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Discuss/criticallyevaluate the different theologies/practices of healing within the Pentecostal/Charismatic
Hello there! please please please i only need 45-55% pass rate. UK pass rate is 40%. Discuss and critically evaluate the different theologies and practices of healing within the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement Discuss and critically evaluate the different theologies and practices of healing within the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement..
the way the paschal mystery of the Eucharist is lived out in solidarity in today’s world.
The paschal mystery is the dying and rising of Christ for our sins in solidarity with humankind. Jesus did not encourage violence and was tortured himself. Our love for other human beings on the planet is shown in avoiding wars, promoting a just sharing of the world’s resources, and other acts of solidarity. Discuss the way the paschal mystery of the Eucharist..
Social justice in the Koran vs in the Old testament
Read the book of Amos. 4.5 pages Prophets from both books need to be used. To compare examples of social justice. I will be using the prophet Amos (main focus). For the koran it can be any examples. Social justice compared to today: Wealth,Healthcare, planned parent hood, Gender rights. One link
Is it possible in believe in both science and christianity?
Topic: Is it possible in believe in both science and Christianity? Your task is to create an argument for both sides of a debate. You are to create “notecards” that you would use in your debate. You should have three “for” notecards and three “against” notecards. Each notecard should have one statement that supports one side of the argument along with three supports..
outline/argument - thesis on Christianity shroud turin
Due date Friday 2/15/19 It needs to be 2-3 pages. It's for my religion class and it needs to have a thesis and follow the classic model for an argument style paper. The instructor would like a heading with page number, in text citation, and work cited.
Reject the thesis that every human person will be saved according to Christian principles.
Final Argumentative Essay – 25% The final argumentative essay requires that each student follow the guidelines and select one option listed below. The argumentative essay will engage at least one serious theory we have discussed in this class, state the student’s response to this theory, and provide an argument that justifies the student’s response. The..
Using examples, discuss the relationship between doctrinal Buddhism and Buddhist ritual.
Using historical and/or textual and/or ethnographic examples, discuss the relationship between doctrinal Buddhism and Buddhist ritual. •Textual and historical example: •Orzech, Charles (1996), “Saving the Burning-Mouth Hungry Ghost,” • Yo, Hsiang-Chou. (2001), “Chinese Buddhist Confessional Rituals: Their Origin and Spiritual Implications”..
History of Interpretation Theologians and Passages
Post your selected Scripture verse for the History of Interpretation paper here. Remember that your verse should be selected from the Scripture Worksheet in your Resource Workbook 1.002-1.003 and that you must make an argument about how that specific verse is used in two theologians designated on our syllabus and a third you find in your own research. Student..
: Five one-page analysis of weekly topics, plus one-page summary
Similar to the academic paper, but broken down into five one-page analyses of how the topics of theological anthropology, science and creation, liberation and theology, ecclesiology, and Jesuit education each reflect the Jesuit ideals and mission, followed by a one-page summary of how the topics of the course lend to the Jesuit vision and its relevance for..
How have the Biblical Judeo-Christian tradition and classical Roman culture influenced the Western world?
Christian and Roman Influences,A successful essay communicates one main idea to the reader. That one main idea is usually referred to as a thesis statement, and the writer’s job is to support and develop that thesis statement through the body of the paper. The specific goal of this essay is to communicate to the reader your response to the question below. The answer..
The Development of Islamic Government, Law and Ethics
*Post engages a source beyond our class readings and includes a reference, a link or an excerpt if possible. Make sure your sources are authoritative! *Post draws a clear connection between the new material and issues raised in our class or assigned readings *Post demonstrates critical reflection by raising additional questions and/or exploring the implications..
Early Religious traditions of the Preceramic and the Chavin
• Paper 5 Option 1: Explore the Early Religious traditions of the Preceramic and the Chavin. Is there evidence for a continuation of meaning or does Chavin constitute a completely new religious horizon? • Paper 5 Option 2: Explore the concept of religiously sanctioned cooperation in the Andean tradition. What is “Ayllu” and how might one identify it in the deep..
Historical purpose(s) behind the writing of Mark's and Matthew's Gospels.
