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(James Davidson, Courtesans and Fishcakes.)Book Review
I. Intro:  Introduce the author  Introduce the book (Title, What is it about?) . State author's thesis and summarize content/arguments. III. Body:  Each paragraph should address different parts of the book or different arguments presented in the book.  This may also be in the form of arguments made about different time periods or stages within a time period...
WRITE Exercise 29.7, Winston Churchill, "The Iron Curtain"
Read EWC Document 29.7, Winston Churchill, "The Iron Curtain," and write a paragraph responding to the prompt at the end. (follow the link in the Canvas Module for Week 12 to access the document) Your response to the prompt should be about a paragraph in length but no longer than a page. It should begin with an introductory sentence that responds directly and completely..
Assingment - Two Letters from Slaves to Their Former Masters
ONE paragraph (350 words minimum) based on the information read. MUST start by giving the author, title of document, and when the document was written in order to clearly cite the source of information. Who is the author (race, nationality, position)? What is the document about (summary)? What does this show about the event and time period? What was learned from..
Read Lois Banner's Steel Engraving Lady (posted below), and answer the following questions
Questions: 1. How did society view women in the Romantic period? 2. What were beauty ideals of the Romantic era? How did the steel engraving lady play into the concept of Romantic beauty ideals? 3. How did the popular clothing and silhouette of this period support society's views on attaining ideal Romantic era beauty? 4. What were some of the ways women in this..
development of racial thinking from Europe to the Americans
Directions: 1. Listen to podcast/radio show on "The Invention of Race" at https://www.wnyc.org/story/invention-race/ A summary of the show is "Compiled by Award-winning producer John Biewen from the "Seeing White" series. The Invention of Race traces the development of racial and racist ideas from the ancient world - when there was no notion of race - up..
A. How did the environments of six Physiographic regions of Canada (Western Cordillera, Interior Plains, Canad
Assignment Format: All assignment are to be in 12 point font with a cover page with an assignment title, your name, course code Hist 112 DE, assignment number, word count and tutor’s name (Prof. Howard Hisdal) on the bottom. Use Chicago style footnoting and include a bibliography even if the only book you used was the textbook. Send in assignments as Microsoft..
A. Compare and contrast the reasons why the Western Roman Empire ended in ​476 and the Eastern Roman Empire su
Use twelve point type and double space. Have a cover page with the title of your review, the course number and section, your name, date submitted, your tutor’s name and the word count. Use Chicago style footnotes. Write an essay in formal academic English (800-1000 words) on ONE of these topics:
Industrialization and the Rise of a Regulated Economy
Please note that ecree works best in Firefox and Chrome. Please do not use Internet Explorer or mobile devices when using ecree. This assignment again uses the ecree platform for doing and submitting the paper. Plus, all learned from the first assignment the value of having the assignment INSTRUCTIONS sheet and the assignment’s FORMAT SAMPLE paper. So, please..
Discussion Question Conflict in the Early Republic: Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton
Conflict in the Early Republic: Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton ** DUE DATE 2/3/19 10:00 pm Introduction: All was not well in terms of d/omestic policy in the years after the ratification of the Constitution in 1789. There were several fault lines that ran through the early republic, thus the period from 1789-1800 is referred to by historians as the “Critical..
"What's in a Name? 'I AM' and the Hebrew Old Testament" Graded Discussion
In a discussion post, please explore the following open-ended questions related to this week's primary source readings and our discussion of The Ten Commandments: What power does a person or thing's name hold? Why does the Hebrew god, as seen through the image of a burning bush, not tell Moses his/her/it's a true name? This discussion assignment is worth five..
Literacy in the Bay of Islands, Picture images(1820s-1840s)
Critically analysing of historical images from an educational context. Criteria: does the analysis - focus on the source and analyse it carefully, paying attention to detail? - situate the source in its broader historical and/or educational context? - offer an interpretation of the source? - draw on secondary literature as appropriate?..
5-6 page persuasive commentary on • Since the 1950s American Popular Culture has deeply impacted our society. Over the past few decades we have seen a plethora of various types of media that have become an integral part of our society. Television, the internet, various forms of music to name. With such ongoing developments has come both praise and criticism...
Look at the picture and then answer 2 questions under the picture
You will then answer the two questions that is listed with the picture in that section. Your answer to these questions should be at least 1 – 2 pages long, and include any sources you use as a reference page on an additional page. You will want to provide historic examples from your class materials and any outside academic materials you wish to use...
