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Mega trends and economic drivers reshaping the music industry
digital disruption tipping points: Generate at least 4 topics of the megatrends and/or economic drivers that relate to the interconnected environment and market sector (music industry) that your good idea will exist within. Please use credible sources in references. Identify how some of these topics mature or evolve and if possible, how some of them link..
Critical evaluation of international marketing strategies of brands Samsung and Nokia in different countries
The student should write in general about both Brands. And should use journal articles, books and newspapers etc as references for the answering the question.They should include Introduction, main body and conclusion and references. The word limit for the assignment is 3000 words and students should use font size 12, Arial, 1.5 line spacing. Following is..
Plan,design,apply a digital&social media marketing strategy
Select a business organisation of sportswear industry with digital marketing activities. Plan, design, and apply a digital and social media marketing strategy and conduct a digital marketing project in your own capacity (for example, building a social media page or create an e-commerce or brand promotion website). Then write a 1,500-word individual report..
Reevaluating cosmetic company strategy (Consumer Behavior)
In view of the anticipated growth of the over-50 market, a leading cosmetics company is reevaluating its marketing strategy for its best-selling moisturizing face cream for women. Minimum two pages paper discussion if the company should market the product to younger (under 50) as well as under women or should the company be wiser to develop a new brand and formula..
Assignment 1 - Individual Assessment Marketing Material and Assignment 2 - Individual Report
50% weighting – Marked out of 100. The Marketing Director of your company, who owns a chain of hotels and resorts, announces that the company is opening a brand new beach resort in Sri Lanka. This is very surprising given the fact that on Easter Sunday, the island was attacked by terrorists who targeted luxury hotels in the capital city of Colombo. The Director says..
Reflective essay on learning gained from participation in the module
How teams work and how your team has responded to the challenges of the project. • How future work employment opportunities may have been influenced by the project. You may wish to critique; • the research methodology used for the project • the consultancy process related to relevant literature • how you have learnt, and your appreciation of learning to learn..
The Importance of Social Media Channels in Determining Consumers’ Travel Destination Choice:
The Importance of Social Media Channels in Determining Consumers’ Travel Destination Choice: Exploring the Effects of Instagram on Consumers’ Travel Behavior and the Benefits of Using User-Generated Content in Online Marketing in Tourism and Travel Industry in the United Arab Emirates. It is a dissertation for MBA. Need to do quantitative analysis so survey..
An investigation on Factors that Influence Consumers’ Purchase Intention in Online Shopping
I have already written a 2,000 words outline. The dissertation is a 10,000 words assignment so please finish the remaining 8,000 words. Please follow the core jornal structure to write as this is our tutor’s order. I also adopt some framework from the 2nd core journal. Please use SPSS to do the data analysis..
Compare 2 of music videos with different target markets
Compare 2 of your favorite music videos with different target markets (a target market is a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed) a. Provide a minimum of 5 demographics characteristics for each of the videos target markets (example: age, gender, income, marital status, education, etc.) b. 5 psychographics characteristics for..
Expand Your Business Through New Market Development
Im in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute chapter9 Ries and Trout or Big Models: Country (Region) of Origin Bias i want it to support Country (Region) of Origin Bias . the instructor..
Location Based Service in E-Commerce. A Scoping Review
1.)Abstract 400 words 2.)Research aim, focus and questions, and use them to structure an enquiry and to identify the appropriate literature for the review. 3.)Rationale for the study and the contribution(s) of your work to the literature and/or professional practice. 4.)Methodology:An outline of an appropriate method/approach for your literature review...
1. Describe the steps of the consumer decision making...
Requires at least 20 references. 2000 word count. Harvard Referencing. Tips in the attached file. Question. 1. Describe the steps of the consumer decision making process then critically assess whether it as an accurate representation of accurate decision making.
Edit & proofread 14 paes statement1) summary autobio 2) religion
1) 4 pages of summary of autobiography to edit to make it marketable public to feel sorry and to believe in God's miracle 2,100 words 2) 10 summary of other religious faith/poems/mood 5,000 words It is to be on my website to sell all my 11 books to be released within 2 weeks (Amazon self-publishing, kdp, bookstores) file one as god messenger..
Research Methodology (Any market brand can be selected)
Writer can choose any market brand to base his research, however, one of the below topics should be covered within research; • Customer satisfaction. • Quality and service. • New product/services development. • Buyer behavior, internal marketing. • Customer needs. • Internet usage. • New media and social networking. • Promotional effectiveness, etc...
Does Chandler’s model of integrated managerial enterprise explain the...
Requires at least 20 references, tips are in the file attached. (Harvard Referencing) Assignment Question: Does Chandler’s model of integrated managerial enterprise explain the organization of large companies in major economies and the long-term competitiveness of nations?
What are a for-profit organization’s primary responsibilities to those it serves
• Typed • Times New Roman style font • 12 point font size • Set your document format to: 1.25-inch margins left and right; 1-inch margins top and bottom • Word limit for your essay: 1000 words • Minimum of five references • Spell check • Grammar check • Personally proofread and ask another person to proofread as well • The title of your essay should be catchy and original..
Does Social Media influencer affect consumer purchasing decisions? A study on YouTube endorsement in beauty in
hi i've actually done a few section i only need you to help me do my finding and discussion and adjust the methodology and the lit review. my lecturer suggest me to use qualitative analysis instead of quantitative.
UNIVERSITIES WITH Online Business PROGRAMS Advantages Compare to In class Attendee
Discuss market competitors of universities that has online business course to in class attendees using marking terminology. Discuss its benefits to include in the school of business at the University of the Bahamas. Discuss the success rate from other universities. Also name all universities throughtout the paper that is being compared too..
Milestone- 2-in-1 wash and dry suitcase Final Paper
Instructions: - Please follow the Milestone rubrics - Please read at each of Milestone 1, Milestone 2, and Milestone 3 and those feedbacks - There are red highlight for each Milestone paper, which are the most important details must need to fix / add. - After fixed all 3 Milestone paper, please use “ Final Project outline structure”, put all 3 papers together, make..
Consumer Differences Will Become More Heterogeneous Due to Cultural Differences
Write a report that delves deeper into some of the concepts explored in your group presentation. In particular you are required to focus on the key debates around standardization versus adaptation, and to address the role of consumer needs and culture in these debates. You may cite examples used in the group assignment, as well as other cases that help you to illustrate..
Marketing Assignment Marketing Mix, Sustainability a
The case is Tengri Remember that, the report should be approximately 1,500 words (maximum 1,750 words) use Calibri 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing use Harvard referencing, 15 references are expected. Please use at least 75% of academic references. !!!!Please see attach file!!!!..
What are the Barriers to a Successful rebranding outcome?
This is my masters of Management Dissertation, as clearly stated above I’ll like seeks to investigate the effects of name change from Carlson Rezidor Hotel group to Radisson Hotel Group on the brand equity and Customer attitudes. Font Size 9, Font Verdana , interline 1.5, referencing APA-style^2. Thé secondary research Questions should be very clear. All..
Describe and analyze the marketing strategy and the e-commerce platform
Describe and analyze the marketing strategy and the e-commerce platform of the Red Bull company 1. Content suggestions: Describe the Marketing Mix. You can find an explanation about the marketing mix here Describe the company's marketing communications strategy. You can find an explanation about the marketing communications strategy Promotion(1).pdf..
New Product: Intelligent Google Maps -- Moving Forward
Intelligent Google Maps is a new product that combines google map with intelligent voice technology/intelligent assistant. People can call the intelligent assistant in google maps to get the services they need. Determines procedures for identifying other factors that might affect new idea and integrating them into decision making and planning (3 pages)...
Professional Application This is the creative week! You will use what you have learned in the last two modules to create an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for your product/service. In business world, materials like this are presented clients or upper management; be persuasive in your recommendations. You will report on three communication channels:..
