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Drilling in ANWR "1020" this is the tile of the paper.
Create a new, one-page Position Paper. CAN YOU HAVE IT DONE BY 8AM MONDAY ? Create a document in IEEE format; Write dispassionately about a controversial topic; Demonstrate scientific consensus on an issue; Determine which side in a contentious issue has greater scientific merit; and Write position paper targeted to an educated but non-scientific audience...
writing a draft paper about face to face teaching and online teachig
The Working Draft consists of 6 to 8 pages. It includes an introduction, a synthesis of at least 4 to 6 credible sources to be included in the final paper, a conclusion, and a works cited page. The draft should follow MLA style and layout. and i want it on 4/11/2019
Discussion Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro”
PROMPT: In this two line poem, Pound was attempting to capture a momentary image of breathtaking beauty in the way he imagined a painter would. We know that he scaled this poem back to two lines from its original thirty so that only the most essential elements remained. The poets who attempted this kind of writing were called “imagists.” Here’s a definition from..
Discussion Alfred Tennyson "The Charge of the Light Brigade
PROMPT: Alfred Tennyson's poem, "Charge of the Light Brigade,& quote is a poem about what has been called & quote either the most heroic or disastrous episodes in British military history." It focuses on an event in the Crimean War (1853-1856), but might be applied to wartime even today. Select the TWO following prompts and explain your position with support..
Prospectus Effective Strategies to Sustain Small Businesses in Remote Areas
Prospectus for my Capstone in my Doctors of Business Administration: Effective Strategies to Sustain Small Businesses in Remote Areas I have included what I have written and the Professors Comments. Please help and it will be due by Friday December 21st, 2018 I have to meet all the Prospectus Guide Only..
Middle Childhood - Early Adulthood Questions and Examples
Answer questions entirely and provide 1 real life example for each question. 1. How influential are peers during middle childhood? (6-11 years old) 2. How does technology affect children's development during middle childhood? (6-11 years old) 3. What are some challenges to physical development during adolescence? (10-19 years old) 4. What is the nature..
Benchmark - Mathematics and Literacy Integrated Unit
In planning and instructing math content, it is important to be able to create a cohesive unit that encompasses multiple areas in math, as well as other content areas, including literacy. Part 1: Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will choose one of the three lesson plans you created in this course to build a weeklong unit plan. Use the “Math Unit Plan” to prepare..
FEP - Part 3 - Family Engagement & Collaboration Plan
FEP - Part 3 - Family Engagement & Collaboration Plan For this part of the assignment, you are to write a plan for culturally competent and effective collaboration (NAEYC 2c) between the parent interviewed and the practitioner interviewed. After reflecting on the above and using the interviewees as the focus, develop a family engagement and collaboration..
Reflective Journal #3 - Family-teacher relationships
Reflective Journal #3 - Family-teacher relationships What is your ideal for the family-teacher relationship? • How do you want children to feel about their family’s connection to you and your program? • What worries you most about gathering information from families about their home cultures? What would help you overcome your concerns? • What strengths..
applied project- United States Postal Service (USPS) 10 pages/ w 3-4 powerpoint slides
I need you to create an applied project based on administration/ management issue relevant to my current workplace which is United states postal service, you can talk about hours, pay, not enough vacation leave etc any stressor of any job should apply. It should be an examination of an issue that is relevant to operational practice and performance which has a..
Criticl Review Of How Social media effects y0ung adults
Assignment: Write a Critical Review of an Article (1-2 pages) For this assignment, you will choose an article pertinent to your research topic and write a review of it. You will not be re-writing it; rather, you will "de-construct" the article for the reader, analyzing the claims that the author is making and how well he supports those claims. You will also explain..
A Literature Review in Sensor connectivity in internet of things
maximum 7 paper , with work cite. i need powerpoint slide with the paper becuse im going to present . I am a bacher student how international and research is for a networking course. I want it to be in the middle language and the search is comprehensive and not in depth and be a simple reader understands..
Survey and Performance of Dynamic Programming White paper
I want it to be in the middle language and simple for reader to understand because I'm international student - Survey and Performance of Dynamic Programming White paper Objective: The aim of this first homework is to: 1- be able to implement different problems use the Dynamic programming 2- be able to measure and compare the complexity between recursion and DP..
