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ENG 102-watch Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland.
Watch the documental of Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland, Write a two-page response using all of the following key terms (the key terms. (institutional racism, anti-black violence, white supremacy, dehumanization, Black Lives Matter, etc).This is a crucial documentary about the life of a vital, intelligent, African American woman whose brutal..
Relationship between diabetes and increased cardiovascular risk
Epidemiology Title: Relationship between diabetes and increased cardiovascular risk This paper involves writing reviewing two (2) different peer review journals on the same topic "Relationship between diabetes and increased cardiovascular risk". The requirements are below. Find two primary peer-reviewed journal articles for Epidemiology (No meta-analysis..
Address some of the concerns and objectives of these Articles below:
REVIEW THESE TWO ARTICLES: Key issues in domestic violence by: Anthony Morgan & Hannah Chadwick ISSN: 1836-9111 Published: 12/2009 for this Article, you will write about: • Main point i.e. what the article is talking about. • How did they argue it? • How did they come about the conclusion? • Summary • 250 words Review..
write a literature review on the relationship between AOD use and domestic violence.
Tutorial 1 (reflection): You have been approached by your supervisor in the mental health service you have been working in for the last 4 years in relation to some “exciting” project that he/she wants you to lead. The project relates to measuring the effectiveness of integrated treatment approach for mental health clients who also have Alcohol and Other Drugs..
Reviewing the Scholarly Literature, Planning a Study
Part 1: Reviewing the scholarly literature Part 2: proposal for research design. Statement of research questions or hypothesis. Define concepts and ways measuring them. See the attached docs for more info.
improve professional skills competency by identifying areas for improvements in reflective thinkin
500-word reflective journal after reading the following article; AND Shirley, M. R. (2006). Authentic leaders creating healthy work environments for nursing practice. American Journal of Critical Care, 15(3), 256-267. Guidelines for reflective journal: • Provide a description and the characteristics of Authentic Leadership. • Reflect on learning..
Literature Review on The Factors Contributing to Mathematics Teachers' Stress
1) Have a read through of the draft full paper and come up with maybe just 2-3 paragraphs of the lit review related to the content and context of the paper. Make sure the literature cited are latest/recent papers and, if possible mainly from journals. Currently there are only 6 references and these are ok, but outdated. We need at least 20 references in total. Recent..
Henry Kitteridge from the book of olive kitteridge first story (Pharmcy)
Project 1: Literary Analysis In this literary analysis essay, students will discover a thesis in the text of an author and support this thesis with textual evidence. This section will be using Olive Kitteridge in order to discuss the interrelationship of character, theme, and rhetorical style in a chosen chapter. This project asks you to analyze a literary..
Literary Analysis Essay—“Things They Carried” and Letters Home from Vietnam
REQUIRED *READ ATTACHED FILES* Prompt: Discuss three themes, the message each theme conveys about the Vietnam War, and how the literature supports the theme and message. You may also use the and the “Ia Drang Valley” video as an example, but the two main pieces of literature you are to analyze are “Things They Carried” and Letters Home. Ia Drang Valley video:
Evaluate the Extent of the Problem Related to Your Research Topic
You are expected to identify five research studies related to your CAD research topic and use the following template to evaluate the literature focusing on the identified problem in those pieces of literature, and determine how are they may be relevant to your CAD research problem and whether you will use this literature as support (why and how). 1. Introduction..
How does having a fulltime job and being a fulltime student affect you mentally?
This assignment requires you to write a Literature Review draft based on the credible academic sources you have read and evaluated about your topic. The assignment must be double-spaced, in 12-point font, and at least 4-pages in length. It should draw from at least 6 peer-reviewed sources. It should cite paraphrase and quotes in APA-style as necessary to support..
Is it necessary to treat autism with drug medications
This assignment requires you to write a literature review on credible sources. The assignment must be double spaced, 12 point font, at least 5 pages in length. It should draw from at least 6 peer reviewed sources it should cite paraphrase and quotes in APA style as necessary to support your analysis...
The Limits of Power: The end of American exceptionalism.
I want a book review that focuses mostly on technology and its impact on American civilization. It has to include the technology as the main theme, can be military technology or new inventions and its impact on the growth of America and post-war civilization.
Adapt or create a teaching resource for the purpose of enhancing pupils’ learning in your subject.
Adapt or create a teaching resource for the purpose of enhancing pupils’ learning in your subject. Your resource and the way it is to be used in the classroom must have a strong theoretical underpinning to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and application of effective subject pedagogy.
What are the key factors causing Noise induced hearing loss in workplace and the control measures?
identify a minimum of 6 refereed journal articles on that topic. Summarise the contents of these articles and critically evaluate them in the context of the topic. Do not discuss the articles in isolation. Draw conclusions and if appropriate, make recommendations.
American Literature Argumentative Essay on the Book: Puddn'head Wilson, by Mark Twain
Prompt: In the book Pudd'nhead Wilson, by Mark Twain, define an issue or theme that interests or infuriates or perplexes you about the text and write an argument in which you defend a thesis about the texts comment on the issue. Explore the importance of the issue or theme to the work as a whole. Assignment Directions: The argument should only be based on the book..
Conduct a critical literature review on below topic
Conduct a critical literature review on below topic. "Training staff to empower older people in aged care with long term conditions to undertake self care activities" Instructions 1. Write your literature review from a global perspective then bring it back to Australia. 2. Use real publications of people that has previously done the research. Word limit-..
program evaluations that deal with men's rights in marriage and children health due to marital conflicts
Program evaluations: men's rights in marriage and children health due to marital conflicts. The critical literature review should be 3-4 pages long (font 11, 1 ½ line spacing) on a public policy evaluation of your choice. Find about 3-4 articles or reports on the subject, identify the main question of analysis, summarize the approach of each of the papers and..
comparison between alcohol-based hand rub and hand washing to reduce infection among HCWs
my subject: In health care workers does alcohol-based hand rub (hand sanitizers) compared to hand washing (water and soap) result in reducing infection (hand contamination) Please make sure that you consider that my requested assignment is An academic written assignment, I am doing my BSE in Nursing in Cardiff university and I am doing Evidence Based Practice..
What are the key factors causing Noise induced hearing loss in workplace and the control measures?
The Brief: Select a suitable topic (ie, one relevant to your programme of study) and using the University online journal collection, identify a minimum of 6 refereed journal articles1* on that topic. Summarise the contents of these articles and critically evaluate them in the context of your chosen topic. Do not discuss the articles in isolation. Draw conclusions..
The relationship between smoking and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
This is a (LITERATURE REVIEW) in Applied research in Public health A.Evaluate Public Health issues relevant to nursing B.Analyse the international, national and local public health aspects of the chosen topic area C.Utilise problem solving skills to effectively locate, use and evaluate research within public health D. Demonstrate an understanding of..
Reflection of Godfather Death by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
The following are some suggestions on what you might include in your reflection: • What are your reactions to the book so far and why? • Has the author kept you interested in the story? Can you find any examples of *figurative language (e.g. similes, metaphors) that spark your imagination and interest? • Does any particular character engage your sympathy? Do you..
Two Column Note and Applying Literary Theory to a Poem
Hi, This is an assignment for grade 12th. In this, write a two column note on the poem, 'The history lesson.' And then apply literary theory in a graphic organizer. I have attached an example for two column note. The poem is also attached to this. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT BOTH OF THE FILES ATTACHED WITH THIS. It must be plagiarism free...
assessment of knowledge and attitude about pelvic support toward prolapse and pessary
I need literature review . my instruction : the references of article update ( 5 years and above) and more than 10 articles.each paragraph include about menopausal women and what is the physiological changes, prolapse and pessary in details, recent article talking about prolapse or pessary in organize sequence...
Program evaluations: men's rights in marriage and fatherless children
The critical literature review should be 3-4 pages long (font 11, 1 ½ line spacing) on a public policy evaluation of your choice. Find about 3-4 articles or reports on the subject, identify the main question of analysis, summarize the approach of each of the papers and their findings, and critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of each paper. Suggestions..
