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Signature Assignment: Analyze a Fictitious Statistical Study
Instructions Carefully review the information provided below about the fictitious study, then address each assignment requirement. Scenario: You are the new director of institutional research at a small state university, and you have been assigned the task of analyzing information for the dean of the School of Education regarding the performance of their..
Engaging Students with Listening, Speaking, and Writing
ngaging students in listening and speaking activities can include debates, discussions, presentations, and persuasive writing. All of these components are crucial to expanding students’ growth in communication skills. Part 1: Listening, Speaking and Writing Activities Use the “Listening, Speaking, and Writing Activities” template and “Class Profile”..
Creating Promotional Communications for Child Center
Creating Promotional Communications Congratulations! You are just a few short months away from your grand opening and want to share information about your facility within your community. The task of marketing is essential for obtaining the necessary enrollment to run the program. Effective marketing considers knowledge of the competition as well as developing..
Child-Centered Classroom Assessment and Interview Form & Reflection
Application: Child-Centered Curriculum: Program Perspective The ability to create and maintain effective early childhood education programs that support and engage every child requires knowledge of individual children;knowledge of quality environmental design and strategies; and the ability to ensure that children relate to, engage in, and benefit..
Developing Positive Family Collaborative Experiences
You are a beginning teacher in the preschool classroom at the local Elementary School. The principal assigned you to work with the Social Worker to focus on building positive relations between professionals and the families. Develop a news journal to support this endeavor. Discuss key components of family-professional collaboration and strategies to ensure..
Application: Advocating for Child-Centered Curriculum and Pay: Write a letter to the editor
For your Application Assignment this week, review the Geist and Baum (2005) article located in your Learning Resources. Imagine for a moment that the issues reflected in the article are similar to many that exist within your own community, where letters to the editor advocating for increased academic programming and decreased play opportunities for young..
Technology articles' summary and its implications for education
Five articles. Each of these readings should be reflected in a reaction paper of no more than four pages in length and should include a summary of the article and application for meaningful classroom use. looking up 5 articles that have to do with education or technology, summarize the article and its implications for education...
Organizational Issue Story - Creating the Narrative
Create a narrative that tells a compelling story of your organizational issue, including proposed next steps for further action and investigation, and your reflections on the process. Or if you are uncertain which course of action to take, conclude your story by presenting the dilemma and suggesting potential courses of action, and evaluate the pros and cons..
Discussion Post - Immigration practitioner Canada
Secondary Discussion Posts should be well-structured, properly written, critical analysis of at least two peer's Primary Posts. In addition to it, students should develop peers’ ideas, add constructive comments on peers’ Primary Posts, and write between 300 and 500 words. Secondary Posts should include at least two references. Please do not write “I agree”..
Engaging Families and the Community in Early Childhood Learning
irections This assignment contains 2 parts. Both parts must be completed as a requirement of this assignment. Create a 2 page newsletter for parents/guardians of your preschool classroom. In the first part, you will welcome them to your class and invite them to become part of the learning experience. You may create special events or simply identify opportunities..
Promoting Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Imagine you are a teacher in a preschool or childcare setting working with children 3 to 5 years old. You want to promote growth in each of the developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. Using the Assignment 3: Promoting Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice Template, choose five (5) activities for each domain, identify..
Broadening the Notion of Participation in Online Discussions: Examining Patterns in Learners’ Online Listening
Write a 250-500 word summary of the "Broadening the Notion of Participation in Online Discussions: Examining Patterns in Learners’ Online Listening Behaviors" article. Include a discussion of the research problem, questions, methods, findings, and implications discussed by the authors. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the..
Benchmark - Social Studies and the Arts Integrated Unit Plan
Throughout this course, you have had the opportunity to research and implement a learning activity that is cross-curricular with social studies and the arts, along with appropriate instructional strategies, questioning strategies, and differentiation. Part 1: Social Studies Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will plan a weeklong unit using the “Social..
Lesson Objective and Steps-to-Success for a topic of Transformation and Area and Perimeter
Need help in creating a lesson objective and steps to success based on the mathematics topic and the lesson outcome. The lesson outcome will be in the scheme of work and will be posted after the writer have been set. Lesson objectives and steps to success must be as simple as possible because the L.O and S2S will be given to students. The students will be from grade..