Prospectus Presentation Assignment Sheet (multimodal)
 Congratulations! The chair of your major department has read your Research Prospectus, and believes your research proposal has merit. Because of this, he or she has asked you to present a brief overview of your research to the department’s faculty before their monthly staff meeting. This presentation will include a poster to advertise and visualize..
final essay. Immanuel Kant, “What Is Enlightenment?”
Final Essay Write and turn in a polished essay based on what you’ve done so far. Here are the important guidelines: The essay should be at least 8 pages long (not counting the Works-Cited section) or about 3000 words. Use MLA style throughout in Times New Roman 12. Make sure you have a thesis near the end of your introduction. Stick with third-person throughout your..
Write about a time when you tried to convince someone to do something
Respond the prompt below in no less than two paragraphs (250 words). In the first paragraph, describe the situation. In the second paragraph, tell the reader why or why not your efforts to convince were successful. 1. Write about a time when you tried to convince someone to do something. What reasons and/or evidence did you offer? Were you successful in your argument?..
History of Pop and Rock Music #2 Project or Paper
Topics: Must be taken from any topic pertaining to Pop and Rock Music and should be of something or someone that interests you that we have not covered to date. It cannot be an extension of a classroom discussion. 1. Must be related to the topic of pop or rock music therefore, you may focus on a band, a musician, an instrument, recording techniques, or other aspects..
Data Collection Instrumentation and Literature Review
1. Design a semi-structured interview as instrumentation for my data collection . 2. Conduct secondary research on theory about topic of investigation. 3. Design a diagnostic test (language elicitation measure). 4. Correct or change my research questions, since they were considered too general...
1. Media Violence 2. Accommodations of Students with Disabilities 3. Distance Learning
For this assignment, please choose the issue that interests you and answer the following questions. You will write a full-length essay on this topic later in this unit. 1. What social issues interest or concern you? 2. Choose one that you you’d like to focus on for this essay and write it below. 3. What is the rhetorical context surrounding this issue, i.e., why..
What Makes a Hero? Graphic Organizer, Chart, and Notecards
Do research using 4 online articles of your choice to answer the question “What makes a Hero?”. Fill out the provided graphic organizer, web quest chart, and notecards over the articles. (Chart, organizer, and notecard will be provided in private messages as PDFs when the assignment has been accepted.) 1. Use the graphic organizer. Focus on the type of informational..
The annotated bibliography paper about school shooting
Annotated Bibliography Instructions The annotated bibliography is an overview of your sources and your research progress. You must include at least 5 sources. You will provide a full works cited entry and answers to the following questions for each source: What type of source is it (primary, secondary, scholarly, etc.)? How do you know? Why do you think it is..
acquisition of speaking skill among virtual English learners.
The paper might be: a) A thoughtful, creative look at the research in a well-defined area; b) A summary of literature on a particular topic followed by a discussion of implications for the second language classroom. c) A plan for a research study that would be conducted at some future date; etc.
Mapping Your Field of Interest and Designing Your Public Professional Profile
Now it's time to put what we've discussed together and map out your own field of interest in the discussion board down below. We're using the discussion board this time to display our work as a class and to have each other's work as resources/guides if our interests overlap. However, this time, we will not be responding or "discussing" our entries. We'll just use..
background review and synthesis of the literature f
Locate at least seven articles on your topic. At least four articles should come from scholarly journals or credible trade journals.You should use OneSearch through UMUC’s Library and Information Services or individual databases through the library for your research. Write a synthesis of the articles. The synthesis will be 1000-1400 words...
My high school experience with a unknown language
i need a 4 pag essay describing my high school experience, the essay its to talk about myself, i choose been knew to a different country, and staring high school without knowing english and with no friends, the problems for the classes and the test i had to pass during my junior and senior year of high school everything stared on 2014..
1.anwer questions on file reading.2-do the 5 paragraph research paper on the living links file
Read the articles below and and answer multiple choice questions If Nature Had Rights -Cullinan, Cormac, The Net Is a Waste of Time- Gibson, William, What’s Wrong With Animal Rights - Hearne, Vicki, Can Patriotism Be Compassionate? - Nussbaum, Martha,
Reflection on "Salvation" and "Distance to the Moon".
http://www.radiolab.org/story/282571-distance-of-moon/ file:///C:/Users/jonat/Desktop/school/ENC%201101/M1%20questions/Salvation.html Both stories are about children learning lessons about life. What lessons are learned by the narrators? How are they similar and different? Write at least one full paragraph (6-8 sentences)..