Haddon Paper: 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime'
Write a 3-5 page, APA Style response paper to Haddon’s (2003) novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Please focus on the following question in your paper: Have you ever had experiences like the autistic boy’s, or like some other characters in the book who look at him oddly? Grammar and APA Style will be considerations in grading. Turn this in online...
Perceptions on Raising Bilingual Children through Home School Collaboration
Create a 5 page Literature Review using 15 resources concerning Parents Perceptions on Raising Bilingual Children through Home School Collaboration. Include "Why is it importsnt to be bilingual." with stats. Divide into 5 subtopics. I will send you a sample of what the paper should look like.
SDN : Configure network device with netconf/restconf/ YANG
a) writeup format follow the ICT proposal template b) use the following article: c) a topic can be changed but it must include : SDN and netconf+restconf d) use the other attached documents to answer the attached this literature review and others.....
Integrating the Field of Developmental Psychology: A Review of the Literature
You will review the Developmental Psychology literature examining findings for that age group / developmental stage in terms of the physical, emotional, cognitive, social dimensions, and how they impact development and can best be used to meet developmental needs. Additionally, create a summary of the developmental stage as viewed through the lens of one..
What are the potential factors for causing work-related cardiovascular disease
Identify a minimum of 6 referred journal articles on the topic. Summarize the contents of these articles and critically evaluate them in the context of the topic. Do not discuss the articles in isolation. Draw conclusions and if appropriate, make recommendations.
Literature review in the relation between Bid Management and Project Management
Please refer to the attached. If interested and you think you can do it on DBA (PHD) level, please let me know. I have some references and would ask you kindly to search for more Areas would be: - Bid Management. - Project Based Firms - Project Management (Initiation phase focused). I will be waiting for your feedback..
From hardware to SaaS subscription based business model
This is for the literature review section of my dissertation. In this report, I will be exploring the transition of businesses that have transitioned from hardware to software business model in order to provide a recommendation of implementation for the company in which I am currently doing an internship on. A company currently undergoing a digital transformation..
Challenge Topic: E-Commerce Product Transportation Challenge Description
Students will perform a literature review (10 articles) on a subject corresponding to the RILA (Retail, Industry Leaders Association) sustainability design challenge. Findings will be reported in a 5-page report, in APA format with a cover page and reference list not counting towards the page limit. Students must utilize academic, peer-reviewed journals..
The Benefits of Coffee on exercise and performance
How Can I get started!? You are required to address your agreed (agreed with project supervisor) topic broadly; considering evidence collected using any appropriate study designs to increase your appreciation of the subject through critical appraisal of work done by others. Therefore, the aim of the literature review is to show your supervisor that you have..
Book Review - The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight
Book Review Instructions You will write a 1,000-word book review of The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight. This review will contain a short summary of the book, a personal response, a discussion of the book’s strengths and weaknesses and an application of the book in your life. You must follow the guidelines carefully. Use the following format in preparing your..
impact of civil war /armed conflict on customer behavior
Hi i'd like you to write an article for me . it should contain theses points . introduction on how armed conflict or civil war can affect an economy/ consumers definition of an armed conflict definition of consumer behavior how armed conflict can affect the consumer behavior / consumption should be around 7 pages..
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Critical Appraisal
The purpose of this Assignment is to critically appraise a published review of the literature, correctly identify the level of evidence of a systematic review and meta analysis on the evidence hierarchy, and to critique the important aspects of published literature review. Directions: Review the Diabetic Systematic Review Write a brief scholarly paper..
Screening Paper #1: Psychos, Zombies, and American Culture
Psycho (1960) and Night of the Living Dead (1968) both suggest fears and anxieties derived from American culture at the time of their release. They also each provide complicated structures of identification. Choose one of these films and answer the following: 1. Who do we identify with in the film? Does this change over the course of the film? How does this affect..
A 44 year old female newly diagnose with diabetes, how she cope with the disease
The scholarly paper expected for this course is one in which the author addresses a topic utilizing scholarly literature and analyzes, synthesizes and/or critiques this literature supporting his/her topic. The paper requires you to present a Case Study of a patient as seen in the clinical areas. It will be important to analyze and synthesize the literature..
relevant leadership book( What ever the title of the book is)
Students will write a 1500 Word Book Review. Students will pick a RELEVENT LEADERSHIP book and review it. Reviews are more than summaries and this review must be written in a professional manner. If you are not sure how to write a review then "google" it and find out.
Through the looking glass (Novel) by Lewis CAROLL
.) You need to identify the title and author of the book. 2.) You need to explain the complete plot. 3.) You need to explain what you like about this book. 4.) You need to address the message of the book. (What was the purpose of the book? Were there any inner meanings the author was trying to share?) Keep your report between 500-800 words long. Remember, the rules of..
Write a two paragraph review for the movie "THE FOUNDER"
For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue.* There are many movies that include legal issues. Movies such as "Erin Brockovich", "The Founder", "Twelve Angry Men", "Flash of Genius", "Tucker A Man and his Dream" and many, many more. Be creative and have fun with this assignment! Write two paragraphs. One paragraph will summarize (in..
Reasons for presuming sepsis in the first 24 hours of life in neonates
Use the following journals to answer the questions in essay format: 1.What is neonatal sepsis in general 2.Types of neonatal sepsis 3.Difference between suspected and proven sepsis 4. Epidemiology 5. Types of Patogens involved 6. Identification of risk factors (perinatal and clinical), antimicrobial approach and labs..
critical annotation emotional well-being and mental health
It is a critical annotation i have attached the layout and it needs to be in APA style format i bought the book you can download it on the kindle ereader will give you info after Layout about authors background andn credintials main points evaluation of text persona; refectlection
Is it necessary to include compulsory English lessons in high schools in non-English speaking country Korea?
I need to literature reviewing about the research question that "Is it necessary to include compulsory English lessons in high schools in non-English speaking country Korea?" So it means I need to choose 4sub-themes, and find sources about that themes. It's free to choose the opinion!
variables affect auditor's opinon ( financial incentives , work style - work group or individual, culture .
variables affect auditor's opinon 3 ( financial incentives , work style ( work group or individual ), culture. Requierments,, 7- 8 recent resources from 2014-2016 about these variables , the subjects , the aim and the resutles of the article or book.
Prepare a critique of one research paper.Mental health nursing.
Prepare a critique of one research paper selected from your programme pathway listed below. • Mental health nursing: o Smith, S. and Macduff, C. (2017) ‘A thematic analysis of the experience of UK mental health nurses who have trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy’, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 105–13. o Bunyan,..
The analysis of a micro-blogging website--Sina Weibo
Introduction: (2 pages) The introduction to your research paper, which outlines your thesis or research question: What is the study about? What is the rationale for the project? Why is it important? Summarize your project and preview some findings here. Think of this section as the map and the “ad” for the research paper to follow. Background or Literature Review..
Literary Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman
Craft a literary analysis of the yellow wallpaper. In a logically organized. The thesis for this essay is: While on the surface, the story appears to be about a women suffering from mental health challenges and her road to recovery, the story actually explores themes of oppression and gender inequality. Structure of the essay: I’d like to explore the significance..
Write a two paragraph review for the movie "Flash of Genius"
For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue.* There are many movies that include legal issues. Movies such as "Erin Brockovich", "The Founder", "Twelve Angry Men", "Flash of Genius", "Tucker A Man and his Dream" and many, many more. Be creative and have fun with this assignment! Write two paragraphs. One paragraph will summarize (in..