Lesson Plan using technology in Mathematics Education for Grade 7 and Grade 8 for the topic Area and Perimeter
Creating a whole Lesson Plan with the given template for a mathematics lesson in Area and Perimeter. This focus is more into Secondary School Syllabus The syllabus and the assignment requirements will be uploaded when the writer is hired. Will talk more on this with the writer
Creating an interview and questionnaire questions for Thesis
Would like to hire someone to create an interview questions and questionnaires that is suitable for middle school/secondary students. Attached with this order is the updated thesis proposal and I have made few interview questions which are still tentative - Page 18 and Questionnaires - Page 19 If you have adapted to any articles or journal's interview questions..
The Impact of Specific Language Impairment on Teaching and Learning, and how to mitigate it.
Critically evaluate the current understandings of specific language impairment from national and international perspectives. Draw upon the evidence considers how these needs are likely to impact upon learning and teaching. Illustrate by practical examples from your own experience
Confronting Colonial Blindness in Citizenship Education- Reaction Paper
Each entry should include the following: Title – Use the full citation of the reading (in APA format) Summary – Provide a summary of key points and note any details, key concepts/terms, etc. which particularly struck you.( 550 words) Analysis – Your analysis of and reaction to the reading. Did you agree or disagree with the author? Why? What new insights did you..
Annotate 8 articles related to Action Research proposal.
My action research topic is - Culturally responsive teaching and how does the culture impact students behavior in the classroom. Annotate eight articles related to your Action Research proposal. Reminder, follow APA rules for your annotations. Be certain to title your Annotations as follows: RESEARCH PROPOSAL TITLE Begin Annotations following APA guidelines...
The majors education passed during the tenure of former and current U.S. Secretaries of Education
The majors education passed during the tenure of the following former and current U.S. Secretaries of Education: a. Margaret Spellings b. Rod Paige c. Arne Duncan d. Betsy Devos After a thorough research: • identify major legislation passed and implemented during the Secretary’s tenure; • provide a summary of the law that includes the major points of..
Literature-Based and Authentic Social Studies Lessons
To start the assignment we all need to come up with 5 resources and list the information with them as the assignment descirbes. We are in agreance with kindergarten as grade level and I suggest we pick civics becasue it is a huge subject with lots of fun options. Concept 1: Foundations of Government PO 1. Recognize national symbols and monuments that represent American..
Issues, Trends, and Limitations Chart or Matrix and Analysis
Use the Internet to research the following: At least three current trends and/or issues in education At least two advantages associated with school choice At least two limitations associated with school choice Create a chart or matrix to display your findings. Write a 260- to 350-word analysis that addresses the following questions: How do you plan to effectively..
critical analysis of at least three peers' Primary Posts
should be well structured, properly written, critical analysis of at least three peers' Primary Posts. Students should develop peers’ ideas, add constructive comments on peers’ Primary Posts, and write between 300 and 500 words. Secondary Posts should include at least two references. Please do not write “I agree” or “I disagree” or "The post is well written,..
Diploma in Education & Training.Interpret Research Reports & Articles.
These are Level 7 papers- Diploma in Education these are the assignments- Assignment 2 due on next week – 4/5, Assignment 3 due on the 20/5 – assignment 3 is a follow on from assignment 2- read the question so you would understand. This is about Interpret Research Reports and Articles; Evaluate and Interpret Research Reports in Education. This is US 9189. I will..
The over-representation of black males in urban districts in special at
Just type the two PDF files in order in to word. No proof reading or corrections needed! All it has to be is typed in no editing or rechecking about 10 or less pages together a lot of it is just article reviews. If it works out I will take my report and see if I can edited for a thesis proposal that would follow by my thesis. There is a chance of a long term commit that would go..
Audit of Practicum in Teacher Education in Australian Universities
I would like a summary developed of how professional experience is undertaken in Early Childhood Teacher Education in Australian Universities. This could be done as a table outlining the institution, the days completed per year level and the setting and the type of support offered to students.
Curriculum Design Requirements and Challenges of the Learning Society Approach
reflection about book call kidwatching by gretchen owocki. need you to have the book!!!
