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Assignment 4.2: Motivation and Motivation Strategies
Review the major theories of motivation in this lesson and in at least two articles. For example, you might read these articles: Theories of Human Motivation Employee Motivation Step 2: Answer the questions. Answer the following questions: What is motivating you to attend school? What motivates you generally? Consider the arousal, incentive, and self-determination..
Ethical Boundaries and Practices Paper. 1,000 words divided into 2 sections.
Directions: In order to write a paper of 750-1,000 words on professional ethical boundaries and practices, complete the steps below: Write from the perspective that you are a mental health professional in the field. Provide a thoughtful response to each of the following two sections, including specific, concrete examples to illustrate your ideas. Your final..
What has been my personal experience as a group member
This essay needs to be done on a personal level extensive creative content needed 3 files uploaded are as follows ; 1 st are my current information content to be explained in a more detailed and personal matter 2nd doc1 - this is my friends essay which had a good pass ratio and serves as an information example that I need to base my personal essay 3rd Doc2 - is my actual..
Assignment 3.2: Classical versus Operant Conditioning
This writing assignment compares classical and operant conditioning. Deliverables A 500 word document (12-point font) comparing classical and operant conditioning Assignment Details Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Read about classical and operant conditioning. Review the material in this lesson and in other resources, if you choose, on classical..
There is a paradox when it comes to emotional, or traumatic, memories.
There is a paradox when it comes to emotional, or traumatic, memories. On the one hand there are people who can completely forget traumatic or highly emotional memories, and on the other there are people who cannot stop remembering them. How can the research we’ve covered on the affects of emotion on memory and trauma make sense of this paradox..
Technology and Relationships in a Classroom for Elementary Students with Special Needs
I will upload my paper for you to put the result and discussion inside the report. Below is an example about the two subjects . -Results The results section comes right after the Method section (it does not begin on a new page). The information in this section includes the numerical/statistical presentation of the study's results. It should begin with a description..
Theories and Techniques of Counseling Therapy Application Paper
this paper is to demonstrate my understanding of counseling theories through self-exploration and application of CBT therapy. Choose a specific recent disturbing situation and complete an “ABC” framework. Write out the specifics for each part of this exercise and include in your paper. APA format
Referring to research... (instructions in main box below)
Referring to research, outline what is meant by bullying and bullying behaviour. Explain the interventions available to reduce bullying behaviour and why they tend to be of limited success. N.B. If you do not answer the question properly and if you do not adhere to the references provided, I will not be accepting the essay. Also, if I check it and see it's plagiarised..
Discuss the role and impact of play in child development
N.B. If you do not answer the question properly and if you do not adhere to the references provided, I will not be accepting the essay. Also, if I check it and see it's plagiarised I will also not be accepting it. Please use following references: An Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Slater & Bremmer, 2003; & Slater & Bremmer, 2017). Lillard, A. S., Lerner,..
Give arguments for proposition that cloning is “playing God”.
short-essay of 500-750 words in length State your thesis, the answer you want to defend using at least three well-supported reasons embodying logic, reason, and research. Give possible objections to your arguments, answer these objections and restate your conclusion. It will also need more the two Work Cites..
Human Development Article Review Writing Assignment
For this assignment: 1. Choose one of the following topics: * ADHD, controversies, treatments, outcomes 2. Find an article on the topic you chose in a professional psychology journal. To find an appropriate article, you should use the library’s on-line search engine (such as EBSCO Host) and databases (such as PSYC Articles, Academic Search Premier and Academic..
APA Paper on Two Historical Contributors in Psychology
Two Historical Contributors in the Field of Psychology Each paragraph 10 sentences + 2 citations 3 sections to the paper, do each section per person Howard Gardner (multi-intelligence)* + Hans Eysenck (intro-extro personality)* + APA 6th edition format All factual statements must be properly cited according to APA 6th edition You must cite peer-reviewed..
Professional Orientation Essay - Ethics, Values, Morals, and Laws.
In 250 words, distinguish between values, ethics, morals, and laws. In what ways have you utilized these concepts in your professional and/or personal life? In an additional 250 words, define legal standards, scope of practice, and the statute of limitations. Provide an example of each. Include at least two scholarly resources in addition to using the textbook..
putting positive psychology into action by focusing on cultivating your own personal growth.
You are asked to practice relating yourself and the world around you to your personal happiness by taking an interpretative phenomenological approach using yourself as a participant by expressing your personal thoughts and experiences related to your Jungian four-letter type and also your understanding of the concept of "Flow."..
Parenting and Education During Early Childhood Paper
Prepare a 1,200- to 1,400-word paper in which you examine various forms of caregivers, parenting styles, and early childhood education. Be sure to include the following items in your assessment: Evaluate the different types of parenting styles and their influence on development during infancy and early childhood. Compare and contrast at least two different..
Fix a paper that was written by someone else on here * NEED done today.
1. There are headings I would like for you to use to organize the paper. You have included headings, but they are not formatted according to APA Style and are not the headings I have asked for. a. See sample headings on Moodle. b. See instructions for the paper c. See also the sample paper. 2. I asked for students to summarize two research articles that I provided to..
Discuss Psychosis and delusional states and their relationship with normal anomalous experiences
The essay is an assignment for an msc abnormal and clinical psychology degree and should be 2000 words exclusive of references. Discussions should be backed up with references and should be based mostly on current studies. APA style of referencing should be used for this Essay.
Consideration, effectiveness of smoking prevention polices in Hong Kong with psychological perspective
Individual paper about evaluating and analyzing a contemporary public policy issue with psychological considerations (3,000 words) Select a healthcare promotion or prevention policy (e.g. smoke prevention) done by government and evaluate its consideration and effectiveness with psychological consideration. Guide: You could select a policy and discuss..
Discuss the importance of internal factors in shaping human behaviour and performance
Draw from examples from chapter 1, 4 & 7 of Investigating Psychology text book (Chapters given) Chapter 1 - pages 21-62 Chapter 4 - pages 155-194 Chapter 7 - pages 287-325 Assignment Booklet (Option A) - page 50 - 54. Page 52 has the relevant material from each section within each chapter.