• A two-page paper with APA citations (2-3 sentence introduction, body, 2-3 sentence conclusion) Getting Your Product into the Hands of Consumers It is time to determine how to make your product or service available to the consumer. Using your readings and at least one article from the Trident Online Library’s full-text databases (such as Academic Search Complete,..
Absolut Vodka: defending and attacking for a better position in the global vodka market
all details will be provided later on, however, wrapped up; a case study has to be written 1.500-2.000 words. the case study has to be written in an essay type, which means that there has to be a smooth transition between each question. all other information will be provided.
Brand loyalty , the development of the internet on Marketing and Ecommerce
must me 8,500 to 10,000 words 6 chapters APA Style Chapter 1- Introduction management issue and thesis objective. Chapter 2- Theoretical Foundation (literature Review) Chapter 3-Research Methodology Chapter 4- Research Findings and results Chapter 5- Discussions and recommendations. Chapter 6- Conclusion Appendicies...
Research on Promotional Strategy of a diving Co in HK to enhance product awareness and create sales referrals
Right on time Stick to the proposal name. 15 references in APA style. table of content/ extract / introduction and Research objectives, etc data with questionnaire and figure and the research rationale, and sampling technique and ethical use of data should be included.
Factors affecting energy consumption of Hong Kong consumers
To complete the Results Analysis Chapter in quantitative research method by using SPSS. - Four hypothesis have been formulated, however, the use of SPSS with proper testing is need. - A Cronbach's Alpha test is also needed - Basic questionnaire answers has been input, yet, there may be situation that the writer need to modify the questionnaires answer/ data..
marketing paper about new product- intelligent google maps
I create a new product for my course project. It is Intelligent Google Maps. It combines google map with intelligent voice technology/intelligent assistant. People can call the intelligent assistant in google maps to get the services they need. Now I have to do the following work: 1. Strengths and Weaknesses: Opportunities: Consumer Trends 2. Strengths and..
How has AI transformed the marketing/advertising industry in the last 5 years?
a) What further changes are predicted to happen within the next 5-10 years? b) What effects will these changes have on the workplace and on society in general? c) How do you think the university you are studying in can help you develop the knowledge base, skills, and attributes you need to flourish as a worker and a citizen in this new environment?..
How important are social media channels in determining destination choice
The objective of the research proposal is to find out the potentials of social media marketing in the con- cept of tourism and travelling, and to investigate what kind of effects Instagram has on consumers’ travel behaviour. The aim is also to help destination marketing organizations, DMOs, and other tourism service providers to develop their online marketing..
Marketing of Medical Services to Insurance Companies
You are responsible for marketing laboratory services to various managed care plans in your region. Compare three approaches for promoting these products to a preferred provider organization (PPO) and a staff model health maintenance organization (HMO). In your comparison, analyze key components of the strategic plan as well as the strategic plan implementation..
Describe and analyze the business model and core competencies of red bull company
•Describe the external environment of the company. •Describe the e-commerce presence of the company. You can use the red bull paper as reference to find some information. My part need include a swot analysis in comparative advantage and a digital iq test in e-commerce presence.
its should either support or refute the current marketing model or the Ries and Trout chapter
i want the writing looks like an international writing easy and simple . the first chapter is The Law of Leadership It's better to be first than it is to be better and the current marketing model. i have to support one of them or both i have attach the files for the expectation for the research..
Analyse an organisation which has digital marketing activities of
• Define the concepts of digital and social media strategy and critically assess their evolution as a medium for marketing and advertising communication. • Critically evaluate a range of digital and social media platforms used by marketers • Audit and evaluate a digital and social media strategy and critically evaluate the appropriate tools used to achieve..
“The best marketing strategies aren’t top down, ..” Critically analyse this statement using Amazon
For reaching information about Amazon, you may either have a direct search to Amazon’s website or look for industry related information such as Amazon’s press releases. A strong assignment submission must include the following: - Relevance - Good Portion of Knowledge - Consistent Analysis - Argument Structure - Critical Evaluation - Good Presentation -..
Critical review of a current debate in marketing and brand management
Critical review of a current debate in marketing and brand management (1,500 words) ◦ Select a current debate in marketing and brand management (one has to be digital marketing) ◦ Search the Internet to identify a relevant professional articles (3) about the current debate you selected. ◦ To complete the critical review, compose an essay of approximately 1,500..
Quantitative Analysis of Business and Economic Data to Inform Business Decisions
Report-3: Quantitative Analysis of Business and Economic Data to Inform Business Decisions Note: This assessment (Report-2) has covered the learning outcomes as follows:   Learning Outcome 2 (5%) Assess the impacts of economic activity on business, society, and the natural environment to inform business decisions applying economic tools and concepts...
Identify 5 most effective commercials from this year super bowl.
I have to identify 5 TV super bowl commercials from this year and name the brand, the slogan of the ad, and 3 short points as to why it was effective. I attached the format so all you have to do is watch the ads and come up with the answers to the question Ive provided.
The best marketing strategies aren’t top down, they’re outside in, starting with the customers’ needs and want
“The best marketing strategies aren’t top down, they’re outside in, starting with the customers’ needs and wants.” Critically analyse this statement using Amazon as your case study organisation. You should aim to show whether customer voice drives strategic marketing decisions in this organisation making reference to relevant academic literature in..
how social media is influencing the purchase decisions of millennial in retail industry
Assignment: is a critical annotated bibliography of 5 academic journal articles chosen by you and are related to your dissertation subject area. The submission should be 1500-1600 words maximum. Within that limit, there should be a brief introduction (100 words) and conclusion (about 100 words) of the topic to pull the bibliography together. Each critical..
Consumer Behavior & Persuasive online class all Assignments
This is an online course, i put all the assignments in to one doc. please kindly read it before you take. i need due twice a week. my last due is Feb.14 so we need work together for 5 weeks, that means every assignment you need to give me half day earlier than the due date on doc, so that i can read and review before i turn in. thank you!! and kindly remind the next due is Jan...
impact of civil war /armed conflict on customer behavior
Hi i'd like you to write an article for me . it should contain theses points . introduction on how armed conflict or civil war can affect an economy/ consumers definition of an armed conflict definition of consumer behavior how armed conflict can affect the consumer behavior / consumption should be around 7 pages..
Improve the customer experience of Diving Adventure to enhance product awareness and generating sales referral
mareketing Research paper on a hongkong based diving company (please see the link below) Requirements on report Refine the literature review and Marketing research method/technique Focus on the result and analysis – discussion should consist of certain arguments and justified by facts and figures. A pure descriptive or subjective..
Assignment 1: Company Description and SWOT Analysis
I have included all instructions all may not fit in files message for the rest. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! use the template take out the red writing insert what it says leave the black writing message for further instructions please only 5 files loaded please message for the rest
Choose TWO multinational enterprises (MNEs) that became high-risk..
Choose TWO multinational enterprises (MNEs) that have invested in at least one market which was or became high-risk, and used prevention or mitigation strategies to remain in that market. The two MNEs do NOT necessarily have to be direct competitors or operate in the same industry.
Critically evaluate the marketing strategies of private organisations
3a: Critically evaluate the marketing strategies of private organisations No unread replies. No replies. Learning Outcome 3a. Critically evaluate the marketing strategies of private organisations  Submission Requirements Reply to this Discussion topic by the due date Word Count: MINIMUM 500 words  Introduction Attached is a Business Interview Article..
Customer Post Purchase evaluation of Online promoted products and its impact on their repurchase intentions
Firstly, Hard Focus on the collection of studies related to the subject "Post-purchase evaluation" and then extract about five dimensions of Post-purchase evaluation that repeat frequency in that studies and write them briefly in the "Literature Review section". Secondly, Follow the Academic structure and Add all references and previous studies that..