Each reflection should be 2-3 typed pages and include the following: a brief summary of the reading(s), an intellectual reaction to the reading(s), that is, conceptual connections between the readings and your own experiences or knowledge base, unanswered questions you may have, and finally, implications of what you have learned for pedagogy, policy and..
Compare and contrast one Indigenous way of knowing with one Western or Eastern learning preference paradigm
Compare and contrast one Indigenous way of knowing with one Western or Eastern learning preference paradigm. Overall, what are differences and what are similarities? Use outside sources to augment your discussion.Please create an entry of 400 words or more. also need apa references At least 3
rubric for emerging reading skills in 1st grade students
Design a developmental rubric for emerging reading skills in 1st grade students. Find objectives for beginning readers to develop the characteristics for different stages of development. Use the Florida Standards for 1st grade to find the reading curriculum objectives. List five characteristics of the beginning reader for the categories of pre-reader,..
Task 2 Facilitating learning through effective teaching (35%)
Note: Refer below for details of the tasks. I have 2 QAT Observation from my Mentor. This Task will talk about my improvement of teaching. First QAT I got 46D and the second QAT I got 55C.Meaning to say i have improve my teaching. 1. The mentor will observe your teaching to provide formative feedback for your reflective practice. 2. Submit your lesson plan together..
Case study of a teacher ( Understanding the principles of learning and teaching)
Note: Refer below for details of the tasks. Assignment 1 Understanding the principles of learning and teaching (30%) Students (Novice Teachers) are required to observe an experienced teacher teaching and accompanied by student’s mentor. 1. Discuss with the mentor the important features of an effective lesson. 2. Submit (a) Novice Teacher Observation Form..
Reflection Paper of my lesson plan (in an attach file)
Reflect on your lesson in the field and write and a 3 paragraph reflection(1 page),(no double space) .In your essay, evaluate what went well during your lesson and what you would like to have changed. As you reflect on your experience this week, write a narrative essay and answer the following questions: 1. Were you prepared for your lesson? Fully explain your..
Multicultural Curriculum Design (Final Analysis) Assignment
I need this assignment by 8 am May 1st Items need 2 page report Plus powerpoint including everything I should say in the video I already have selected a a topic and I have an outline! Look at the lesson plan to help you type the 2 page paper Its 2 page report plus I would need you to do a Powerpoint because I have to make a video explaining everything like how I made changes..
recreate a strongest school and community connection
Share your thoughts about how to create a strongest school and community connection. Include thoughts on: How to help schools work with the community intiatives Finding Partners Involve parents and students
animation creation
create a animation movie 2-3 min based on my script
School appeal
I need strong appeal letter to school to make sure that we will get place.the letter must include why we need this school,what is our academic score,medical evidence to showing why we can't go to the different schools which borough gave us as experience of previous bullying.So that all 3 factors must be included together and write good strong letter.If I like this..
reflection Tasks
ePortfolio Items This portfolio task involves evidence of engagement with pre-class resources including text, audio, video through detailed responses and reflections on class activities and learning. These reflections will include relevant artefacts (images, links, photographs etc…) and involve connections to resources. Critical reflection of..
Ethical Dilemma
100 words to the ethical dilemma support your response with evidence An airline pilot goes to his regular medical checkup. The doctor discovers that he has developed a heart murmur. The pilot only has a month to go before he is eligible for retirement. The doctor knows this and wonders whether, under these unusual circumstances, she is justified in withholding..
understanding about the NAEYC code of ethics.
Write a summary of your understanding of the most critical points in the NAEYC code of ethics.
Discuss the complementary procedures of reinforcing incompatible behaviors (attending to desirable behaviors to “crowd out” the undesirable) in terms of why these are more effective than punishment.
environmental design
Share your thoughts from the content you reviewed and the NAEYC statement you read to in 4.1. Appropriate Spaces. SubUnit 4.1 Designing Your Classroom NAEYC s Professional Preparation Standards have described how early childhood professionals promote learning and development by designing learning environments. The environment should be healthy, respectful,..
When was the first law passed that give rights to children with specials needs and what was it name? up until this point, children with disabilities did not attend school and many did not live at home. What was going on polotiaclly at this time that allowed legislation like to pass? Which law allowed for children younger than school age to receive assisstences and..