Six Characters in Search of an Author Literary analysis
Each essay should be well-developed, well-structured, properly formatted, and present a clear thesis statement. Remember, your task is not to summarize the text, but rather to make an argument about it. I want you to come up with a thesis of your own, but you should consider some prominent aspect of a text’s themes, its narrative techniques, or other literary..
environmental justice regarding stray cats and dogs
How could we achieve environmental justice in dealing the environmental problems created by stray cats and dogs in a crowded city? The Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (SPCA) of Hong Kong suggested that we use the TNR (trap-neuter-return) strategy to solve the problems. Discuss and evaluate the merits or demerits of this strategy with reference..
Research and write a literature review (about outsourcing environment in Brazil for American companies)
Research extensively ON YOUR OWN and write a literature review on Brazil, focusing on examining the outsourcing environment for American companies. First, do research and summarize the business environment in Brazil (political, economic, social, and technological). Then try to answer the following questions with by writing a literature review: Why does..
Write a Literature Review on Outsourcing in Brazil (Research Needed!)
Research extensively and write a literature review on Brazil, focusing on examining the outsourcing environment for American companies. Also, summarize what has been done and what other specific topics or questions need to be done in the future. Here's a guideline on how to write a literature review:
What Does the Research Literature Say About Creating Meaningful Literacy Experiences for Indigenous Students?
100 – 150 Word Lit Review on each article to create familiarity with current thinking and research on a particular topic (These summaries should not be a rehearsal of the abstract, but should instead be oriented toward teaching takeaways. In light of the article’s findings, how might you teach differently?) APA Format and properly cited. • What’s valuable here?..
Psychology Literature Review Paper/ The Transference of Anger and its link to ptsd in veterns
1. Clearly defined and identified the general topic or issue and provided an appropriate context for reviewing the literature 2. Explained the criteria to be used in analyzing and comparing literature and the organization of the review. 1. Grouped psychological research/studies according to subtopics / themes 2. Summarized individual studies with appropriate..
The relationship between women’s subordination by men and other forms of social oppression.
Questions to Answer: 1. How do the resistance and political agency of women from different racial, class, ethnic or national and sexual backgrounds interconnect in effecting change at a global level? 2. What is the significance of explosive moments in the women’s movement? Give examples. 3. How did women move from a consciousness of injustice to political..
Leadership & Self-Deception; Getting out of the Box (The Arbinger Institute)
Complete Book Review · Leadership & Self-Deception; Getting out of the Box (The Arbinger Institute) This book review should be: · 3-4 pages (approximately 2000 words) – single spaced · Use headings · 12 pt font – use a serif font such as New Times Roman · Reference page and in-text citations if you do any research outside of the book..
Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia By Orlando Figes
I CANNOT PROVIDE AN ETEXT. When writing this book review, the writer should accomplish two aims: 1) the paper should provide a brief synopsis of the book's content; 2) the paper should set forth a critical commentary and evaluation of the book. For this assignment, reviews must be between 500 and 750 words. Each page must be formatted with 1-inch margins on the..
Literature Review 5-6 pages DUE IN 26 hours Draft available
Must use the three attached articles and more if needed. Must carefully read the assignment outline and assignment template. Do not write exactly on template. I have done a draft but it will needs editing and revising to follow provided template correctly, if it will help I will send. Most importantly please post your negotiated price AFTER you have carefully..
Globalisation and Democratisation in the Middle East
Read the 2 articles and answer any 1 or 2 of the attached questions (as long as it reaches word limit). Other references can be used to support the response but focus on the main articles. Second article: G. Achcar, The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising, University of California Press, introduction and chapter 1..
"Design of a program to assist residents, their family, and care staff deal with grief"
Marking Criteria 1: An account of how the literature search was carried out, including which repositories of information were search and a detailed account of how the library electronic data bases were searched · Here you will be describing and detailing how you went about researching and accessing the various sources of information for your literature review,..
Alternate Work Arrangements (telecommuting, job sharing, virtual work assistant, etc.) Literature Review
LITERATURE REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of this Literature Review is for you to create a scholarly piece of graduate-level research and writing that conforms to current APA format. Competency in APA format is required of all business graduates, as set forth by the policy of both the Graduate Faculty and the administration. You will research and write a Literature..
Patient Engagement and their Healthcare Literacy Levels during the Hospital Discharge Process
Use the "DPI Proposal Template" and the Develop a Literature Review to develop a draft of a literature review (Chapter 2) for your DPI Project Proposal. The literature review (Chapter 2) is required to be a minimum of 30 pages. No less than 85% of the articles must have been published in the past 5 years. Articles selected must further provide strong, relatable..
Literature review for a case study on sourcing agent
I need to complete a case study essay to fulfill graduate requirement for my Master of Science program in Global Supply Chain Management. My company is a sourcing agent in Hong Kong, it is the sourcing branch of a French fashion retail brand. The business of it is to source products for its headquarter. For example, we will get the fashion design sketch from designers..
“The main theme of The Bronze Horseman is the clash of the individual and the state.” Discuss.
Basic rules for the essay: tell the reader what your argument is going to be, provide this argument, conclude by repeating why (in the light of the evidence you've provided) your argument is significant and convincing. HOWEVER: Don't forget that the works we are studying sometimes don't provide "easy answers" to questions, and you should not be afraid to show..
Literature Review Post Mortem Redistribution of Fentanyl in Blood
I need a literature review done so I can send it to my professor for approval for my thesis paper. Below I have attached my thesis proposal that was already approved. Go off of that and do the literature review, once done sent it to me. The guidelines I have attached as well from my university, read the literature review part...
How Many Individuals with Diabetes Type 2 are Minorities and are on Insulin?
*THE LITERATURE REVIEW GUIDE IS WHAT TO FOLLOW AND THE OTHER TWO ARE EXAMPLES* All written assignments must be submitted via turn it in dropbox area, must be on a Microsoft Word Document, be in proper APA format: Meaning that your assignments should be typed out, font size 12 font, font names: Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri, normal margins (no more than 1 inch),..
The Regional Human Rights Protection System and Disappearances
Post your response by Sept. 27, 2018 (11.59 p.m.). 1. What insight did you derive from the viewing of Marcelo Piñeyro, Kamchatka (2002) regarding the nature of enforced disappearances? 2. Based on the three movies – Marcelo Piñeyro, Kamchatka(2002); Héctor Olivera, La noche de los lápices(1986); and Luis Puenzo, La historia oficial (1985) – briefly comment..
Are there equal employment opportunities for women in the UK?
Writing a 2000 words long literature review including: -What is equality? -What is equality at work? - How is the current women employment rate in the UK? - History: how has the situation of employability of women developed until today? - Which laws are existing for gender equality in the workplace in the UK? -HRM methods: glass ceiling, Leaky Pipeline, maternal..
Bahamian Society-External Influences ( North American, Caribbean, Global)
Form a Literature Review on the External Influences in Bahamian Society. Please use peer-reviewed articles and scholarly academic journals for the findings and references. some examples to use are Albury, P. (1975). The story of The Bahamas. London, UK: Macmillan Caribbean. Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (2000). Yinna. Vol. I. Nassau, Bahamas:..
Literature review on the effects that music has on emotions
These are my sources 1- 2-¤tPosition=2&docId=GALE|A177953657&docType=Article&sort=RELEVANCE&contentSegment;=&prodId=AONE&contentSet=GALE|A177953657&searchId=R1&userGroupName=sain91783&inPS=true..
Ordinary Men:Reserve Police Batallion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland
Ordinary Men:Reserve Police Batallion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland - by Christopher R. Browning. broken down chapter by chapter. Each page must be formatted with 1-inch margins on the sides, top, and bottom, and all content must be double-spaced. Font must be Times New Roman 12-point. All pages except the first must be numbered. If quoting, use simple..