Identify any historical purpose(s) behind the writing of Mark's and Matthew's Gospels. Include a reference to any historical factor mentioned in the recommended sources that may have triggered the writing of both Matthew's and Mark's Gospels as well as references to statements within both of the Gospels themselves. Class lesson material can be used in addition..
Reflective writing assignment #2: the western traditions
In an essay of at least 600 words, address the following question: Using specific examples from the history, doctrines, and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, consider at least 3 ways in which these traditions are similar, and 3 ways in which they are different. You don’t have to compare all 3 traditions in each instance, but be sure to have addressed..
Explain the value of biblical literacy related to a well-rounded college education
Assignment: What does it mean to be biblically literate as an adult learner? Why must we "walkthru" the Bible" to grasp its stories, its structure, and its geography? How should our relationship to the Bible be different as we work toward a college degree? How does this course on Biblical Literacy support the outcomes of ORU's 'Gen Ed' program to help you grow in..
short response about lecture by Dr. Kecia Ali on Sexual Ethics:
-writing a short response in 2-page single-space paper about the following lecture by Dr. Kecia Ali on Sexual Ethics: -it must summarize all three parts of Dr. Kecia Ali's lecture.
5 articles review, title each in bold. Not double spaced
-Fine the argument in the articles, take a position, if your can acknowledge the counter arguments and how they differ do so. Use the article to prove point and Biblical Scripture to prove point. Use end notes =(page?)to cite and a bibliography. 2 *2 pages each no double space 1.) Part 2: The Temple and Jewish Theology In our last session on introductory and contextual..
Exegetical Paper on passage 1 Cor. 15:12:28 (Paul)
You will write an exegetical of at least 10 double-spaced pagees. You should use the NRSV Study Bible in addition to 6 non-web sources such as Bible dictionaries or commentaries. Your focus should be on what Paul was intending to say to his first readers in their social context, but your conlusion should include brief discussion of application for today...
Critical Assignment: Introduction to a Biblical Book
The students will write a critical introduction to a book of Bible. Each student will select a biblical book, read it in its entirety, and research its historical background, literary structure, major themes, place in the biblical storyline, and theological message. Students should cite at least 6 non-internet, academic sources (books, journal articles,..
Spiritual Discipline Practice and Reflection Paper
You will choose one spiritual discipline from those outlined in Willard and Foster and practice that discipline throughout the semester (we will discuss the specifics of this assignment in class). At the end of the semester, you will write a 2000-2700 word (6-10 page double-spaced) reflection paper on your experience of practicing that discipline and your..
Crime and Punishment (guilty or innocent) - Is Oedipus and/or Jocasta responsible for their crimes?
Select one of the themes embodied in the play to construct a thesis, use lines of evidence from the text to support your claims, and analyze/synthesize the quotes in relation to your thesis. Quotes cannot stand on their own; they require interpretation to explain how they support your claims. As another option, you may also juxtaposition Oedipus and Odysseus’s..
Compare Socrates' death and Jesus' death from your opinion.
Write a 300 word essay and use at least TWO exact quotes from Chapter 4 in the textbook ("Comparative Religious Ethics A Narrative Approach to Global Ethics 2nd Edition" by: Darrell J. Fasting, Dell Decant, and David M. Lantigua.) with your opinion. Read and think of Socrates' trial and death. Think of individual human rights and public duty or a greater will...
led to set up a shelter and soup kitchen for the homeless on Vancouver’s downtown eastside.
Based on the religious teachings of the Dhammapada, write an essay on why the Buddha would feel compelled to set up a shelter and soup kitchen for the homeless on Vancouver’s downtown eastside. In doing so, you should consider how suffering, death and enlightenment are understood in the Dhammapada. Moreover, your answer should explain why you think the Buddha..
The Impact of the Beattitudes (Sermon on the Mount) Research
Now that you have had the opportunity to read the Sermons on the Mount in the gospels, in Microsoft Word in MLA Style, compose a research report of a minimum of two full pages (not counting the Works Cited). Do not use a cover page: Note one difference between the versions of the Sermon on the Mount. Why are they different (use at least two sources) What beatitude did..