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Discuss and elaborate through examples this statement taken from the introduction to the chapter: “All children have basic needs and all children have special needs.”
Collaboration Leadership
The collaboration Leadership on Child Health Risk is a start of the paper. The topic is CHILD HEALTH RISK. The collaborator is the director of the center. Make sure you give their role in this project. Their has to be 10 participants.
Teaching Strategies
The document provides four scenarios regarding second language acquisition for English Language Learners. After reading each scenario, do the following: Evaluate each scenario. Determine what development stage of second language acquisition is represented and provide the rationale for your choice. Describe teaching strategies that can be used to support..
Fill in the forms
Fill in the forms for Critical Synopsis based from the reading of 2 materials 1. Malaysia Education Policy 2. UK Academic Secondary School book
Effective Programs and Practices: Putting It All Together
This week you will complete a paper about effective and quality programs. The instructions are very specific. You should address each point in the instructions with at least one paragraph. Remember to write introductory and concluding paragraphs. The paper should be written in APA style with a title page, in-text citations and references. I..
descussing case study commentaries and policies in education
answer questions in page 217 from of educator view. analyzing the commentaries and choose the best solutions with quotes from anyone has a good view and thought and answer the questions from 1-5 in two pages. I like personal suggestions and the best way of dealing with this situation also how to make decisions about this case...
Perception of anti-bias curriculum
Write about your perception of anti-bias curriculum (250 - 450 words) Be sure to cover the guiding questions below: What is your understanding of Anti-bias curriculum How could it be taught? What is your comfort level with a curriculum like this? Concerns / Confidences with this approach How could this support or hinder NAEYCs position statement on respecting..
Seeing the whole child
From your readings and review of SubUnit 3.1 you will create a brief PPT that defines the key components of Whole Child Theory and conclude with a visual model slide that demonstrates how the components are seperate but yet intertwined. Include the PPT as an attachment.
Read the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) 2003 position statement on early childhood curriculum, assessment, and program evaluation, available at http://www.naeyc.org/files/naeyc/file/positions/pscape.pdf. Write about your reactions and real-life experiences that may contradict the position statement...
Midterm Paper (100 points) Read a chapter of interest from  the  Courageous Leadership in Early Childhood Education text . Based on your chosen chapter, develop a 2-4 page paper and specifically discuss the following: 1.What is your understanding   of social justice 2. How social justice was was advocated in the chapter that you chose? 3. What type of advocacy..
Discuss one example of a current and critical issue in higher education today. Cite at least two recent articles (academic journal articles, the Chronicle - avoid non-academic sources) and provide references for the sources in APA style. At least 250 words (about a 1/2 page or 2-3 paragraphs) and no more than 650 (about 1.5 pages)...
Suspected Abuse Reporting
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapter 8 of the textbook and read the following: Implementing a Collaborative Support Model for Educators Reporting Child Maltreatment Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect (Links to an external site.) State Statutes Search (Links to an external site.) As an early childhood education professional, you..
Reading Summary and Reflection ppt
I have 3 readings that need to be summarized in ppt. Each reading needs about 8 slides+ 1 slide for reflective questions for the audience (minimum 3 questions for each reading, total questions will be minimum 9 for all readings). Total slides for all will be approximately 25 slides.
Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read in your course text Chapter 8, Safety and the Physical Environment, to learn about safety features for both indoor and outdoor areas for children. Also, be sure to have retrieved your randomly assigned image of an environmental area of a preschool from the Indoor and Outdoor Environments Image Bank quiz. In the..
Response paper
Response Paper It is essential that: first (1) you provide a solid informed response to the question posed; secondly (2), that you base your discussion, and analysis on refereed sources (e.g., course content/readings; journal articles). The purpose of the analysis is to generate informed thought and reflection around the specific arguments and issues as..
Bulletin Board Project
Each newsletter should include a specific age group between Infancy and 3rd Grade. My month is June. You must incorporate a theme and activities for this month
Dietary Considerations Action Plan
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read in your course text Chapter 4, Menu Planning, and Trevor’s Enrollment Form. You have just discovered that Trevor, a 7-year-old boy in your after-school program, has a severe food allergy. For this discussion, you will explain what you would do before menu planning to ensure Trevor’s safety. You will also offer..