1.04 Activity 1: Select a Topic and Sources (GRADED
Activity 1: Select a Topic and Sources (GRADED) On the Topics and Sources page, you reviewed a list of approved topics and under each degree field, you saw a set of approved, credible, and reliable sources. You will not conduct outside research in this course. Only the sources include on the Topics and Sources page should be used in your work in this course. The Activity..
compare and contrast the themes and styles of the stories
As a follow-up to Friday's in-class writing exercise, for Monday, choose two of the three stories with which we are currently working -- that is, Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants," and Jackson's "The Lottery" -- and write 1-2 paragraphs in which you compare and contrast the themes and styles of the stories. For instance,..
curriculum Approach in Language Teaching: Forward, Central, and Backward Design
This is a reflection paper about an article I will attach....Reflection Papers (2-3 pages each, double spaced, APA format) delve into, expand on, relate to, reflect on or otherwise offer insight into or question a point or issue that catches your attention. You can write an interpretation, a critique, an expansion, or any other method of discussion. The only..
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
1) IELTS online exam to test students what level they are on. In order to determine what level they are on and how much help they need? 2) a test to test students what level of English are on and to ensure that students are placed with other students of similar English ability.
If you could change one thing about El Paso, what would it be?
Arguing Essay 4-5 pages min, reasons supported by examples, intro, outro, comprehension audience, support arguments, index citation, parenthetical citation, where can I used the information and also please conclude by asking a question for readers to consider. I have attached my annotated bibliography, this document you will need it to do the arguing essay..
The loss of employment and starvation cause by Hurricane Harvey
In this research paper it is about writing a rhetorical research argument. You are to research about the loss of employment and starvation cause by Hurricane Harvey. After you research about it you must write about it rhetorically. In the work sited paper please write it as an Annotated bibliography. If you have further question please ask and also i will have..
Argumentative paper on how social media has an affect on society. With a rebuttal and counter argument.
Agrument Rubric Agrument Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFocus • Thesis is stated in specific, clear terms and maintained throughout essay. • Paragraphs are unified by a main idea and cohere as distinct units. • Topic sentences are used to maintain focus. Author limits the content to a manageable scope. 25.0 pts No Marks..
Informational Flyer designed for a specific set of readers/ Technical Writing
For this assignment, you will create an informational flyer designed for a specific set of readers. You will need to gather data from various sources, and then interpret and incorporate the data into tables, charts, diagrams, or illustrations. Be creative with color, placement, and graphics. When planning the flyer, think carefully about how readers will..
Discussion Post BONE #1: Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith/ISBN-10: 0439706408/ISBN-
Bone is an epic fantasy graphic novel, an adventure that deals with a variety of themes. Here are some questions to generate class discussion next week. 250 words or more. Have you ever been far from home without knowing how you would get back? What did it feel like? How did you deal with the situation? When we first meet the Bone cousins, they are running from Boneville...
Rebecca (movie)/The great Gatsby Comparative analysis paper
hey! i'd like to work with you again for another paper assignment! I hope you can accept my request! I was wondering if youre familiar to "The great Gatsby" and the movie "Rebecca" (it has to be about the movie, not the book please) i've linked you the paper requirements Also, can you finish it by tomorrow or by Saturday morning, May 28th? I need it by then!..
Reading images and Deconstructing Icons in American Culture
Choose from this painter: Raphael Sanzio, Rene Magritte, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, Jackson Pallock. Explain why you chose it, What outside source will help with the essay 2.
Identify at least 4 different traits of oral psychodynamics in the older English translation
Get an overview of The Odyssey, Chapter IX, by looking at a summary http://www.bookrags.com/notes/od/part9.html#gsc.tab=0 (click on Book 9 on the left) Read Chapter IX of The Odyssey in a contemporary translastion. (http://www.mythweb.com/odyssey/book09.html) Read Chap IX in an English translation closer to the Greek. https://books.google.com/books?id=LG1BAAAAIAAJ&dq=odyssey&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=en&ei=6WlzS-..
Write a 4 sentence rhetorical précis of illing's article, following the below steps
1) Name of author, genre, and title of work, date in parenthesis: a rhetorically accurate verb (such as claims, argues, asserts, suggests) and a "that" clause containing the major assertion or thesis statement in the work. 2) An explanation of how the author develops and supports the thesis, usually in chronological order. 3) A statement of the author's apparent..
Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals
Develop Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals (1-2 pages, for 7-9 total pages) 3. Included a defensible, relevant thesis statement in the first paragraph. 4. State, explain, and support the first disadvantage (economic, social, political, environmental, social, equitable, ethical/moral, etc.) to your solution and provide a logical..
Critique of The Flight From Conversation by Sherry Turkle Apa
Critique of Sherry Turkle The flight from conversation, apa format, sections must be labled, I. Introduce the passage, the author, and the general background of the main issue in question II. Summarize the author’s main points and purpose for writing (summarize the author’s main points and purpose) III. Assess the presentation, distinct from your own agreement..
Write one paragraph, with a minimum of three minor supporting sentences, to support each major claim.
‘Research and Citation Exercise Directions: Support each of the major claims listed below with researched material collected from at least one source (no more than two sources) for each answer. You may use credible online sources or library resources to respond to each claim. Write one paragraph, with a minimum of three minor supporting sentences, to support..
Underfunded Colleges or Lack of Funding for Colleges
The topic is Underfunded Colleges please write about : 1) How it Affects Students (one page and half) 2) How it Affects Enrollment.(one page and half) The total is three pages -Please use sources from articles References page should be APA style I want it within 36 hours Thanks
Author's intended Audience for "No Name Woman", list of Strategies and why does the author chosen
This is my home work for two paragraphs. My professor asked about Author's intended Audience for "No Name Woman", list of Strategies and why does the author chosen? we need to read "No Name Woman" by Maxine Hong Kingston and write two paragraphs. I will attach my sample essay the author's purpose for No Name Woman. I have to request two more order essays or paragraphs..
" paragraph on the principles of the constitutio" and " how be a good students "
I have two separate pro graph one for social study and one for English class For social study "Paragraph on the principals of the constitution " for English class about how can be a good student don't be long Good spilling good grammar please
Migrant worker affected by using pesticides and their poor illiteracy
Have 2 sources needed for 2 problems 2 solutions Needed for entire essay. Everey body paragram has to be 7 - 11 4 point thesis 1. Example essay attached to guide structure Have additional info I would like to address details with writter 4 PGs
Should parents be allowed to refuse treatment for thier severely disabled child?
Write an argumentative essay arguing one side of your argument. You need at least 6 paragraphs one introduction and one conclusion and at least four body paragraphs. Your essay should include four sources.
These are the ten questions for the "Her Body, My Baby" article
These are the ten questions for the "Her Body, My Baby" article. Be sure to read each question carefully and answer the entire question. It is not possible to earn full credit with a short vague answer so try to expand your ideas, explain your answer, and refer to the text when justifying your argument. Do not include long quotes from the text in your answers. article..
THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND FRENCH ONLY-due in 4 hours--500 words
Bachelor student in Chimie Paris tech Resume writing Please use my french resume more, the english one is just to get a rough idea of the formations.I need a resume for my internship and I need international resume adapted to english speaking countries so the new resume should contain info from the french but be in English...
Narrative on Research Topic Essay - Teen Pregnancy
"Addressing teen pregnancy and STDs " (should abstinence-only sexual education be taught in public schools?) For this first essay, you will explore the topic from a personal perspective. When you have a topic, spend time at the creating stage, deciding what it is you know about the topic, what you think about it, what you imagine the opposing arguments to be (be..
A creative writing project with a critical author's note
an author's note of at least four pages detailing the critical issues you are addressing and the thought process that went into your composition. ***All I need you to do is make sure there is a critical issues you are addressing and the thought process that went into your composition.
A CV/Resume and Cover Letter Written for a Specific Job
I am Ammar Sbsabi , My major is Construction management . I was born in 1993. I want to make a perfect CV/Resume and Cover Letter Written for my future Job. All the Instructions is written in the attach File. You should follow the all the Instructions carefully.
An Internet"Eraser"Law would hurt, Not help,Oregon Teens
For this twelfth discussion you should read the argument from the Christian Science Monitor, titled "Help Teens Erase Their Web Indiscretions," which is on page 529 of the text. Then in your first posted response, you should identify the proposal claim, identify the writer's target audience, and discuss how the writer gives presence to the problem. Your first..
The Explosion of Human Trafficking in the Unites States
I am currently in the hospital and can't finish this. This is a problem-solution essay. I will attach my professor's instruction file. I only need the problem-solution portion, but if you would offer to do the whole portfolio for $25 please let me know! DUE BY 8:00 AM TOMORROW.
Oral presentation!