The will of God as a way of life by Jerry Sittser
Writing Assignment: The will of God as a way of life by Jerry Sittser Directions: Your paper will have cover page with your name, course and date. You start your paper on the second page, on the top of the paper. Your papers are typed, 12 font, 1 inch margins. Papers on due on Tuesday, February 27 on Moodle. Late papers will lose a letter grade. Write a minimum of two pages..
“Freedom of religion may not really exist like people think it does”
“Freedom of religion may not really exist like people think it does” Middle Eastern country and European country - compare different religions and also same religion in different regions (muslim and christian). Freedom of religion laws in the countries talked about in the essay. Find studies that talk about opinion about religion. Cover sheet Introduction..
The future of marriage. Sexuality.Hooking up and dating.
Your essays: • Must have a clear, effective thesis statement that shapes and focuses your writing. • Are expected to be clear, well organized and respond to the questions asked. Before the exam, consider your argument and how you will structure the essay so you can write with clarity. These are broad topics – you will not have time to develop everything. Be specific..
Architecture and Art: St. Benedict the African (Chicago)
This is a religious class about Architecture. I need a paper on the History of the building outside and inside. Talk about the Art and how it makes you feel. Attach Photos within the paper as you talk about different things within the church. For example the baptismal pool is right when you walk in. Why? What would that suggest? Possibly that baptism is important..
Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Christain
I need a 3 page double spaced essay written, with 6-7 sentences per paragraph stating is the "Latter Day Saints Church Christain" and supporting facts with a works cited page for for the information gathered and also some references to the topic throughout the paper. I know this is short notice but I need this assignment in my hand at 8am Wednesday morning July 6,..
no specific topic, you choose anyting from the note to talk about
Final Paper is organized differently. It will be a 12 page paper due at the end of the semester. The Final paper must be according to MLA guidelines. Pick one subject of anything we talked about in the class. It must include: 1) 1 cover page; 2) At least 10 pages in the main body covering the subject you chose to write about and 3) 1 page for your Bibliography. Content..
Why is Medieval Spain covered in a Middle East History class
Write a 4-5 page paper on the following topic: Why is Medieval Spain covered in a Middle East History class, given that Spain is part of Europe? What is the relationship between southern Spain and the Middle East during the years 711-1248? Be sure to identify political and cultural connections between these two regions. You may only cite the assigned readings..
An evaluation of religious themes in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship novel by Tolkien
Having read The Fellowship of the Ring, look at the moral, mythic and religious elements of the book. What do you see as its basic message or influence? Is it fundamentally a Christian book? If it is, or it isn’t, explain why it may have had such cross-cultural impact in terms of its mythic, religious or moral importance. Papers should show attention to themes of..
Psychological approaches with Freud and Bonhoeffer
Please follow instructions on assignment sheet. Also you can say what is religion for Freud and start taking aboutt him and his ide, then you can introduce Bonhoeffer and say what he thinks about religion and also compare them. Please look at assignment sheet don't use words like talk, this assignment is about.., use argues instead
Essay is based on the topic: “ Women’s Status in two Muslim Majority States.”
TOPIC: This Essay is based on the topic: “ Women’s Status in two uslim Majority States.” STEP 1: Read carefully the following essays: Ziba Mir-Hosseini(2006). Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality: Between Islamic Law and Feminism. Critical Inquiry 32 (Summer 2006) 629-645.
exegetical Paper New Testament Passage,Matthew 21: 33-46. 2000 words
employing methods of interpretation and perspectives: literary and historical context, literary form, structure). Exegesis means to expound upon a text, to unpack a text of its many meanings. Elements of various types of criticism will be employed to develop further one’s ability to interpret the Bible. Please respond to the following items as you exegete..
choose one or two sentences from either the epic of Gilgamesh, Genesis or The Odyssey and clarify the meaning.
THE WHOLE TASK IS ON THE DOCUMENT ATTACHED THAT SHOWS THE FULL ASSIGNMENT. I am in my first year of college so please make sure this essay does not sound too sophisticated for what I would be capable of.
The developments of the theme of Servant in the Old testament and synoptic Gospels
This is for a college course. The sources: 1) Old Testament 2) Synoptic Gospels 3) The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology 4) The New Jerome Biblical Commentary Trace the biblical theme noting that theme in the Old Testament and in the Synoptic Gospels. Show the continuity in the development of the theme as well as any changing meaning. Note any areas..