Introducing a New Product to the Market -SPARKLING WATER WITH FLAVOR
Put yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who is developing a new product - SPARKLING WATER WITH FLAVOR to introduce into the market. Briefly describe the product - . Then develop the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy for marketing the new product. Be sure to discuss: The overall strategy; why segmenting, targeting, and positioning..
Briefing Top Management in preparation for a potential launch. Mundo Verde Vegan Alfarroba Chocolate
• To apply and demonstrate knowledge of Market Research gained during this module to the analysis of a research project. • To analyse and interpret a set of research data from qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. • To produce a report for top management, in a visual way suitable for conversion to a presentation that will summarise the current state..
Reality Selling-Marcus Smith/Liberty Mutual Case Study
Please see instructions attached. DO NOT include a cover or reference page. However, I do need you to label your paragraphs. Statement of the Problem Summary of the Facts Analysis Recommendations and Conclusion References/Bibliography
• Critically assess a range of digital marketing measurement tools and techniques and their suitability for improving marketing performance against objectives. • Analyse and apply appropriate key performance indicators, reports and tools to review and improve digital marketing effectiveness.
various price setting strategies used by businesses
identified various price setting strategies used by businesses. Imagine a circumstance in which a business produces or sources a product for a target market, but demand is limited at its initial price point. The company could reduce the price, but doing so eats into its gross profit or even eliminates it. For this assignment, in 200+ words, analyze the company's..
Analyse buying behaviour in order to develop effective marketing communications
Submission Requirements Reply to this Discussion topic by the due date Word Count: MINIMUM 500 words  Introduction Attached is an Article published by Coca Cola discussing their consumers. Read this article and then complete the discussion task below. TASK Read the attached article (below) and analyse their described buyer behaviour. Discuss how Coca..
Week 2 Discussion Final Assignment (Industry Forecasting)
Use provided book for one of the references. A total of 4 are neded Select an industry that interests you. Using the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal (PESTEL) analysis as covered in the text, analyze the factors that may impact the industry that you have selected and the successful marketing of a company’s product. Evaluate..
Increasing Competitive Advantage for PRADA - developing strategies
Increasing Competitive Advantage for PRADA For this Assignment you will develop strategies for your chosen brand that will foster a competitive advantage for your proposed product. To prepare for this Individual Assignment:  Read Day (2003). Consider what this author views as the components of customer-relating capability. How can these components be..
Bamboo industry Analysis of suriname and guatemala
MBA report i have most of the research which i can share APA citations Industry: - Bamboo Countries: - Suriname (South America) - Guatemala → report with 2500 words Compare & Evaluate in each country → ability of Bamboo to participate in our countries History, trends & implications in 1.a.geography, b.environmental, and c. resource characteristics 2.industry..
he main external marketing environment factors of H&M in Australia
Outline the main external marketing environment factors - social and demographic, economic, competitive (refer to at least one major competitor), technological factors - that H&M needs to understand as it enters and expands in the Australian market. Include a brief strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats...
select a company and monitor their digital marketing activities over the past four weeks.
From your observations, write a brief overview of the marketing strategy for the selected company Critically analyze the Digital Marketing strategy and activities over the past four weeks Provide recommendations to improve the Digital Marketing strategy over the next two weeks.
Answer below 2 questions (cannot use other sources)
1. What is corporate governance? What factors account for the considerable amount of attention corporate governance receives from several parties, including shareholder activists, business press writers, and academic scholars? Why is governance necessary to control managers’ decisions? 2. What is meant by the statement that ownership is separated..
The roles of Advertising within the Promotion element of the marketing mix.
We discusses the roles of Advertising within the Promotion element of the marketing mix. For this assignment, in 200+ words, analyze a recent advertising campaign or advertisement from a brand that you thought was effective. Explain how the media selection, design, message and story elements contributed to what you view as the brand's primary advertising..
Analyze Southwest Airlines using deductive reasoning
Please analyze Southwest Airlines, identify the reasons why the company has been successful in the unattractive industry, and predict its future. You need to research the company, using a variety of reliable sources such as books, journal articles, library database, trustworthy news media, credible Web sources, etc. After collecting relevant information,..
Creating a strategy for direct exporting to Norway of cheese and implementing a strategy
You have to create a strategy for direct exporting to Norway of cheese. You need to analyse the Norway cheese sector and you have to find out the legal and environmental benefits of investing to Norway. Find a direct exporting partner (buyer will be the supplier to supermarkets) in Norway by considering Strength´s and Weaknesses of DEWLAY cheese company and by..
Marketing Essay about starbucks and new technology's impact on its marketing
Drawing on the knowledge gained form this module and relevant readings (see guidelines in the handbook), critically evaluate how advances in technology (e.g., big data, marketing analytics) have assisted a company of your choice (your current or target employer or your own company) to improve any TWO of the following aspects: • Understanding Customers and..
Just: Positioned to Target Mainstream Tastes? UVA-M-0956
The following sections are required in a written case analysis: - Exec summary - Problem/issue statement - Recommendations - Rationale: to include - situational analysis, alternatives, and evaluation of alternatives - Action Plan - Exhibits (SWOT, PORTERS 5 forces, etc) - appendix - 10 pages maximum (double spaced) - the case is about a plant based company..
evaluate “service dominant logic” towards building customer relationships and loyalty
PLEASE USE HARVARD REFERENCING Please do not use any complex English(Make it a very easy read). Please you simplified English. Please refer back to UK companies. Please use British English for example "organise" instead of "Organize" Please look at the assignment brief in detail. Please refer to the bottom four references +more (British authors preferably)..
How does Mini understand, create, communicate and deliver customer values?
Assignment Question Read the case and read more widely around the company and topic, including accessing to answer the following question: • How does Mini understand, create, communicate and deliver customer values? use at least 7 references. all sources MUST be ACADEMIC. YOU SHOULD USE THE MINI CASE STUDY IN THE..
Promotion and the Product Life Cycle On toyota company
Complete a minimum 700-word product strategy in Microsoft® Word. Incorporate a product strategy that addresses the following: Select a product strategy. Address at least three areas of the product lifecycle (NPI, growth, maturity, and decline). Create at least two different types of media methods for the product or service. One method must be print and..
Advertising and marketing strategies of my product
As discussed in class, this is a 2-3 page research paper focused on the advertising/marketing strategies you will utilize to get your product or service out into public consciousness. Please utilize two references for this paper to substantiate your ideas that you discuss. The format of the references in APA 6th edition..
Social Media Marketing Business Plan/ Property Management Business
I attached some information that should be included. I need a rough draft and a final draft. Instructions: Your social media marketing campaign will contain the following headings and components: Executive Summary (1-3 Paragraphs) Much like an abstract, the executive summary is a snapshot of the entire plan. Meant for a busy executive, the summary should..
Social Media Marketing Campaign for Small Accounting business
Instructions: Your social media marketing campaign will contain the following headings and components: Executive Summary (1-3 Paragraphs) Much like an abstract, the executive summary is a snapshot of the entire plan. Meant for a busy executive, the summary should highlight the key areas of the plan including the goals, vision, needs, priorities, and (most..
The Brilliant Business Strategies Of Procter & Gamble CO.
Case studies are an important learning strategy in business classes as they provide an opportunity for you to critically analyze events that have taken place in real-life businesses. This develops your critical thinking and research skills as you research the competition and industry in which your business resides with an end goal of formulating a recommendation..
Marketing - segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy
Create segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies for your new, fictitious product that falls within the organisation and brand identified - PRADA. For this Assignment, include the following: - Produce a graphic representation of your segmentation strategy for your new, fictitious product. Include any niche or subgroups in your graphic depiction..