How might a speaker appear credible? How might a speaker address the audience's emotions? How might a presentation appear logical?
Improving your Writing
Choose a paragraph of your own writing. This could be writing from a previous workbook or a new composition. Following a similar format in Danica's exemplar, identify how you used SENTENCE VARIETY, WORD CHOICES, and VOICE. Edit your writing to make it more balanced in these areas, and provide a revised copy following the student work pages. Please attach your..
Writing Assignment 3: Outline/Annotated Bibliography (OUTBIB)
Hi Everyone, This week, you should be working on finding sources for your annotated bibliography and creating an outline for your research paper. The assignment: Writing Assignment 3: Outline/Annotated Bibliography (OUTBIB) Create a formal, detailed outline of your paper. “A formal outline can help writers refine ideas in the prewriting process by organizing..
Its a take home test Ill send you the test It ll be quick.
Memorandum Please see the attachment file for the information of the assignment and write Memorandum about one of the three Scenarios. I also attached power point file to see how to do it if you want. Please do not come to me if you do not know how to do it well. Thanks
A path to sustainable Energy by 2030
For this tenth discussion you should read the argument by Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi titled "A Path to Sustainable Energy by 2030" which is on page 500 of the text. Then in your first posted response, you should identify the specific problem that is being discussed and the proposed solution. Do the writers give presence to the problem? Do the writers justify..
self assigment
In this reflection you will explore how you formed your personal identity and what it means to be "you." You will also have the opportunity to explore different identities through interaction and discussion with classmates, coworkers, friends, etc. Submit a 750-1000 word reflection on this identity exploration and how diversity impacts communities and..
i have to write 2 journals. Noth have to be 250 words. the first one Write a 250 word journal just on the causes of happiness in your life.  Do not discuss effects, that is the next journal. the second :3. Write a 250 word journal  just on the effects of happiness in your life. so to do these 2 there is an youtube video 2 minutes length it can tells you exactly the idea :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBi-erdArIY&feature=youtu.be..
Nature of Women: No more Gender Stratification!
I have to write a 3 page precis about Tony Howard's "Women as hamlet" I already did the introduction but apparently by bodies and conclusion are wrong and filled with incomplete sentences. I want a writer to improvise only the body and conclusion and leave the introduction, making it sound better than it was before. I want a writer who can fix my sentences by improvising..
Read the PDF file "Improving Patient Safety Through Provider Communication Strategy Enhancements"
My blog homework is "After Reading" Improving Patient Care Through Provider Communication Strategy Enhancements, "post a 300-word response to the study, which was presented in the PDF file (linked under topic" Culture of Communication "in the Course Outline section). The response should include at least one direct quote (cited in APA format). The response..
The Negative Effects on Middle Eastern Minorities Post Trump's Presidency
**I need a Annotated Bibliography** - at least5 sources VERY closely related to the topic given above. ( try to have at least 2 articles, and the websites should be .org or.gov or .edu -The citation first ( in the latest MLA Format), followed by a 150-250 word annotation Annotation should include: First: overview of the piece, the main idea second: what appeal the..
What do you think about the experience of taking the test and seeing your summary results? Investigate at least one career carefully, using the tabs to find out as much about it as you can. Continue your reflection. What interests you about job? What do you think about the education requirement? What would be the downsides of this career? Do you think it might be..
Young Goodman Brown By Nathaniel Hawthorne
Developing ideas from free-writing and supporting them with quotes.Write 500 words in which you discuss the authors message and use two quotes to support your answer.
“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”? Joyce Carol Oates
Developing ideas from free-writing and supporting them with quotes.Write 500 words in which you discuss the authors message and use two quotes to support your answer.
I need educator oe ESL teacher to work in this assignment
I am looking for professional writer and searcher to work here covering each part of questions with scientific steps and educational theories
3 assigments
have 3 assignments to complete. deadline 19.3.2017 ( malaysia time and date ) can nego ..
The story of an Hour Thoughts By Kate Chopin
Write 500 words in which you discuss the authors message and use two quotes to support your answer.