A Book Review On Ven. Louis de Granada's The Sinners Guide
1. Summarize the work 2. Explain the spiritual teaching and method 3. Describe the strengths and important points 4. Point out the difficulties 5. Explain how the book could be helpful to people Collect evidence from the book that you can use when doing the above five things. The professor likes details, and don’t forget to write down the page numbers. the book..
Terror Management Theory and Mortality Salience Hypothesis
Use Terror Management Theory and Mortality Salience Hypothesis to reflect on ONE of the following: a) Any aspects of the Trump campaign or presidency b) The shootings in Ottawa on October 22, 2014 c) Islamophobia d) The Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando on June 12, 2016 e) The Quebec City mosque shooting on January 29, 2017 Course Readings: 1. Bonanno, George..
The Place of Scripture in Evangelical, Liberal, and Neo-Orthodox Thought
In this short paper (dbl. spaced, standard 12-point font), you must discuss and evaluate the different approaches to the authority and place of Scripture in Evangelical, Liberal, and Neo-Orthodox thought. First, compare and contrast the views regarding the nature and authority of Scripture with reference to these three theological movements: Evangelical,..
Explain how and why Matthew may have edited Mark's Gospel.
Explain how and why Matthew may have edited Mark's Gospel. Use the following two sets of passages to support your claim. According to course materials (Bible, textbook, digital materials linked below, etc.): 1. How and why would Matthew have edited Mark 6:45-52 contrasted with Matthew 14:22-23? 2. How and why would Matthew have edited Mark 9:2-10 contrasted..
1900- 2000 words Leadership Development Strategy for MINISTRY
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY INSTRUCTIONS TURABIAN FORMAT A plan that provides an outline for developing leaders in the church. Again this does not need to be an actual plan or one based in any particular setting but something that is general in nature. The question you should answer is how to develop Christian leaders and what is the biblical basis for this...
Report on the book "Acts of Faith" by Rodney Stark and Roger Finke
This essay is on the book "Acts of Faith" by Rodney Stark and Roger Finke. Write a paper that directly addresses the specific question below in a 5-6 page paper. You should try to discover/summarize that main idea and how the elements in the book connect to that argument (or thesis). Please provide a direct answer to the question in which you a) develop a thesis that..
Report on the book "The Sacred Canopy" by Peter L. Berger
This essay is on the book "The Sacred Canopy" by Peter L. Berger. Write a paper that directly addresses the specific question below in a 5-6 page paper. You should try to discover that main idea and how the elements in the book connect to that argument (or thesis). For each paper, please provide an direct answer to the question in which you a) develop a thesis that directly..
Report on the main ideas of the monograph "The Sacred and the Profane" by Mircea Eliade
This essay is on the book "The Sacred and Profane" by Mircea Eliade. Write a paper (5-6 PAGES in MLA format including direct quotes and page numbers) that directly addresses the specific question below. The question is intended to help you understand the main idea of the book. You should try to discover that main idea and how the elements in the book connect to that..
The Role of Women and Slaves in the Christian Community
Why were questions about the status and role of women and slaves important for the early Christian community, both in its understanding of what it meant to be Christians and in its relationship to the surrounding Greco-Roman society? Make sure to consider the very different letters ascribed to Paul, and, especially if you are going to focus on women, Elizabeth..
Resources for and Obstacles Religious Diversity in Islamic Tradition
Thesis style paper that is to discuss resources for and obstacles to the positive valuation of religious diversity with in the Islamic tradition. The paper MUST comparatively analyze the manner in which two scholars grapple with similar resources and obstacles. Within these general parameters, you identify a particular focus and then formulate a specific..
Religion essay
This is a religion essay. For this essay, I was asked to go out to a Sikh temple, and make observations. Based on those observations, and theories taken from the textbook, we have to write a 7 paragraph essay, (300 words for each paragraph) The following is a detail to the format of the essay: P1 – Introduction (=thesis paragraph) P2 – Description of pattern of observations..
discuss the role of classification in the following articles: And
(1) explain “social constructionism” (please talk about the 7 principles of social constructionism) and why it is significant for the study of religion. Give at least one example. (2) Also, briefly discuss the relationship between the labels we use to describe things and essentialism
Mystical Love (Love of God ) in Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Compare and contrast the love of god in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Double spaced cite and list sources
900 words essay on Romans 1-8
In a 900–1,000-word essay, describe what Romans 1–8 teaches regarding (1) the natural world, (2) human identity, (3) human relationships, and (4) culture. Furthermore, (5) explain how the teaching on these topics affects your worldview. Make sure that you address each of these topics in your essay.