I want to very quality work to write literature review part of my dissertation it includes two topics 1)the assessment of 21st-century skills in the classroom based on the formative strategies and 2) TEACHER’S SELF-PERCEPTIONS OF PROFICIENCY IN 21ST CENTURY SKILLS
Strategic Development of Organisations in the Age of Uncertainty
The task is to complete a literature review within the area of strategic development of organisations in the Age of Uncertainty. Task Guidance 1.For this assessment you need to select one area that is relevant to the strategic development of organisations in the age of uncertainty. You must clearly state what area you are researching at the beginning of your..
what would second language acquisition look like from a universal grammar perspective? jaspheraccounts
I did task 1A which is a topic motivation but I got the feedback from the lecturer and he is not happy with it for some reasons. ASSIGNMENT ONLY FOR JASPHERACCOUNTS he said ((Usually 'grammar' (no matter how it is defined) is understood as a part of the (second) language that is being acquired. It isn't clear to me how 'grammar' can affect the process of second language..
different shocks on the macro economy--based on the New Keynesian model(DSGE MODEL).
the effect of Monetary policy shock, demand shock and cost-push shock on the macroeconomy, for exaple, effect on inflation , output and rate. and these are based on the New Keynesian model(DSGE). for reference:in entire dessertation, I need to set up a model based on DSGE and using dynare to simulate these shocks...
ITE (in teacher education) students work-study-life balance and wellbeing
produce a literature review to propose a feasible research question that identifies a gap or builds upon existing research must follow the structure of the provided sample need to be done asap, however, you must have a background in education if not please don't waste my time case studies can be supplied but you may also use others..
The Magnitude and Causes of Agglomeration Economies
Write an approximately seven-hundred word, typed, summary of the attached article. Imagine you're explaining it to someone who needs to know what has been written but does not have time to read it herself or himself. Please include, with proper accreditation, diagrams or tables based on the material presented in the text, although they do not count as part of..
Financial technology in automobile industry (Block chain)
i need 2500 words + 25 references. My research is to develop an application software which is helpful for the car importing dealers and customers in NZ. so i want to adopt the technology called 'BLOCK CHAIN' in automobile industry. Currently am working in a car importing firm called 'Wilso Motors' Hamilton. So a software development company called 'Bison Code'..
High quality** Literature review (Need in 24 hours)
Literature Review + Annotated Bibliography 1. Using the suggestions in Chapter 5 in Academic Research and Writing, locate at least eight to ten (8-10) credible sources on your contemporary problem/topics from databases and/or the Pearson Writer “Find A Source” tool. 2. The following databases are recommended, but there are many databases to which you might..
Preventing Intimate Partner Violence among female adolescents
Assignment requires you to: Build on Assignment 1 and the social work topic you identified. The assessment task requires you to examine and critically appraise relevant research knowledge about your chosen social work issue and develop a research question.
As You Like It at the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park
The best reviews will be logically organized, clearly written, carefully revised and proofread. They will not contain digressions, irrelevancies, or unacknowledged quotations. They will have references in APA format where appropriate. They will show: close familiarity with the play discussed; sharp, accurate observation of the production witnessed;..
The Merchant of Venice play at theWwestminster Abbey
The best reviews will be logically organized, clearly written, carefully revised and proofread. They will not contain digressions, irrelevancies, or unacknowledged quotations. They will have references in APA format where appropriate. They will show: close familiarity with the play discussed; sharp, accurate observation of the production witnessed;..
Literature Review for Misconception in Distance Time Graph
This is a Mathematics Research Proposal In need a 200-300 words of Literature Review regarding the misconception in Distance Time Graph. Once, I have found the article about it, like when the line is a positive gradient line, students assumed that it goes up the hill and negative gradient means that it goes down the hill. But now, I couldn't find it anymore :(..
literature review of the advantages and disadvantages of anabolic steroids in sports
Use the attached bibilography to write a liturature review. Please add some journalistic and scholarly sources. I attached a sample of a literature review paper that you can use as a template. The literature review should include information about the following areas: Major studies – What are the major studies in the subject area? Which ones provide a general..
How researchers did their research on race as a social construct
Guidelines for Final Research Paper Paper topics: The most important thing in choosing a paper topic is to make sure that your interest is sufficiently engaged so that you can sustain the effort necessary to produce a work that is satisfying both to you and to your instructor Bibliographic Resources: In choosing a paper topic, it is important to do the preliminary..
Diversity in Education: Leadership, gender and diversity
Assignment is due no later than Thursday August 9, 2018. Diversity is a subject not easily defined for study. We can point to perceived differences between people and cultures; however, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, ignoring the effects of those differences in a given context. Additionally, such a focus often carries with it a sense of value-comparison..
Electromyography biofeedback an alternative treatment to Chronic Back Pain
I need someone who is experienced in writing Results and Discussion Sections for Research Literature Review and Analysis. A detailed syllabus has been attached listed out exactly what is required. Please read through before bidding. Hypothesis: Electromyography Biofeedback is an effective alternative treatment for chronic back pain in comparison to..
Developing career ladders and providing cross training options for HIM employees
Topic: Developing career ladders and providing cross training options for HIM employees C. Create a well-organized literature review of 15 professional sources by doing the following: 1. Outline research 2. Summarize the professional literature
Lit-review and synthesis on Management Problems caused in an environment of radical, disruptive innovations.
Literature review and knowledge synthesis on Management Problems caused in an environment of radical, disruptive innovations. peer-reviewed articles only, published in 2013 – 2018. 90+ references rigorous Ph.D. methods and writing 20 Pages Rigor PhD Level research and writing. Zero plagiarism ***Please do not offer your services if you are not familiar..
Globalization of auditing standards- an investigative analysis
Required to find at least 20 relevant research articles. You may need more. The aim is for you to write a Literature Review (Minor Assignment) using the literature discovered. • The assignment must be in Ms Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings. • Reference sources must..
Electromyographic Biofeedback an effective alternative treatment for Chronic Back Pain.
Deadline: Nov. 18, 2016 Hypothesis: Electromyographic Biofeedback is an effective alternative treatment for chronic back pain in comparison to no treatment. I have attached the syllabus/grading rubric for this assignment. (The methods section I will take care by myself, writer will not have to worry about) I have attached a rough topical outline but writer..
The Impact of School Culture on Student Achievement
Develop a literature review. The topic: The Impact of School Culture on Student Achievement The heading or themes should include: 1. Theoretical Framework - include a theory and theorist who used it 2. School culture 3. Roles of School leaders a.School principal b. teachers 4. The Roles of Schools in Developing a Positive School Culture 5.Research on the impact..
victims are likely to move on their abusive event
Produce a 2000 word systematic literature review and rationale for a small scale research project. using the University’s electronic databases. You will need to include a detailed Methods section describing how you performed this search to demonstrate principles of transparency. Demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships..
Management Problems in an environment of radical disruptive innovations. A systemic literature review...
Management Problems in an environment of radical, disruptive innovations. A systemic literature review and knowledge synthesis. peer-reviewed articles published in 2013 – 2018. 50+ references Rigorous Ph.D. Level research and writing. Zero plagiarism ***Do not offer your services if you are not familiar with Ph.D. Level writing. Structure: Part 1: Explain..
Knowledge synthesis methods based on qualitative secondary research, published...
Knowledge synthesis methods based on qualitative secondary research, used and published in articles of A+ ranked scientific journals. A systemic literature review of peer-reviewed articles published in 2013 – 2018. Rigorous Ph.D. Level research and writing. Zero plagiarism Structure: Point 1: Explain to the reader the difference between primary research..
Impact of age on the vasodilatory function of human skeletal muscle feed arteries
Background ( 2pages) describe the underlying concept (tie this in with knowledge of endothelial cell / smooth muscle cell function) -current knowledge based on other research studies; you will need references here - Identify the main goal / study hypothesis of the research article Major research finding ( 3 pages) What was their major methodology? BE BRIEF..
Critical Analysis of Journal Article " Leading Diversity in Organisations"
A critical analysis should briefly summaries the main arguments of the article. Choose a second, related article for similar analysis (either from reading folder or online sources) and critique them. Your comments should focus on the way in the journal article was useful to you in understanding your chosen topic (need to find new Journal Article). To complete..