Primary Source Analysis & Scholarly Article Review DUE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (EST)
*THIS IS 2 SEPARATE ASSIGNMENTS* The 1st assignment... a primary source analysis where you find two primary sources (any type for which there is an analysis worksheet) on Operation Valkyrie. For each primary source, you find create a separate entry that includes all of the following information: • The type of primary source (e.g. written document, cartoon,..
Monograph essay writing of two books first 100 pages each
i have a monograph essay writing of two books first 100 pages of both first books is Galveston: A History of the Island (Chisholm Trail Series ), and the second book is The Galveston-Houston Packet: Steamboats on Buffalo Bayou (Book by Andrew W. Hall)
comparing and contrasting the Chesapeake colonies and the New England
Each student of history brings to the table their own interpretation of the materials with which they are presented. However, my choosing of what materials to present, and the necessarily cursory level with which we approach the history of the United States, means that some things will be left out. Your assignment is to find a topic that interests you and write..
Discussion Question: Do you believe our decision to go to war against Spain in 1898 was justified?
Here are some points to think about in your answer. Were American interests at stake in Cuba? Did the sinking of the Maine warrant our intervention? Was the suffering of the Cuban people a reason to go to war? 1-2 paragraph.
Monograph on Puerto Rico and how it became a commonwealth
i need to use an article that is in Spanish and i need to reference law 600. This monograph needs to be at least 7 pages long. these two questions need to be answered: How was it that the common Wealth of Puerto Rico came to be? Analyze if the U.S. taking Puerto Rico the island any economic gain or development. This monograph needs to be pro Puerto Rico. you may use other..
Dr. Malcolm Frierson’s novel, A Place in the World
1 Dr. Malcolm Frierson’s novel, A Place in the World. 2 Compare and contrast the world views of Dr. Kwame Baako and Abena (Evelyn Bradley). How do their views pertain to the histories of slavery, the African diaspora and African Americans? In what ways do the places of Baltimore, Ghana and Georgia shape their views? How and why did they adopt Kofi? After their divorce,..
How were Sciencists influenced and impacted by Technological change or advanced in knowledge
No writing required as I already did in my weekly post. Need help in Organizing it in to 8 pages. My group is Scientists. Attached is my weekly post. You can just copy and past but use transitions and organize them to match one thing to talk about as required from Instructor requirement below. -----------------------------------------------------------------------..
summary of book- Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James M. McPherson
The book review needs to be one to two pages, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1” margins. It needs to have the book's full citation at the top, hit the high points of the book in a synopsis, a discussion of the author's thesis, the book's strengths and weaknesses with evidence from the book (e.g.: evidence that supports the author's thesis or evidence that..
Cortes and Colonizations Discussion Options Menu: Forum
- Read Hernan Cortes' Second Letter to Charles V and An Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico - On our discussion board answer the following: Citing evidence from Cortes' Second Letter to Charles V and An Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico, do you think the Aztecs and Mayans needed to be saved by Christian missionaries? If so, why did they need to be saved, and..
Written Assignment #2 - Temperance and Prohibition
please read attached: Instructions: Part 1: Read http://thehistoryprofessor.com/#writingandresearch Part 2: Primary Sources Using the OSU repository on Temperance and Prohibition, locate FIVE PRIMARY SOURCES and provide citations for them. Please list them from 1-5. http://prohibition.osu.edu/ Part 3: Secondary Sources Using Academic Journals..
Reflection paper on anishinaabemowin people, and their creation story
I have attached a sample reflection paper from last year, done by other student. The writer can read that assignment and make totally new and different one for me. Please include the creation story on the reflection paper as well. A link to watch the creation story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX4GJTtSigY..
Book Precis on Triangle: The Fire That Changed America,
Writing a book precis is a different task than writing a book review. The most important aspect of a book precis is its brevity and concise writing. The following information will be required for writing a book precis for this course: The precis will be limited to one-page. Normal page margins (1-inch) will be used and text size will be 12-pt., single-spaced. The..
M3 Discussion Middle east Discussion on Terrorism vs. Acts of Violence and Language
this is for the M3 Discussion and for the M3 assignment which I did on its own assignment M3 Discussion Discussion on Terrorism vs. Acts of Violence and Language Please be sure to read the Content Guide on Terrorism for definitions and explanations and to prepare for the discussion Reading Qur’an by TAHA KREWI, on Flickr Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution..
