Literature / Movie review on Computer Science examples

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SDN : Configure network device with netconf/restconf/ YANG
a) writeup format follow the ICT proposal template b) use the following article: c) a topic can be changed but it must include : SDN and netconf+restconf d) use the other attached documents to answer the attached this literature review and others.....
Android malware detection using Deep Learning algorithm
I want to write the ((Related Work Section)) for my paper. It is about Android malware detection using Deep Learning algorithm. You have to use the papers I provide and you may use any other related up to date papers.
Linux Kernel, interrupts and System call In Operating system
1st : it should be comparision study 2nd : must contain, abstract,introduction, letriture review, methodology(body) ,Result and conclusion. 3rd : reference should include as well. 4th : citation in each paragraph 5th: the topic talking about some thing in operatin system the title enclude tree part Linux kernel , interrupts and System call...
introduction about collision detection of game engine
a brief history and introduction about collision detection, the types of collision detection and the utilize in game, included serious game, vr game. how it influence the development of game industry
Research on Collision detection based on First-person perspective in VR games
This paper should be a literature review about vr technology (history and development) and about collision detection technology. how do game engines utilized the collision detection to realized the immersion of vr games....
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