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Discuss the use of Java decision statements versus repetition statements in Java.
Discuss the use of Java decision statements versus repetition statements in Java. Provide real-world examples of their use in program development. (200+ words) and include at least TWO references/citations. Please follow up with two subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a relevant paragraph containing 50 words or more...
OCTAVE MS Risk Management Approach / and project review
FIRST PART OCTAVE MS Risk Management Approach Provide a comparison of the OCTAVE Method of Risk Management to the Microsoft Risk Management Approach. Include which, in your opinion, provides a better framework to manage risk, but support your opinion with vetted references other than the course textbook. Prepare a 500- 600 to -word paper that fully discusses..
Introducing to cryptography and information security
I have an assignment which i have to read from the article and answer the question, i did answer the question in 6 page as the instruction but I need to fix the grammar and make it look good and not matching the article, I have attached the instruction of the assiment and my paper
Information Security Management and Information Technology Project Management
Topic 1: Information Systems Development One page Details: Think about systems you currently utilized or have utilized in the past that were deployed to the enterprise, Discuss the similarities or opportunities for improvement based on this weeks readings (Project Portfolio Management and Agile Project Management). What approach do you think may be the..
Improving database design through the analysis of relationships
Much of the work on conceptual modeling of databases involves the use of an entity-relationship model in which binary relationships appear as associations between two entities. Relationships involving more than two entities are considered rare and, therefore, have not received adequate attention. Uniform treatment of relationships should ease the burden..
Weekly “stand-up” meetings to increase communication and shared knowledge about an ongoing project.
1. Use simple sentences and structures. 2. Use IT related project meeting examples. 3. Don't rewrite web sources/research papers/articles. 4. Use Citations. Discussion Topic: Discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of having a stand-up meeting on a regular basis. If you do not see any advantages or disadvantages, please briefly state this and..
I need improvements, proofreading and editing to my motivation letter for a Master in Computer Science.
I have a single page motivation letter that I'll use it as a template to apply to multiple Master programs in CS. What exactly I need : 1) Coherence : connection between paragraphs, and also within the paragraph itself. 2) Maybe punctuation and letter cases! 3) In some places I'm having hard time conveying what I want. 4) I'm not a fluent speaker, so an overall review..
In one hours time please or less i need you kindly Complete labs 2-5 using Visual Logic in which you:
Submit the .vls file you create in Visual Logic as well as a screenshot of the output. For full credit, the program must function correctly, produce the correct answer, and be logically succinct. Write a short answer (four to five [4-5] sentences) in the comment text box located with the assignment submission link to the following: A summary of the technical experiences..
Microsoft 365 Access ( use attached data file to complete each task) ONLY BID IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS PC AND MICROSOFT OFFICE)
You will open an original database file and save the database with a new name, replace an existing author’s name with your name, create a table, create table relationships, sort, and apply a filter by selection. a. Open the a01c1Books file and save the database as a01c1Books_LastFirst. b. Create a new table in Design view. Save the table as Publishers. Change..
Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System
Supporting Material: Learning Team Collaboration - Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System Instructions: Write a 350- to 700-word memo, individually, based on your Week Five Learning Team Collaborative discussion, with your recommendations to the IT Steering Committee. Include the following content in your memo: Use the ideas you have..
APA-formatted reference and literature review matrix
Topic: Merging the generation gap in technology between millennial's and the elderly. Create an APA-formatted reference list of seven scholarly articles that could support it and get feedback from your Instructor on your choice of articles. Next week, you will complete a literature review matrix that helps you organize the information in the seven articles...
security on wireless networks. I need project report and ppt presentation
Please read file attached to this file we are dealing with VANET(vehicular adhoc network) which is one of the type of networks in wireless network. the main aim of the project is to address an application in VANET which is location tracking in vehicles. location tracking is nothing but tracking the location of the vehicle. you should address a problem which occurs..
The Security Life Cycle Model is a process that helps in maintaining an acceptable
First Question: The Security Life Cycle Model is a process that helps in maintaining an acceptable level of security in industrial controls systems and networks. The model begins with deterrence and ends with correction. In your own words, describe this process while incorporating an example (e.g., of how to deter XX and how to prevent XX and so on through the..
recommendation letter
There are three recommendation letters. 1) one is from my research advisor when I pursue Master degree in BUT; One page is ok. 2) one is from the department manager when I worked in Siemens. One page is ok. 3) the final one is from the department manager when I worked in Samsung. If one page is not enough since there are many content, 2 page is also ok. Each letter shall..