Progress Report/Rough Draft Assignment (regarding Formal Report)
I have attached the instructions below. This is a check up to see how we are doing on our formal report. My formal report is a proposal to acquire a loan from a bank to start my own Cajun seafood restaurant. I will also attach my proposal document so that you have something to look at.
PowerPoint Presentation On Cognitive Errors (Biases)
There are two parts to the project: Part I. Make a PowerPoint presentation consisting of at least 15 slides on cognitive biases. You will also submit a discussion page (Part II), explaining how your own judgment and decision making are reflected in the past and reflects now some of your biases you were able to recognize (you do not have to discuss those of your biases..
Does engaging in mentally stimulating activities through the lifespan benefit cognitive ability in old age?
DUE: 2ND MAY 12PM Word limit: 2000 -referencing and intext referencing in APA This is an essay in the unit “the developing mind” for 3rd year psychology student You will be assessed on: • the adequacy of your reading of the literature on the topic •the relevance of your answer to the set question • your ability to construct a logical argument considering alternative..
How might classical and operant conditioning account for early drug use and dependence?
This essay is for the unit “drugs and dependence” for a 3rd year psychology student. Word Count: 2000 words (excluding end-text reference list) essay must be fully referenced using the APA style of referencing DUE 5TH APRIL 12PM Important: You MUST answer the EXACT essay question provided in the title above. Thus, the title of your essay must match the title of..
How Does Reciprocal Altruism, Normative conformity and Reward power
Write a 2-3 page paper focusing on social psychological themes, using text/research examples with Black Mirror 'NOSEDIVE' as your method of analysis. The purpose of this brief paper is to connect the ABC's tied to the social interactions taking place in the Black Mirror episode: NOSEDIVE. The themes connected to the ABC's and the social situation..
Advantages and Disadvantages of DSM-V (250 words).
* Please carefully note the word count, as indicated in my plan. You can do more, but not less.  * The word count includes all words in the text of the assignment. * The word count does not include: * Tables * Diagrams * Glossaries/appendices * The reference list at the end. * In-text references are NOT included in the word count. * Do not forget about references in..
Critique of President Obama's speech in Newtown CT
Hello everyone. Please see attached assignment. This essay is for my public speaking class and needs to be 3 pages at minimum to 4 pages max. The attached assignment explains clearly what needs to be included in the essay. It does require watching or reading President's Obama speech in Newtown CT. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Thank you..
Does moral development proceed in a series of stages as outlined by Kohlberg?
Use the following references with in-text citation: Slater, A. & Bremmer, G.J. (2017). An Introduction to Developmental Psychology (3rd edition). Nucci, L. (2011). The Development of Moral Reasoning. Leman, P., Bremner, A., Parke, RD., & Gauvain, M. (2012). Developmental Psychology. Smith, P., & Hart, C. (2011). Blackwell handbook of childhood social..
Discuss Intergrated Threat Theory with Reference to Symbolic and Realistic Threat
Discuss how symbolic and realistic Threat can be applied to integroup relations and conflict, particularly in Northern Ireland. Use Stephen et al. integrated Threat theory. Critically evaluate the model. Please use at least 6/7 journal academia articles and reference.
Report: Understanding More about Careers in Pschyology
This is your chance to use the Internet or library to research fields of psychology. Your goal is to research three different fields to learn more about what each entails. When you have finished your research, you will write a report. The report must be a minimum of six paragraphs in length and 600 words: two paragraphs for each field of psychology you choose to learn..
Assessment Strategies to Address Cultural Diversity
Instructions Recall the case of Cody, a 6-year-old, who was presented in Week 1 of this course. His mother was visiting you when she expressed concerns about his behavior. Suppose, as you find out more about this family, the following information is revealed: Cody immigrated to the U.S. from Puerto Rico with his biological father 2 years ago. Mrs. Rivera is his..
Interdisciplinary Research AND Writing & Communication
Due: 3/6 11:59 pm essay 1)Mini-Portfolio on Interdisciplinary (300-500words) essay 2) Mini portfolio onResearch and Writing & Communication(300-500 words) 3) bibilography of all attachment and a breif description. Each essay: * Artifact= evidence of your skills in this learning area = gains 1) definition/ description of learning area (IRS+ WC) 2) thesis..
Critical Evaluation of Behavioural study of obedience
Using the three articles I'm giving you you have to write a critical evaluation of ONE academic journal article or book that you have encountered in ONE of your Optional Modules. Specifically, your essay should: • briefly give details about the content of the article or book; • assess the impact the article or book had on scholars in the field, with reference to..
How has the relationship between physical and mental disorders changed historically?
Assignment Brief Subject: How has the relationship between physical and mental disorders changed historically? Background It is a notable feature of recent government health policy that increasing emphasis is placed on the promotion and maintenance of good mental health. Mental health problems are now thought of as being a much more common than had previously..
Compare and contrast Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of Cognitive Development
Hi, I need a person who already has a good knowledge on the subject and has done a good amount of reading on it. The essay should be written at university level. Reference list should be done following the APA guidelines. Websites such as wikipedia, simplypsychology and etc should not be used. Also don't use A level text books. There should be references to books..
Competency essay Nutrition health and emotional wellness
Competency essay on the course nutrition, health and emotional wellness This course studies the relationship among nutrition, diet, and food and their role in emotional health and wellness. This course will provide students with practical information, critical thinking skills, and the scientific foundation needed to help clients make better informed..
Introduction and methods of research reflections .
Submit a 250 words reflection for chapter 1 .These reflection have no real guidelines and the reflections are intended for you to somehow apply the chapter 's subject matter to your own life .You can be very practical or creative .You will receive credit as long as you submit a reflection that is 250 words long ...
Describe the neurophysiological structures underlying the initiation and termination of eating
Only use following references - if you don't I will not be accepting the essay. Also, I need this plagiarism free as previous essays from this site have all been plagiarised so only accept if you can accept these conditions: Ronald J. Comer. Abnormal Psychology. Tenth Edition. Worth Publishers. 2018. Chapter 11. Ronald J. Comer. Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology...
What is the structure of human intelligence? Discuss why it's important to know this
Use following articles: Frederickson, N., Petrides, K. V., & Simmonds, E. (2012). Trait emotional intelligence as a predictor of socioemotional outcomes in early adolescence. Personality and Individual Differences, 52, 317322  Isen, A. M. (2001). An influence of positive affect on decision making in complex situations: Theoretical issues with practical..