A Marketing Strategy to the Green Party of the United States
I WANT SOMEONE WHO HAS A MARKETING BACKGROUND!!! Do a Marketing Communication Strategy for the GPUS and these two parts should be coverd: Part (1) - communication objectives - communication goals - Achievements - Communication plan (what is the best channel to reach us? Social media, press conferences, e-media, letters) Part (2) - Marketing Mix: (Product/..
Consultant Report on the Bank of Nova Scotia towards strategic change
This a two-part report The first part (2400 word) is writing a report to produce a focused strategic analysis of an identified and critical aspect of the bank of Nova Scotia external environment. Demonstrate the implication of this analysis for the strategic marketing position of the organization The second part (3600 words) will be on providing and evaluating..
The influence of cultural orientation on Brand Image and Perception. Case study any global brand
- Research proposal and chapter one - APA referencing format - Must be quantitative methodology ( must clearly indicate the methodological approach to use and why) - Should be ready to use some suggested articles I will provide - I can provide sample proposal template if you want. - No plagiarism and use of old literature ( more than 10 years old) - Good grammar,..
Customer Profile for Target Market + Marketing Mix
Assignment: Part 1: We are opening a Cora's restaurant in the city of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. I need a Customer Profile for Target Market involving demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioristic variables. Part 2: I need a marketing Mix for the assigned store.
10-20-slide PowerPoint presentation Digital Marketing Summit for Small Businesses
at least 3 reputable sources throughout the presentation to support your claims and/or provide examples of successful implementation of these strategies. Sources should be provided in the PPT notes or as a separate works cited document in APA format.
It is better to change the study to shopping goods, as by nature, consumers have strong brand preference and loyal for Specialty goods. In the introduction, please also mention the significance of your study, who will benefit and how can they benefit from your study. Please state the aim in one sentence. The objectives break down the aim into achievable steps,..
Marketing - Retailing and Omnichannel
Be familiar with the following concept: 1. How Do Retailers Create Value? 2. Using the 4Ps to Create Value in Retailing Multichannel Retailing (Hint: 4Ps: Price, place, promotion, product) 3. SEE ATTACHMENT
Analyze how the company Costco has implemented a corporate strategy or a future policy rollout.
For this essay, use the same company you previously used, and analyze how the company has implemented a corporate strategy or a future policy rollout. Consider strategy development, and the implementation phase. In your essay, address the following questions. What are the stages of a corporation's life cycle? How can a corporation's life cycle be extended?..
Please prepare a report - Critical analysis of skills
Please prepare a report to include: - ⦁ A critical analysis of which skills are required at each stage of the research process and which chapter of the dissertation each research stage fits into:- ⦁ Problem Definition ⦁ Literature Review ⦁ Research questions/objectives ⦁ Methodology including research ethics ⦁ Data collections methods ⦁ Data analysis methods..
Marketing Plan: Product Identification and SWOT Analysis
This week, you will be creating components of your capstone marketing plan assignment. You will then finish your plan in Week 5. Using the company you selected (NETFLIX) for your marketing manager internship, you will complete a situation analysis with the goal of identifying a new product/service to develop your marketing plan against. Guided Response:..
Costco's corporate strategies and the affect they have on the decision process
Unit V Essay safeAssign Click for more options Upload your assignment using the link provided. The assignment instructions can be found below and in your syllabus. For detailed information on how to submit your assignment, go to the Submission Instructions page. For this essay, you will conduct research on corporate strategies and the affect they have on the..
Describe how you approached the course assignments
Describe the positive experiences you have had in this course and reflect on how you arrived at these experiences through the activities in the course. What management techniques did you find to be the most effective? As a future manager, how will you apply the effective principles of management that you have learned about in this course?..
“Critically evaluate Coca-Cola’s current policy and performance on sustainability”
Coca-cola’s report on sustainability is available here: Please consider this in light of their products (in particular the health concerns) and their packaging (in particular plastic bottles) Your report should follow this format: * • Introduction * • Findings * • Conclusions * • Recommendations Please..
Marketing and strategy powerpoint FOR JOB APPLICATION
Need a very creative and professional looking powerpoint document explaining the following: How important is the idea of ‘Gentleness*’ when positioning bar soaps? Which brands are doing it well or less well? And if you think that ‘Gentleness’ is not important which other idea do you think is more relevant to consumers today?  Please note you can add any supporting..
What needs to be done to engage students from the University Hertfordshire with visual arts?
Hi, I am currently doing my masters in marketing, I did my undergraduate in fine arts, writing has always been a weakness for me. I need some guidance in completing my dissertation. I have started my literature review and also have a clear vision of where I would like to go with this project. 15,000 words...
Marketing Plan for an Existing Company; Promotion in a New Country
Your final project is to create a marketing plan for a company of your choice. The marketing plan will introduce and promote an existing product in a new country in a PowerPoint presentation in a bulleted format. Suggested slide setup and number of slides (25 slides)
Public Relations Analysis Presentation and Press Release
Part I Develop a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on public relations. Apply the following approach in your presentation: Identify a major public relations crisis as though you were a public relations consultant working to help a client. Propose a crisis plan to the client to address the crisis. Suggest what sort of attitude the client should..
Examine social media influences on teenagers’ consumer decision making in specialty goods.
Please follow the structure below for this assignment 1.Title: Examine social media influences on teenagers’ consumer decision making in specialty goods. 2.Background to the Study and Overall Research Aim 3.Research Objectives 4.Initial Review of Relevant Literature 5.Research Methods: Justification and Description 6.Information to be Collected..
ResearchProposal - "The influence of cultural orientation on Brand Image and Perception"
- I need a well drafted and structured research proposal for a masters thesis. - You need to give me a brief insight into how you plan to do it. - Required to use the most recent of literature for references. I can provide a few required to be included. - APA style referencing. - Possibility of doing the whole thesis if the proposal impresses me..
General Market Situation, Target Segments, Market Research Proposal
GENERAL MARKET SITUATION 1. Explain overall what kind of consumers this product is attempting to serve. What “needs” or “wants” do these consumers have that the business is trying to satisfy? Give the reader a profile of the general market. (Usually small businesses simply target the large, general market that surrounds them.) 2. How is the company perceived..
Marketing Plan - Introducing Vegan Option to the Yum! Brand
Please note: This is impossible, I'm seeing everyone's instant messages but it is not letting me respond to them. Please make offer. When I click our your messages it goes no where and only show 13 offers from writers. I want to chat with people, but it won't let me. =( Marketing plan due Dec 12th but with various parts due earlier, see instructions. Part A - already..
mobile marketing and how it differs from non-mobile in a digital world
This week we look at mobile marketing and how it differs from non-mobile in a digital world. Like all of the other digital tools we have been studying as part of reaching digital marketing objectives, mobile has its pros and its cons. Have a look at the following mobile case studies: 1-Emirates NBD fitness tracker:
mobile marketing and how it differs from non-mobile in a digital world
This week we look at mobile marketing and how it differs from non-mobile in a digital world. Like all of the other digital tools we have been studying as part of reaching digital marketing objectives, mobile has its pros and its cons. Have a look at the following mobile case studies: 1-Emirates NBD fitness tracker:
MKT-476: W6 - East Meets West. A Cross-Cultural IMC Analysis
Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ in 50 words or more (be specific): What are some strategies that an American company could use to minimize negative reactions to their products in other countries where there are some anti-American feelings? Professor Note: Well... this should be a fun one given the events of the last year! In thinking about this..
consider how marketing affects your daily life and how your understanding of marketing has changed.
As you look back on the course, consider how marketing affects your daily life and how your understanding of marketing has changed. To illustrate some of the marketing components that you have learned, identify a specific product that could benefit from a new marketing strategy. Describe this product and explain how you could use the information from this course..