Discussion#1 Chapter 4: Land, M. O. et al. (2009). Enterprise architecture: Creating value by informed governance. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin, Chapter2: Minoli, D. (2008). Enterprise architecture A to Z: Frameworks, business process modeling, SOA, and infrastructure technology. Auerbach. Provide a top-level in this discussion thread (not..
Planning & Project Selection
You have to write a paper that is 2-3 pages in APA format. It is my Capstone Assignment. I highlighted the topic that goes toward my career field
Google Docs tutorial using Camtasia Software
I need a 3 to 4 minute video using Camtasia software that is on how to use google docs. Must have it by next fri the 24th. Does not have to be narrated but I do need the script etc.
Database Management Systems
I need a 3+ page paper, following the guideline in the document provided. This paper is a reflective paper on a database course previously taken in Germany and needs someone with knowledge about IT or database systems. I need someone with an understanding of IT that can put the learning outcomes into sentences, maybe using some SQL here and there to support the..
Review techniques
Need reflection paper for my file of chapter 3: Review techniques
Part B
there are six exercises. I want your comments on each of the six exercises. I want six separate comments -- each comment can be one or two sentences, a paragraph or many paragraphs -- whatever is necessary to answer show that you understand the exercise and how you can apply what you learned to other situations...
Database Management Systems
I'm trying to get PLA credit for a class previously taken. I need a 3+ page pager that compares the outcomes of my old university's course to the ones of the class I'm trying to get out of... "I heard back from the evaluator and they would like you to write your credit rationale paper and submit it to me for them to review. In this 3+ page paper we will want you to explain..
resume Building
hello, I am interested in someone working on a modern and clean look to rebuild my resume in french! if this is a possibility let me know. the writing is already all done. all I need is the design in a page or word format. Send me an email so I can send ou examples of what Im looking for as well as my other personal resume..
Personal Statement
Current draft needs editing and proofreading along with some changes here in there to help it flow and stand out. Please add to the last paragraph or change it completely to close out with a statement that ties everything together.
Portlandia Skies.
On Your Own 16-1 1. Open the data file Portlandia located in the Chapter 16\On Your Own folder. Save the workbook as Portlandia Skies. 2. In the Documentation worksheet, enter your name in cell B3 and the date in cell B4. 3. In the Weather worksheet, based on the data in the range A4:M8, insert an appropriate chart (such as a column chart, line chart, or bar chart)...
Visual Logic Name Program
The following assignment incorporates the concepts from prior weeks (variables, if-else logic, loops, and arrays), along with this week's topic of file input/output process. Create a Visual Logic® program that will: Create an array of people's first names. Using a loop, read the names from a text (txt) file, and store each one into the array. The array should..
3 Seperate Discussion post
(200+ words) and include at least TWO references/citations. Please follow up with two subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a relevant paragraph containing 50 words or more. see attachment for the 3 separate discussion questions.
Discussion for Week 3
in the Required Discussion for Week 3 doc Listed are three compliance issues. Choose one and discuss how it might affect the information systems at KYLOD. Review the KYLOD Case Study and identify which current or planned system(s) may be affected by your chosen issue. Write a short statement of requirements that could be used to modify the system(s) to address..
2 discussion post 2 student replies min 250 words 2 apa ref and citation! **DISCOUNT ONLY FOR RESPONSE!!
PROMPT 1 - Discussion - Manipulating SQL Databases Using ASP.NET QUESTION: Discuss the use of advanced techniques for working with and without ODBC databases using ASP.NET. Provide a real-word experience in your response. PROMPT 2 In C++ the overloading principle applies not only to functions, but to operators too. That is, operators can be extended to work..
can I please get some assistance with this discussion post and can I also please have two more types of views on this discussion. Can i also please have this by Tuesday midnight eastern time
Cloud Proposal
Cloud Proposal is the preliminary investigation recommendation to an organization to switch IT processes to cloud computing in some form. It can be an organization of your choice or Clubit which is a fictional company depicted in Clubit goes to the Cloud (in the resources). It is due at the end of Week 7. It is 6-8 pages and follows the format of the preliminary investigation..
case study, you will analyze five Google technologies
Instructions: In your final case study, you will analyze five Google technologies that are current under research and development, including the self-driving automobile and four other technologies of your choice. The last chapter of your textbook discusses the search and advertising technologies of Google. While Google is best known for their search and..
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