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From hardware to SaaS subscription based business model
This is for the literature review section of my dissertation. In this report, I will be exploring the transition of businesses that have transitioned from hardware to software business model in order to provide a recommendation of implementation for the company in which I am currently doing an internship on. A company currently undergoing a digital transformation..
relevant leadership book( What ever the title of the book is)
Students will write a 1500 Word Book Review. Students will pick a RELEVENT LEADERSHIP book and review it. Reviews are more than summaries and this review must be written in a professional manner. If you are not sure how to write a review then "google" it and find out.
Write a two paragraph review for the movie "THE FOUNDER"
For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue.* There are many movies that include legal issues. Movies such as "Erin Brockovich", "The Founder", "Twelve Angry Men", "Flash of Genius", "Tucker A Man and his Dream" and many, many more. Be creative and have fun with this assignment! Write two paragraphs. One paragraph will summarize (in..
Write a two paragraph review for the movie "Flash of Genius"
For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue.* There are many movies that include legal issues. Movies such as "Erin Brockovich", "The Founder", "Twelve Angry Men", "Flash of Genius", "Tucker A Man and his Dream" and many, many more. Be creative and have fun with this assignment! Write two paragraphs. One paragraph will summarize (in..
Research and write a literature review (about outsourcing environment in Brazil for American companies)
Research extensively ON YOUR OWN and write a literature review on Brazil, focusing on examining the outsourcing environment for American companies. First, do research and summarize the business environment in Brazil (political, economic, social, and technological). Then try to answer the following questions with by writing a literature review: Why does..
Leadership & Self-Deception; Getting out of the Box (The Arbinger Institute)
Complete Book Review · Leadership & Self-Deception; Getting out of the Box (The Arbinger Institute) This book review should be: · 3-4 pages (approximately 2000 words) – single spaced · Use headings · 12 pt font – use a serif font such as New Times Roman · Reference page and in-text citations if you do any research outside of the book..
Alternate Work Arrangements (telecommuting, job sharing, virtual work assistant, etc.) Literature Review
LITERATURE REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of this Literature Review is for you to create a scholarly piece of graduate-level research and writing that conforms to current APA format. Competency in APA format is required of all business graduates, as set forth by the policy of both the Graduate Faculty and the administration. You will research and write a Literature..
Are there equal employment opportunities for women in the UK?
Writing a 2000 words long literature review including: -What is equality? -What is equality at work? - How is the current women employment rate in the UK? - History: how has the situation of employability of women developed until today? - Which laws are existing for gender equality in the workplace in the UK? -HRM methods: glass ceiling, Leaky Pipeline, maternal..
Strategic Development of Organisations in the Age of Uncertainty
The task is to complete a literature review within the area of strategic development of organisations in the Age of Uncertainty. Task Guidance 1.For this assessment you need to select one area that is relevant to the strategic development of organisations in the age of uncertainty. You must clearly state what area you are researching at the beginning of your..
different shocks on the macro economy--based on the New Keynesian model(DSGE MODEL).
the effect of Monetary policy shock, demand shock and cost-push shock on the macroeconomy, for exaple, effect on inflation , output and rate. and these are based on the New Keynesian model(DSGE). for reference:in entire dessertation, I need to set up a model based on DSGE and using dynare to simulate these shocks...
Critical Analysis of Journal Article " Leading Diversity in Organisations"
A critical analysis should briefly summaries the main arguments of the article. Choose a second, related article for similar analysis (either from reading folder or online sources) and critique them. Your comments should focus on the way in the journal article was useful to you in understanding your chosen topic (need to find new Journal Article). To complete..
Response Paper on Lorraine Hansberry and Raisin in the sun
MLA format 3-4 pages long, and it must include at least one outside academic source that discusses the text you are discussing. As in the first two response papers, you need to include brief quotes from the selection to support your thesis about the text. The outside source should be an article or a portion of a book that analyzes the selection you are discussing...
Literature review in an organisation (company) that is using accounting software packages in Australia
Submission Requirements: Its a 2100 words literature review assignment Research reports are to be presented in size 12 Times New Roman or 10 Calibri Font and double spaced. The research should include a list of at least 5 references used in the research report and a bibliography of the wider reading done to familiarize oneself with the topic. Submission:  Soft.. under the microscope: Developing a greater understanding for international services management
Introduction and Literature Review: (Only 1750 Words) This element of the assignment requires you to: 1. Introduce the project and outline the research area and the chosen company ( 2. Broadly following the topics covered in the lectures (I will provide lecture notes) you are required to critically evaluate the academic research in the area of..
Creating competitive advantage through the application of reverse logistics in supply chain management.
Final year University paper: - Not looking for an A or B grade, be more than happy with a C grade. - Struggled with this class throughout the semester so therefore can't have a great paper. A reasonably well written paper that would earn me a Call grade would be ideal. Anything more and it would be too obvious that I did not write it. - Lower grade should reflect in price..