Capstone Project: Preliminary Literature Review and Action Item Checklis
My topic is "Organizational Culture and Employee attitude in Mental Health" This assignment comprises two sections: a preliminary literature review and an action item checklist. Preliminary Literature Review: Contains a minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles. Each article needs to be thoroughly summarized. The summary must describe..
Book review for- When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management by Roger Lowenstein
Instructions from the professor for " book review" : The review must be minimum 4 pages, Times New Roman, font size 11, double-spaced, margin “Normal”. The grading of your review will be based on the following: 1. Does your review conform to the format? 2. What have you learned from the book and what is your supporting evidence? 3. Have you demonstrated your critical..
is there is a proof of transferability of laparoscopic psychomotor skills from dry lab to the operating room
literature review. the studies should be RCT, and the transferability of the surgical skill assessed on actual human laparoscopic surgeries in operating room ( not porcine, not cadaver, not simulator) dry lab include box trainer, laparoscopic simulator
Literary analysis/Interpretation due 6/27/18 due at 11 am
MLA format, 4 sources, Works Cited page 1,000-1,200 words not including the Works Cited Writing about Literature 1. Not a summary of the story 2. Literary Interpretation/Analysis: to provide insight and understanding of a key idea, character, or symbol. FOCUS ON ONLY ONE IDEA 1.Support the thesis and points with: A.Details from the story. Add the page number..
Increasing the Efficiency of International Intelligence Collaboration
Hello, I need someone to write a 10 page literature review for my research paper for my INTL-502 graduate course. I am majoring in Intelligence Studies and the course is on Intelligence Collection. The professor is extremely hard at grading. He likes the writing to be concise and to the point, but scholarly with original thinking. My specific research paper is..
Use of bed alarms and hourly rounding in elderly patient fall reduction
construct a table of evidence from studies relevant to your topic that you have found from your literature search. In general, you should limit your literature search to peer reviewed research articles and major reviews which have been published during the last five years. There should be a minimum of six articles reviewed and you can include systematic reviews...
Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics of Anticancer Drugs
Analyze the relationship between the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anticancer drugs and the individual factors that can effect these processess. Literature review. Academic sources only, i.e, reliable, credible, peer-reviewed, medical journal, etc. sources. Please incorporate critical thinking into the paper as well if you can. Harvard..
In the book October Sky, Sonny’s relationship with his father changes over the course of the novel
In the book October Sky, Sonny relationship with his father changes over the course of the novel. Discuss how Sonny growing maturity and strength of purpose as a rocket boy cause their relationship to change. Support your analysis with quotes from the novel that demonstrate these changes.
Response Paper on Lorraine Hansberry and Raisin in the sun
MLA format 3-4 pages long, and it must include at least one outside academic source that discusses the text you are discussing. As in the first two response papers, you need to include brief quotes from the selection to support your thesis about the text. The outside source should be an article or a portion of a book that analyzes the selection you are discussing...
Analysis of a character with a Mental Disorder from a Movie
(a) Assess and diagnose a character (describe symptoms) and include psychosocial stressors/impairments (“So what?”); (b) Discuss/speculate how the person’s problems developed, based on the theoretical perspectives discussed in the text; and (c) What your treatment recommendations would be. If the character received treatment during the film, please..
Relation between idiosyncratic volatility and information efficeincy
Would like a literature review on the relationship between idiosyncratic volatility and information efficiency (how much private information is incorporated into stock prices). there are currently two strands of contrasting literature on this topic; the informed trading hypothesis which suggests that informed trades increases the amount of private..
literature review about the impact of postpartum depression
the literature should be in APA format and between 13-17 pages ( the type of the review is systematic or scoping literature review ) I attached the rubric. This paper is so important it about the wole course .
Chestro’s Chocolates Critical Incident Research Proposal
My topic is "Critical Issues in Accounting (Accounting system) My assessment is to research and write a literature review on a critical issue in Chestro Chocolate Ltd. in Accounting. And the subtopic is Accounting system I have highlighted all the requirements for this assessment. I need minimum 10 APA references Details about Chestro Chocolate Ltd, Assessment..
Synthesizing the Literature: A "Mini" Literature Review
Literature Reviews are "critical evaluations of material that has already been published" (APA, 2009, p. 10). This is not an opinion paper or essay; therefore, students are not to interject their own thoughts and ideas. Literature reviews help a researcher gain knowledge about a topic, as determined by researchers/experts in the specific field. To complete..
Chestro’s Chocolates Critical Incident Research Proposal
My topic is "Critical Issues in Accounting ▪ (Financial reports and their quality)'' My assessment is to research and write a literature review on a critical issue in Chestro Chocolate Ltd. in Accounting. And the subtopic is Financial reports and their quality. I have highlighted all the requirements for this assessment. I need minimum 10 APA references Details..
Chestro’s Chocolates Critical Incident Research Proposal
My topic is "Critical Issues in Event Management on ▪ (Health and Safety)'' My assessment is to research and write a literature review on a critical issue in Chestro Chocolate Ltd,based on Event Management. And the subtopic is Health and Saftey i have highlighted all the requirements for this assesment. I need minimum 10 APA refrences Details about Chestro Chocolate..
Liu Heng’s “Dogshit Food” and Yan Lianke’s Serve the People
What is the relationship between food and/or sex in texts such as Liu Heng’s “Dogshit Food” and Yan Lianke’s Serve the People? What do food and/or sex mean in these texts - basic need for survival or something else? With the focus on food and/or sex, what other aspects of life in China during the Mao era have the texts chosen to comment on ?..
preperation of nanocellulose from date palm fibers
a literature review consisting from 10 paragraphs .. each paragraph is half a page and consist of the aim , mechanism or methodology used as well as the results obtained from the paper... for each paragraph, different article so, in total 10 articles , 10 paragraphs and 5 pages
Watch a movie and answer it without taking any words from the internet.
For this assignment, you are required to watch the film carefully, taking notes along the way, and then answer the following questions. Do not ‘cut-and-paste’ on-line reviews of the film – this is plagiarism and will result in zero points for the assignment and a possible ‘F’ for the semester, as well as disciplinary action from the university. You may, of course,..
Advanced English Essay- YA Lit- Required Reading (3 novels) and English-paper writing skills
3 Novels (if you have read them, please let me know & briefly prove you have read them/understand the concepts and sci-fi/fantasy conventions used within): Ender's Game, Zahrah the Windseeker, Feed The Young Adult Library Services Association discusses Young Adult Literature and its “current condition and the value to its intended readership.” It recognizes..
Literature review in an organisation (company) that is using accounting software packages in Australia
Submission Requirements: Its a 2100 words literature review assignment Research reports are to be presented in size 12 Times New Roman or 10 Calibri Font and double spaced. The research should include a list of at least 5 references used in the research report and a bibliography of the wider reading done to familiarize oneself with the topic. Submission:  Soft.. under the microscope: Developing a greater understanding for international services management
Introduction and Literature Review: (Only 1750 Words) This element of the assignment requires you to: 1. Introduce the project and outline the research area and the chosen company ( 2. Broadly following the topics covered in the lectures (I will provide lecture notes) you are required to critically evaluate the academic research in the area of..
Creating competitive advantage through the application of reverse logistics in supply chain management.
Final year University paper: - Not looking for an A or B grade, be more than happy with a C grade. - Struggled with this class throughout the semester so therefore can't have a great paper. A reasonably well written paper that would earn me a Call grade would be ideal. Anything more and it would be too obvious that I did not write it. - Lower grade should reflect in price..
Android malware detection using Deep Learning algorithm
I want to write the ((Related Work Section)) for my paper. It is about Android malware detection using Deep Learning algorithm. You have to use the papers I provide and you may use any other related up to date papers.
