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Comparative Analysis of hurricane harvey and Hurricane katrina
1. Choose a topic or research activity.2. Conduct your research. Find four scholarly sources for your topic (scientific journals, your text, web pages ending in ,org, .gov, and .edu are allowed. Interviews with professionals in the field are allowed. Make sure to cite ALL SOURCES! Term paper. Write up your report as a term paper (5-page max) with each section..
The True Cost (Globalization, the Fast Fashion Revolution, & the Eco-Footprint of Your Wardrobe)
Introduce your topic ( The true cost: Globalization, the Fast Fashion Revolution, & the Eco-Footprint of Your Wardrobe). Explain why it’s important, why it’s of interest to you, and what you learned about it from our course material, i.e., what you knew about the topic before you came up with your research question and found the online articles. This should be..
I need it done by midnight if possible Activity 1
(I NEED IT DONE IN 10 HOURS)Find a blank outline map of the United States adn Canada on line and copy and paste it onto a powerpoint slide or if you prefer a word document. Using text boxes, carefully and clearly label all of the sub-political units (i.e., states and provinces) for each country. Then, select at least 20 physiographic features found with North America..
find out threats the problems, challenges, or, obstacles, in which that particular nation-state is facing)
School of Arts & Sciences Department of Humanities & Social Sciences The Course Project Spring 2019 POLI 100 – 1 & 2 Total marks: 10 Student’s Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID #: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructor’s..
Examine the relationship between the oceanic sovereignty rights of national and exclusive economics zones
Why are there spatial variations in development within and between places on the earth surface?
Why are there spatial variations in development within and between places on the earth surface? write an essay of 2500 words. Please use peer reviewed articles and where possible use examples to support your position. Use the first paragraph to introduce the topic. The second/third paragraphs of your paper can be used to justify your position. Use the final..
Reaction to Michael Pollan - The Omnivore's Dilemma all 6 chapters
for each of those 6 chapters that you read and write a 1-2 page reaction to (i.e., if you read & wrote reactions to all 6 chapters, The reactions should include a summary of the chapter, which not only lets me know that you read it, but would make the main ideas of the chapter comprehensible to someone who hadn't done the reading, a personal reaction, in which you explain..
Amazons Influence on United States’ Economic Development
You will choose a topic related to development and write a 2,000 word essay, excluding references) about that topic. The topic is ,amazons influence on the United States economic development and keep in mind, What do you think the likely future trajectory is for Amazon (and the US economy more broadly)? answer the questions bout the topic in the instructions..
Major historical events and the types of natural hazards/extreme weather events and their impacts and causes
Conduct a project on a topic of your choice. Select one type of natural hazard (earth quakes, tsunami, volcano), climate change (global warming, air pollution, sea level rise), extreme weather events (snowstorm, typhoon/hurricane, heat wave, drought, flood) or weather/climate issues (cloud/precipitation/snow formation). •Discuss about major historical..
Patterns and Change: Coral Bleaching in Coasts and Tropics
- Description and narration, pertaining to natural or cultural landscapes and how humans modify these landscapes - Analysis, following the scientific method used in the social sciences and physical sciences: - hypothesis - observation and research - analysis of data - conclusions
10 assignment questions to be answered based on PowerPoint
a) Explain the hypothesis of continental drift. (b) Who formulated the hypothesis? 2. Explain why tectonic activities (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) are concentrated along plate boundaries? 3. Explain the difference between tectonic forces and gradational forces and give at least two examples of each. 4. (a) What is a tsunami? (b) Explain how a tsunami..
Physical Geography A level - Karst formation in tropical climate
Looking for a writer that can write H2 A level geography essay. The pages are just indicative please write as deem appropriate to the marks allocated. 12 marks - explain the weathering processes leading to formation of karst landscapes in the humid tropics 20 marks - Cone karst and tower karst are influenced by different factors. Discuss in the context of tropical..
1. According to Koser (2014: 620), if a sensible debate about migration is to take place, “it is essential to
1. According to Koser (2014: 620), if a sensible debate about migration is to take place, “it is essential to consider the totality of population movements and not to focus on one group, still less to demonise it”.  Discuss this statement with reference to the three central issues explored by Koser. ..
Discuss and evaluate the pros and cons of free trade for Pacific Island Countries and base on careful research
World Bank report (2009) on the Pacific Island argued that there is no way small, isolated low economic growth island countries will develop unless they integrate with strong economies meaning developed countries. The contemporary policy approach for this is free trade. Discuss and evaluate the pros and cons of free trade for Pacific Island Countries and..