Explain the differences between an individual’s genotype and their phenotype, and
question cont... discuss the roles played by the genotype and by the phenotype in the context of natural selection. use following articles as well as other additional resources: Pallen, M. (2011). The Rough Guide to Evolution. Rough Guides UK. Orr, H. A. (2009). Testing natural selection. Scientific American, 300(1), 44-51.
Describe TWO forms of behavioural inheritance, and compare each to the epigenetic system of inheritance.
use plenty of journal articles Jablonka, E., & Lamb, M. J. (2007). Précis of Evolution..
'A leopard never changes its spots' - do all juvenile offenders go on to a life of crime?
Criteria: 1. Coherently describe your topic and identify the role it plays in the legal system. 2. Critically evaluate how the theory and practice of your forensic psychology topic is subject to cultural and social influences. 3. Integrate relevant psychological research and theory. 4. Apply real-world examples to your topic. 5. Clearly present your arguments..
does giving a child anything it asks for increase the chances of that child developing depression?
The purpose of this assignment is to draft and submit a comprehensive and complete rough draft of an APA research paper. Your rough draft should include all of the research paper elements of a final draft. Include the following in your 4–5 page (not including the required cover page or reference page) rough draft: Headings Title page Abstract Pose the research..
Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar disorder(s), or Borderline Personality Disorder
Choose one of the following disorders and write a 5 page paper about how it is diagnosed, what medications, if any, are generally used to treat the disorder, and what other types of treatment are used in addition to medication. Also discuss the probable outcomes of the disorder. Finally, discuss the impact that the mental health disorder you chose has on the person’s..
Should schizophrenia be treated as a neurocognitive disorder?
read this article, after reading the article write a DAR (describe, analyze, and reflect) WRITE IN APA FORMAT, and make sure to include the reference page as well...
case study abouthigh-profile figures in the U.S. have been accused sexual harassment
All you should do is writing a 2 pages about the topic, that should be only one case. The details should include who is the high-profile person involved the sexual harassment, what kinds of harassment he did, what kinds of relationship between victims and inflicter.
Multicultural Semester Summary/ Personal Multicultural Philosophy
State your personal multicultural philosophy and explore what possible theories from multicultural counseling could be incorporated to develop and design your counseling model. State Implications for your Professional Development. Include What needs to be done in the future in counseling. Book use: Counseling the Culturally Diverse 7th edition, by..
Introduction to Community Psychology Outreach Paper
Field Assignment (15 points) – Students choose ONLY one of the following: Visit a mental health facility (i.e. clinic, hospital) and interview a practitioner Attend an AA/NA/GA meeting or support group in the community (no interview needed) Go to a community facility (homeless, domestic violence, covenant house, or veteran legion) and interview an employee..
Discuss the Gestalt view of perception that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Work must meet the following criteria upon submission: Word processed Standard font and an appropriate size i.e. Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri in size 11Minimum of double line spacing Correctly referenced APA variation of the Harvard citation method ) 1500 words grammar, punctuation and spelling must be perfect...
Impact of internet/social media usage on human lives
It is a controversial essay in APA format. It has to follow a format which I have done most of the essay component it only needs to be more organized and put all the info together in a way to make sense to reader which I’m not really good at it! And it needs all the in text citations and references...
Phase II Assignment Seminar Administrative Development I- Building Social Business
We ask that you read the titled book Building Social Business written by Muhammad Yunus. This book is fundamental to understand new developments in the world. Yunus received the Nobel Peace Price in 2006 for his growth in microcredit. He is the pioneer of microcredit, and his book details his developments in social business as a continued practice in today’s..
Who Am I? Personal Application of Personality Theories
Objective(s) Comprehend the applied implications of personality psychology research. List the methods of personality assessment, the basic criteria by which tests are evaluated, and common measures of personality Description: This assignment will require that you consider the different personality theories we investigate in class and apply them to..
emotional intelegence Discussion/ and essay 2 PROMPTS
PROMPT #1 Emotional intelligence and communication are skills that are cultivated over time. Define emotional intelligence and compare your verbal communication from 5 or 10 years ago to how you verbally communicate now. In what ways has your emotional intelligence grown? How has this influenced your communication skills? Explain in your response how the..
Psychological Tests and Measurements (PS460) Assignment 8
Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Refer to the “Format Requirementsʺ page for specific format requirements. Respond to the topics for this writing assignment using your own words and examples. Design your responses as if you are explaining..
Industrial Organizational Psychology (PS450) Assignment 4
Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double‐spaced pages; refer to the “Format Requirementsʺ page for specific format requirements. Part A 1. Briefly describe the Hawthorne studies and explain their results...
Assignment 4 Statistical Reasoning in Psychology (PS390)
Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double‐spaced pages; refer to the “Format Requirementsʺ page for specific format requirements. StatCrunch StatCrunch tutorial videos are available at
Think of someone at home, work, or school whose behaviour you would like to change
Before preparing for your student café assignment: Carefully read the student café question and the student café assignment rubric on how to prepare your assignment and remember part of the assignment includes responses to other student café assignments. You must use proper APA Style in each of your student café assignments to show evidence of research from..
Case Analysis – Collaborating with Outside Providers
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the PSY650 Week Three Treatment Plan Preview the document and Case 9: Bulimia Nervosa in Gorenstein and Comer (2014). Please also read the Waller, Gray, Hinrichsen, Mounford, Lawson, and Patient (2014) “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa and Atypical Bulimic Nervosa: Effectiveness in Clinical..
Produce a commentary which provides the theoretical background to amnesia
you should produce a 750-word commentary which provides the theoretical background and justification for the material presented in the leaflet. Aimed at an expert in the area, your commentary is intended to show that you are aware of the context of the research, that you are familiar with the methodological approach used, and that you can interpret and discuss..
Ideas and concepts from the field of child development
Ideas and concepts from the field of child development are pervasive and influence everything from policies, education, and media. For this assignment, choose either a children’s book (e.g., Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Good Night Moon, etc.), or a children’s television show (e.g., Wiggles, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Cosby Show, TMNT, Sam and..