Buddha is said to have spoken of his teachings as "a raft to take us to the farther shore." What does this idea have to do with the Four Noble Truths and the role of the Eightfold Path in the life of a Buddhist? What relationship do you find in Buddhism for offering a response to the practice of gaining self-identity through consumerism today? Explain and provide strong..
portraits of Jesus
Using the “four source” hypothesis and other required course materials, describe and explain similarities and differences among the canonized gospels by studying one (1) of the following topics: A. John the Baptist and Jesus. [See Reading 3.5, “From Baptism to First Followers,” pp. 1–5; see also the relevant parts of Luke 1–2. But do not include later references..
response to the writings below guideline included. must be done in the next 3-4 hours 10$
Is thinking about the sacred a useful method for understanding our own existence?  Why or why not?
Is thinking about the sacred a useful method for understanding our own existence?  Why or why not? Present a descriptive analysis. this is another if you want to do this one for 30 also do on the same date
Describe how the sacred impacts human existence in at least two other major religions.
short paragraph
Biblical worldview
Write an essay of between 1000-1250 words in which you apply the Biblical worldview to a contemporary problem or alternate worldview. Specifically, you will choose one of the following options for your essay: Apply the Biblical worldview to a contemporary social issue or problem. Examples include divorce, abortion, poverty, corruption, sexual orientation,..
Whichever topic from the instructions
Choose one of the following questions . 1. Christopher Columbus is a controversial character in history. Do you consider him a hero or a villain? Why? 2. The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay had fled an established church and religious persecution in England. Why, then, did they promptly establish their own church and persecute dissenters? 3. How democratic was..
While at a party with a few of your best friends, one of them suddenly remarks that her grandmother, who was a practicing Hindu recently died. Based upon your study of Hinduism this week, what four (4) basic components of the Hindu belief system can be inferred about what happens to a Hindu when they die? Explain and provide strong academic support for your answer..
Essay Turabian format (t)
Paper 3 will focus on World Christianity. Paper Requirements: 1. Write a 5-page research paper (using 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides). 2. Use 5 scholarly sources. Your textbook does not count. You may use scholarly websites, but also use at least 2 scholarly articles and/or books. You can find scholarly articles through the Liberty..
Essay - Turabian format
Paper Requirements: 1. Write a 5-page research paper (using 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides). 2. Use 5 scholarly sources. Your textbook does not count. You may use scholarly websites, but also use at least 2 scholarly articles and/or books. You can find scholarly articles through the Liberty University Library (which you used in the..
Paper Requirements: 1. Write a 5-page research paper (using 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides). 2. Use 5 scholarly sources. Your textbook does not count. You may use scholarly websites, but also use at least 2 scholarly articles and/or books. You can find scholarly articles through the Liberty University Library (which you used in..
Star Wars Return of The Jedi Film Analysis
Use theories from the textbook about belief, ritual, and text to analyze Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi Chapters 5,6,7 Textbook
Exergetical essay - Genesis 11:1-9
Exergetical, writer must be able to exergete well. Do not apply if you do not know how.
Anything religion related. Currently taking a comparative religion course. The teacher requires it to be objective.
exegetical outline on Gen 11:1-9
Exergetical Essay on Genesis 11:1-9 Discuss the historical context and historical issues surrounding the text. A number of features of the Babel account help to narrow down the time period on which the events transpired. 1 Page 2 paragraphs at most. Interact with Paul Penley and Paul Seeley's resources and articles on this...
describe the perception of death according to christian faith.
Central Themes of Christianity
Please write a four to six page paper on the central themes of Christianity. Please double space, and use standard font. Title pages, end note pages, and bibliographical pages do not count for the four to six page requirement. Scoring of the essay will be based on content, including original research, grammar and usage, as well as spelling. A = 180-200: The paper..
