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Using Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians Australia, discuss the geomorphology evolution of the waterfall
Using the Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians, southwest Victoria, Australia, discuss the geomorphology evolution of the waterfall over geological time until the present. What contemporary processes are shaping its present-day morphology and how are they similar and/or different from in the past? Use literature, diagrams, photos, field observations to..
Are you more or less hopeful about the environmental future today compared to when in January 2019?
Please discuss two issues you are more hopeful about. You should be detailed in your response and include some evidence. write at least 2 pages with at least one paragraph discussing each issue.  You should include a conclusion where you provide an overall assessment for a positive or negative future...
Application of the Scientific Method: (a case study from the Geosciences 'Theory of continental drifting'
Prepare a 4-page essay based on the following prompt: Application of the Scientific Method: (a case study from the Geosciences 'Theory of continental drifting'). Format With few exceptions, scientific papers consist of the following elements: Title, Authors and Affiliations; Abstract; Introduction; (Background Information); Materials and Methods;..
global climate change over the course of your lifetime.
Take a position about whether we should we be hopeful or pessimistic about ongoing and impending global climate change over the course of your lifetime.  You should have (1) a thesis or topic statement at the end of your introductory paragraph about what your position/thesis is, (2) the body of the essay should include what seems to be going on with respect to climate..
Short Answers ((PLease Read it before)) need it done 8hrs
Oceanography 115 Homework for Chapters 7-9 Answer the essay questions for homework and to study for Exam 3. The homework must be turned in on the day of Exam 3 to receive credit. Turn it in one week prior to the exam IF you want me to look over your answers Chapter 7 Ocean Circulation a) Compare and contrast western boundary currents and eastern boundary currents,..
Risks and Values of Onshore and Offshore drilling project
Prepare a 5 page (I am not concerned about policing your line spacing, type size or margins - just be reasonable) analysis that addresses the following prompt in two sections, one section for onshore wells and another for offshore wells: 1. Your management wants to better understand the value you bring to the company as a geospatial analysis professional - your..
Tracking Effects of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami on Banda Aceh, Indonesia through multispectral analysis
Use ASPRS format for this paper Approximate Project Paper write-up length: approximately 3-20 pages of text (double-spaced) Proceeding Guides: Petroleum User Group ESRI International User Conference: Energy Drone Coalition:..
The Depletion of the Ozone Layer- Causes and Effects.
The papers should be between 3 and 5 double spaced pages including the bibliography. Given the large amount of information available both in print and on the web, you should have at least 5 references.
Measuring carbon footprint (may be writer's choice)
This activity will encourage students to start measuring their carbon footprint with the view that this will persuade them to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint in future. Requirements: Keep track of your expenses on each item shown on the calculator for a week. Identify other material expenses that you may have that was not considered..
subsurface stratigraphy along the southern margin of the sverdrup basin in arctic canada
I need a undergraduate thesis. I have completed most of it but need some assistance in making it better and editing. I need a section on "rock types". this should include a detailed descriptions of the rock types that are in these three subsurface wells. i.e. carbonates (heterozoan/photozoan), clastics, evaporites, etc. I also need a discussion paragraph preferably..
Overview You may know the children’s board game Chutes and Ladders, also called “Snakes and Ladders.” In this game, players roll dice to move from the first square on the bottom of the board to the final square on the top. The first person to reach the final square wins. Along the way, players may land on a chute, which drops them back to a lower square, or on a ladder,..
1) The paper should be between 1.5 and 2 pages long, double spaced and in a font size of 10-12. 2) At least 1.5 page should contain some “out of the box” critical thinking. What do you think ? Go beyond the article you read. 3)ARTICLE SUMMARY: After you have read and understood the article you have chosen, prepare a DETAILED, typed summary describing in your own words..
Carbon Footprint Assignment
Choose 2 of the 4 online carbon calculators listed below and calculate your personal carbon footprint on Earth. Note that first two listed are good for both US and international locations. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
term paper
i have attached my syllabus and my outline. The description for the paper is on page 4 in the syllabus. :)
Your Choice
You will choose five activities from a comprehensive list to complete. You should be able to incorporate much of what you have learned from the first five weeks’ worth of course material to enhance your options. All of these activities are designed to allow for your own perspectives and creativity to be employed at the same time that you are seeking out and finding..
How does earthquakes effect ecosystem
i have attached my syllabus and my outline. The description for the paper is on page 4 in the syllabus. :)
Academic Essay
Leadership and Influencing skills: Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer. (word count: 275)
Marcellus Shale
research paper on the Marcellus Shale. Your research should answer the following questions: 1) What is shale? 2) When and how did the Marcellus shale form? 3) Why does the Marcellus shale contain natural gas? 4) What is hydrofracking? 5) What are the environmental impacts of gas extraction? 6) Is hydrofracking legal in New York—why or why not? 7) Do you think New..
Asian migration to the Western Hemisphere
this is for a class at local community college/undergraduate
country report
The goal of the assignment is to explore a subject that is of particular interest to you, and demonstrate your ability to think critically. Select a country of particular interest to you: someplace you’ve been, someplace you’d like to go, someplace you’re just interested in, or someplace you’ve never heard of until now! In this paper, you should: Describe the..
Sedimentary rocks
 write a 4 page report (double spaced with 12pt times new roman font) with at least 2 sources cited on at least 2 of the rocks that we will be visiting this weekend in the Tucson Mountains.  They are: Sedimentary rocks that are called the Amole Arkose formation, and are Early and Late Cretaceous in age. Volcanic rock that is called the Cat Mountain Rhyolite, and are..
Weather Disasters
Like earthquake and volcano eruptions, major hurricanes and tornadoes have occurred long before there were humans on Earth. Choose one hurricane or tornado that significantly impacted humans and report on it. Be sure to cover how it affected the Earth, damages and death tolls, economic impact and any permanent consequences. Your paper should meet the following..
Weather Anomalies
Topic is Atmosphere and Weather under Geology course. Choose a weather anomaly, such as El Nino and La Nina, climate change, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, heat waves, ice storms, or other. Be sure to define them, compare them to normal conditions and discuss the consequences of each. Include the economic impact damage to the Earth, and any long term..
Find a creative work of "art" that conveys a theme related to Geology.
I need three of them, and they are ALL following the instruction down below: a link to the work so that we can all see it, AND a brief summary (approximately 3-6 sentences, written in your own words) that includes the following: The name of the art piece The name of the creator of the work How this work is related to Geology. This should be informative and should demonstrate..
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