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Memo and Letter of Application for Job Portfolio Assignment
1.)Memo: Compose a memo to me in which you discuss WHERE you found the advertised position, what you know about the COMPANY, what you know about the POSITION, and HOW you designed your letter for this audience, that is not how you formatted them but how you presented your qualifications considering the position requirements the company advertised. (MINIMUM:..
design website for an organisation/service which has real-world relevancy to Tourism industry
Your task is to design and build a bespoke website for an organisation/product/service which has real-world relevancy to your degree – this organisation will be known as your case study. You may choose either an hypothetical case study (for example, for a business opportunity which you would like to develop in the future) or an actual case study (for example,..
SEO and Google AdWords Campaign Strategic Proposal
ASSESSMENT TASK 1: DESCRIPTION This is an individual assessment. You will be given a scenario and a website to review. You will prepare a written proposal containing: • A brief overview of the business • Your suggestions to improve the search engine & user’s friendliness of the website • Your Google AdWords Strategy for the website, the timeframe of the Google..
Implementing Cyber Security Policies and IT Governance Framework on Healthcare Enterprise Systems
This is Implementing a Healthcare Information Technology in Cybersecurity using Internet of Things (IOT) and securing data. The Company who will be offer this will be a Fictitious company. The attachments are for references. This will follow Business Models. Please use the Word Documents Outlines. The PDFs are for the Read and references. U can use other scholastic..
Wireless Street Lighting Control and Monitoring System
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a well-researched project planning document based on the overall parameters of a networking related project, establish an appropriate project management plan, and quality environment required to complete the chosen project. Furthermore, analyse project issues, conduct post-project review (i.e., lessons..
Discussion: Examine Degree Type's Influence and Examine a Research Study
write a short discussion post answering these questions (In the major of Information security): In what ways would the type of degree you are pursuing (i.e. Ph.D) impact the way you would approach a research problem? How would the degree type influence decisions you make about the research approach and design? Do you believe your degree type will influence your..
Discussion One -- Cell Phones in the Classroom. Discussion Two -- Writing
(1)Please read the article on Cell Phones in the Classroom by Dr. Jones. This article can be located via tab [Pages]! After you have read the article--then you are to provide a short reaction to the article in 150 words or less. (2)You are to explain why writing is important to you as a student. In doing so, your response must be at least 150 words...
Association rules, Data Mining, Expressive Linkage Rules using Genetic Programming
I need to use The Linked Data Integration Framework "http://silkframework.org/" for selecting data from a data set and define the duplicate data as shown in the papers that uploaded then, write a proposal depending on these two papers, I have made comments on them, forget about Arabic comments, I need it as soon as possible, I need to review each subject when it..
Query Formulation with SQL and Table Normalization
A poorly performing database will have a domino effect on all of the applications that it supports. What can be done during a database planning stage to help ensure optimal performance? What are common causes of poor performance in databases? Describe how establishing a performance baseline is a necessary process in analyzing database health...
Peer Reviewed Order Critique
Peer Reviewed article critique. The article must have been published within the last 3 years. critique will be 900 words and in current APA format. In addition to the article, you must include at least 9 scholarly, researched references.
program analysis and design
This is an open-book individual examination. You must do your own work on this exam and you may not collaborate with your classmates or any other person. Answer the questions succinctly and clearly, explain your answer, and show your work. Answers, even if right but without an explanation, will get no credit. The explanations need to be brief, but complete, logical,..
Compare and Contrast Remus vs Hong
fill the table, after reading the two reading, then paraphrase and answer the requirement. I need it in this two days
Affordable Care Act
Four Essay questions with response of 600 words or more for each question with references in APA format
Create the Use Case Document
I'm not understanding this class work and I need help on it
Comprehensive Final
you will need access Complete the Comprehensive Final assignment, Additional Case 3 - Student Volunteer Activities for Southern Ridge College",  attached to this assignment. Submit all the files in a zipped file
Project Tracking
Create a Visio document of the Object Diagram Create a Visio document of the E-R Diagram needs to be uploaded in a zip file
web commerce
Can you summarize the attached files into one paper like the previous assignment. I uploaded the Marketing plan as an example because I need one made for this project as well the MARKETING PLAN is just so you know the format but the content has to be for the business in the Business_Plan Week 2
Create a Commercial Website
Create a Commercial Website Use https://editor.wix.com to create the website See references below: https://support.wix.com/en/article/creating-a-new-site-editor-vs-adi Select the option to use the Wix Editor (rather than the "ADI" feature) Home Page>Manage Store>Dashboard Points Possible: 20
1. Please post the hyperlink to one federal statute which influences commerce on the internet and summarize in not less than 100 words what that statute accomplishes. 2. Please post the hyperlink to one state statute which influences commerce on the internet and summarize in not less than 100 words what that statute accomplishes. 3. Please post the hyperlink..
1. Using a Microsoft Word document, please post one federal and one state statute utilizing standard legal notation and a hyperlink to each statute. 2. In the same document, please post one federal and one state case using standard legal notation and a hyperlink to each case. Please Include turnitin report...
Web design and interactivity
Subject: IT System Overview Description: Topic 4: Basic principles of interaction design and human computer interaction, including accessibility; web design and interactivity emerging technologies from an interaction perspective. The student will set up a small web design and interactivity on WIX; Multimedia, such as graphics, sound, video, text,..
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