Intro to World Religions
Required Readings: Fisher, Mary Pat. Living Religions. 9th ed. New York: Pearson, 2014. E-book.!/4/2/26/8/[email protected]:14.1 ****Ask for login Chapter 1 Read Open Source: Herling, Brad. Why Study Religion? American Academy of Religion, n.d. Web. Fisher makes..
Introductory Forum
You will need to develop an Introductory Forum with information necessary as though you were interviewing for a staff position with a prominent Religious Research Company. You will want to share limited personal information and seek to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the skills that you bring to the study of World Religions and how you are the best..
Rationale for the Biblical Worldview Essay In preparation for the Biblical Worldview Essay and by completing your textbook readings you will be equipped to demonstrate your understanding of the authority of scripture, translate how the Bible represents a theistic worldview, and compare and contrast your religious perspective (Syllabus MLOs: A, B, C, F,..
Living religions
need to write a 1-2 paper world religions 101 . I have 40% percent written already , just needs editing and a little more substance.
Information paper
I have to write a 6 page information paper on any subject of my choice. It does not have to be about religion at all
Muslim Extremist Affecting women and children in those societies
Two pages length essay about the impact of extremist groups such as ISIL, Al Queda, Hezbollah, Taliban, etc., on women and children in those societies or within the groups they conquer or control. Compare these experiences with Islam women's lives in more moderate countries, such as Jordan and Turkey, as examples...
Document based assignment on christian based articles
You are to write a 400 – 600 word typed response to the readings according to the following directions: • Briefly and concisely state the main idea of each reading. o What is the argument/thesis/main point of each author? • Briefly describe any points of agreement or disagreement. o Do the author’s agree on a given point? Briefly explain where they agree. o Do they..
critical thinking
please visit this web to read it for the assignment. please fallow the assignment instructions
What is a worldview?
Write an essay of between 750-1000 words in which you answer the following questions: What is a worldview? What is the Biblical worldview? Your essay should be based on careful review and reflection of the presentation on worldview by Dr. Henderson found here. You should not mirror Dr. Henderson’s language and organization. Rather, think through the questions..
Bad Religion
Definition Essay: MLA Format, Three Pages Minimum, Works Cited Page to Include a minimum of three credible citations. This essay requires you to provide an in-depth definition of the word “religion” (in your own words, dictionary definitions are not acceptable), and how it is controversial. I want to go in this direction with the essay; The controversy surrounding..
Write a 2 page paper on Ethics. This is involving the Ethics Approaching Moral Decisions by Arthur Holmes. No plagiarism, grammatical errors.
Jesus’ identity
please read the instruction and please write from non Christian non religious point of view ( I am muslim if that help you with the resources ) but this is for Christian class . 3 pages with 900 words is fine
Eastern Christianity and Roman Catholic Christianity
1-Define and describe Eastern Christianity. 2-Define Roman Catholic Christianity and discuss 3 of its features. What makes Roman Catholicism unique?
christianity and the rwandan genocide
2 pages MLA CITATION FONT-12 single spaced times new roman
read article and write a report. guideline included plus readings. extra readings:
Ancient Religious
Topic: Ancient Religion For details on requirements, source citation, grading, and point distribution, please read the Discussion Board Forum Instructions document, and the Discussion Board Forum Grading Rubric, located in the Module 2 Assignment folder. In Chapters 1-3 of the course textbook (within MindTap), you have been studying the role that religion..
“compare and contrast”
a Critical Thinking Paper; applying critical thinking strategies; identifying informal logical fallacies commonly used in argumentation; defining the term worldview; identifying components of a biblical/Christian worldview; and employing strategies to communicate the Christian gospel to a person from a non-Christian worldview..
BIBLICAL METANARRATIVE ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the unified and coherent nature of the Bible and the theological doctrines. One way to view Scripture is through the four major plot movements of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and New Creation. Considering biblical doctrines through these four..
Spiritual Biography
A. Write your spiritual biography: What persons and/or events have had an influence in your experience of in yourself, others, and God. What has been your faith journey until today? B. Read Chapters 1 & 2 of FAITH, RELIGION, and THEOLOGY. 1. Explain the difference between faith and belief. 2. How does faith relate to the mind, heart, and will? 3...
