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Dams are detrimental to tropical forest biodiversity and function
To complete this assignment, you will need to: • Apply the questions on p.78 in PA to your critical analysis • Be sure to answer ALL questions • Quote, paraphrase, and summarize the writer’s key points as you go along—paraphrase and summarize MORE than quoting—use source material sparingly—no more than 3 pieces of source information and no block quotes • Use APA..
Burke's dramatistic pentad (act, scene, agent, agency, purpose)
In this discussion, we will focus on Kenneth Burke's dramatism. For this discussion, you will provide a brief rhetorical criticism, an interpretation of a rhetorical artifact. You will need to use the terms of the dramatistic pentad -- provided in the notes. Search the internet for an image of Grant Wood's painting "The midnight ride of Paul Revere." Using the..
Housewives Perceptions on Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility - Journal
Bachelor degree, Do not use thesis for references, Using 30-40 references, using APA style, Plagiarism should be under 10%, 6,000-8,000 words, using microsoft words, references should be the new one (at least 2009). Only Introduction, Literature Review, Bibliography, Method and Reference. I prefer English native speaker...
Education in prisons is valid and necessary-persuasive speech
Hi, I need the outline (around 4 pages) in specific format as in example below: https://www.cmich.edu/office_provost/AcademicAffairs/CBTC/Documents/SAMPLEOUTLINES.pdf (EXAMPLE OF PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE - starts on page 8) Plus I need a presentation as format of essay- 2 pages, please. Additionally: -Persuasive speech must be subjective, one-sided,..
Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of movie Pretty Women
Analysis Paper Guidelines Introduction (1¶) Think of the introduction you learned in your public speaking(y) class Attention: Engage us in the topic in a loosely creative manner (e.g., “When the nation experiences a tragedy together, as they did when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, the president becomes grief-counselor-in-chief.”) Thesis: Succinctly..
Write an expanded definition with subheadings about Orographic Effect
APA format 100% free plagiarism work cited in different page. Purpose This project develops strategies for adapting technical material for a particular audience by varying style, tone, and content. Audience Your audience is eighth and ninth grade science students at a local junior high. These students are 13–15 years old, with a general education, and little..
1. challenges for health promoters / 2. engagement
Norman shows us several challenges which health promoters need to consider. For example, he indicates that some people may not be able to access the Internet or have insufficient health literacy. For this reflection post, I want you to list challenges health promoters might encounter when they use social media to promote healthcare information. Your post..
reflection report on the course (communication in business) you studied.
i am studying "communication in business". i have to write a reflection report on the course. what i studied in it and how is it affecting to me. have to analyse atleast 2 topics which i studied in it. have to use minimum 4 academic articles to support the reflections and analysis.
Intercultural Interview & Overcoming Intercultural Barriers
Instructions Assignment Files Grading Review the "Cultural Barriers" activity on the MyCommLab student resource page. For this assignment, you will interview someone from a different cultural background than your own or select an individual interview from the MyCommLab Cultural Barriers activity. Compare your cultural experiences with those of the..
Communication Research Methods: Critiquing a research report
• What is the nature of the research topic? What is the research problem (why is it being conducted)? • Does the layout (preliminaries) give a clear indication of the report content? Does the report title reflect the 5 Ws (page 64 of textbook)? • Does the Introduction section clearly layout the objectives and aims of the research? What are the objectives (in own..
Advanced Oral Communications - Situational Analysis Paper
Situational Analysis Paper - related to Communication Theory of Argyris. Attached assignment paper and Argyris communication theories. Answer the quistions in the attached word file. Note: Do not use any source
Reflection: Stephen Fry's The Machine That Made Us
Watch this video: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v18714625RMJnrG8x What do you think about the laborious process of early printing? This was the time saving method... how might this labor and cost of resources effected availability and cost of books? What effect would that have had on people's access and literacy levels. What struck you as the most interesting..
Discussion block
Discussion this statements using your understanding of communication . Is human communication persuasive? In most persuasive situations is charisma or competence more important?
Personal Narrative Assignment
Personal Narrative Assignment Description: Through this self-investigation essay, you will critically assess the formation, understanding, enactment, and performance of your own cultural identity- how your own cultural background has influenced and molded who you are today and your worldview. It is necessary to self-reflect on our own identity characteristics..
How Canada Got Immigration Wrong
Hi, I need an Annotated Bibliography as well as an essay outline.
Persuasive paper about the Vietnam war. MLA FORMAT. ANY TOPIC.
Communication Theory
Select one theorist from chapters 5-35. Do a library search and find at least two journal articles or one book written by this scholar. Read the articles/book and then do two things: 1) Describe the main points of the two articles you read or the book that you read. 2) Compare what you’ve researched to what Griffin says about the author. Did Griffin do an adequate..
Extemporaneous Delivery
provide an example of a speech that was delivered extemporaneously .Use the example to illustrate the pros (there are cons,in this discussion we focus on pros) of extemporaneous delivery .The speech may be viewed on you tube
Skills Summary
Your company's leaders are considering sending you as a representative to a conference with a large international attendance. The leaders want to make sure you handle the task appropriately, so they have asked you to provide them with a summary of your cross-cultural communication knowledge and skills.  Write a 700- to 1,050 word e-mail to leadership. Address..
Disney Movie "Brave" artifact analysis
You will write a single-spaced paper in which you examine the Disney Movie “BRAVE”. You will give a clear description of your artifact answering thoroughly Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. You will then analyze your example employing these 4 concepts: Feminism Gender Roles and Stereotypes The relationship between gender and the media Gender and the family..
Extended Definition Paper for Technical Communications
Just need this done by deadline, if not theres no point. Im gonna provide the previous assignment I handed in about this topic, and basically the professor just wants an "extended definition" of it. I will also attach an example paper he provided to use as a formatting tool for ours. Not hard, just cant think on my own right now. Also providing a screenshot of all details..
Watch video answer the questions
Several things are important when doing a presentation. For example, McCaeveral things are important when doing a presentation. For example, McCarthy and Hatcher (2010) state that both verbal (like intonation, volume and speech rate) and non-verbal (clothing, making gestures, use of the space) are important. With this assignment we focus primarily on..
attachement " fallacies" has direction second attachement "fallacies Emotions Traditions, authority" is what i need to write about, 200 word per fallacy so total of 600 words
Interpersonal Metatheoretical Perspective Paper
In order to better understand the difference between the Behavioral Science and Cultural Science perspectives, you will consider your own ancestral term and metatheoretical assumptions. Your ancestral term should be a word or phrase that serves as a metaphor for you at this point in your life (e.g. “survival of the fittest” is usually associated with Darwin)...
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