Nonverbal flirting behaviors: Differences and similarities among men and women
How do you write a Literature Review? Summarize, organize, and explain what research has been done on the topic, citing the sources as you mention them. Point out the different ways researchers have treated the topic. Point out any connections between the sources especially where one source built upon prior study. Explain how this past work fits together and..
brief review of film "Sugar cane Alley" directed by Euzhan Palcy
These reviews should assess the quality of the work being reviewed, and the thoughtful thematic content of the film or cultural event. Use published film reviews as models for your short paper. I'm going to attach a sample essay. It received 9 out of 10 for having too long summary and too little of my own opinion. remember that I have to review the movie "Sugar cane..
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
my subject belongs to personal and service improvement dissertation in Oman. in this part for each study you include the aim, type of study, methodology, used tool to gather information, sample, ethical issue if available. Then analyse the study and mention advantages and disadvantage of the study for example in terms of (reliability, validity, bias). I attached..
Can Interior Designers increase physical activity in a workplace setting by using motivational signs?
Need this by Fri. Previously working with another writer who has not confirmed 50% conpletion. Now I'm stuck. The first draft is done but needs edits, an abstract, strong intro, and conclusion. Also needs a flow that makes sense for a literature review.
Book Review of "The New Jim Crow" by Michele Alexander
The instructions are in the attached file & must be strictly followed or I will get an automatic failing grade. The paper MUST have a review of every single chapter of the book, "The New Jim Crow" - Minimum of 4 sources, one being the book & the rest scholarly reviewed articles.
St.Petersburg presence in Notes from the Underground
This paper is about Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground. The prompt is the following: The city of St.Petersburg is an important presence throughout the novel.Select one passage and explain how St.Petersburg affects the Underground man.How does the city function as a character in the text? Make sure to support any claims with evidence from the text.(MLA..
Comparing Two Video Versions-The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Your job is to answer this questions for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I'll give you a sample answer to this after we have a chat in order page. You have 7-hour due to complete this. It is a really urgent one. Thank you. ///We have watched the new 2006 live action version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe together in class. For our Media unit, it's important..
Problem caused in Implementation of Activity based costing in an organization
I have a assignment for you. Because you have worked hard on my last assignment I have chosen this one for you. hope you wont disappoint. please reply me if you wish to do this. it is only 3000 words and the requirements are as follows: Your Minor Assignment (30%) will be a Literature Review for your chosen Research Report. (70%) Once you have chosen your topic or been..
part1 (PTSD) in the military. part2;Three stages of transition.
Task#1:Find an article that discusses the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the military. Write a brief summary and post to the discussion for this week. Include your thoughts and reactions to the article. Comment on at least four other students' postings. Task#2. Write a 2-3 page paper in proper APA format discussing the three stages of transition..
The Great Gatsby Comparative Essay Book Vs. Movie
You will write a 750-word essay comparing the novel and the movie. You will not be required to submit the Venn diagram or Movie Chart, but you WILL be required to submit your Essay outline in addition to the formal essay you write. try to not exceed 1000 words. It is highly recommended that you view the rubric prior to writing the essay. Must be in MLA format...
Book Review: Throw Them All Out (by Peter Schweizer)
Book Review: Throw Them All Out - How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism that Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison (by Peter Schweizer) 1. ALL TWO pages MUST be used to ANSWER this QUESTION: How the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act would have corrected those abuses in the book? 2. DO NOT give me..
Writing Assignmnet 6 - McKinsey & CO: Essentials of Innovation
Read and watch the video "The Eight Essentials of Innovation" posted in the Resource tab. The assignment is focuses a McKinsey & Co. study of the best approaches to create and implement a robust and successful corporate innovation culture at a large corporation. The authors group the eight essentials into two groups (discussed in the video): Shaping Creativity..
photo voltaic panels in sustainable built environment
the literature review could be the following title 1. Cover Page 2. Declaration of Originality 3. Content Page 4. Report Proper (Rationale of selection) (Literature Review) 5 Conclusion 6 Referencing 7 Appendices. it must be covered all the following topics, history of the PV panels, main role of the PV panels in built environment and comparison with other..
person-centered care and the importance of health literacy
For this assignment: Instructions: Literature Review Review the Excelsior Library and locate peer reviewed articles that contain useful information on person-centered care and health literacy. Identify three (3) peer reviewed articles, about person-centered care and the importance of health literacy, that contain useful information which can be used..
Free Trade Areas - advantages and disadvantages local companies
My dissertation topic is about Free Trade Areas - advantages and disadvantages local companies, so I need a comprehensive literature review for the following: 2.1 Free Trade Areas and Economic Benefits Define what a FTA is and provide some examples (in a table) of the existing FTAs across the world, highlighting their main characteristics. Then discuss the..
Promoting the Need for better professional judgment
Purpose This assignment is designed to help you practice synthesis and researched argumentation, drawing on the sources you collected during your internship and summarizing for the annotated bibliography. Whereas your work with the annotated bibliography was focused on summarizing and evaluating sources in isolation, the literature review will organize..
Current Events News Summary's (CHECK INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED)
Attached are the instructions. You must find an article every week from Jan 15-March 14th, (8 News articles total) that is relevant to Marketing and write a short write0up (MAX 1 page each single spaced) The template for each article is also attached. Due April 4th 8am.
How does parental income impact the future successes of children?
I have already completed an annotated bibliography which I will personally send to the person I choose to write my paper. Here are the instructions given for my critical literature review. "You should define your research question and then describe what the literature presents in terms of answers to that question. This description of the literature should..
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
My order need adjustment and make some changes according to the marker's comments in search and literature review parts. my subject belongs to personal and service improvement dissertation in Oman. I will upload to you my paper (document's name : my paper) that I failed in and need to change the literature review part totally. in search strategy you should include..
Conduct a scientific literature search for evidence as to whether there is or not a health benefit for human c
Conduct a scientific literature search for evidence as to whether there is or not a health benefit for human consumers who regularly consume tomatoes (and tomato products such as canned tomatoes) as a functional food product. ∗Include processing techniques, heat and storage stability of tomatoes in order to maintain functional characteristics and bioavailability...
Interpersonal Meaning Analysis of Narrative Writings - MOOD and Modality
Systemic Functional Linguistics analyses discourse according to three metafunctions: Experiential, Interpersonal, and Textual. Each metafunction analysis of linguistic semiotics is achieved through Register analysis of lexico-grammatical Field, Mode, and Tenor. Please provide a comprehensive Literature Review of SFL framework of analyzing linguistic..
DISCUSSION:Unit 4 - Literature of the Enlightenment
Select one reading from each list below, and—in a two to three paragraph response—compare and contrast the way that they present the basic ideas of the Enlightenment: Social Awareness, Individual Liberty and Accountability, and the role of Reason versus Emotions. LIST 1 LIST 2 Tartuffe Gulliver's Travels Candide Oroonoko or The Royal Slave LIST 2 Discourse..
Linux Kernel, interrupts and System call In Operating system
1st : it should be comparision study 2nd : must contain, abstract,introduction, letriture review, methodology(body) ,Result and conclusion. 3rd : reference should include as well. 4th : citation in each paragraph 5th: the topic talking about some thing in operatin system the title enclude tree part Linux kernel , interrupts and System call...
Psychology Literature Review - Skin Protection against the Sun
The task is to write a literature review on the health promotion strategies that have been used in the past to produce behaviour change relating to skin protection against the sun. Please read through the instructions in the word document carefully (includes text and pictures). Further details can be discussed once the order is agreed by the writer...
Reversing Sail: A History of the African Diaspora
I need to write about this book we read in class called Reversing Sail: A History of the African Diaspora combined with two other videos:
The Effect of a Nonhomogeneous Item in a Serial List on Memory
I only need a literature review for a research paper that I'm writing. Please include information on Hermann Ebbinghaus, serial learning, the serial position effect, the primacy effect, the recency effect, serial anticipation, nonsense syllables, and the isolation effect (what happens to recall-the serial position effect) when a nonhomogeneous item..
