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Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics Assignment 1
Jake is a 25-year-old paralegal at a post-Superbowl party. In attendance at the party is his college friend, Mike. Both guys are enjoying themselves. There were a lot of people smoking marijuana, including Mike, drinking beer, eating pretzels, and just having a good time. Jake was the designated driver for his friends, so he did not smoke or drink. At the end of..
write a Case-Note on R v Secretary of State for International Development
•For the assessment, the case-note should be based on the original case transcript. •Please use the neutral citation to find the case.•Ensure that you read the judgment carefully and that you have understood the relevant legal arguments and the responses of the different judges before starting to write your case-note.•Reading secondary material on the case,..
case review of Stanislave Galic (commander at Bosnia Serb Army)
topic of international criminal law. quality paper. times new romanl font 11. have these parts: brief FACTS,ISSUES, DECISIONs,FINDINGS, principle laid down (if any) , your COMMENTS ,CONCLUSION ( all based on trial and appleals chamber ,president).new roman times size 11
How members' reservations affect the WTO agreements?
It is a law paper regarding to (How members' reservations affect the WTO agreements) and as we said before the first draft deadline is 15 this month and it should be around 15 pages. The final paper should be around 25 pages and it must be no less than 25 pages.
Reflection Paper/Writing Assignment Due bY 26. Please write a reflection paper – maximum 3 to 5 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font -- which addresses the following questions: Part I: What surprised you about the October 6 panel or lecture? What questions did it raise for you? What did you find interesting? Part II: Find the website of any international..
Stinchcombe , R. v., [1991] 3 S.C.R. 326, 68 C.C.C. (3d) 1:
comment on the passage associated with the above case in association with the Supreme Court of Canada decission " The fruits of the investigation are not the property of the crown to secure a conviction, but the property of the people to ensure justice is done".
Case Brief Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966).
Please brief the case: Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966). The case is attached below to this order. Please make sure to thoroughly read the case before you begin writing. Your brief should be approximately 2 pages in length,single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1" margins. You should put your name and student number at the top of the paper. A title..
UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria
This is a complete project has to be a 3 page essay. UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria. One page proposal that talks about UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria and 3 page policy paper on topic on UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria.. listed above. Please..
Film review of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (on climate change)
any writer with law background .It should be APA style ,1.5 Spacing , non-palagarism, accurate fact. this film is on climate change with suggestions. HOW we can apply these suggestion in Afghanistan from SOCIAL,LEGAL and Economic perspectives? exact film is attached
If you don't have a perfect knowledge in law and a good background in math, please don't waste our time!
My assignment is a quiz! It's a case brief in one page, then there are some assumptions for settlement negotiations, so it has some numbers! The questions are about if the parties settled what would they offer and accept, and what would be better to settle or to litigate, etc.. So it has four questions, it's not that difficult and you can do it in less than 30 minutes...
answer the questions BOOK Criminal Procedure law and practice TENTH EDITION
Read Chapters Four, Five, and Six. Refer to the announcements for the grading rubric and criteria for this assignment. Answer the following short answer / multiple choice questions: Chapter Four: 1. Give three arguments in favor of the exclusionary rule as it currently stands, and three arguments against it. Then explain your position on the issue, supporting..
Funeral Policy for Officers who have Committed Suicide
- Funeral Policy for Officers who have Committed Suicide • Acting as the head of your organization, write a one-page funeral policy for officers who commit suicide. • Include a 500 word cover memorandum explaining your reasoning for your policy decision. This assignment is single-spaced. • This assignment is two parts; one page policy and 500 word cover memorandum..
Counter response to Attorney's reply to my ARDC Complaint filed.
I am currently in a custody case for my son. The attorney I hired mishandled my case egregiously, so I submitted a complaint to the ARDC (Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) The ARDC can yank an attorney's right to practice law. This attorney responded to my original complaint, so I am now countering his reply. In this attorneys response, he claims..
Now that you have a topic for your final paper, it is time to do some research. You need to find academic sources that will help you answer your question. For this part, you will essentially turn in an annotated bibliography. You must find 5 outside academic sources. Your sources must fit the following criteria: 1. They must be academic books, peer-reviewed journals,..
Discussion board
Topic 1: Your company has recently hired a new person. Shortly after this individual begins work, the company receives a "garnishment order." This court order specifies that a certain percentage of the employee's salary must be deducted each paycheck in order to satisfy a money judgment that has been entered against the employee. After complying with the court..
