Lab Report on Engineering examples

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LAB 6: Thevenin Equivalent Circuits and Maximum Power Transfer
I want you to do this for me within 3hours. this is lab to be complete in a form of a formal report. it is 5 to 6 pages . I will attach in the file on example of it ,the lab itself, and the data that I found on the lab there is a code in the lab that you have to use on MATLAB. please read the file before you do the lab...
Mechanical Engineering-Quality Control Lab Reports
I am looking to hire a writer who can write 4 lab reports based on a simple Quality control class. The lab reports are do in 20 hours and i will pay an extra 5$ per report if completed by 4:30 pm tomorrow. Attached is the file for the lab reports. The reports do not have to follow the attached lab report format completely. The labs will not be checked but they need to be somewhat..
An Investigation into Thermal Damage during the Grinding Process
You are required to use the previously recorded grinding data to determine the accuracy of the thermal model presented below in equation (1). a) For each data point calculate the experimental specific energy. b) For each data point, using equation (1) below, calculate the theoretical critical specific energy N.B. one sample calculation only should be included...
Spectral Analysis Lab Report
A full lab report of an introduction and spectral analysis of engine vibrations (all results and information included and attached alongside of a youtube video; There are more files that I need to send when writer hired!
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