The Impact of Stakeholder Relationships on Disaster Management and Risk Reduction at EThekwini Municipality
The literature review will form part of a dissertation. The reference style required is the Harvard referencing style. The study aims to provide answers to the following research questions 1. What are the main factors that drive effective stakeholder relationships in disaster management? 2. Are there cross conversations, feedback and feed forward communicational..
The use of zero-valent iron and magnetic separation technique for soil remediation: A review
This paper reviews these iron-based land remediation technologies and their current state of development and evaluates their applicability (and limitations) in remediating a range of common soil/sediment contaminants. AND WILL BE WRITING AS FOLLOWING: ABSTRACT 1. Introduction 2. The environmental chemistry of iron 3. Iron as a remediation tool 3.1...
Can Cervical Adjustment and Activator Chiropractic Care Improve Low Back Pain
Literature Review: Due March 09. 2018 Friday at 11am. 1. Use Peer Reviewed research articles relevant to topic and no more than 7 years old. 2. Total of 10 pages and the Cover page and Reference page are not included into the total number count 3. Format: INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, REFERENCES 4. Published articles minimum 5 researched..
The effect of social media interactions on customer relationship management
1. Introduction -Include statistics to support the importance of this topic. -Include 1 general aim and 3 - 4 objectives in point form -Outline of each part (flow of your report) 2. Literature Review -Theory of CRM -Definitions of key concepts (See attached model) -Development of theoretical model 3. Summary and Conclusions APA References More details will..
genogram and ecomap of the film" It's a wonderful life"
1) Draw a genogram and Represents a minimum of 2 generations; Uses correct symbols to demonstrate relationships; Includes symbol legend 2) draw an ecomap and Identifies family relationships inside the middle circle; Uses external circles to include representation from multiple formal and informal support systems; Identifies the nature of relationships..
An Exploratory Study of Convention Specific Social Media Usage by Attendees
It consists of one article review in the convention and meeting industry. Please include (1) introduction, (2) summary of literature review and (3) practical implications (How the concepts in the paper can be applied to the convention and meeting industry). It should be no more than 1,200 words
Gender Identity/Sexuality in Multicultural Counseling
The final paper must be 10–12 pages (not including the title page, abstract page, or reference pages). The paper must include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed and academic journal resources. Academic journals can be easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library. A librarian is available to assist online students. The articles should be dated..
Literature review - The impact of quality services on customer satisfaction in Ritz-Carlton hotel
You are required to carry out secondary research in order to explore what is already being said about your chosen issue. You must research relevant Journals, Books, Internet Publications, HCT Library Databases etc. and select at least 10 sources including 3 journals that relate to you're chosen industry-related issue or challenge. For each of your chosen..
Screening Response: I Heart Huckabees (Russell, 2004, 106 m.)
A screening response (SR) is your brief critical response to whatever film(s) we’ve screened the previous week. They are due to the Tuesday after we finish screening a film, and they must be turned in on time in order for you to receive credit. (I’ll expect you to have them available to you for our Tuesday discussions, so that you’re never at a loss for..
Film Review "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
Times new Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. Third person point of view. Use five (5) APA headings (Level 1 or 2): Introduction, Plot Summary, Description, Analysis, Evaluation. Mention at least 3 scenes. Total page count 3-5 full pages. At least 3 pages.
Reading Comprehension Passages for The Book of Ruth and The Medea
Directions: Choose two of the following passages, one from each section. Write a well-developed paragraph for each passage you’ve selected. Your paragraphs should: • Explain what is happening in the passage. • Quote at least three important phrases from the passage and explain why you think they're important, how they help readers to understand the passage,..
Paper: Contingency and Global Management/Leadership Theories
Paper: Contingency and Global Management/Leadership Theories Based upon your assigned readings and additional peer-reviewed articles from weeks 5 and 6, write a 7-10 page paper which reviews the Contingency and Global Management Theories that have shaped management and leadership literature. Your paper should present a point of view in a clear/concise..
what it took to get Epic implemented at multiple hospitals and other Yale-New Haven Health organizations
Reflect on the video of Lisa Stump providing an overview of what it took to get Epic installed/implemented at multiple hospitals and other Yale-New Haven Health organizations. Guiding questions: -What strategies were employed by Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) to ensure uniformity of implementation for their vision of Epic across the health system? -Who participated..
Discussion 1.2 - Evaluating Websites Options Menu: Forum
Evaluating Websites Duration: (2:38) User: anteater2112 - Added: 6/2/08 YouTube URL: Before you answer the questions below, read the following about bias and point of view: Point of view or bias reminds us that information is rarely neutral. Because data is used in selective ways to form information, it generally..
evaluating an article that describes a research study in an aspect of mental health (Carter et. al. 2015)
Question 1 This question carries 60% of the marks for this assignment and assesses module learning outcomes KU5, CS3, KS1 and KS2. It relates to Part 2 of the Research Methods Strand “Understanding Experimental Design”. The activity associated with this question involves reading and evaluating an article that describes a research study in an aspect of mental..
The Legalization of Cannabis and Marijuana Tourism
Hello, I need someone who can write a 2 pages literature review with an abstract using 3 credible sources in APA style. I attached the first draft of the document which explain the direction I want to take in this paper and expectations along with thesis statement. Thank you, Ariel Salcedo
Final Research Proposal ( Understanding Bullying - what factors foster or inhibit bullying behaviors)
For this assignment you will apply the first step of the scientific method by identifying a topic and explaining its importance in the field of psychology. Choose a topic of interest to you in psychology that is relevant to your current or future career, and search the databases in the course Library for a published peer-reviewed literature review on the topic.(..
Response: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology
Course Name: English 493 Speculative Fiction 1: Science Fiction Response Paper to text: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology - Hope Nicholson The Paper Required to be sent to me by Thursday January 18th at or before 12PM noon. Please see attachment for further information..
Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law
You must write a 1,000 word paper about a book of your choice. The topic of the book must relate to victims. It may be one of the books on the list below, or you can choose your own book, but I must approve the book before you read it and write about it. A high-scoring paper will spend a short time summarizing the book (a paragraph or two), and spend the majority of the paper..
Book Report on Victor: Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of a Fist
An essay that uses the character Victor as the point of analysis. 1) You must obtain and read a copy of the book, "Your Heart is A Muscle the Size of a Fist" 2) Write a 4-5 page essay using the directions from the presentation assignment attached. *To avoid confusion, the assignment was originally a presentation assignment but it is now going to be completed in essay..
Answering essay questions in 4-5 very detailed answer for paired poems
I need to turn this in by 11:59 12/26/2017 Answer each question with 4-5 detailed sentences. Emphasis on details please. 1.In the " The Nymph's Reply," and "The Passionate Sheperd to His Love," discuss the theme of reality versus non-reality as it relates to the young nymph and the shepherd boy. 2.In "The Road Not Taken," and "The Lover Not Taken,"discuss how the..
Strategic Information System and Corporate Accounting
These are two different assignments for two different subjects; one is Literature Review for Strategic Information System (Australian company has to be selected for this assignment) and the other is related to Corporate Accounting (Sealink Travel Group, Australia is the selected company for this assignment)...
Understanding the factors influencing Destination Loyalty within the Caribbean
Literature Review should cover separately the relationships between Familiarity, Hedonics, Novelty and Destination Loyalty. That is Familiarity & Destination Loyalty, Hdeonics & Loyalty Novelty & Loyalty. Also I will need supporting information for the following hypotheses H1: Novelty positively influences hedonics. H2: Hedonics positively influences..
Outbound logistics services and transportation system of goods
(1) use approximately 3500 words for the literature review. (2) You are advised to identify theories/ frameworks relating to logistic service. (3) More literature sources should be identified. You need identify 60 sources minimum. They should be reliable sources. (4) Headings and subheadings should be provided where necessary. (5) Knowledge gap- by considering..