Fasting/Solitude Exercise and Reflection Paper
Write a 500-750-word reflection paper describing what the experience of fasting and solitude was like and what you learned from the experience. Focus on the following questions: 1. What benefits did you gain from the spiritual exercise? 2. What challenges did you face during the spiritual exercise? 3. How might you incorporate fasting and solitude into your..
Paper assignment on definition of religion due on Wednesday Aug 28.
Write a three- to four-page essay that explores Nongbri's claim that religion is, in some sense, a modern invention. As you know, he argues that religion is a concept or domain of human activity that may well be incomprehensible to people outside the modern West. Evaluate the case that he makes and what you see as its most significant implications [intellectual,..
Paper 3
Explain how and why Luke may have edited Mark's Gospel. Use the following two sets of passages to support your claim. According to course materials (Bible, The Gospels by Barton and Muddiman (2010) 1. How and why would Luke have edited Mark 14:3-9 contrasted with Luke 7:36-50? 2. How and why would Luke have edited Mark 3:31-35 contrasted with Luke 8:19-21? Be sure..
comparing versions of ramayana
During the second section of the course, you will be learning of the ways in which the story of Rāma has been retold in various languages and regions. Based on the readings and lectures from sessions 5-7, you will complete a directed writing assignment
Write a 2-page reaction paper on the first three chapters of Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. A brief review of the work and a statement on the author's effectiveness in presenting the argument • A critical assessment of those things with which you agreed • A critical assessment of those things with which you disagreed • How the reading affected..
Spiritual Discipline
Write a paper detailing the spiritual formation topic, focusing on the following: 1. Define and explain the chosen topic of spiritual formation. What does the topic mean, and how should it be defined for purposes of spiritual formation? 2. Demonstrate a biblical framework for the topic. What does the Bible say about this topic, and what is significant from the..
Reflection of Luther's "Freedom of the Christian"
No citation, need your ideas after reading the file. Thanks my friend.
Reflection of St.Mark
I am looking for the writer who can complete within 3hours from now, good at religion. No citation, from your ideas.
Galatians Reflection Paper
Due Date Sunday, August 11, 2019 11:59 PM Points Possible 30 In your reading of Gundry this week, the author introduced the book of Galatians, specifically in Chapter 12. Please write a 2 page paper addressing the following: According to your textbook, what is the big deal about Galatians? Why is it such a crucial and important book to Christianity? In a 2 page paper,..
Religion reflection
Write a brief but formal essay including an introductory paragraph with a thesis, a body of two or three paragraphs that support or explore the thesis, and a conclusion which restates the thesis. The book of Job and the events of the Holocaust raise the issue of "theodicy," a term derived from two Greek words: theos referring to "god" and dike referring to "justice."..
A food that is significant to you
In this short assignment, you should choose a food that is significant to you and explain how you would approach writing about it. Your main goal is therefore to imagine and write about your rhetorical situation. To do this, you should answer the following questions: What is the food and why is it significant to you? If you were to write about it, what would be your..
response to Jack Deere's book Surprised by the Voice of God
In module 10, you will write a 10- to 15-page response paper to Jack Deere's Surprised by the Voice of God. You will evaluate Deere’s view of revelation and Scripture in light of the other readings for this course and the class discussions. You will evaluate his presentation for biblical accuracy and critique the cogency of his arguments. You will determine whether..
Eastern Religions essay questions
Instructions Attached MUST USE BOOK: THE UPANISHADS By: EKNATH EASWARAN Includes a drawing that must be done
Reflection Paper on the Four Gospels
"Why four Gospels?" Why do we need four accounts of the life of Jesus? Couldn't we have gotten by with just one or maybe two? In a 2 page paper, respond to this question. Your answers must come from your reading. Make sure that you correctly cite any material that you quote or reference using APA formatting. Please use the Concise rules of APA style textbook for assistance...
Faith and Social Justice
1) What is Social Justice? How is it or how is it not compatible with the Gospel? 2) What are some ways that Social Justice ministries are attempting to change the world? Is it working? Does it take away from the central message of the Gospel? Is Social Justice a missing component of the Gospel message? 3) How will these programs or ministries hold up if the developed..