Employee Manual
Employee Orientation Procedural Manual Length: 4-5 pages Due: Tuesday 3/21 For this assignment, you will write up employee guidelines and procedures for a company familiar to you to be used in an orientation manual. Company manuals, distributed to all new employees, help to orient new workers, while also protecting the company. The company manual outlines..
pass a plagiarism certification test
watch the plagiarism tutorial and pass the certification test. send me the certificate and that is it. you can skip the tutorial and take the test if you want. 10 questions in total, needs to answer 9 questions correctly to pass. all multiple choices and you can keep trying if you don't pass. must read the attachment!..
editing exercise
just read the attached file i'm driving and i need to submit it in an hour or so but it should be a easy job identify and fix the 6 mistakes.
climate change
No. 2: Argumentative speech Imagine that you are going to participate in a debate on national TV. The debate is about environmental issues and you have prepared a short speech on the following topic: • Recent reports show that it requires international cooperation to lower average temperatures on earth. But how far should we go in order to save the planet? Should..
Rhetorical Analysis of an Article
Use the handouts provided and your textbook to write your first rhetorical analysis. Follow the structure outlined on the handout. Your essay should be a minimum of 2 pages and follow MLA format (points deducted if incorrect). Turn your essay in to turnitin.com by 9 p.m. on February 15, 2016.
climate change
No. 2: Argumentative speech Imagine that you are going to participate in a debate on national TV. The debate is about environmental issues and you have prepared a short speech on the following topic: • Recent reports show that it requires international cooperation to lower average temperatures on earth. But how far should we go in order to save the planet? Should..
michael Jackson
The Instructions are attached. The "Malala the Martyr " is an example of the commemorative Speech assigment.
Immigrants: America’s Advantage”
For this ninth discussion you should read the argument by Lee Habeeb and Mike Leven ttitled "Immigration: America's Advantage" which is on page 469 of the text. Then in your first posted response, you should identify the three categories into which Habeeb and Leven place immigrants. Do you agree with the criteria used to form those categories? Have Habeeb and..
Inequalities and Acceptance Differences in Generations
This is a synthesis paper. Also, works cited page, please.
Draft of Informative Handout
ASSIGNMENT: DRAFT OF INFORMATIVE HANDOUT For this part of the project, you will create an informative handout for your non-profit organization. Often, technical writers are asked to break down information for non-professionals in manageable, focused pieces. You are to create a one-page handout that uses visual cues, rather than lots of text, to convey information..
A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor
Write 500 words in which you discuss the author's message and use two quotes to support your answers.
resisting the assignment
https://riederswc.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/resisting.pdf write a paragraph in which you pick one choice the author makes. It could be to write in a certain tone, to appeal to emotions, to include statistics and facts, etc. Write about how one or two of our authors (Alexie, X, Yoder) use the strategy. How do they use it? What effect does it have? Is it an interesting,..
Discuss the dramatic, thematic significance of the opening scene in Act I, Scene 1 of hamlet
just need 250 words
Analyzes the writers guidelines in the journal
Analyzes the language use in the writers guidelines. what is privileged? How do they expect you to cite our works? What is left out? You can learn a lot by looking for what is missing ,this reveals the things that are not important to the journal i.e if the journal does not give an example of how to cite a website ,you can infer that they do not accept websites as valid..
answer the ask
answer the question in the task file, I will upload all other files because you need them to answer the question in the task paper. the answer should be in bullet point or max three sentences per each answer
rebuttal proofreading
i need this paper to be checked for grammar and punctuation
trip to south africa
i need it to be done by today if you cant do not bid on it i want you to add that we visited boulder beach in Cape Town and we seen the penguins .... we also took pictures of the sunset in the beach it was great view also i want you to add story that the 13 years girl lost in the zoo and add some details on that.....also we went to table mountain in cape town and add details on that..
Rhetorical Analysis
Directions: Write a rhetorical analysis of just your primary source that includes: 1. Provide a summary of the source following the summary guidelinesPreview the documentView in a new window. (This same summary can go in your essay!) 2. Small transition paragraph that introduces the rhetorical analysis. (See the example posted in this week's module) 3. Rhetorical..
reading response
write a double-spaced (at least) one page response to the selected question. Make sure you choose a question that you can write at least a page about. It is fine if, having answered the exact question, you elaborate by transitioning to broader themes within or beyond the text. The criteria for these responses are: adequacy/correctness of the answer; conveying..
write email And letter
i will upload the task and each task should be in a separate page
I need it in 3 hours. just 5-6 lines for each proverb, 1 page
website analysis
use the Internet for research or other information gathering or 2) design web pages for ourselves (whether for personal or professional use). Therefore, it makes perfect sense for us to study them, using rhetoric as a background! see attachment
I need someone to answers 8 questions in 3 hours. It is in the file
Analysis Paper. Construct a 2–3 page analysis of Mike Davis’s “The Case for Letting Malibu Burn.” Be sure to identify all compositional structures and rhetorical components. Also be sure to cite the author’s work, which can be found at http://la.indymedia.org/news/2007/10/208946.php (Links to an external site.). Use quotes as needed. MUST BE BASED ON THE..