“What is the geography of your favourite place?”.
To produce a 1,500 word essay based on the question, “What is the geography of your favourite place?”. Your essay should:  Discuss the relationships and connections between the social, cultural, political and environmental geography of your favourite place  Consider how your favourite place is changing, the processes behind these changes, and any potential..
location of offshore Oil and Gas Fields in the Gulf of Mexico
The instructions for assignment details is attached pdf. Please help me with the project proposal. I need to create a map that can provide information on the location of offshore Oil and Gas Fields in the Gulf of Mexico (Mexico and the USA) and also in the background provide information about the location of passive or active continental margin, so we can analyze..
How humans conceive of, relate to, and construct space (and/or time).
Your Final for this class is to write a research paper (between 1,800 to 2,200 words) on how humans conceive of, relate to, and construct space (and/or time). This very broad assignment can be interpreted in many ways. A few examples that we have discussed in class include: - Human environmental behaviors, such as how we manipulate landscape features like rivers,..
Write an Critical Analysis Essay on the The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler
Contents (3 points each): 60% I. Introduction ____ A. Opening Statement ____ B. Title, author, genre, theme ____ C. Main characters, setting ____ D. Thesis statement    II. Synopsis ____ A. Complete ____ B. Concise (a paragraph, not a lengthy summary)     III. Observation #1 ____ A. Topic sentence ____ B. Support for topic ____ C. Supporting quote(s) ____ D. Wrap-up..
Produce a report of qualitative or quantitative analysis.
Produce a report outlining the steps taken to conduct a piece of either qualitative or quantitative analysis. The report should include annotated figures (graphs and diagrams) to demonstrate how you conducted your analysis, in the appendix. 2750words
Describe how the breakup of the Soviet Union affected the region and the world
Put yourself in the place of a television news reporter. Write a story describing the effects of the dissolution of the Soviet Union on the U.S. and at least one Eastern European country. Use your coursework, the internet, and other resources to get the information for your story. Your story should be four paragraphs in length and a minimum of 350 words...
The extent to which the population of Cannock has increased/declined because of economic factors?
AQA A-Level Coursework PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ, I WILL KNOW IF YOU HAVEN'T: This piece of work accounts for 20% of my grade so it is very important to me and past experience with AQA is preferable. Additionally i have a very short time frame of 15 hours from the time of now, so this is going to be a hefty task, i have attached what i have done so far but it is not up to scratch..
To what extent does Essington’s environmental quality vary?
AQA GEOGRAPHY A-LEVEL (A2) COURSEWORK! PLEASE READ: Please follow AQA (British) specification.... ( this is attached as a document, please read as this is completely detrimental for this coursework ). Past experience with this specification is preferable. This is 20% of my overall Grade so I would appreciate top tier ;) Additionally I would like to thank anyone..
Making Space and Place through Power and Resistance
Looking for someone knowledgable of geography and solid background in political geography. Make a clear argument for how space is made through power, resistance, and representation. Address; 1) How do systems and structures like capitalism, race and citizenship produce space? 2) How have people resisted spatial exclusion by claiming a right to space and..
Analytical Essay on the Bay Street Corridor in Toronto
The essay assignment asks you to expand the research from your field report into a full fledged essay on the City of Toronto neighbourhood of your choice. You will situate your research findings in a topical perspective, either social, cultural, or economic. You may also combine any of these three elements if that suits your research findings. This essay will..
Discuss the impacts of human activities on natural resources
Select, research, and write a paper on the following topic. A wide variety of examples must be given. All sources used within the paper must be cited using the in-text method. Citations must also be given for all illustrations, graphs, maps etc. used. Use the AP style of citations. Paper must include a correctly written Bibliography. The paper must be typed in..
Significance of Climate Change on distribution of polar bears
You will need to write a term paper surrounding the significance of climate change on the distribution of polar bears in the Arctic region. I have attached my research proposal for your reference, as well as the instructions and rubric. Please follow all instructions carefully.
Understanding Prejudice: The Skewed Way Indians Still Think About Gender and Caste
3. Magazine Article interpretation (Look at article below and prepare a 500 word summary of the article explaining how it relates to border issues of India society, economics, politics or history. Understanding Prejudice: The Skewed Way Indians Still Think About Gender and Caste •
how relevant are Ghandi’s life and ideas to the problems and potentials or contemporary India
2. Essay 1500 word to answer the question how relevant are Ghandi’s life and ideas to the problems and potentials or contemporary India. (Based on the Movie Ghandi Directed by Richard Attenborough) (1982). This Essay is not a movie review.