What issues did the newly formed government have to contend with in the first 20 years as a nation?
you sould use these sources and include reference. Prince Hall, A Free African-American Petitions the Government for Emancipation of All Slaves; Daniel Gray, Massachusetts Farmers Take Up Arms in Revolt Against Taxes; Federalist Paper #10; Alexander Hamilton, An Opinion on the Constitutionality of an Act to Establish a Bank; George Washington, Farewell..
Enlightenment, the Birth of Race, and Racial Thinking
Buffon, Hume, and Kant are Enlightenment thinkers who used race as a concept to view human development … In reading Buffon, consider how he relates to color, form and size, and disposition. How does Buffon address gender differences within racial groups? How does Hume dismiss the importance of African and African descent peoples? In what way does Kant..
U.S history discussion & response to 2 peers's posts
For my own discussion post: Prompt: According to the slave documents, how did slave owners control and oppress slaves? How did slaves resist slavery and slave oppression? Use the primary sources to answer these questions. For replying to 2 of my classmates' posts: Just reply them (around 70words for each response) I have already attached the 2 posts from my peers..
American history discussion & response to 2 peers's posts
For my own discussion post: I would like you to explore and analyze two big-picture contradictions you see in the assigned documents(I have attached a file of links where u can find the documents, AND a pdf, plz read them) : 1. Explore and analyze one contradiction between Jackson's arguments for removing Native Americans and Ross' response to these arguments...
Give three main examples of how colonists resisted act of Parliament? Explain each.
you must use one of these sources and include in the work. It is for my discussion. Reverend John Ettwein Notes of Travel from the North Branch of the Susquehanna to the Beaver River, Pennsylvania 1772; Benjamin Franklin Testimony Against the Stamp Act, 1766; The Virginia Nonimportation Resolutions 1769; John Andrews to William Barrell, Letter Regarding the..
which european country did native americans prefer and why?
It's a discussion. you should include one of these sources in the work: Alexander Hamilton, Itinerarium; Eliza Lucas Pinckney, Letterbook; Nathan Cole, Spiritual Travels; Benjamin Franklin, Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, etc.
Unit 5 Discussion: The Age of Augustus: History as an Art and a Science
What was it like to live in the city of Rome in the Age of Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE)? While a number of Roman historians tell us the political history of the period, examining the age of Augustus through objects that the Romans themselves encountered at the time, such as coins, statues, public buildings, and inscriptions, allows us to get as close as we possibly can..
Unit 2 Discussion: Kingship in Ancient India - Clues from the Edicts of King Ashoka
Introduction The first major empire in the history of the Indian subcontinent is the Mauryan Empire (321-184 BCE). But our sources for studying it are few in number or were written by outside observers. For that reason, historians have greatly benefited from the discovery and compilation of the rock and pillar edicts of this empire’s third king, King Ashoka..
five most important events that impacted or influenced the development of the United States up to 1865."
5+ pages typed and double-spaced in addition to cover page and bibliography. Answer as thoroughly and detailed as possible: "Discuss the five most important events that impacted or influenced the development of the United States up to 1865." Be sure to include why you chose the 5 you did. If you include the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they should be considered..
American Revolution (Discussion Topic) Only need 2-3 paragraphs
The colonists won the American Revolution and created the U.S. Constitution. How did this victory impact both free and enslaved African-Americans? Did African-Americans see an improvement in their conditions, or did their situation become worse in the first half of the 19th Century?
I have a bunch of possible terms that might be on my history midterm/final. My professor requires us to define and give significance of 4 terms out of a given 10 terms and then finally write a short essay on the main question. So I need someone to compile thoughts, connections, significance, between the terms I give you...
IB Assessment and Corresponding Rubric of the Unit
I need an appropriate assessment and corresponding rubric of the attached unit. It is needed for IB teacher's course. It should be done within 12-15 hours. 3 pages. It's got to be done according to international baccalaureate standarts.
HIS 101 "opposing viewpoints" Reformation debate: "Conflict at Marburg"
Must answer the questions: How did the positions of Zwingli and Luther on the sacrament of the Lord's Supper differ? What was the purpose of this debate? Based on this example, why do you think reformations debates led to further hostility rather than compromise and unity between religious and sectarian opponents? What implications did this have for the future..
"Coming Of Age In Mississippi" Critical Analysis
A 2 page critical analysis paper on the bool "Coming Of Age In Mississpi" Due Date: March 29, 2017
Separate logs
exts Required: Cross, Gary & Rick Szostak. Technology and American Society: A History. Second Edition. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 2005. ISBN: 0-13-189643-1 Crowley, David & Paul Heyer. Communication In History: Technology, Culture, Society. Fifth Edition. Pearson/Allyn & Bacon 2007. ISBN 0-205-48388-7 This is easy questions. No need citations..