High Performance Work Systems to Increase an Organizations Development
1. An executive summary of the key ideas of the article 2. A grounded critique of these ideas (i.e. are they valid? Why or why not?) 3. A brief discussion of the implications for organizations. 4. Graduate level writing in appropriate APA formatting. 5. Demonstration of critical thinking applied when writing the paper. 6. Five-page MAXIMUM (double-spaced)...
Acceptance, Rejection, Bullying, & Violence Assignment Submission
Synthesize what you have learned so far about popularity, rejection, bullying, and violence. Write an essay (in paragraph form) of at least 650 words (~3 pages) that synthesizes what you have learned this week about popularity, rejection, bullying, and violence. Use the questions below as inspiration. Be sure to include (and cite) information from the Leary..
Short Story Analysis – Hidden Symbolism in The Lottery
 This essay must include:  Your thesis, based on your particular reading and analysis of the text.  Supporting examples from the text of the work itself (the primary source).  Supporting or contradictory ideas from secondary sources (scholarly, peer-reviewed articles).  Discussion and integration of the ideas found in your secondary sources.  MLA-formatted..
What does culture differences play in obesity, anorexia, and bulimia
Read Chapter 6 (Physical Development: Brain through Body) in the textbook and respond to the following: The United States has a high incidence of obesity, anorexia nervosa and bulimia. In your opinion, describe some cultural influences that contribute to eating-related disorders in teenagers. What can be done to encourage teens to maintain a healthy weight?..
Scientific aspects and abilities/disabilities of Prosopagnosia (facial agnosia or face blindness)
Needs to be a 1000 word essay focusing on the scientific aspects of the sensory abilities and disabilities of prosopagnosia (face blindness or facial agnosia) FOCUS IN THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS - need to say who it affects - what causes it and why - what the implications of it mean -does it come from birth or can it come from injury - what part of the brain affects -..
similarities and differences between Bandura (1963) and Livingstone (2014) media violence on children
For this assignment, you need to identify the similarities and differences between two different studies on the effects of media violence on children. While TMA 01 was descriptive, this part of TMA 02 provides an opportunity to develop the skill of forminganargument by explaining how studies, or approaches in psychology, are similar or different...
Why do some people take revenge on their partners while others forgive and forget?
The urge to take revenge when someone has hurt us can be very powerful. However, people often resist that urge and opt for forgiveness instead. In your essay, critically discuss the most important reasons that have been identified for resisting the urge to 'get back' at a relationship partner. Also discuss how factors such as personality and life circumstances..
2 orders /2 related articles related to child psychology
For each one, summarize the article, explain the relation to child psychology how the article relates to our class, and provide your opinion on the article (Do you agree or disagree with the statements they make? Why? What are the article’s strengths and weaknesses?). Your write-up must be AT LEAST 1 page typed with 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman..
Changes people should make in order to avoid Having premature baby
Please read Chapter 5 (Prenatal Development, the Newborn, and Transition to Parenthood). The textbook discusses potentially serious outcomes associated with prematurity. Identify some changes that people should make in order to reduce their risk of having a baby that is premature. Discuss why these changes would be helpful. Your entry must be a minimum..
Why has the public failed to understand climate change research?
Why has the public failed to understand climate change research? This is a mini essay and there is no right answer. You need to present a persuasive, cohesive and logical argument that is well structured. Normal academic conventions apply. Use peer reviewed articles where possible to support your arguments. Check out GreenFile (EBSCO) and Informit database...
Write a mini essay to compare 2 psychological approaches (600 word)
Hi, I have attached a Microsoft word file with some notes on there about the key points. They have also been referenced so you can see where i sourced them from online. Points i need to cover below: *The psychoanalytical approach focuses on power of instinct as a fundamental driver of our behaviour and thinking. How does it compare with the behaviourist’s model..
Critically evaluate two theories of social psychology with reference to the newspaper article
In order to do this assignment correctly, you will need to carry out the following steps: 1. Read the news article. 2. Think carefully about which social psychology theories/concepts are relevant. In doing this you must selectively choose 2 relevant theories/concepts, and support those with sufficient research examples. There are many relevant theories/concepts..
. how the environment shapes gene expression around canalization.
Choose one area in Chapter 4 that you are having trouble with. I chose ; how the environment shapes gene expression around canalization. task. Go to a search engine like “Google” and type in your key words / phrase, and try to find a website that enhances your understanding. Go over the site carefully and see if it helps you. If it does not help you, choose another site...
Milestone Three: Draft of Sociocultural Evaluation and Draft of Program Evaluation
For Milestone Three, you will submit a draft of your sociocultural evaluation and a draft of your program evaluation. The Sociocultural Evaluation requires you to examine the selected program’s ability to be utilized across a diverse population. The goal is to collect information, present your findings, and receive feedback on how to improve each section..
In relation to Australia, Many people claim that "art saved my life". Research,
In relation to Australia, Many people claim that "art saved my life". Research, then describe a non-counselling/talking or other therapy-based intervention or activity which has saved someone's life. This may be art, drama, sport, writing, etc. 400-500 words. APA format. Up to date references not more than 5 yrs. Note that art-therapy is not art, and not the..
Competency essay PSY6610- Theoretical Foundations in Complementary health counseling
competency essay on the course listed above some infoThis course explores the theory base of complementary health counseling. The seminar begins with a stress and health exploration of the biological bases of health and disease and includes an overview of psycho-neuroimmunology stress and health. The course examines the contributions of learning theory..
Should children be encouraged or not allowed to participate in Boxing and Jiu Jitsu?
Argumentative Research Paper Requirements: Voice and audience: This is a standard research paper and should be addressed to an academic audience (my instructor and classmates). We are not necessarily experts on our subject so need to take care to paraphrase technical or specialized language and or concepts. Form: You should not spend much of your paper writing..
In relation to Australia, Many people claim that "art saved my life". Research,
In relation to Australia, Many people claim that "art saved my life". Research, then describe a non-counselling/talking or other therapy-based intervention or activity which has saved someone's life. This may be art, drama, sport, writing, etc. 400-500 words. APA format. Note that art-therapy is not art, and not the topic being discussed here...
teasing nature vs nurture effects : the case of autism or causes of obesity
if you choose obesity you have to read this article and use information from that story if you want choose autism you have to read to read this article and use information from that article
Examine the Relevance of Processes in How Individuals and Organizations Learn
You will now examine how individuals, teams, and the organization as an entity learn. Identify the significant differences (or similarities) relevant to how each level of the organization learns. Then, prepare an evaluation of two (2) or three (3) significant opportunities that are most needed or likely to have a positive impact in the organization you have..