Locate a new article that depicts an ethical dilemma in the workplace. An employer with controversial policies
Summarize and discusses specific situation and article,includes connection to relevant ethical theories from course readings,provides thoughtful perspective and depth of discussion demonstrates understanding of ethical issues
Writing introduction and literature review of Dissertation without Plagiarism
I need help from someone who has a background on the following disciplines (Geography, remote sensing, GIS, environment) to write introduction and literature review of Dissertation without Plagiarism (6000 words)
Is There a correlation with people living with Diabetes and high blood pressure in NYC
Attached is a power point which will be used in writing the paper and the sources for the paper are in the slide show. Please be sure to go through slide show thoroughly. please incorporate maps and data from slides.
Thyroid Cancer Rates Internationally and In America Related To Geography
This paper should be 5 pages single spaced. Include first a thesis, that ties in thyroid cancer rates in America and globally relate to the geography of America to that of other countries using at least 5 resources. For instance, compare environmental factors, environmental determinism, and compare and contrast the different types of people that are getting..
Gentrification in Chicago and its impact on low income African Americans
Research paper on gentrification and it's impact on low income African American neighborhoods. Already completed research proposal so those sources will need to be used along with another 2 of your choosing and paper only needs to be 5-6 pages or 1200-1400 words
How has globalization affected national energy systems in the countries of the Global South? (Brazil)
Report !(How has globalization affected national energy systems in Brazil) Length: 8 pages (not include cover sheet and refrences ). At least 10 refrences. Deadline: 8th December 2017 at noon (12pm).
Discourse Analysis - Preparatory News Article Worksheet
related to any of the structures and processes of globalization that we have covered in class. The article you select should be a substantive piece of reporting rather than a generic news brief, and should come from a reputable source in the popular press. This could be a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or the Washington Post; a news magazine..
The trends of population growth and the possible effects
I would like your help on my essay about "the trends of population growth and the possible effects" which can be 6-9 band score of IELTS. The components of my essays: 1. 1 Intoduction 2. 1 Body paragraph about Trends 3. 1 Body paragraph about effects 4. 1 Conclusions (Which can get 6 -9 band scores on IELTS) (250-300 words)( 1 page)..
A Deeper Insight Into Catastrophism vs. Unitarianism
This essay is supposed to be 10 pages but I don't really know how to start it off so I'm asking for someone to help me at least with the first three pages. Requirements: 1. Format- Any university or college-acceptable research paper format is permitted (I want it in MLA). Please be sure to utilize in-text citations following the chosen research format and include..
A Deeper Insight Into Catastrophism vs. Unitarianism
This essay is supposed to be 10 pages but I don't really know how to start it off so I'm asking for someone to help me at least with the first three pages. Requirements: 1. Format- Any university or college-acceptable research paper format is permitted (I want it in MLA). Please be sure to utilize in-text citations following the chosen research format and include..
2 page paper on population and resources on the country Nepal
Collect the following data about Nepal from World Bank GNI per capita GNI PPP TFR Birth Rate Death Rate Natural rate of increase Answer the following questions in the paper of at least 500 words in 12pt. font, double spaced -Would your country be considered developed, or developing? Why? -Is the population of your country increasing..
Satellite-derived Land Surface Temperature (LST) as Proxy for Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Boreal Peatlands
The projects include 1)Description of the research topic (Satellite-derived Land Surface Temperature (LST) as Proxy for Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Boreal Peatlands) – a short overview of the field and listing the most relevant studies carried out in the field 2)Research objective – which particular objectives or tasks have been set within the given topic;..
Initial Reflections on Harvey Evacuation in Houston
Initial Reflections on Harvey Evacuation in Houston Hurricane Harvey has again thrust issues of emergency preparedness and pre-disaster actions in the spotlight. In the media, questions have been raised about Houston's decision not to order a mandatory evacuation. Houston officials, citing the inconvenience and problems associated with the evacuation..
review and critique of a film, with the review focusing on the role of place
Students are required to write a 5-page double-spaced review and critique of a film, with the review focusing on the role of place. The structure of the paper should be divided into three parts as follows: 1) a one page summary of the film; and 2) a critique of the role of place in the film. The following questions are intended to guide you through this part of the exercise:..