History of the English Language: Writing Assignment #4
Part A of the assignment focuses on Baugh and Cable, Chapters 5 and 7. Part B of the assignment requires that you watch a video titled “The Adventure of English: Episode 2, English Goes Underground,” accessible from the course D2L web page, or from youtube.com. A. Baugh and Cable, Chapter 5, “The Norman Conquest and the Subjection of English, 1066-1200” 1. How..
Second Critique and Analysis
Hi, my critique and analysis is based on advertising. Writing an essay of 1,000 words about a certain commercial and writing about what is analyzed. One of the commercials that caught my attention is https://youtu.be/iMWzX0RC7f4 if you have any other commercial in mind ler me know thank you. and which includes below; 1)Text is summarized in 1­2 paragraphs with..
Reading response
One page reading response not a summary MLA format.
English Homework
After reading the Quinlan essay in pg. 69-71, answer the following questions. 1. Give 2-4 examples of effective description that the author uses. 2. What do you think is the message/theme of the story? Explain what parts of the story give you the message. This is beyond just what the story is about, but includes a lesson or idea that the reader can learn from the story...
Peer feedback
Once you have posted you rough draft of your resume and autobiography, you will be assigned the drafts of two of your peers to review. Timely and thoughtful completion of the requirements below will count toward 10% of your final project grade. Your comments should be at least 200 words each for each of the two peers you choose, so comments like "good job" won't get..
holocaust ghettos
I haven't created any specific guidelines but encourage you to structure your reaction paper by first describing the topic you've chosen to focus on and why, followed by what has been covered in class that interests you about that topic. Forgive such a long sentence. I'm looking for your personal reaction/interpretation to the materials...
Analysis Paper
Analysis Paper **5 -7 pages plus Works Cited English Education Majors: Add an Appendix (see below) The purpose of Essay 1 is to investigate the critical possibilities of young adult literature. To that end, you will be connecting three key concepts: 1. adolescent identity formation, 2. critical literacy, and 3.social justice. A major requirement of this essay..
JFK killed Marilyn Monroe
This is an Argument paper. Topic is exploratory/informative. It's going to be more fact driven, what facts i have, how i use them, and predict counterarguments. It's going to be a conspiracy theory based paper on convincing my audience JFK did kill marilyn monroe. Provide facts from the internet, and 4+ works cited. stay on topic. MLA format, Dbl spaced, No added..
Consequences of Capitalism
combine all three of these essays following the guidelines posted
chapter 11 summary
Journal - Comparison & Contrast Student Essay Summaries Hello all, Please read chapter 11 (Comparison and Contrast Essay), and summarize the Point by Point and Block student essays. Upload your summaries by tomorrow at 11:59 pm so that you can receive credit. Best, DB
This is a homework!!! After reading the Fereydooni essay in Transitions pg. 65-71, answer the following questions There are 2 questions 1. Give 2-4 examples of effective description that the author uses. 2. What do you think is the message/theme of the story? Explain what parts of the story give you the message. This is beyond just what the story is about, but includes..
Romeo and Juliet
I need to write a letter, character voicing your concern, opinion and point-of-view. You will back up your claims with 3 quotes from the play. NOTE: The quotes should be from the book but the letter shouldn't be from the internet. 1 or 2 Pages only.
All what i sent to you
t III: The first draft of your comparative essay is due on March 14, 2017. Please note: the earlier in you submit this first draft, the sooner you will have your feedback to move on to the revisions for the next assignment! Assessment IV: The second draft of your comparative essay is due on March 21, 2017. Assessment V: The first draft of your illustrative essay is..
Good morning vietnam analysis
Watch good morning vietnam and type one full page double spaced film review. You must discuss how the film inaccurately reflects the events in vietnam. You must also provide an answer to whether or not it is a true war story according to O'Brian and why or why not. This must include a minimum of three quotes from O'brians "how to tell a true war story" pages 61-81..
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Write a composition using the topic listed below. Your composition needs to be three paragraphs long. It must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Explain why a certain sport is your favorite.