Writing assignment
This will be cited in APA format- this will not be an APA paper (meaning no abstract, running header) but there will be a reference page. You must limit your essay to between 1,500- 5,000 words. It is the quality not the quantity that will be graded. Does the exclusion of a juror on the grounds of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation affect the defendant’s..
Three affidavits in the hypothetical case. Instructions provided in Word document.
Police and PTSD
you are to locate at least three separate online articles on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and police-related stress. You will: Discuss the relevance of PTSD and police-related stress to police officers Discuss at least two challenges related to police officers dealing with these stresses Explain symptoms, causes, and treatments..
Legal Memorandum
Paralegal, I spoke to a potential client, Bob Smith, this morning who was involved in a bad accident with more than 100k in medical expenses. The other driver, Kaytlyn Kormack, apparently fell asleep at the wheel and drifted into his lane on SE 33rd Street just outside of Rose, Oklahoma. They collided head on. She is judgment proof (teenage mother with no assets)...
You will be arguing factually why you believe carding is an issue, what examples exist to support that this is a practice that is problematic OR is NOT problematic. If you feel that it is, derive your facts from real cases and statistics or research done online.
Landlord-Tenant Law
Larry Landlord has recently renovated an apartment and has put it on the market to be rented for $800.00 a month. Larry Landlord has been in business for approximately five (5) years and has had both positive and negative experiences with tenants. Larry Landlord is hoping to find a good, long-term tenant for his apartment. Roger Renter saw Larry’s sign for the..
Applying The Box Rule (4questions) QUIZ
please see attached documents. this is a 4 questions quiz to respond. each question is on the attach document. thank you .
Case Brief
Case brief of case 29-4 (Attached). Case brief should include a summary of the Facts, Issues, Decision and Rationale or Reason for the major issues in the case. A sample brief of Case 1-1 is attached. Don't use any source and follow the attached example case brief. One page.
choose one
Visit the Ontario Human Rights Commission website at www.ohrc.on.ca. Under "Our Work">Legal" choose the case related to police action (i.e. Phipps Vs. Toronto Police Services Board). Critically analyze the case by considering the actions of the officers involved. How were their actions or behaviours discriminatory?> What effect did their actions have..
Business Law Memorandum #1
Read the attached scenario. Memorandum should be 4-5 pages. Reference at least two cases for each point of law that is mentioned. Cite cases that appear to support a different legal resolution than the one presented, and then distinguish that case from the scenario described in this assignment. APA format..
Employment contract
I need a revision for my assignment done by the writer. Here are some comments: Use February instead of "second month of the year" What is this - (Neil and Chin); ??? You have a lot of legalese that can be omitted in your contract, per the guidelines in the book and our discussions in class. Go through the contract and try to omit some of it - if the sentence/section makes..
Read and answer questions
Requirements: I’m using this notes study for the exam, so just like how university students taking notes when the reading the books, the notes is not assignment to turn in, so don’t worried about sources and no need introduction and conclusion , the structure need to be clear and maybe using different color on words, the notes are mainly focus on answering the learning..
part 2 Marty essay
Part II. Essay Marty, sex (male), national origin (English), works as a welder at Plymouth Naval Shipyard, a private company in Virginia. Marty has worked for Plymouth for 35 years, ever since he graduated from high school. Plymouth is the manufacturer and repair of naval ships and submarines and employs 3000 employees. When Marty first started working for..
Read the article and take notes
Learning Goals: 1.what does fragmentation of international eviornmental law mean? 2.what causes fragementation of international eviornmental law? 3.what are the consequences of fragementation of international eviornmental law? 4.how to manage fragementation of international eviornmental law? 5.give example of all the above. Reading sources: 3..
Employment labor
ART I The week's assignment concerns briefing a case from the readings. You can pick any case from the readings. You must pick an actual court case and give the citation. The brief should concern a legal case that is relevant to the following Week 5 Agency, Employment or Labor Law, objectives. Brief the case. Use the IRAC methodology. Discuss the: I: Issue R: Rule..
assignment for law
Make sure to cite the case law from the assigned meetings in answering the following cases. Please do your best to use original cases. a. Describe the Quid Pro Quo type of sexual harassment and circumstances that would qualify as such. Then name and describe one case that illustrates it. b. Describe the Hostile Environment type of sexual harassment and circumstances..
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