The Relationship between Biblical Disciplines of Devotion and the Formation of Christian Character
The Relationship between Biblical Disciplines of Devotion and the Formation of Christian CharacterIn this unit, you have read selections in the Charry text focusing on three essential areas of the Christian life: repentance and forgiveness, meditating on Scripture, and prayer. Select one of these areas and demonstrate through the related reading its importance..
Short Essay on Bible KNowledge
n your reading of Gundry in this session, the author discussed the issue of "canon." Write a reflection paper addressing the following: Write a short summary explaining your understanding of what the word “canon” means and how it applies to the New Testament. Specifically relating to the NT, what in this section of reading helped you better understand how the..
Observation Paper
Observation Paper (17%): 5-6 double-spaced pages (~1250-1800 words), 1-inch margins, 12-point, standard font. Due by Saturday, July 20th at 11:59pm on iCollege. For the purposes of this observation paper, you will visit a local place of worship for a religious service outside of your own religious tradition. The goal here is to visit a religious service for..
Appiah Analysis
Write a well-structured essay that answers the questions: "What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis? Do you agree or disagree with his approach towards religion? How does it differ from your individual approach towards religion?” Guidelines: Format: MLA Format Required Length: 1000 Words, Not Including Your Works Cited Page..
Fire From Heaven
After completing the Topic 5 Readings from the Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of Religion in the Twenty-first Century, report what you learned in a 1,000-1,250-word essay. Be certain to address each of the following areas with appropriate research. 1) Write a summary of the history of the Pentecostal Movement. 2) Describe..
Write a 2-page reaction paper on the first three chapters of Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. A brief review of the work and a statement on the author's effectiveness in presenting the argument • A critical assessment of those things with which you agreed • A critical assessment of those things with which you disagreed • How the reading affected..
Character Analysis
include a outline 1) Tell us which character you plan on writing about. 2) State your thesis. Review the three options for the thesis. 3) List the textual support you plan to use. For example, using my example of Goldilocks. I would say that my first example that supports my thesis that she was entitled is her walking into the Bear's house without knocking. My next..
ethical dilemmas
In this assignment, you will analyze the implications of an ethical issue according to the Christian worldview. You will be challenged to think about Christian worldview core beliefs and apply what you have learned over this course. This will be a thorough analysis of a case study you will choose from the options provided. Write a 1,000-1,500-word essay in which..
Cross-Cultural Church Visit
Attend the worship service of a church that is as similar as possible to your own church, but of a different ethnicity. Write an word essay that defines your background and experience with Christianity in North America, and contrast your experience with the church that you visited. Respond to the following questions in the order that they appear below: 1) Describe..
What is religious experience
You might think about how/if it can be distinguished from other kinds of experiences.   Prompt - In approximately 500 words
Philosophy of Cross-cultural Ministry
Write an essay that defines your philosophy of ministry as it applies to cross-cultural ministry. Include the following: 1) How do you believe Christians should relate to different ethnicities? 2) How should the local church address and interact with ethnic diversity? 3) How can you use, teach, and equip others to participate in multicultural ministry? Use..
gospel essentials
In this assignment, you will assess your understanding of the Christian worldview, including the main topics you have covered up to this point. You will summarize and analyze the essential elements of the Christian worldview and reflect on implications for your own worldview. Write a 1,250-1,500-word essay using at least two course resources (textbook,..
religious traditions ; colonialism
#2 – Religion in the Social World: In this option, students will select a significant historical event (political, military, geographical, etc.) and explain its impact on religious change within a specific tradition. in my case indigenous traditions.The key to this topic is to connect the historical event you are writing on to the religious change that results...
Old Testament Book Review
Critical Book Review (20%): The student will write a 5-page review of the Reading the Old Testament, Revised and Expanded: Method in biblical Study by John Barton. Your goal in reviewing this book is to provide a brief summary and careful evaluation. A good review should include the following components: 1. Identify the purpose and overall structure of the book;..
Christian Worldview/Christian Interpertation
Comparing and contrasting your worldview with a Christian worldview. also compare and contrast your Christian worldview with worldviews we examined in the course. . A minimum of 5 references including Text the Universe Next Door James W sire, The Holy Bible.
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