Audre Lorde Reading
Poetry is most effective when it is read out loud. I invite you to listen to the poet Audre Lorde reading her own poetry: https://www.loc.gov/item/91740794 (Links to an external site.). You must listen for the entire 50 minute of this recording and then respond to the following questions: 1. Who is Audre Lorde and why is her poetry significant? (150 words) 2. What..
final research project
This is the beginning of a final project and will follow is the actual project.
Discussion #7: The Tethered Generation
For this Seventh discussion you need to first read Kathryn Tyler's argument titled "The Tethered Generation" which is on page 478 of the text. Then choose one aspect of her argument to refute. You might want to refute her warrant. Maybe you want to refute her claim. Or maybe you want to refute her reason for believing the claim is true. That choice is up to you; however,..
emotional intelligence
The essay is going to describe and analyzes my emotional intelligence. And use ideas from articles. I do have comments from prof. Please add some quotes from the article and revise this essay. And I also need a title. (two articles is on website) http://mindsetonline.com/whatisit/about/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbradberry/2014/01/09/emotional-intelligence/#459e40d43ecb..
This is two different 300 word post. Please read the attached file
Second Major Project: Proposal Argument
Please Read the requirements for this proposal Argument Assignment on this file "ENG3010-Second Major Project.docx. I Have posted a "ENG3010-Sample-Student-Proposal-Argument.docx" file as an example of how this student did his Proposal Argument. I have also posted Two Assignments that I have already completed about my Discourse Community which is Dentistry..
Cellphones and Empathy: Responsive Writing and Discussion
Read psychologist Sherry Turkle's essay, “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk (Links to an external site.)” in which she discusses the evolution of face-to-face conversations over the years. She argues that this essential human skills has been lost in today’s world because of technology. Write a well-developed response to the following questions and use at least..
Persuasive Letter to stakeholder
This is an english assignment to write a persuasive letter to an organization or elected official concerning anti-bullying program in middle schools and high schools. The following questions would need to be addressed: What would an effective program of this kind look like? What would it need to do on a practical level? What sorts of resistance would it likely..
Summary of articles
Hellwig, Harold Henry. “William Blake’s Jerusalem and the Los Angeles of Film Noir.” Philosophy and Literature, vol. 38, no. 1, 2014, pp. 223–241., doi:10.1353/phl.2014.0008 Summary: 1. Miner, Paul. “William Blake's Creative Scripture.” Literature & Theology: An International Journal of Religion, Theory, and Culture , 27 Mar. 2012. MLA International..
Writing style
choose an appropriate journal in your field of study and analyzes writes guidelines
Creating an FAQ for a Website
Write a one to two (1-2) page FAQ sheet for the intended audience and purpose. On a separate page within the same document, write a paragraph that identifies the intended audience and purpose of the FAQ sheet you have created. (Submit one document in total with both components included.) Your assignment cannot be graded without this analysis. In your document,..
Assignment #1: "Code of Conduct Memo - Draft"
Write a 1-page memo in which you address the situation, emphasizing the violation of the company’s code of conduct. In your document, you should: 1. Ensure the memo is clear and brief. 2. Choose language to match the purpose and tone for the situation and audience. 3. Format the memo accurately and according to the details in the textbook. 4. Create an effective..
Synthesis Literature Review- Going Paperless in the Office
Please see attached instructions and sample essay to assist with format. This paper is a synthesis literature review of seven scholarly articles on going paperless in an office/workplace.
Tool Creation Directions and Usability Test Memo
There are two final tasks for Level 2 that you must complete. The first task asks you to come up with a tool, made of everyday household items. The purpose of this tool is to offer a more ergonomic experience for students who often stress and strain their bodies when writing papers: looking down at sources, looking back to the computer screen to type, etc. Then, your..
Plagiarism Quiz
Each question has two answers, and you are graded on each: 1. Yes it IS plagiarism or NO it is NOT plagiarism. 2. Explain WHY. Defend your answer. Please do so in complete sentences using correct spelling and punctuation. Don't be vague.
Write a 250 words process paragraph
Process paragraph 250 words on one of the topics attached in the word doc. Deadline is Feb 14th
2 paragraph summary
There is two reading and I need summary for each reading. It means I should be total 2 summaries. Information about summary 1. Audience for summary: hasn't read the reading yet 2. do not add and interpret anything about reading. 3. do not write support detail. 4. include main idea. Format of summary 1. topic sentence: title of the reading and author. 2. same order..
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