The Age of Jackson A Quick Study on America’s Market Revolution during the early 19th Century with consideration of Advancements in: Transportatoin Industrialization Immigration Communication What you will need to complete this assignment (you will find these resources on this link provided):  Our textbook “Charles Dickens, Excerpts from the American..
Hello It is African American History class Please see the attachment files that include everything you need. It has two parts: First part you will write one page about discussion question in after you read the links well very well and read the chapters on the file. ( 250-300 words) You may not use Wikipedia. Second part is reading part you will see what I mean in the..
History 1400 Assignment
Everything you need to know about this assignment is in the " GourevitchPaper(2017-M).doc" file.
The 1967 Riots of Hong Kong through The Times
This needs to be in Standard Academic English, but it does not have to be a structurally organized entry. In 300-400 words summarize what you have discovered about your topic and your initial response to the information obtained. You will be graded on your thoroughness of research and your academic use of the language. MLA Forming..
1920s Advertising
this is the book http://www14.0zz0.com/2017/03/22/10/482396564.jpg http://www14.0zz0.com/2017/03/22/10/900390769.jpg http://www14.0zz0.com/2017/03/22/10/451293145.jpg http://www14.0zz0.com/2017/03/22/10/318554508.jpg http://www14.0zz0.com/2017/03/22/10/546596558.jpg http://www14.0zz0.com/2017/03/22/10/651126814.jpg..
Industrial revolution
Industrial revolution critical analysis over 2 articles by 2 diffrent authors I have i primary source and 2 articles along with a secondary source for background information ex. Taylorism I have all sources needs to be 3-5 pages with a citation page in MLA format
industral revolution short answer question. see attach document
see attach short question and answer
Document summary
Please READ the experts from J. Lugard’s rendition of the “mission” of his country: Britain.Provide a succinct summary of Lugard’s conception of the main tenets and merits of the British administrative model: FOUR pages. Provide a short summary, of his concepts of the main tenets and merits of the British administration model. THE MAIN TENETS AND MERITS! Small..
Response needed to the following question- After reading the documented testimony on Nazism and Fascism and the debate about dropping the atomic bomb, explain the differences between fascist perpetrated genocides and the mass killing produced by the atomic bombs. Do you think it is correct from a legal and moral point of view to consider both events war crimes?..
Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling
What questions come to mind when you look at this artwork? What drew you to the panel you selected? How do the figures in your panel reveal Renaissance humanism? Where can you see the "marriage" of Classical and Christian ideas here? Aside from the figures, are there other aspects to this work that reveal Renaissance humanism?..
Age of Imperialism-Political Cartoon Analysis
A2-Age of Imperialism-Political Cartoon Analysis- Due March 16OriginalityCheck enabled Instructions Examine the political cartoons shown at the link below. These cartoons represent different aspects of the Age of Imperialism. Choose 3 different poltical cartoons to analyze in detail. Use the number for each cartoon that you select and write a separate..
Paper Proposal
I need a paper Proposal and I wanted to do a paper on Alexander the Great From my professor ....This is what I need..... 1) Your paper proposal should have four sections: a hypothesis, an outline, a literature review, and a working bibliography. We will go over these one by one in class this week. 2) It should not be longer than 2 pages. 3) The literature review should..
Lafayette Escadrille
You are a lieutenant in either the French Lafayette Escadrille or the American Flying Service in the First World War--make it clear which entity you represent. You have completed your training to become a fighter pilot and have reported to your squadron. Your commanding officer has ordered you to keep a journal of your experiences. Pretend you are writing over..
Unit III Scholarly Activity
Unit III Scholarly Activity THIS JUST IN: You work for a national radio broadcasting company and it is your job to create the typed broadcast for the evening news, recapping the experiences of Americans from before WWI all the way to their experiences after the war. For your story to be valid and accepted by a wide audience, it must include the home front experiences..
Summary of my out line in your words US History
NEED TO BE DONE IN 2 HOURS! I have 2 outlines/chapters in a book I need them summarized in your own words in one page each . History book simple easy work done ASAP
Rebirth: Age of the Renaissance Transition from Medieval to Renaissance
Discuss the events mentioned at the beginning of Ch 7 that helped start the shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period. This could include your thoughts and questions regarding economics, class restructuring, the decline of the church, or anything else you find interesting in this section. Renaissance humanism – What are your thoughts on the thinkers..