Assignment 1.4-Medical Complications of Alcohol Abuse
Step 1: Research and Review the beginning, middle, and late stage medical problems that can occur as a result of Alcohol Abuse/Alcohol Dependence. Step 2: Write a 2 page Essay summarizing your findings. Type your essay using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word). Use 12-pt font, 1-inch margins, and double space...
The causes of stress in a particular segment of the population or a particular job
Writing assignment #3 will be an essay supported by research in which you analyze either causes or effects of a phenomenon. The essay should have the following elements: • an engaging introductory paragraph. You might even want to cite sources in the opening paragraph to make your opening engaging to the reader. • an effective and clear thesis statement • a statement..
critical thinking is built on four basic principles (Gill,1991; Shore,1990)
Using the four principles, choose (ONE) a (a) recent court decision, (B) current event, (C) or national issue (see example below) and analyze the issue to come to an objective conclusion. Charlottesvile, Martin and Zimmerman case or DACA "Dream Act". Opinions alone are not sufficient; your decision must be supported with data and/or rationale. Please cite..
Cultural Communication Values and Intercultural Communication Challenges Paper – Final Draft
This first paper will analyze what you find out about the culture 1) from depictions of the cultural group in U.S. media and 2) from academic journals or scholarly references explaining the communication/values of the cultural group. Write 1,000-1,250 words in response to the following: Compare and contrast the concepts of stereotyping and ethnocentrism...
Co-Occurring Disorders and Treatment Conditions Paper
Write a 750-1,000-word paper about the impact to the client. Address the following in your paper: A minimum of two examples of physical symptoms a client with co-occurring, substance-related, and psychiatric disorders might experience A minimum of two examples of co-occurring symptoms a client with co-occurring substance-related and psychiatric disorders..
BEH-311 Social Psychology: W4 - Judging, Stereotypes and Prejudice
BEH-311 Social Psychology W4 - Judging, Stereotypes and Prejudice Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ’s in 50 words or more (be specific): Explain the relationship between stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination and the differences between these terms. What examples from your life come to mind? You may also post a link to a current events..
BEH-311: W3 - Heuristics, Biases, Dissonance, and More
BEH-311 Social Psychology W3 - Heuristics, Biases, Dissonance, and More Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ’s in 50 words or more (be specific): What is stereotype threat? Provide an example. What reason(s) has/have been advanced for its effects? What are the possible response options people may have in order to reduce its effects? In one piece..
Assignment: exercise should be carried out for a week-daily documentation
Assignment: exercise should be carried out for a week-daily documentation-in addition that you have given up (coffee) record any psychological or physical that you have to experience. citation should come from the gill library I can provide access so that. You would have to let me know what you're researching so that I can look it up at the gill library...
UK Essay Psychology: Qualitative and Quantitive Methods
The topic of this essay is: ‘To achieve a full understanding of psychological phenomena, research should always use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.’ Discuss this claim using examples from chapters 1, 6 and 7 of Investigating Psychology. I need it by the 1st of September. I want good quality and plagiarism free. I need somebody with experience..
“A Social-Cognitive Exploration of Reactions to Leiby Kletzky’s Abduction and Homicide.
Taking into account the contribution of the different approaches to human behavior (cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology) we have covered in this course, summarize an explanation for each of the different characters’ (parents, Leiby, Aron) behaviors exhibited in the case study. -Describe the abnormal behaviors exhibited in the case study. Briefly..
Is ADHD a biological or environmental disorder? Is it both?
Minimum Requirements **an AUTOMATIC ZERO is applied, if any of the following are not met, ** (use this checklist to avoid an automatic zero) no quotations, use your own words 2 typed pages or fewer double spaced size 11–12 professional font, e.g., Times New Roman, Ariel, Bondoni, or similar 6 peer-reviewed research articles (at least 4 have been provided for..
1. The Methods of defining abnormality may include (but not limited to) deviation from norms and mental illness- what is the problem with defining abnormality in such. 2.You may include DSM 5 and ICD - What is the problem with using these measures, including the impact of cultural differences on how disorders are understood and labelled? 3.In your discussion..
psychological disorders anxiety vs panic attacks. What is the causes.
Apply critical thinking to topic of anxiety and panic attacks. What causes them What happens in the brain chemistry What part of the brain causes anxiety and panic disorders Is anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and how are environmental factors play a role. The discipline is psychology so I need to gear the paper more towards how the brain deals..
Communication skills in the workplace and personal relationships
Detail the value of communication in the workplace and personal relationships. Analyze differences and similarities between the skills needed in different environments. Discuss how to improve skills needed. Finally, include the role that God has in our conversations.
Unit 3 Assignment Use of Interviewing Skills in Addiction Assessment
Discuss specific interview techniques that would be important for an addiction professional to utilize to complete the ASI. Analyze how the ASI can contribute to the development of diagnostic impressions, noting the strengths and limitations of the ASI. What advantages does an interview-based assessment offer to assess diverse populations?..
Should everyone be entitled to receive health care access despite their income and socioeconomic status?
The assignment consist of choosing two philosophies that support the importance of health care access to everyone despite their socioeconomic status. These two have to be described and compared. The paper should talk about the differences in communities based on their SES and how health care inequities are more common in lower class communities. The paper..
Paper IV: Study Two Methods, Results, and Discussion
In this paper, you will include your methods, results, and discussion for your second study using a 2 X 2 factorial design. Students will conduct this larger study relying on data collected online (via Qualtrics) using students’ family and friends as research participants. Students will have a more direct hand in the creation of materials and hypotheses for..
A discussion of parental involvement in relation to learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL).
Completion of an essay that explores the strengths and limitations of one or more parental involvement frameworks, with particular reference to the involvement of parents. parents from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, or an essay that evaluates the strengths and limitations in a range of reported parental involvement interventions...
Identify the behaviours and basic counselling microskills required to establish a therapeutic relationship.
