three different kinds of skills. They allow you to try out different modes of writing,..
This is a graded discussion Are we consequentialists in our everyday activities? In the following weeks you will begin reading selections from ethical and moral philosophy. To start this process the first selections will concern consequentialism. Consequentialist ethical theories are those theories that evaluate actions based on their consequences...
PHL 101
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The greed cycle
Select Assignment Type *: ARGUMENT ANALYSIS Week 9 (Mar.6, 8): Seminar: "The greed cycle." John Cassidy (174 - 181) USE THE TEMPLATE FOR ARGUMENT ANALYSIS (course outline)
i need three pages to talk about Autism i explain what you should do and how to write it . you need follow the step and the instructor very well . there are question check the upload file to more . the first section is explaining the topic and related concepts. This is worth 20 percent of the paper, so make sure you spend extra time here, with a minimum of 10-12 quality sentences,..
No title course work
Read chapter two and answer these two questions separtley. I do not need any sources if you must it has to be from the chapter. the questions are below. What are some techniques for understanding and evaluating the structure and content of arguments? How do cognitive biases affect critical thinking? each questions needs atleast a 100 words answer for a discussion..
"Buddhist economics," Schumacher (134 - 137)
Select Assignment Type *: ARGUMENT ANALYSIS Week 7 (Feb.20, 22): Seminar: "Buddhist economics," Schumacher (134 - 137) USE THE TEMPLATE FOR ARGUMENT ANALYSIS (course outline) -no outsource document -you don't have to do it as an essay ( you may just answer the question in the ARGUMENT TEMPLATE. Deadline in 8 or 9 hours from now..
Kant The Nonconsequentialist
For this paper, focus on one of the following readings about either "Utilitarianism" or about "Kant's ethics" from our Vaughn textbook. Pick a quote that seems particularly important to the overall reading you've chosen. Then, do the following: Explain the claim being made in that quote in your own words. "Unpack" the argument that is developed in the text that..
Utilitarianism and the trolly problem
The following multiple-choice questions pertain to the content of the seventh chapter and sections 8.1-8.3 of the eighth chapter of Rachels' book. In each case, there is a single correct answer.
respond to discussion board
2 discussion board below read and respond to each 250 words each post Responses should demonstrate critical thinking and comprehension of the discussion topic and are strengthened when they are supported by additional research. You are expected to provide supporting details for your response; that support may come from the points covered in the readings..
Philosophy Final
Answer these 4 questions (Word Count: 300 Each: 1. In trying to understand the negative side of organized religion, some people have argued that religious violence is carried out when people misuse or misinterpret their religion. Others, however, argue that the wide spread nature of religious violence throughout human history suggests that religion itself..
discussion post
Question 4: Using our only and specificallly the assigned reading from Medical Ethics on the procedure of abortion, pages 35 - 44, answer the following questions-- be sure and give direct quotes and pages numbers to back-up your answers. A) Even though our culture is engaged in such impassioned debate over the so-called "rights" of the mother to abort her baby,..
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