What were the most important questions debated at the Constitutional Convention 1787
think peace work on american pluralism
the great migration push and pull factors
The 1910s inaugurated an unprecedented scale of migration of African Americans from the South into the North, Midwest, and Western United States. What are the contributing causes and outcomes of the Great Migration? What does this migration expose about the conditions impacting African Americans between 1910 and the 1940s?..
"Generals die in bed"
after reading "Generals die in bed" Pg 1-Pg 74, write a summary about those pages and also write my own opinons/reflection/reaction/thoughts
Unit II Reflection Paper
Being new to a place is challenging. The list below includes some provocative discussions related to the events in this unit’s reading and related to being new to the United States. For this assignment, you will write two reflections on Parts 1 and 2 below. The total length of your journal assignment must be a minimum of three pages in length, with each journal entry..
Book Precis
The paper should be typed, doubled-spaced with margins on each side of approximately one inch, and be between 2 and 3 pages in length (750 to 1250 words). In addition, you should use Times New Roman font and employ a conservative header (very little space used).
Hello It is African American History class Please see the attachment files that include everything you need. It has two parts: First part you will write one page about discussion question in after you read the links well very well and read the chapters on the file. ( 250-300 words) You may not use Wikipedia. Second part is reading part you will see what I mean in the..
A decade divided?
1) Open and Read the word document titled A Decade Divided. Watch the youtube link video. 2)Read Document 1 titled The Sedition Act of 1918 (1918) 3) Read Document 2 titled Emma Goldman on Patriotism (July 9, 1917) 4) Read Document 3 titled W.E.B DuBois, Returning Soldiers (May, 1919) 5)Then after all that's done answer the question with a 250 word well written..
Questions & Answers
1) Open the document titled questions. to read all the questions that must be answered. 2) Open and read all the documents in the zip folder titled "Documents For Answers" to locate all the answers to the questions.
Intervention or Intrusion?
1) Open and Read the word document titled Intervention or Intrusion. Watch the youtube link video. 2)Read Document 1 titled William James on the "Philippine Question" 3)Then after all that's done answer the question with a 250 word well written paragraph:- As Americans we often think that we are the best hope for the world. This idea is called "American exceptionalism."..
response paper
You must critique the article in any aspects even with the words choice that author used, In o1-2 pages.
Dante's Divine Comedy
Bring these questions and your answers to them to class for our graded discussion. Questions 2 - 6 will be found by exploring the UT Austin Interactive Website linked above. Number 1 can be found in your textbook and #7 is for your own subjective ideas. 1. What events or circumstances led Dante to write this poem? Remember that art is always a reaction to (or against)..
Primary Source Analysis
Primary Source Analysis Instructions Find two (2) primary sources (any type for which there is an analysis worksheet) on your chosen topic. There are a number of web sites such as those of the Library of Congress and the National Archives that contain digitized copies of primary sources that you may use. Please use copies of the primary source – not a transcription..
Hello It is African American History class Please see the attachment files that include everything you need. It has two parts: First part you will write one page about discussion question in after you read the links well very well and read the chapters on the file. ( 250-300 words) You may not use Wikipedia. Second part is reading part you will see what I mean in the..
Nikita S. Khrushchev: The Secret Speech - On the Cult of Personality
This is a primary source analysis. One page length in single space.
This is a Primary Source Analysis. it consist of one-page length on single space.
History Of New Mexico
In this unit you will read chapters 3, 4 & 5, then proceed to unit 2 Reaction Paper
Rough Draft Book Review on The Strange Career of Jim Crow
Book Review not Book Report, due tomorrow double spaced Your rough draft of your book review is due this week. For those of you who want to write a complete rough draft of your book review, here are the page length, etc. for the final draft: Write a total of 4-5 pages of book review content. Address all 5 of the questions You must include at least four quotations from..
How did European mercanitism and colonialism transfer the Americas?
written focus question. MLA style
Synthesis: Rise of the West
Describe why you would or would not want to live in Europe during the early to Middle Ages. Consider all aspects covered in the chapter that would affect your life. From the standpoint of the lord and the standpoint of the serf, what do you think of the feudal system? Explain. Choose one of the art examples, either visual or literary, and explain what you like or dislike..
Hello It is African American History class Please see the attachment files that include everything you need. It has two parts: First part you will write one page about discussion question in after you read the links well very well and read the chapters on the file. ( 250-300 words) You may not use Wikipedia. Second part is reading part you will see what I mean in the..
Losing our Manliness?