The acceptance of an art gallery educational pack among lower secondary school
In a few hours, create essay about acceptance an art gallery educational pack. Some of the literature review done by me, just want to find the literature based on my research question and tittle as well.
Spanish literature>> only writter familiar with spanish literature
Please answer questions below. 1. How do you understand the different attitudes in women in "The Red Stockings ” and Clarisa (From “Clarisa” of Isabel Allende) towards sex and their relationships with men. Explain women situations as the head of their houses. 2. From the story “Lazarillo de Tormes”, explain the parallel among the first episode, the stone bull..
discuss the importance of Oedipus Rex in roman times and why Nero would have wanted to act in the play.
*** FULL QUESTION *** The Roman Emperor, Nero, acted in a production of Oedipus Rex, as reported by Seutonius in chapters 21 and 46 of this " Life of Nero. " Discuss the importance of Oedipus Rex in Roman times and why Nero would have wanted to act in the play. 3-page paper. With three sources. One inside source from the play " Oedipus Rex" and the other two from elsewhere,..
discuss and compare the role of suffering in the Oedipus Rex with the book of Job in the Old testament.
** full question ** Discuss and compare the role of suffering in the Oedipus Rex with the book of Job in the Old Testament. How are they different? The book of Job portrays suffering in a different way and for a different purpose? 3-page paper. With three sources. One inside source from the play " Oedipus Rex" and the other two from elsewhere, certified sources. No..
Literature Review: Two-factor motivation theory (Herzberg)
Graduate-level Literature Review must use 3 headings in current APA format throughout paper. Do not directly quote more than 120 words from any 1 source. If source is 2,000 words or less, do not quote more than 50 words. When quoting or paraphrasing, do not use same source more than 3 times in paper, quotes must contain section and paragraph/page number and placed..
why long term mating is better then long term mating
This is an APA style psychology literature review the total pages have to be 4 full pages.... that doesn't include the cover page or cite page so all together it would be 6... I need 5-10 citations... in text citation but no taking quotes straight from text but paraphrasing is fine....... it has to be well argues why it is better to be in a long term relation ship rather..
"Success Academy's Radical Educational Experiment" Article Review
read the article in its entirety and write a 300 word reflection. Would you like to have attended “Success Academy”? ..Or do you think you would have benefited from attending?
Strategic Information System help organisations to achieve goals.
The literature review will cover: 1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company’s structure, products and services under consideration 2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss a. The current processes b. Any gaps and what is not working properly c. Which specific issues that the new system will fix d. Criteria that will be used to prove..
Marriage in Central Asia
please check the following link: final paper is the literature review of the knowledge learned through the class. By using in-class readings and out-class sources and even the films watched in class, students will prepare a review of academic literature on the Anthropology of China and Central Asia. Actually,..
Parent Child Interaction Therapy for children with behavioral disorders
From prof: “You will conduct a literature review examining the research evidence for a specific type of treatment covered in class (e.g., acceptance/mindfulness-based, technology-assisted, or transdiagnostic) for a specific category of people (e.g., individuals with a specific disorder, or a certain type of population). You will then write a paper describing..
why long term mating is better then short term mating
5-10 cites , introduce your research question explain to the reader why this question is significant and why it is worth taking a look at. 2 narrow your research question in terms of he studies you will be citing 3 describer each study you cite in detail 4 compare an evaluate the studies. 4 pages 6 all together including the cover page and cite page. it is apa style and..
Effect of parental violence on experiencing depression and academic performance
i just need someone to build up the literature review for my research proposal .i will attach the things that i don till know so it may help also i need to write the reference of the literature and attach it
Write a 8 literary review on 10 separate articles.
This week, you will be using the 10-12 scholarly articles from your Annotated Bibliography to write an 8-10 page Literature Review on your chosen research topic When writing research reports, researchers are expected to cite relevant research and to provide an overview of the previous studies completed on their chosen research topic - also called a literature..
Book review on two books and annotated bibliography on two historical figures
I need this due by tomorrow. Two critical reviews on the books The Slave Ship: A Human History by Marcus Rediker &  American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass by Douglas S. Massey & Nancy A. Denton. Each book review has to be 3 pages long. Each must have a meaningful title, introduction, a body and a conclusion. It has to meet university standards..
Boo's behind the beautiful forevers: life, death and hope in a mumbai undercity book review
Compose a book review of Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity, for a development journal of your choice. Use the Duke University guide on writing Book Reviews in Economics
critical literature review on the topic of “21st Century Leadership
Purpose of the Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to write a critical literature review on the topic of “21st Century Leadership.” It is essential that you are able to critically review literature as this is a key component of master’s level work. This assignment also requires you to read and analyse a range of academic materials, again a key component..
A review for the book: Blind Ambition-The White House Years (by John Dean)
You MUST write about all the following six requirements. The requirement 4, 5, 6 are the most important part and you MUST spend most of the paper for these three requirements! 1. Author's thesis 2. Author's point of view 3. Agree or disagree author's thesis and point of view 4. How has the author defended his thesis? 5. Is the way the author use in defending his thesis..
MKT2031 Issues in Small Business and Entrepreneurship
You are required to write a literature review of 2500 words based upon study related to the first part of the module. Using the title below the literature review must consider the academic research and journal articles relating to the topic given. The literature review requires an academic style of writing and the use of journal articles and text books to provide..
Effect of omega-3 fish oil on children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
A literature review collects academic writings on a specific topic to provide an overview of the current trends and predominant thinking of researchers and experts on that topic. The review evaluates and reports on the main ideas of a particular subject area using synthesis. Synthesising information is not simply summarising each article, but rather organising..
literature review of how administrative leadership
Complete a literature review of how administrative leadership can use total quality management principles and data quality to identify best practices and improve health information systems. Include the organizational change model.
Literature Review: Access a sufficient amount of empirical research evidence (minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles specific to your client) that informs your understanding of the client’s problem or problems and/or evidence on interventions that demonstrate improved outcomes for your particular group of clients with whom you are working. Is there evidence..
Literary Interpretation on poem America BY TONY HOAGLAND
Lit! really should’ve been called “Interpretation”, or maybe even “Literary Interpretation”. But to call it that would belie its true purpose and value, and it would have probably caused you all kinds of anxious hand-wringing and despair as it marched toward us on the calendar. Literary interpretation has that kind of power over people. And those very words..
This academic level Literature Review Should cover the following especially as it relates to the Caribbean: 1. Perceived Value as it relates to vacations- Definition, Theories and measurement 2. Satisfaction as it relates to vacations- Definition, Theories and measurement 3. Destination Loyalty/Willingness to return/recommend : Definition, Theories..
read the specific article I uploaded, and write a reflection about that article. The reflection is what the article impressed you, what you learnt from it, what you found interesting from the artcle, or what should be noticed on the topic which the writer mentioned. just show up you did read the article carefully, that s fine. In total 350 words needed..
Social Anxiety and Social Disclosure in a Romantic Relationship
This paper will be researching about social anxiety and how it affects the social disclosure in a romantic relationship. The paper must be 6-8 pages in length, not including title and reference paper. You are NOT required to include a Methods Section. You should end your Lit Review with a Research Question (RQ) and/or a Hypothesis! Use the 5 References in the Annotated..
Incentives based on Rank-order tournaments increase falsification among auditors
(Theoretical Reviews) the title is : (Incentives based on Rank-order tournaments increase falsification among auditors) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: in this part we have to tell the specific history regarding this topic above (incentive based on rank order tournaments increase misbehavior)..
installation of solar pv panels at the roof floor of shopping mall
B‐1 ‐ Literature review suggested word count: 1000 words   (20% of the Individual Coursework B; 15% of module total)   A short literature review of your ‘energy improvement idea’. The objective of your literature review is: • To demonstrate a well developed information literacy, referencing and citing (in the UWE Harvard fashion) good quality information..
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