NEED in 5 hours *High school level* :academic poster : PPT in one piece (attached example)
This is an academic poster. You can think of PowerPoint PPT in one piece.(1page) I attach the example below. The topic should be about climate change. (ex: global warming, drought ) You only need to include the right contents, images or graphs, and you do not have to worry about color or design. (Just white background. No matter) If the whole form and contents are..
Blog Post- The enviromental impacts of your meal or product
350-400 ***Please do not get lower than 350** This is a Blog post and should answer the questions within 350-400 words together. Please bold the questions and write the response beneath each question.
“Guatemala/Mexico: Coffee Country Can fair trade save the farm?
For this discussion, you will need to click on the following link and watch the following Frontline Video on Guatemala/Mexico: Coffee Country Can fair trade save the farm? Before you watch the video read the following questions and try to think about them as you watch the video: • What are the..
What are the most important environmental problems facing us today?
Students will choose one of the issues discussed in the Class Discussions and write a research paper. The paper will present a thesis, and support it with data and discussion. The paper provides the opportunity to apply and discuss concepts that we have studied in the course and are relevant to your chosen issue. A map, hand drawn by the author, will accompany the..
Dangerousness of having nuclear power plant(Research Summary and Bibliography)
Deliverable: Research Summary and Bibliography You should have a summary (typed, double spaced, 12-point standard font, 1” margins, and not to exceed two pages) of what you found and how your thinking on your topic has evolved. Re- establish your research topic. How has your topic become more specific? Are your original questions (if you posed any in Assignment..
A Geographic Analysis of Coffee Shops and Gyms in the St. Cloud MN Metropolitan Area
For this assignment, I want you to analyze (explain) the spatial pattern of coffee shops and gyms in the St. Cloud Metro Region. How to organize your paper. 1) Introduce your reader to the concepts of threshold, range, and the idea of the types of goods and services where consumers tend to go to the nearest supplier/Shopping centers. 2) Using the various maps provided,..
Discuss the changing role of agriculture/agribusiness in Canada.
Use at least 7 peer reviewed sources and cite them correctly. Use Chicago citation style B (author, date, in text citation, no footnotes); please be sure to look up the appropriate format for the Chicago citation style, Date Due: March 31st, 2017 Format: 12 font double spaced cover page maximum 2,000..
Fukushima, Japan
The page should be 5 pages( typed double spaced). Examin the city and tell how the geography has influenced and continues to influenced life in the city. For suggestion, divide the paper into two aspects. Human geology and physical geology. The paper must include three book sources and 1 website source. Proper source citations are required without plagiarism...
Book review
Book critique of What to expect when no one's expecting by Jonathan Last.
Urban geography of Beijing
the page should be 5 pages(typed double-spaced). examine the city and tell how the geography has influenced and continues to influence life in the city. For suggestion, divide the paper into two aspects. human geology and physical geology. the paper must include three book sources and 1 website source. proper source citations are required without plagiarism...
Scholarship essay
Deadline is 24th March 2017. The rough draft is already written by me. But the writer has to proofread and make the essay flow smooth and consistent.
overpopulation problem(worldwide)
- introduction to overpopulation - discussion and support to your fact(select any reason as example.) - conclusion for your research(solution) - read all the attached documentary as a small guide to this research.
Geography lab
*Firstly see the images 1 to 11 *then answer questions from 1 to 13(image 5 to 13) *questions start from section 1 to section 3, other data is just for reading.
Sustainable Development
Have to pick 3 of the 5 questions. I have the articles to answer the questions. Has to be minimum of 1800 words. 600 per question.
Sustainable Development
I can provide you with the articles that are referenced in the questions you can choose from.
Sustainable development
Three 600+ word responses to the given questions that are attached below. Needs to be off of information on the attached documents. Please read the rubric attached. FOR QUESTION 1: Brundlant definition: AND Attached files called "KruegerAgyeman" and "Sustainable Development, Hopwood" FOR QUESTION..
Air Pollution in China due to Coal Burning Power Plants
Attached is the Essay outline to be followed along with the Proposal and the feed back on the proposal that should be worked into the paper
Economic Consequences of Transport Improvements
Submit a maximum 550 word page (double-spaced) written summary of the attached article that is related to the course materials, topics, and concepts.  The summary must be related to the course materials, topics, and concepts, and enable you to reflect critically on course material  Make sure you introduce the topic and the concept  The relationship of the..