The Anatomy of Inequality: How the Opportunity Gap is Constructed
Share your response to each of the major building blocks of unequal and inadequate educational outcomes in the United States. Describe your understanding of the central/dominate issue(s) and your perception of a clear concise solution (remember funding is not always the first or only answer). 3. Inadequate systems for providing high-quality teachers and..
Is early academic training superior to the more traditional, hands-on model of early education?
I need to do "for". Have to say yes.
Confirm Qualitative Research Design Is Appropriate to Research Focus
nstructions Based on the results of Week 1—Assignment 1, and after a review of the Week 1 Resources, you will create a video presentation by using a video capturing tool located in NCUOne. To access the video capturing tool, follow the tutorial found in your Books and Resources for this Week. You will explain your selection of a qualitative research design appropriate..
Wax Museum Assessment
Creating formative and summative assessments for your assignments is an essential part of guiding instruction for learning. Not only are assessments ensuring that learning is taking place, they are checking for mastery of skills taught. In Topic 4, you created a wax museum project for your students. In order to modify, strengthen, and adjust instruction..
How to build rapport and collaboration relation with parents and students
develop 3 pages of personal reflection explaining how to build rapport and collaboration relation with parents and students? why is important?
Wax Museum/Student Expectation Outline
Content-based classroom events can be a fun way to engage students and involve families in their children’s education. Planning for such an event in your classroom is a big task and takes time and preparation. Preparing for assignments and events requires attention to detail, realistic and specific expectations, and practice. Part 1: Outline Select a grade..
Create an Executive Summary
Instructions You have had the opportunity to explore issues related to financial aid assistance for students in higher education and how this impacts enrollment management functions. With this information and other experiences you have had both within and outside of this course, you will now prepare an executive summary, acting in a hypothetical enrollment..
Part 8: Marketing Your Program
Course Project: Building Your Early Childhood Program Part 8: Marketing Plan This week you complete the final part of your Course Project by responding to the following scenario: Your Advisory Board has requested that you, as the director of your program, provide a marketing plan consisting of at least two marketing goals, a summary of the unique aspects of..
Wax Museum Assessment
Creating formative and summative assessments for your assignments is an essential part of guiding instruction for learning. Not only are assessments ensuring that learning is taking place, they are checking for mastery of skills taught. In Topic 4, you created a wax museum project for your students. In order to modify, strengthen, and adjust instruction..
Benchmark - Social Studies and the Arts Integrated Unit Plan
Throughout this course, you have had the opportunity to research and implement a learning activity that is cross-curricular with social studies and the arts, along with appropriate instructional strategies, questioning strategies, and differentiation. Part 1: Social Studies Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will plan a weeklong unit using the “Social..
Social Studies Differentiation Plan
Differentiation and modifications are an important component of preparing lesson plans that utilize strategies and resources aimed at identified student learning goals. It guides the teacher in creating differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students. Part 1: Template For this assignment, use the lesson plan information you have..
Questioning Strategies
In order to engage students in instruction that integrates social studies and the arts, teachers need to use a variety of questioning strategies. Questioning engages students’ depth of knowledge and promotes problem-solving and higher-order thinking. Part 1: Questioning Strategies In Topic 1, you researched instructional strategies that support a learning..
Integrating Social Studies and the Arts
The integrated study of content areas allows for the engagement of students through the purposeful application of content knowledge. Social studies is a content area that can be effectively integrated with multiple aspects of the arts, including visual arts, drama, and performance. Teachers can design meaningful learning experiences that are cross-curricular..
Course Project: Building Your Early Childhood Program Part 5: Quality Environments
Course Project: Building Your Early Childhood Program Part 5: Quality Environments For your Course Project this week, you will observe in an early childhood setting and then write up your observation according to the directions below. Before Your Observation Read through the entire Assignment, so that you will be prepared to meet the requirements before,..
Education theory classroom management
Education theory classroom management For this task, choose from the following two scenarios based on the grade level you desire to teach. You will demonstrate your knowledge of how to create an emotionally safe environment with classroom management and how to intervene using instruction and technology. Apply this knowledge to the grade level you desire..
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