Task: Identify the behaviours and basic counselling microskills required to establish a therapeutic relationship. Discuss the importance of these skills in relation to the success of the therapeutic relationship. Include reference to the literature to substantiate your essay. References: When highlighting skill sets and referring to literature, a..
I need a "Top Writer's" help completing a 3 page essay, who's up for the challenge?
Please see the attached file, the instructions have been outlined in yellow. I have included a link below for additional resources from my Psychology class for writing this essay. I will also need for you to include a "Work Cited" page for your research conducted. {Place..
Assignment #5: Career, Occupation, and the Workplace in the News
1.Find a current news article regarding occupation and work. This article can be on any topic related to class content on work (not leisure). For example, your news article can be related to any of the occupational theories, gender and ethnicity, bias and discrimination, etc. 2.After you select your article, you will write a short summary of the article. After..
The Processes of Counseling for Substance Addiction
Write a paper of 2–3 pages about the following: Describe the processes of counseling for substance addiction for the following: Group Family Individuals Identify at least 3 objectives and goals for each modality. Provide an explanation of the relapse prevention plan for each modality...
Grant Proposal – Topic, Specific Aims and Bibliography
For this assignment, you will select a topic for your grant proposal (i.e., Final Project due in Week Six). Then you will write the Specific Aims section and create a preliminary bibliography. You will conduct a search in the Ashford University Library and/or on PubMedCentral (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to locate at least 10 scholarly..
the greatest strength is not in never falling, its in falling but getting back up
gordon rule paper. part 1 title page in APA style , quote: "the greatest strength is not in never falling but in falling and getting back up".. author : Vince Lombardi. identify that the mind (message altered your behavior and inspired you to self-assess and self-correct) was inspired by the quote. part 3 details about how you were connected to and inspired by the..
Assignment #2: Current Research on Speech and Language Development
Find a CURRENT peer-reviewed/scholarly research article (within the last five years) on speech and language development in infants, toddlers, and/or young children. You will write an 3-5 paragraph essay that contains the following: 1) APA reference/citation of the article 2) Description of the research article and its findings 3) Identify how these findings..
negative impacts of chemical addiction (need done in 10 hours)
Use the library, course materials, and Web resources to research the negative impacts of chemical addiction on the criminal justice system. Respond to the following question in your discussion: What are some of the negative impacts that drugs and alcohol have on each of the following: Crime victims Criminal offenders Criminal justice system What interventions..
Types of crime associated with addiction (Need in done in 15 hours)
Write a paper of 4 pages that addresses the following: •What are the 4 major drugs that are associated with crimes? •Explain the types of crimes that are committed with each of the major drug addictions. •Are the crimes psychopharmacological, systemic, or economically compulsive?
proposal for dual-diagnosis treatment center (Need Done in 15 hours)
You are at a managers' meeting and are asked to develop a standardized, flexible treatment plan that can be used in all aspects of your facility. •What will the plan look like? •What information will it include, and how will you engage the client in developing his or her plan to ensure a higher rate of success? •Put this in a formal proposal to be presented at the next..
Airports should use micro expressions to detect threats
For confidentiality, I did not write the whole title, my real title of my assignment is: The luxury leisure hotels and airports should use the FACS (Facial Action Coding System) method. (using micro expessions to detect threats) This is an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY AND NEEDS APA REFERENCING !!!!!!! IMPORTANT For this essay, I already wrote literature review, annotative..
Effects of Substance Addiction on Adolescents (Need Complete in 20 Hours)
As a probation officer, you have been asked by the principle of the local high school to present information during the weekly assembly on chemical addiction and treatment options. Explain the effects of substance addiction on adolescents and young adults. For example, what are the behaviors like? What is the thought process? What physical changes occur?..
an essay arguments that appeal to pathos (Any topic)
- Should be an essay arguments that appeal to pathos -The purpose is to change your reading audience's emotional state. - May use any additional sources or personal experience. -Do not have to include in-text citations if you don't include a direct use of sources.
Job Dissatisfaction and Organizational/Management Practices
The United States has seen a trend of increasingly high job dissatisfaction. A survey conducted for the Conference Board in 2009 showed that only 45% of Americans were satisfied with their jobs. This was a significant decrease from a 61% satisfaction rate in 1987 (Gibbons, 2010). Job dissatisfaction is highly correlated with a negative impact on organizational..
Make up a story about human development and lexica X15
Make Up a Story About Human Development and You_Lexica X15 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Narrative psychology is a perspective within psychology concerned with the "storied nature of human conduct",[1] that is, how human beings deal with experience by observing stories and listening to the stories of others. Operating under the assumption that..
outline the major categories of the psychological disorders as detailed in the DSM5
Characterize the distinguishing features of each of the following DSM-5 diagnostic categories: Anxiety Disorders Somatoform Disorders Mood Disorders Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Dissociative Disorders Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders Personality Disorders
1 page Social Psychology paper DUE IN THREE HOURS
If you all haven’t noticed, there’s a lot going on in the world these days: from gun control reform to the times up movement, FBI to DACA, Donalds to dossiers, and so on and so on and so on. Political and social divides in this country seem stronger than they have been in my lifetime, and in a sense, each side of this divide feels that their core values and visions for this..
reflective journal on theories on observational learning
must say what concept you are talking about.Define it , the experience you have must relate(2)explain the experience(3)Describe your thoughts and feelings, emotions(4) and if the situation occur how would u handle it (5) attach a reference page 300 words.
Euthanasia. Explain passive and active euthanasia. Explain why they are both the same
Please follow the same format that you did when you wrote your midterm. This paper is due the last week of school and should be on a topic from the chapters since the midterm. The paper MUST follow APA style and have 3 current references (other than the book). It should be 3-5 pages in length. If you would like to run a topic by me, feel free to do so. Also, if you would like..
Week 3 - Assignment The Art and Science of Persuasion
Read Harnessing the Science of Persuasion (Cialdini, 2001). Consider this source as you complete the Assignment. Part I: Examples Assemble advertisements, commercials, or personal experiences/observations that illustrate each of the six fundamental principles identified in Cialdini (2001). Do not use examples from your textbook. Submit “Part I”,..