Diffusion of Religion
This if for a Human Geography course for second year college course
*Writers Chooses
How does language cause divisions within the landscape of a country? Identify a specific country and write about how language has caused division within that country. Where is your country? How has language created division? What other languages are present Is the division peaceful or causing conflict?   You cannot use the United States as an example. MUST..
Middle East Discussion
One page with references, it's a video URL with one of the pictures. 1 to 1.5 pages. Had to be one in a few hours. Their are a few examples in the picture.
ethnic people
As you have seen in your text throughout the course readings, geographers want to know about the world and what people are doing and where. This paper is based on a group of people: ancient, modern, local, remote—it’s up to you. This assignment requires you to write a five page paper (essay)—consider the format for Project 1—in which you describe the group of people..
The Effect of Zoo's on Exotic Animals on Brink of Extinction
You are to write a research paper of 750+ words about the effect of zoos on animals that are on the verge of extinction. -You must use at least 5 ACADEMIC SOURCES -There must be IN-TEXT CITATION IN APA FORMAT -There must be a bibliography page
Scholarship Essay
March 14th, 2017. I would like to apply for Charles Abrams Scholarship and can you help me with scholarship essay. I have attached sample draft copy for reference.
Middle East and North Africa Capstone Exercise
This paper is worth 25% of the grade, thus it is very crucial. No plagiarism please!! I attached a file that explains everything. Please stick to what's in the file, even the small things like font size and numbering the questions. The coursework has to be 6-8 pages. Answer the questions fully please!..
The Most Pressing Issue of 2016
Make a table and investigate the Social, Economical, Environmental, and Political (SEEP). Please check the attached assignment for all requirements. This is for World Issues: A Geographic Analysis Grade 12 Class (CGW4U Course Code) The paper is on this article:
California National Park
1 pages research paper on California National parks e.g. Channel Islands, Yosemite, or Jashua Tree.
Biomes Earth's Major Life Zones
Youtube: Biomes Earths Major Life Zones The essay needs to be very detailed over each Biome on the video.
Presentation on Threats to the Global Environment
Congratulations! The members of the United Nations found great value in the two analyses you provided. They are now asking you to develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the four most critical threats to the global environment. They are listed in the table below. Energy sources Civil war Globalization Poor health of entire populations Lack of educational..
Sketch Maps
Write a two page critical summary on the assigned article.
Analysis on the Effects of Population Growth
: Analysis on the Effects of Population Growth Due Week 4 and worth 110 points Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis on how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects a developing country of your choosing: A growing global population that consumes natural resources..
Article Analysis
Write a article review on "WORLD-SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY" by Peter J. Taylor. Thesis – Explain the world regional geography issue including analysis of its historical context and ethical dilemmas. EXPLAINED: The student is expected to write a thesis that presents the main point(s) of the article or the author’s thesis/argument, as well as,..
Climate Change discussion
Climate Change Assignment Instructions A. By now you've looked at a lot of climate information and examined the IPCC Fifth Assessment report (AR5). Remember this report is specifically for policy makers who will vote and created laws surrounding climate change. Imagine you are one of these policy makers. Was there anything in this report that you felt should..
Coastal Processes Assignment geography
Coastal Processes Assignment Instructions This assignment combines what you've learned from several chapters and focuses on a very specific environmental issue - sea level rise. Since we're currently discussing coastal features, you will analyze the impact of global climate change on our coastlines. Complete the following for your assignment: A. Currently..
Migration Pattern of Minnesota Counties
Migration today in the United States is exclusively a voluntary migration related to political, economic and social changes. For this assignment I want you to analyze the migration patterns for 4 counties in Minnesota in 2017. Blue Earth County (Mankato) 2012 population 64,013 Olmstead County (Rochester) 2012 population 144,248 Dakota County (Egan) 2012..
Instructions: Write a short paper including all of the following- What is desertification? Choose a specific location currently affected by desertification to research Where is it located What climatic region is it associated with (Koppen system) What type of climate was it associated with in the past (ie. what was the region like thousands of years ago, what..
Global food system
You do not have to read all the PDF file The paper should be between 500-600 words in length (or 2 pages maximum) and it must be written as a formal essay with proper paragraphs (double-spaced, 12-point font, and 1 inch margin). Your essay should be properly referenced and it must include a cover page – indicating your name, student ID, Lab Section, and your lab instructor’s..
Mexican Migration into the USA
I tried sending you this on the other email but I'm not sure you got it. This is an ISU that is to be done in sections. The first due date is Feb 16. I have attached the outline and the section that is due. I will attached the others sections based on due date.
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