Writing Assignmnet 6 - McKinsey & CO: Essentials of Innovation
Read and watch the video "The Eight Essentials of Innovation" posted in the Resource tab. The assignment is focuses a McKinsey & Co. study of the best approaches to create and implement a robust and successful corporate innovation culture at a large corporation. The authors group the eight essentials into two groups (discussed in the video): Shaping Creativity..
The Impact of Stakeholder Relationships on Disaster Management and Risk Reduction at EThekwini Municipality
The literature review will form part of a dissertation. The reference style required is the Harvard referencing style. The study aims to provide answers to the following research questions 1. What are the main factors that drive effective stakeholder relationships in disaster management? 2. Are there cross conversations, feedback and feed forward communicational..
Literature review - The impact of quality services on customer satisfaction in Ritz-Carlton hotel
You are required to carry out secondary research in order to explore what is already being said about your chosen issue. You must research relevant Journals, Books, Internet Publications, HCT Library Databases etc. and select at least 10 sources including 3 journals that relate to you're chosen industry-related issue or challenge. For each of your chosen..
Literature Review: Two-factor motivation theory (Herzberg)
Graduate-level Literature Review must use 3 headings in current APA format throughout paper. Do not directly quote more than 120 words from any 1 source. If source is 2,000 words or less, do not quote more than 50 words. When quoting or paraphrasing, do not use same source more than 3 times in paper, quotes must contain section and paragraph/page number and placed..
Strategic Information System help organisations to achieve goals.
The literature review will cover: 1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company’s structure, products and services under consideration 2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss a. The current processes b. Any gaps and what is not working properly c. Which specific issues that the new system will fix d. Criteria that will be used to prove..
Ethical Treatment of Participants - Literary review
This is fro a Business Research Methods class. paper must be APA format, 3000 words, PLUS title page, Abstract and References. See attached instrustions - Due May 8th, morning Myst have 14 scholarly references (I can give you access to my university credentials to access the library), 3 headings and anything else mentioned in the grading rubic and instractions...
Compare the book The Goal with working in Apple Retail
Complete a paper utilizing information from the book entitled “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox. The student will extract ten principles/ concepts from the book and explain how these operational models can be utilized in an existing business (the company Apple as I have worked in the retail stores). The student..
Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company
Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company (SEIIC) is one of America’s oldest insurance companies specializing in equipment inspection and insurance for companies in the manufacturing, transportation, and energy sectors. Founded in 1873 and named for the first steam-powered ship..
business and leadership
Students are required to submit a 4,000 words literature review and essay on the following question: In today’s fast paced world leadership is prized as an essential attribute for organisational success. Organisations now expect their senior managers to be effective leaders and invest heavily in specialised leadership programs. Based on this view do you..
Literature Review (Organisational Behaviour)
Undertake a Literature Review on ‘the Dimensions and Antecedents of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB)’. The review is to focus solely on refereed academic publications (i.e. journal articles). See "Assignment 1 Guidelines and marking criteria" and "Assignment 1: Writing a literature review" below for more details...
Literature Review
I need literature review on Emotional Intelligence. The guidelines to do the literature review are on the handbook on page 16. You also have my proposal for the case study, so you have an understanding of the project. This is for my final year work, so it is very important that I have a quality work. You need to reference the text with Harvard referencing throughout..
Multiparty negotiation
This is one page of a paper I am writing. The work is almost done. It has all the information I want in. In the order I want it. English is not my first language, so I need help editing, correcting the grammar and also with the flow. In some parts I just put what I want to say in a very simple english (is a draft), and repeat the same (connecting sentences) several times. I..
E-business and Chinese SME internationalization
I decided to do research on China SMEs internationalization through e-commerce. The reason I choose to do it because I found that e-business in china develop very fast and many China SMEs are lack of knowledge and network of internationalization, So they tried to start internationalization through e-business. Therefore, I change my topic to “The impacts of..
Digital Transformation of Organisations with New and Emerging Information Systems
The topic is broadly about digital entrepreneurship, but focusing on digital transformation of Organizations by New and Emerging Information Systems . It is seeking to find out what and how organisations are influenced or transformed by new and emerging digital technologies. This work should have the structure and format of a BOOK CHAPTER. The chapter will..
Literature Review for a Business Report
I'm requesting and excellent writer to do my literature review on branding, equestrian industry (within the EU), (Personalized) ‘Gift’ jewellery market, marketing strategies and innovation. This literature review is a part of my academic business, therefore it needs to be done to perfection. Great offer for the right writer...
1. Greater accessibility in higher education leads to greater employment? Considering a diverse context.
The aim of the assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your research skills and your ability to identify and critically evaluate your findings. Your research provides the evidence to support your argument on the topic and your sources must be relevant, current and reliable. (at least 10)..
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