The case analysis should be around 400-500 words and should cover the following questions: 1. How would Himalaya develop a differentiated brand image, keeping in mind the competitive brands (herbal and non-herbal) already in market? 2. How would Himalaya build its brand image, taking into consideration the existing brand beliefs of consumers with regard..
Uber Pricing Strategies and Marketing Communications
Strategic marketing, Clear & specific A key part of this class is a weekly summary and review of the Harvard Case studies you are required to read, review and summarise. The purpose of a case study is to teach how identify the critical issues facing a company and how marketing managers make decisions in the face of various challenges and opportunities. Each week..
Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing Communications
Select a product or service from a company with which you are familiar. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you: Analyze the purpose and value of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan. Briefly introduce the company and its products/services. Identify whether the company you investigated has an integrated marketing communications plan..
Your written product overview will include a detailed product overview and marketing strategy.
Your written product overview will include a detailed product overview and marketing strategy. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of Part I of the final project, including content created in Milestones One and Two
Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service, July 10, 2006
Write a summary of the following case study using the attached Case Study Summary Format. You must use your own words. Quotes of more than a few words are unacceptable and must be cited in APA style. Case Study: Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service, July 10, 2006. Harvard Business School Publishing. Authors: Youngme Moon and John Quelch Format: Follow the..
DEADLINE IN 1 HOUR 30MINUTES Consumer behaviour of Taitokerauhoney while exporting to hong kong
You have been asked by a small to medium size New Zealand manufacturing business to establish an export market in Hong Kong for their high end/high quality/ range of natural based off the land products (i.e. farm to plate food products). The products should claim to be free of chemical sprays and heavy metals. The products are from ingredients which can be easily..
Uber Marketing Analysis in Wellington, New Zealand
Need it completed in 12-13 hours requires some research used information only relevant to Wellington, New Zealand 3 files attached, one which has all the information about the assignment, the second just a marking rubric and the third just stating to not copy from the information about the assignment..
The Instant Gratification of Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing has truly evolved over the last 5 years. We have moved into a new society where everything is at our finger tips, from the latest news story to what your favorite brands are up to. Nothing is private anymore and social media has created a whole a new way to communicate with each other. Social media has become the new word of mouth allowing consumers..
Marketing Plan for a New Product or Service – Outline
Option #1: Marketing Plan for a New Product or Service – Outline Submit an outline of your marketing plan to your instructor for review and feedback. Be sure to include the following in your plan: Company overview Objectives or goals Situational analysis Segmentation, targeting, and position analysis Marketing mix..
miscommunicated" when marketing a product or service. What strategies can be employed to manage this?
Post a 260- to 350-word response to the following question as a New Message into the discussion area: • Some health care companies have a global footprint that spans across nations, languages, and cultures. As more areas of the world gain access to internet, there is a greater potential for your company's message to be "miscommunicated" when marketing a product..
How digital marketing is changing consumer behavior in FMCG sector
Given template should be used for the dissertation proposal. Some articles are also provided for your usage, you should also use additional references. Two documents ( research contex and research objectives) are provided if you want to get information about how to complete the parts or research proposal. Please state at least 3 objectives. Make a gantt chart..
Do social media influencers outsell celebrities endorsements today?
Topic- Do social media influencers outsell celebrities endorsements today(can be edited)? IT HAS TO BE AN ARGUMENTIVE PAPER I am a hospitality management student in Switzerland and this is for a graded assignment. Using 5 solid academic journals as referencing(2015 or after). Here are the ones I considered( possible to replace a few with better ones if found..
modify Research on Bilateral trade between India and China in raw cotton commodity page 14 want the meaning of apha, beta, and p The opinion of the prequalification teacher: 2.In the title of the cover of the paper,except for the adverb,the first letter of all words should be capitalized; 3.The number of chapter titles in the table of contents should be followed by a space 4.The abstract should use syllogism.,Explain the background,main..
Critically assess stakeholder theory by making reference to mergers and acquisitions (company takeovers).
its an exam essay, i need to use theories and critically evaluate the theory. essay should be based on the theory and contents in the file attached below . full essay question is : Critically assess stakeholder theory by making reference to mergers and acquisitions (company takeovers). Please refer to theories and concepts as well as illustrative business examples...
exporting polymer into the German packaging market
hi there, Im writing my thesis and as you can see it is about the polymer industry. I have already done my thesis proposal and i have also started the thesisi itself. However, now I dont have the time to wordk on it anymore due to personal circumstances. I am using the 5C Analysis in my thesis. Company, competitors, customers, collaborators and climate. I already..
Getting Your Message in Front of Consumers Where They Are
This week we looked at digital display advertising (DDA) and mobile marketing. In the past you would not have found these discussed together but as you saw in the video “Display Advertising Basics Tutorial Intro” we are in a time where more people are on mobile devices than on desktops. This creates new challenges for marketers today to be able to reach consumers..
Periodical Review for Marketing to College Students 1. Who is the author(s)? * What are this person’s qualifications (education, business or administrative experience, scholarly achievements, etc.) for writing on this topic? * How credible is the writer (qualified as well as unbiased)? * What other relevant..
summarize and analyze an article from the business section of The New York Times
s per the instructions under Assignments, you are to summarize and analyze an article from the business section of The New York Times that you consider topical to the advertising/marketing communications subjects we are studying or are in some other way important to marketing communications as it relates to such topics as branding, positioning, brand equity,..
Does it add any positive value to design advertisements with sexual appeal?
After write a two-page essay by addressing each of the following items: 1. Describe the ethical dilemma in detail. 2. Explain both sides of the issue (for and against) with an eye on concerns and regulations. 3. Discuss the role of government, parents, consumers, and companies. 4. Formulate your opinion on this topic and include your rationale...
How can organisations develop a successful social media strategy in the international business environment?
The complete title: Globalisation, e-strategies and performance: How can organisations develop a successful social media strategy in the international business environment? What has to be done is only writing the Introduction and the Literature review part of an essay. I will attach a file, where more information is given. However, the important thing..
in store environment of fashion retailer case study
Assessment Brief: For a fashion retailer of your choice undertake an analysis of its current and potential store design and visual merchandising activity. Ensure that you make appropriate use of the relevant theory and industry sources to underpin your analysis. You should choose a retailer that you can access as store visits are a requirement of this task...
Harvard Business Review: Should you listen to the consumer?
Read the case study: Should You Listen to the Customer (link below). Write a paper in which you analyze and evaluate consumer behavior. Explain the factors that influence buying decisions for tickets to see Dalacroix Explain the purchasing decision considering situational factors, personal factors, psychological factors, and societal factors. In your..
International Marketing Plan: Expansion of a Luxury Fashion Branch in another market
You are an international marketing consultant who has been appointed by Burberry ( a luxury UK brand) in order to identify a potential market for the brand into which it might launch a full marketing campaign and to write a report that presents a detailed marketing plan explaining how Burberry might launch the product in that market. You should look objectively..
What makes costumers satisfaction of telecommunication companies in Bangladesh
abstract Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction 1.2 key words 1.3 important of study 1.4 Objectives Chapter 2 Literature reviews Theoretical framework Chapter 3 Research methodology 3.1 Research model 3.2 Hypothesis Chapter 4 Data analysis and result from 2008 to 2017 questionnaires samples of questions spss for questionnaires analises Chapter 5 Conclusions references..
Marketing Audit re-implementing Sears Holding's Unused Physical Assets
7. Promotion Strategies ( 2 pages) What are the promotion objectives and what elements of the promotions mix are being most relied upon to achieve them? What advertising mediums are being used to promote the product? Evaluate/Critique/Make Recommendations: Is the promotions mix used by the firm effective? Are they consistent with the promotion objectives?..