LESS THEN 4 HOURS!!!! I need a psychology SMALL essay
SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY: pick a favorite sections ( PREJUDICE AND DESCRIMINATION IS FINE) - not just a single vocabulary term, then thoroughly define and describe the topic you find most fascinating in the section, and then tell me how it applies to your own life. This is Social Psychology, so almost everything in the chapter is applicable to daily living!! Be very..
Mixed reported assignment please refer to my own study books
This EMA comprises three questions. Question 1 covers material from the SDK228 Research Methods Strand. Question 2 covers material from SDK228 module book 4 and associated multimedia activities. Question 3 covers material from all of the SDK228 module books and the associated multimedia. You should note that you must gain at least 40 of the 100 marks available..
Conflict Resolution Sample Toolkit: Milestone Four
Complete milestone four, Post-Agreement Cooperation. Identify and describe strategies and best practices used to create a productive work environment post conflict resolution. Submit your sample(s) and the Sample Cover Sheet and submit for grading
Conflict Resolution Sample Toolkit Milestone Four: Sharing Sample
Post your Post-Agreement Cooperation sample(s). Provide a brief overview of the selected sample (scenario/strategy) and a rationale for why you think it is a best practice. Your justification should be supported by valid references (research, experts in the field) and not just based on personal opinion. Critique the samples of at least two fellow students...
write a critical reflection on the relevance of behaviourism in music therapy practice of schreibman article
title of assignment: Read the schreibman article, and write a critical reflection on the relevance of behaviourism in music therapy practice. as part of your reflection, identify what you consider to be the strengths and potential challenges/risks to the child within a behavioural appraoach. deadline: 17/4/2018 the article
Writer's dissuasion on the topic he/she choose to write about
Choose one of the psychological disorders covered in chapter 15 of the textbook. Write a 3-5 page paper that discusses the causes, diagnostic criteria and current accepted treatments. Use 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and double spaced.
Reflection Paper 1- fundamental attribution error
What is the fundamental attribution error (FAE)? Describe a time when you committed the FAE? Don’t give an example discussed in the textbook. What happened? What were the consequences of your mistake? How does the FAE relate to personality judgment? Use Ch. 4 on “Personality Traits, Situations, and Behavior,” especially the section on “Persons and Situations,”..
Differential Diagnosis for Schizophrenia (DUE TODAY!!!)
Differential Diagnosis for Schizophrenia Schizophrenia was once a wastebasket category for many individuals who did not fit the criteria of other disorders. Discuss the sometimes difficult task of differentiating schizophrenia from other disorders. Describe possible scenarios or situations wherein delusions or even hallucinations which might be..
Conflict resolutionTool Kit :module three: Sharing Samples
Complete milestone three, Reaching Agreement. Identify and describe strategies and best practices used to reach agreements in workplace conflict. Submit your sample(s) and the Sample Cover Sheet and submit for grading.
Benchmark - Social Justice, Racism, and Prejudice
For this assignment, you will address the social, political, economic, and cultural contexts that impact substance abuse and treatment. Read "one of the articles under this topic and choose one scenario from the case scenarios document to address in the assignment. In a paper of 750-1,000 words, discuss the following based on your selected scenario: The social,..
genetic and non-genetic factors that contribute to schizophrenia
You are to write a three-page paper exploring both genetic and non-genetic (e.g., environmental) factors that contribute to schizophrenia, utilizing at least four academic sources (i.e., scholarly textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles) to support your claims. In particular, you will first conduct a literature review, utilizing at least two scholarly..
Adolescent Substance Use Disorders Treatment Approaches Paper
Write a 500- to 750-word opinion paper on what treatment approach seems best suited for adolescent substance use disorders treatment and why. The paper can be written about approaches identified in the assigned readings, a combination of approaches, and/or a different approach with supporting documentation. Be sure to include a title page, introduction,..
A critical issues analysis of the importance of volunteers
A 2000 word critical issue analysis of volunteer roles I was due to work as an observational researcher at a university hospital but it fell through due to NHS demands. I would have been using my transferable skills of research and analysis of data, from my psychology degree to observe volunteer’s interactions with dementia patients compare to that of busy medical..
Exercise 7: Erikson's Ego Integrity vs Despair Stage
This assignment is designed to focus on Erikson's Ego Integrity vs Despair Stage of Development by creating interview questions and asking them of a person who is presently in the stage. Complete the document by doing the following: Use the textbook and/or other sources to gain a solid understanding of Erikson’s Ego Integrity vs Despair Stage. After this, complete..
Forum 7: Physical/Cognitive/Social Well-Being of Older Adults
This assignment centers on discussing activities that older adults can do to improve their physical, social, and cognitive well-being. Chapters 17 and 18 of your text discuss the various issues surrounding the physical, cognitive, and social well-being of older adults. Discuss at least one activity that an older adult can engage in that will help to sustain/improve/enhance..
Forum 6: To Have Children, or to Not Have Children?
This assignment centers on discussing pros and cons of choosing to either have children, or not have children. Chapter 14 of your text discusses the various issues associated with the choice to either have children, or to not have children. Discuss the pros and cons of either choosing to have children, or choosing to not have children. At least TWO pros and TWO..
Do a google search for Eleanor Longden TED talk video "hearing voices movement" and read pages 388 and 389 from the "Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology" 7th edition and answer in your informed opinion -TREATING PSYCHOSIS WITHOUT MEDICATION Be sure to cite the book as your source.
Interview a person working in a field relevant to Psychology.
The paper should be a minimum of 1000 words not including the Title or Reference pages. The paper should be written in a word document having a 12-point font and no more than 1-inch margins on all sides. The references, both in-text and at the end of the paper, should be written using APA format. All references listed on the reference page should appear in alphabetical..
A discourse analysis of the Little Albert experiment
2,500 word Discourse Analysis. Due 20th April. Overview The coursework is a 2500 word qualitative report. In this report you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular historical event in Psychology and will integrate conceptual and philosophical thinking within the analysis. In this assignment you will demonstrate that you..
The effects of sexual dysfunctions on relationships
The project is to be 500 - 1000 words long (i.e. roughly 2 double-spaced pages of main body; in addition, you must have a title page and references page). Be sure to cite specific references in APA format from both your textbook and at least ONE other source. You may use additional primary (Journal Articles) or secondary (Textbooks) sources. Although you might..
