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art history museum paper (about 1 painting, 1 sculpture from Metropolitan Museum NYC) 5 pages
College Museum Paper. Metropolitan museum Kneeling Figure of Hatshepsut (Egyptian sculpture), A Goldsmith in his shop (Renaissance painting) OR, To write about one painting and one sculpture from Metropolitan Museum NYC. Covers Periods: Ancient Egypt, Greece and Aegean, Roman, Renaissance.
the economic impact on brooklyn when the dodgers and giants left
This is a chapter by chapter capstone. each chapter has different requirements. The college is Thomas Edison State University, course LIB 495.This is my first chapter draft.HELP!! CHAPTER 2 was due last sunday
Theater class 1.5 page paper needed by 11:00pm New york time
Directorial Concept Statement Each student will create, based on the distributed guidelines, a directorial statement for the play ‘Our Town’ by: Thornton Wilder. Taking into account the lesson on Chapter 5 as it relates to the job of a director and directorial concept, please construct an, at least, 1.5 page narrative paper describing your directorial concept..
Discuss your response to the issues addressed in the two videos you watched. (Reflection Paper)
The first video (2009) addresses food security and traditional food for remote First Nation communities. It addresses the growing issue of diabetes in First Nation communities and the problems people face accessing a healthy diet. The video (24 minutes long) is on people of Kasabonika Lake, Ontario and interviews doctors, leaders, re: the importance of traditional..
Art theory- comparing writers thoughts on cindy sherman
This is the task they gave me. Essay Questions: Compare these two interpretations of Cindy Sherman’s photographs: Mulvey, Laura: ‘Cosmetics and Abjection: Cindy Sherman 1977-87’ in Fetishism and Curiosity, Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1996 and Foster, Hal. 'The Return of The Real.' In The Return of the Real, 127-68. Massachusetts:..
Talk show in Langley, Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. recent month like feb and march
Write one page and add some painting pictures Write about painting artist talk and exhibition recently happened in surrey or Langley or Abbotsford in February month or March month 2018 * write about what he or she said in talk show * Add painting pics that he or she mention in talk I need on this 8 April 2018 Only one page no more then one page Thanks..
PPA 5: Thesis Statement and Preliminary Research Summary
Go back to the NYPL, The King's Library, or the Lincoln Center and spend another 2-3 hours researching your topic. Make sure you have found the following: 3-5 Book sources that contain broader background information or context about your topic. 5-10 Scholarly essays with a more narrow focus on your topic. 5-10 Scholarly sources about your issues that are important..
Students should / should not take courses like Appreciation of Western Art
In the blog, it needs to discuss THREE Schools of Art / Styles of Art that were the subject of lectures this semester. You should also talk about key artists and give examples of their works as evidence for the argument. The assignment is about 750-1500 words. Finally, the tutor said that the assignment is base on the six of expectations and the four questions to give..
The Play ("The Little Foxes") written by Lillian Hellman
I need to make a Microsoft Excel and specifically describe what type of costume the characters of ("The Little Foxes") would wear. I don't really know how many acts and scenes this plays because I have not seen reading the play. Have attached example of what the graph should look like and what it describes the characters are wearing in each scene of each act but (KEEP..
will the cloud last forever? An investigation into the sustainability of digital storage mediums
I have written the literature review on my dissertation (is only 6000 words in total) but I am struggling with analysing the results, discussing and making a clear, strong, structured conclusion. Graphs I have made in this do not represent the final ones, more info will be added.
Art reflection
Answer the questions in the attached file. I need this asap. Before 9pm tonight.
Take Note of This!
Overview The Museum director wants you to consider the role this museum will play in shaping the culture of College for America, and how art can facilitate moments of cultural change. You will watch a recorded lecture on this topic and collect notes that you can share with the director and use as reference material as you study art. It will be important to learn an..
Reaction Paper
Hi everyone ! I need help a reaction paper for my Humanity class. I just need a paragraph and you can pick one subject you like ( Romanticism, Impressionism,..)
In re-designing the brochure, you will include all of the same written content and information as the original brochure. If you feel a brochure has too much written content, you can condense or revise the content but you need to make sure that it still carries the same overall information. You will need to include a link to the original brochure when you submit both..
"The Life of a Family"
A curatorial statement is a brief introduction to your exhibition. A curator is the person who is in charge of a museum's exhibitions, from planning and selecting artwork to researching and documenting information. This piece should be 3 paragraphs in length and approximately 250-300 words. Remember to feature titles and brief descriptions of the six pieces..
character analysis
answer the following questions each question should be answered by a paragraph between 8-13 sentences. Who am I? What are my relationships? What are my given circumstances? What do I want in the play and the scene? What is standing in my way? How do I get what I want in the scene and the play? please answer these questions from the play Doubt A Parable for character..
Ethical Theory Paper
Write a 750-1,000-word essay about the concept and importance of ethical theory. Include the following in your paper: Part I: Define and explain ethical theory. Be sure to identify the nature, grounds, and methods for moral judgments. Part II: Assess the importance of metaethics for determining moral judgments. Part III: Explain how ethical thinking results..
Group Discussion
1. GD 6 ------ One photographic method that most students use frequently is the selfie. See the recent NPR overview of the art of the selfie, which emphasizes costuming, composition and editing. Share a selection of selfies (they may be of yourself or an image sourced from someplace else- be sure and include proper citation of all images sourced from somewhere..
Analysis of Taryn Simon ''Photographs of Secret Sites''
Watch the video, Taryn Simon: Photographs of Secret Sites, and answer the following questions: • How does the photography of artist, Taryn Simon, compare to those by artists such as Jacob Riis or Margaret Bourke-White? Please cite specific examples of their work in your response. • In the beginning of the video, Taryn Simon states Photography threatens fantasy.”..
Need help with title
Consider the debate among historians about art restoration. For example, in 2016 the Louvre Museum made the decision to restore Leonardo da Vinci’s St. John the Baptist. This sparked a debate regarding the altering of the image and artist intent. In this discussion students should consider the positions of the historians and decide should the artwork undergo..
Need help with the title
First look at the original painting by Frans Hals, then watch the video, Titus Kaphar Can Art Amend History, and answer the following questions: • In looking at the Frans Hals painting, Family Group in a Landscape, what observations can be made about the work? • What characteristics of the Frans Hals painting are relevant to Dutch portraiture of this time period?..
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