Case Analysis – “How halving Australia’s washing time more than tripled Biozet Attack’s share of category”
Your task is to review the case study; identifying the various segments available in the laundry care category - identify one likely segment the brand currently targets. You are then required to make recommendations to management to target another target segment; including some tactics recommended that would be of interest in converting consumers to switch..
Pop Culture Research Paper: Future Implications of Sensory Marketing of Foods.
Please see attached research proposal for details regarding the assignment. Please follow my provided thesis and please use some of the sources provided. Any outside sources please cite using APA format. Serious inquiries only, please be advised of my tight deadline. I need 2200-3000 words before 5 pm, April 19th. Thank you I look forward to working with you...
Marketing essay about `Lancashire Bomb` cheese in Turkey
I need an essay about the `Lancashire Bomb Cheese` in the Turkish market. You need to state if that cheese can be successfull in Turkey or not. Write about -Product: f.e. How to change that product, if needed?, How to adjust that product to the Turkish population needs? -Price: f. e. What is the required best price to sell that product in Turkey? -Place: Where to sell..
Analyses of 2 brands you feel is great and describe what makes them great. Do the same 2 brands you dislike.
In a 800-1200 word paper, identify two “great or favorite brands” and describe what makes them great or why you like them. Likewise, identify two “bad” brands and describe what makes them bad. In either case, identify a major competitor of the brand and to compare these competing brands in terms of positioning (Are they positioned differently? What are the points..
Marketing Audit-Re-implementing Sears Holding’s Unused Physical Assets
7. Promotion Strategies ( 2 pages) What are the promotion objectives and what elements of the promotions mix are being most relied upon to achieve them?  What advertising mediums are being used to promote the product? Evaluate/Critique/Make Recommendations:  Is the promotions mix used by the firm effective?  Are they consistent with the promotion objectives?..
To research thoroughly the adoption of social media in telecommunication field. Please see instructions
Social Media for Business You will have to prepare a CONSULTANCY REPORT. You are to assume the role of an external consultant for your Telecommuncation Sector. You will need to research thoroughly the adoption of social media within the tellecomunication sector in order to determine how it has transformed the way organisations within your sector interact..
data and analysis Research Bilateral trade between India and China in raw cotton commodity
trade between india and china related to topic years from 2008to2017 tables from panal data/wind data base statistical analysis enrich related to my thesis suggest to a bothe the countries and companies use my questionnaire in spss analysis result so that i will get both qualitative and quantitative suggestion improve my conclusion..
the effects of social economic status on how women respond to "empowerment" images in advertisements
Introduction: o What is the general topic? (e.g., humor in advertising) 
 o What is the specific problem? (e.g., humor in food advertising) 
 o What is the problem's significance? What's the purpose of this study? What is 
its contribution to the existing research (theoretical AND practical relevance)? 
Literature Review: 
 o Who else did what and found what..
Memo: Re-inventing the brand of Toronto-Dominion Bank
You are the Chief Marketing Officer of a publicly traded Canadian company. You have been recently tasked with the challenge of re-inventing the brand of your company. What would you suggest and how would you implement this new branding effort?
critical writing with a short summery in 3-4 sentences
Consumer Behavior You are asked to write an essay reflecting on and critiquing one of the assigned papers of your choice. The aim is to stimulate your reflection on the concepts addressed in the paper. Note that your essay cannot be too simple, such as “summarize the paper--what is the paper about?” or “explain the research questions/methods”. This can be easily..
Memo: Re-inventing the brand of a publicly traded Canadian company
Persuasive Presentation and Memo: You are the Chief Marketing Officer of a publicly traded Canadian company. You have been recently tasked with the challenge of re-inventing the brand of your company. What would you suggest and how would you implement this new branding effort?
To develop research, writing, and analytical skills, and to creatively apply concepts.
The diamond industry largely has been a monopoly cartel controlled by the DeBeers Co. DeBeers has worked steadfastly to control the supply of diamonds in order to keep prices high. Additionally, they have worked hard to create and maintain demand through their promotional strategy and tactics. The following articles, and others you may find, describe the..
Social Media, Marketing and Its Effectiveness The Future of Social Media and Marketing
This paper needs to be APA format. Double spaced using 12 point font. Paper is 10 pages (7 pgs written) including Title page, Table of Contents and References. References are compiled and need to be used for paper,
Comparative analysis of business environment for local and international companies in Taiwan
1.Assignment type: outline research template 2.word:500-800 3.Deadline: 10. October.2016 ( london time) 4.Reference's format: Harvard 5.Assignment title:Comparative analysis of business environment in market, laws and government activities for local and international companies in Taiwan 6.Requirement: Please write fill in format, which i will..
lessons learned from Marketing Communication Model
assignment about marketing lessons that you have learned from Marketing Research Process. I attach file from book Includes all the paragraphs that I want you to write about it with some information make sure you include it in different words and add other sources . make sure you use proper MLA referencing,...
Current Events News Summary's (CHECK INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED)
Attached are the instructions. You must find an article every week from Jan 15-March 14th, (8 News articles total) that is relevant to Marketing and write a short write0up (MAX 1 page each single spaced) The template for each article is also attached. Due April 4th 8am.
Marketing research on Turkey education market (you must be from/live in Turkey)
Only people who live in Turkey for more than 2 years and are natives/advanced in Turkish are eligible for this task. I need you to do some research regarding Turkish custom writing services (like Studybay, the site we are on right on) and answer the following questions: What are the main players on the Indian custom writing service market (either online or offline)?..
Case Study in Marketing - Finance no external research needed, all info is to be found in the case study
This is a case study tackling both fields of Finance and Marketing. All the information needed to go about this task is found in the case study its self and no external research is needed. please note that "The data in the case study is dummy, please don’t put time in researching the right figures for the company, what’s important is to answer the specified questions."..
Relationship between the client and the advertising agency.
Unit II Essay The purpose of this essay is for you to describe the relationship between the client and the advertising agency as well as to describe the process of advertising design. Compiling effective advertising campaigns involves a partnership between the advertising agency and the company (the client). Through this partnership, advertisements are..
Article Review Advertising Effectiveness On Children
Address each of the following in a two-page, double-spaced response:  Briefly summarize the article.  Explain how advertising enhances the overall concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC) within a company.  After reading the article, describe one major concept that you will take away from this learning exercise. Be sure to cite and reference..
Using academic justification, discuss the CIM (1976) definition of Marketing:
‘Management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’ Despite its inherent appeal, why is this definition deemed as providing a useful but partial perspective of the true nature of marketing?
Case Study: The Livestrong and ALS Challenge Case Study
For this assignment: Please read through the case study carefully - compare the two examples and develop a new idea using the marketing mix (4Ps) framework below. ****single spaced*** Cause and Target - what charity/cause is being supported - who is the target audience (donors) Product – what is the product (giveaway) or experience – and who are the brand partners?..
How to development the marketing strategy of an organization
You are required to prepare a 1,800 word report on the following You are a marketing executive and the organisation you work for is looking to expand their market. This can be achieved either through introducing a new product (product development), extending an existing product (product extension), or targeting a new consumer market with an existing product..
Written Assignment: UPS - Strategic Logistics Partner to Business Customers
*** PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY*** Visit the UPS website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to explore what UPS offer to business customers. Scroll to the UPS Solutions tab along the top. Start with “Explore” and then go to “Industries” to learn about what services UPS provide in various industries. Look for information on each..
Top Reasons Students Select a Particular College/University to Attend”
Here are the guidelines paper must be a minimum of 3 pages typed double spaced but not more than 4 pages; you must provide (in addition to the 3 page minimum) an additional page with a list of all references used in the proper format; Below are a couple of articles to get you started on the topic (there are plenty of others):
Disscussion -Super Bowl Ads – Past, Present, and Future
This is a discussion, a paragraph or two will due. For your discussion post this week, visit YouTube to search for and view several past Super Bowl ads. Compare Super Bowl ads over the last few years. Discuss what types of strategies were used. Have the strategies changed over time? If so, why do you think they have? If not, why not? Which strategies do you think are..