1) Open and Read the word document titled Losing our Manliness. Watch the youtube link video. 2)Read Document 1 titled Voices of Democracy _ Roosevelt, “Strenuous Life, 1899,” Speech Text 3)Then after all that's done answer the question with a 250 word well written paragraph:- Many Americans of the late nineteenth century believed that the onset of urbanization..
Revelations: The World’s Religions
For this reflection, write a brief paragraph (4 total) Judaism/Hebrews Christianity Islam Buddhism
Questions Answering
Part I: Short Answer: Answer the following questions in two paragraphs per question. 1. Explain the major aims and identify some of the most important programs associated with the New Deal. 2. Why was the United States so reluctant to get involved in World War II? 3. What was the impact of World War II on American society? 4. Explain the motives and aims of the U.S...
1, was the protestant perforation successful,
MLA style question 2,What changes were made in europe and the catholic church after the protestant perforation
Greek Thought
Here is the worksheet that accompanies the Annenberg video, Greek Thought. Here is the link to the video: http://learner.org/vod/vod_window.html?pid=824. If the link goes astray, go to http://learner.org/resources/series58.html# and scroll down to the 6th video.
Document Response
To what extent were Arthur Woodley's and John Kerry's experiences in Vietnam consistent with the goals of American policy as described by Kennedy and McNamara? Would Kennedy and McNamara have considered Woodley and Kerry model soldiers? Would Heinl have considered them model soldiers? Explain your answers. (Chapter 29, Reading the American Past)..
READING RESPONSE "A Blue Glass Face Inlay of King Akhenaten"
This is a reading response assignment that requires 2 pages in the Chicago Manual Style. The paper should include a summary and critique. I am not trying to get an A on this assignment. I would like it to look like I wrote it so I'll need someone to give it about 80% instead of 100%. Another person took the job and left me high and dry after informing them I needed the assignment..
Semester Project Part III - The Impact of Globalization on Conflict
Think about the previous examination of China. For this project, your job is to write the content for a new page of this course titled India and Globalization. After reading your page, other students should be able to do the following: Identify positive effects of globalization on India Identify negative effects of globalization on India Compare modern U.S...
The limits of power
This is a book review on The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. Here is the instructions by my teacher: II. Intro:  Introduce the author  Introduce the book (Title, What is it about?).  State author's thesis and summarize content/arguments. III. Body:  Each paragraph should address different parts of the book or different arguments presented..
Will the Real Progressive Please Stand Up?
1) Open and Read the word document titled The Christian Left. Watch the youtube link video. 2)Read Document 1 titled Eugene Debs, “How I Became a Socialist” (April, 1902) 3) Read Document 2 titled Woodrow Wilson on the New Freedom (1912) 4)Then after all that's done answer the question with a 250 word well written paragraph:- The election of 1912 was among the most..
Short Answers and Essay
Part I: Short Answer Answer EACH in a paragraph (or two) per question. 1. What were the goals of the major parties in Reconstruction? What problems made reconstruction so difficult? 2. What were the main forms of white resistance to the efforts of reconstructionists? What were the black codes? What effect did they have? 3. What were the various meanings of freedom..
miss education of the negro
NOTE: YOU HAVE TO USE THE Mis-education of the Negro AND THREE OUTSIDE READINGS OF YOUR CHOICE FROM THOSE ASSIGNED IN CLASS TO COMPOSE YOUR PRECISE. KEYS TO COMPOSING A HIGH QUALITY PRECIS (1) Please identify a common theme covered in the book and the articles (race, gender or class etc). (2) Upon identifying this theme which is present in the works, organize your..
discussion questions
Do not use the internet or web resources to respond to this discussion board question(s). Use Yefru’s work and the readings on eLearn to participate in this discussion. Be sure that you review the discussion board requirements on your syllabus for full credit. Be original in your thinking as well. So, as you are composing your posts, be sure to write your post in..
Plato - The Allegory of the Cave - (The Matrix) Animated
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQfRdl3GTw4 Watch this animated video to prepare for our discussion of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Bring the following questions as fully answered as you can: What do the following symbolize: The cave, the shackles, the prisoners, the freedman, the shadows, the fire and the sun? What are some caves we're subject to in the..
Daliy Discussions
4. How vital was slavery to the Atlantic economy in the eighteenth century? Provide specific evidence from the textbook to support your response. The author podcast is also a good resource. http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/give-me-liberty3-brief/ch/04/podcast.aspx (due 6/6/19) 5.Discuss the ways in which both supporters and opponents of..
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