Mkt 113 4-2 Presentation: Marketing Channel Analysis
We are focusing on making an organic pet food. My brand name is called Noah's Ark. The organic brand dog food is called Noah's Ark Premium Plus. It is all natural and organic product I am promoting to the Beverly Hills Location in LA. I included a SWOT chart and module transcript to give you an idea. The PP will be on the marketing channel Analysis. Using the product..
Research philosophy // Transcription and Coding of the Interviews // Quality considerations // Data collection
I would like from the writer to write the chapters that I wrote as Title. There are about my dissertation and I need them in order to complete the research methodology. BUT, in order to write them correctly, the writer must read carefully the material that is attached which is: The literature review with the rest of the research methodology (in the research methodology..
Italy- Global Marketing Group Project- Cultural Analysis
Instructions are below for my Class Project in Global Marketing with Italy being the country chosen ( attached is the pdf of entire project, I only need the Cultural Analysis section from 1a-x I. CULTURAL ANALYSIS The data suggested in the cultural analysis include information that helps the marketer make market planning decisions. However, its application..
Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Case Study B2B Marketing
For your Staples Business to Business Marketing case study here are some tips on how to approach this case. Staples has provided a big solution for a big problem that many small businesses encounter. So for your SWOT analysis, think of Staples strengths they have in the small business to business market for office supplies plus other services that Staples provides..
Wholefoods Market Organic Food Chain Pricing Strategies
(1) you are the manager of a large, national, and geographically dispersed organic food store chain (2) the strategic decisions you must make in the areas of price and promotion. (3) compare and contrast various factors that influence promotional strategies for each of the five pricing strategies: premium pricing, penetration pricing, economy pricing,..
Solving the Problem: Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Presentation
Scenario: You are the marketing manager for a local nonprofit charity whose funding is based on membership fees. You've noticed a severe drop in new memberships and a decline in repeat memberships, which is threatening your organization's ability to survive and grow. You have decided to implement the Five-Step Marketing Research Process to help understand..
The effect of social media interactions on customer relationship management
1. Introduction -Include statistics to support the importance of this topic. -Include 1 general aim and 3 - 4 objectives in point form -Outline of each part (flow of your report) 2. Literature Review -Theory of CRM -Definitions of key concepts (See attached model) -Development of theoretical model 3. Summary and Conclusions APA References More details will..
Principles of Marketing and Communications in a Digital World
Members of the group will also submit an individual reflective account of 1000 words. This reflective account should describe the experience of the group process involved in producing the group presentation, of the product Kylie Lipsticks from Kylie’s cosmetics. It should include some account of the thoughts and emotional reactions of the members of the..
Apple Unveils New iPhone X to Fend Off Growing Competition -please read the WSJ article posted for this week (Link above) and respond to the following questions. be sure to be clear and thorough in your responses. Also, be sure to rewrite the questions in the file and provide your responses separately. 1-Why some experts..
Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships
Scenario: You have just graduated from the University of Phoenix with your Bachelor's Degree. You have decided either to seek a promotion at your current work, explore new career opportunities, or open your own business and are using your marketing knowledge to position yourself for career growth. Develop a 1,050-word response to the following using the scenario..
PepsiCo Brand Positioning and Strategy Presentation
PepsiCo Brand Positioning and Strategy PowerPoint For this presentation, select your favorite brand, and describe the reasons why this brand is so appealing to you. You should further explain the ideas represented on the slides by using the slide notes feature. The outline below needs to be used as a guide for the presentation, and the number of slides for each..
how the e-wom can influence the consumer decision making regarding buying (booking) luxury travel.
Hello, I cannot chat with you anymore from the previous order because the order completed for more than days. As you know, now my supervisor examines the paper so now I need you for the correction for each part. The system told me that I need to place a new order to have the capability to chat with you again. The last file you uploaded was the Theodore. days..
The Marketing Mix Used Within the Following Companies
Research Project The marketing mix is used within the implementation of the marketing strategy. Please select one of the industries listed below, and search for information about the marketing mix used by at least two companies in your selected industry: soft drink, fast food/restaurant, hotel, cell phone provider, banking, automobile, airline, or entertainment...
Impact of Different Demographics on Television Viewership in Delhi-NCR: A Comparison between preference of viewership of Conventional Television and Video on Demand Services
[URGENT]Need full devotion and priority. This is a completed dissertation with wrong data analysis as the research questionnaire is completely changed. Need someone who can understand the present state of the dissertation and get the new questionnaire filled and do the data analysis from scratch. Also make the corresponding changes in the text in sync with..
Explanation on the Concept of Value Proposition in the Hotel Industry
Examine how value proposition in the hotel industry has evolved to change guest behavior across generations. Provide examples that support your analysis. Your essay must include an introduction, be at least three pages in length, and be double-spaced, not counting the title and reference pages. All sources used, including the article, must be referenced;..
report identifying an organisation who is incorporating old marketing DNA into their marketing operations
The report must identify key traditional marketing tools being used by the company, and assess their usefulness and effectiveness. You will also argue the case for the company applying new marketing DNA and offer practical recommendations. -I recommend choosing a company in an undeveloped country, or choosing a company like a tailor suit company for example..
Marketing plan for a fast food restaurant in Greece with a particular reference to Dodo (Plantain chips)
Marketing Plan parts Executive Summary An individual report (3.000 words), in which students are required to research and prepare a Marketing Plan for a new fast food restaurant chain in Greece. Students should address the basic questions: What, Who, Why, When, Where, How that are involved in the development of this venture. The Marketing Plan should include;..
The research proposal is the plan that students recommend in order to investigate the chosen research topic. It should demonstrate a critical approach to the literature using a good number of reviewed sources (academic papers, books, etc.) with the majority of them being academic and professional work and properly referenced based on the Harvard System...
international marketing plan - to import korea cosmetic product into indonesia
this is the assignment 2, to prepare a marketing plan. in assignment 1 is a class work, we have chosen Indonesia become our target to invest. we would like to import medium to high class Korea cosmetic and skin care product with halal certification by Joint ventures to get into one of the big emerging markets (BEMs) – INDONESIA. attached PPT for your reference...
research on bilateral trade between india-china in raw cotton commodity
Chapter 1 1 Introduction 1.2 key 1words 1.3 Important of study 1.4 Objective of study Background and Significance 1.4.1 Bilateral trade between China and India statistically 1.4.2The international situation with cotton 1.4.3Cotton trade between India and China 1.4.4 Threats to the cotton bilateral trade between India and China 1.4.5The rough road gaining..
Case Questions: 1 . Analyze the buyer decision process of a traditional Porsche customer. Contrast the traditional Porsche customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or a Panamera customer. (Assessing the Consumer Decision Process in the textbook.) Expected answer length: Three quarters of a page. 2. Identify and analyze at least two..
Marketing Strategy- Segmentation, Positing and Targeting
“….positioning and segmentation are distinct parts of the [marketing] strategy and provide us with some extremely powerful tools; but ultimately they are linked by the central issue of focusing on satisfying customer’s needs in ways that are superior to competitors” (Hooley et al, 2012 p183)*. * Hooley et al (2012) Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning...
i am looking for a marketing internship and would like to get some help with a writing sample that they asked me i already have a cover letter so i dont really know how to do the writing sample for the internship position.
•Detail the steps involved in a new product/service development.
Create an APA formatted 1,400-word Market Segmentation Plan for the New Product/Service Launch Marketing Plan. Include the following for both the domestic and international markets based on the team's research: •Describe the target market (audience) profiles, key buying behaviors, and decision motivators for the consumer target market. Note: Do not..
MAKE A SLIDE OF ARTICLE ANALYSIS-need it in 8 hours time
required to: 1. critique the article on various aspects such as theory, relevance, methods, findings and managerial/theoretical implications. Critiquing means essentially discussing both STRENGTH and WEAKNESSES of the piece of research chosen article. Students should relate the topic of the article to current issues and examples in international marketing,..
MBA thesis on cause related marketing topic. help required
MBA thesis on cause related marketing topic. Start work in immediately. With draft of first 3 Chapters and Research question ready first week of February 2018. I attached a really bad example of Chapter 1 which another writer did and I was not impressed. He did not follow instructions and drifted off topic. I am aiming to understand how typically Cancer non profit..
Literature Review on Training( Consumer Behavior )
With reference to the relevant academic literature, critically discuss the skills which are necessary to effectively train an employee. The assessment criteria for this literature review will be based on the following: o Critical understanding of the key issues o Good knowledge of the available literature o Integration of theory with practical analysis..
Comparative Analysis of Two Print Advertisement- 3 PAGE ESSAY
Essay 2 Guidelines The purpose of this assignment is to do a comparative analysis of two print advertisements. You have been provided with 4 sets of advertisements for this purpose. You will choose one of these sets to work with. Choose the one that you think you will have the most to say about. In the end, the essay should make a judgment regarding the effectiveness..
marketing plan and conduting research on my product Gululu | the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated
conduct research on Gululu | the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated(see website). first state a couple of sentences about gululu as an industry research. what is NAICS code if applicable (I selected NAICS Code 312112 Bottled Water Manufacturing) as a relevant industry. I need size of the industry in dollars. I need revenue growth stat. I need trend..
MKT 113 4-2 Presentation: Marketing Channel Analysis
Mkt 113 4-2 Presentation: Marketing Channel Analysis We are focusing on making an organic pet food. My brand name is called Family's Best Friend . The organic brand dog & Cat food is called Family's Best Friend Pet Food. It is all natural and organic product I am promoting to the Chicago Location. I included a SWOT chart and module transcript to give you an idea. The..
the role of generous return policies in creating customer loyalty in the retail industry.
Be 1,000 words minimum (There are no page/word limits for this assignment) Have in-text citations (APA or MLA) Be in .pdf format margin 1" top, bottom ,right , left double spacing Arial or Times new Roman Font size 12
Creative​ ​Fashion​ ​Marketing​ ​& Promotional​ ​Campaigns
This unit explores how the fashion industry uses new media and subtle marketing to reach identified target audiences. You will research and explore current industry practices and evolving marketing techniques to create a fusion between the physical and digital worlds. You will use current thinking and practice to devise a campaign in response to current..
How Organizations Proactively Approach and Respond to Social Responsibility/Sustainability
Select an organization that has a known interest in social responsibility and/or sustainability. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following questions: Why did you select this organization? Why do you think this organization is socially responsible and/or interested in sustainability? How does the organization actively demonstrate..
MKT2031 Issues in Small Business and Entrepreneurship
You are required to write a literature review of 2500 words based upon study related to the first part of the module. Using the title below the literature review must consider the academic research and journal articles relating to the topic given. The literature review requires an academic style of writing and the use of journal articles and text books to provide..
Personal statement for Msc marketing in NUIG Ireland
i need answers to these questions.... why you are applying in this university? why you choose this university? why you choose this course? Experiences (VIS, Haier and cirrus travels) academic (BBA (hons) Marketing Skills? Career Goals? how you are different from other students?
Leveraging the 4 P’s in the Bath & Shower market: the BADEDAS case
Expected Outcomes: Briefly comment this information and explain if the management of Sara Lee can be satisfied with the current positioning of Badedas and eventually suggest what should be the most convenient positioning of the brand and why. Finally explain extensively how you would use each P of the marketing mix in order to effectively implement the positioning:..
IKEA shopper satisfaction evaluation and marketing decision making
Generally marketing managers do not perform the actual market research. However, they do frequently commission and oversee market research projects, as well as interpret data and make decisions on the basis of research findings. This assignment requires you, as the marketing management team, to consider the research process and decision making for a satisfaction..
Business Brief- Customer-Driven Marketing strategy
Subject: Business Management and Marketing Number of pages: 1 page Description: Design a customer-driven marketing strategy. Integrate established marketing principles into the discussion. Write a business report leading to the development of a marketing plan. Overview For this assignment, you will be paired with a classmate to develop a marketing plan..
Develop a long term global strategy and showing how this region fits into the overall strategy
Question 4 Event Planning (1 Page) Event Format - Activities and Schedule o Provide a run-sheet for “on-the-day” of your event. Remember to include set-up and close-down activities.  Event Timeline o Provide a simplified event timeline (pre-event, event, and post-event). If the building up to the event is over 12 months then you can block the planning timeline..
Case study: hubspot - inbound marketing and web 2.0
Below is an overview of the case studies and case questions, as well as deadlines: “HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0” (Deadline for submission on Moodle: Oct 22 at 10 pm/ In-class discussion: Oct 23) 1. What are the possible segments that HubSpot could target? Make sure to describe them in as much details as possible. Hint: In this case, customer lifetime..
For an organisation of your choice research and analyse the existing strategy of that business.
For an organisation of your choice research and analyse the existing strategy of that business. You have recently been appointed as the CEO of your chosen organisation, apply your critical thinking skills to develop strategic recommendations for the development of the business over the next 12 months. To submit a definitive and complete Report for the organisation..
Changing Consumer Expectations for Retail Delivery
As consumer expectations for the delivery of products and services have changed with companies such as AliBaba and Amazon, how will Retail evolve over the next 20 years? How are consumer expectations for speed and convenience driving change? Will the consumer pendulum swing back to the "immediate gratification" of being able to buy something in a store and..
Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis
At least 15 references and The referencing style is the APA style, which is the Faculty standard for Business courses. - Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis. - Assessment Criteria: • Executive Summary (3%) • Introduction (5%) • Company Structure, Capabilities, and Resources (15%) • Products/ Markets/ Distribution and Supply (20%) • Competitive..
Signature Assignment: The Entrepreneurial Marketing Manager
bout Your Signature Assignment Signature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with a grading..
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I need you to write an answer for each question has to be 2 pages apa style with masters degree level. It has to be before in 40hours. If you are late for more than 40 hours I will complain and will not need it as it due before. It will not be worth it. I will be sending you the handouts and the textbook. I need you to write in your way master level academic way apa style. The answers..
Marketing Situational Analysis (inc SWOT, PEST, etc)
This is a full marketing situational analysis on historic private club called The Windsor Club. Please base your findings off the website ( and documents attached. Instructions: Complete a full Marketing Situational Analysis including: 1.0 Internal Conditions 1.1 Current Mission 1.2 Current Vision 1.3 Current Goals 1.4..
Components of a Marketing Plan Part 1: Product, Target, Strategy Planning, Positioning, and Brand
--Purpose of Assignment Marketing plans help coordinate an organization's departments and activities toward a mutual benefit between the organization and the consumer. Well thought out marketing plans contain both internal and external research aimed at understanding who the customer is, what they want, and any barriers the company may encounter in meeting..
Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Presentation
*Scenario: You are the marketing manager for a local nonprofit charity whose funding is based on membership fees. You've noticed a severe drop in new memberships and a decline in repeat memberships, which is threatening your organization's ability to survive and grow. You have decided to implement the Five-Step Marketing Research Process to help understand..
A business report to the CEO, showing team allocation & budget by location or channel.
You must choose a B2B product or service that would be available in the Australian marketplace such as a computer or telephony system, a large piece of machinery or professional service such as major consultancy. Please Note: You may choose a product or service that is also available for the B2C market. You are the Sales Director. Your task is to build a sales team..
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