Dig Deeper Written Assignment - Childhood Nutrition and Obesity
How to write the assignment The entire assignment should be a minimum of 500 words using APA Documentation of in-text citations and references for your sources. The topic or question set requires you to go to certain websites or sources to find answers to the questions. Your paper will contain your written responses to the questions. In addition you may also include..
Read the extract on ‘food addiction’ below and then answer the questions that follow
Hello, i am needing this done using my books as reference, its is a total of 700 words but require proper and effective citing from my books to back up statements. There are 4 questions over an article but then needs cited from my books as an understanding, no external citing is allowed under my university rules all have to come from my uni book which is provided..
Importance of cultural diversity & summarize cultural pluarism
Explain why cultural diversity has become such an important issue in American education. Summarize the tenets of Cultural Pluralism and its’ connection to Multicultural Education. Draw on the work of James Banks (make sure you mention his name), choose one of his approaches to construct a piece of instruction for the age or grade level you plan to teach(secondary..
Conceptual and historical issues in psychology, the little Albert experiment
In this assignment you will demonstrate that you have met these aims by conducting a piece of critical discourse analysis that will involve you – deeply – in historical understanding of one major event in the history of psychology; the Little Albert experiment. To complete the discourse analysis, you will need to come to terms with a range of epistemological..
Psychoanalytic Criticism Interpretation on "I Stand Here Ironing"
Essay on "I Stand Here Ironing" by Tillie Olsen. Critical theory to apply - Psychoanalytic criticism. Sources to be used : "I Stand Here Ironing"(short story) and Critical Theory Today: Third Edition, plus any other sources. To be at least 1000 words, MLA format. Due Date 09/30/2016
Conflict Resolution Sample Toolkit Milestone One: Sharing Samples
Post your First-Level Conflict Resolution Practices Sample(s). Provide a brief overview of the selected sample (scenario/strategy) and a rationale for why you think it is a best practice. Your justification should be supported by valid references (research, experts in the field) and not just based on personal opinion. original posting is located in files..
“Animal models/studies are useful but limited for understanding mental health”
Write an essay to address the following essay question: “Animal models/studies are useful but limited for understanding mental health” [Word limit: 1000 words] FULL DETAILS WILL BE IN ATTACHMENTS Advice from the module team: As stated in the SDK228 Guide to Effective Assignment Writing, your essay should have a clear argument. This means you will need to decide..
please write about what types of parenting style(s) your caregivers had. 1) Of the three types of parenting styles described, which one or combination fits your caregiver(s) best? Give specific examples! 2) Would you follow their style or change it now that you are an adult? For those of you that are parents, what style are you now and why? Do not forget to cite your..
Forum 5: The Adolescents' 'Quest for Autonomy' and its Effect on Parent/Caregiver-Child Relationships
Forum 5: The Adolescents' 'Quest for Autonomy' and its Effect on Parent/Caregiver-Child Relationships This assignment centers on discussing the adolescents' 'Quest for Autonomy' and its effects on parent/caregiver-child relationships. Chapter 12 of your text discusses adolescents' 'Quest for Autonomy', as well as how it can cause possible issues in..
Similarities and Differences Between Therapy Models
Compose a 700 word essay thoroughly detailing the similarities and differences between the models: The following are the 4 models: * Strategic family therapy * Structural family therapy * Bowens family therapy * Experiential family Then answer the following questions: * Include a description of each diagnostic model and how it is used. * Which treatments..
Assignment 1: Compliance and Fair Treatment in Action
It is reasonable to expect that a place of work operates in a manner that is legal and equitable. However, rarely are things quite that simple. The legal system covering employment issues is rather complex, with many layers and gray areas, and the concept of fairness suffers from a mostly subjective interpretation. Nonetheless, to be proper representatives..
Animal models/su=tudies are useful but limited for understanding mental health
your essay should have a clear argument. This means you will need to decide whether you agree or not with the statement above. Whilst you may wish to touch on ethical aspects of work with animals, you should not become side-tracked by this. Your essay must give at least four examples of animal models/studies from Books 2 and 3, and can include supporting material..
Can Psychologists explain why people commit crime?.
the full title: Can Psychologists explain why people commit crime? Critically assess the current ability of psychological theory and research to answer this question Demonstrate consideration of relevant psychological theory and research Use of relevant and up to date psychological literature, especially from journals Appropriate structure to the..
Discuss the roles of evolutionary, sociocultural, and other contextual factors in determining human mate prefe
essay needs to provide an answer to the question by applying social psychology principles, theories and axioms, as well as relevant research. Some readings needed: Pages 365-370 in Lewis, D. M. G., Al-Shawaf, L., Conroy-Beam, D., Asao, K., & Buss, D. M. (2017). Evolutionary Psychology: A How-To Guide. American Psychologist, 72(4), 353–373. Pages 1-14 in..
The impact of black psychology on the western mind
The paper Is to be a literature riview 12 point font , 3 -4 references for every 500 words APA style format Times new Roman Double spaced 1 inch margins top bottom left and right 8 pages total not including reference and title page paper may be longer in length but not shorter
write about your reaction to the recent Presidential election results
In class, you were asked to write about your reaction to the recent Presidential election results. Then, you removed identifying information from your paper and shared it with your peers to receive anonymous commentary. For this writing assignment, you will be writing about your experience participating in this class activity. Begin by examining the full..
STEP 1: To complete Reaction Paper, analyze what you feel you have learned from a specific module (your choice) and how you can use this information - personally, socially, professionally, with community activities, etc. The goal of the Reaction Paper is to stimulate thought, further research and discussion. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------..
Assignment 2: RA 1: Employee Selection: Industrial/Organizational in Action Report
People drive virtually every organization. Therefore, having the right people in the organization can dramatically influence the overall success of a company. Finding the right employee starts with recruitment and is impacted by the selection process as well as subsequent training and organizational functioning. Directions Your presentation at the..
Assignment 1: Finding and Developing the Right Employees
As professionals in the industrial/organizational (I/O) field, we may have companies as our customers but employees are our business. They represent us to customers, they make our products, they fix our problems, and they bring us new ideas. Very few companies would succeed if it were not for their employees. The key is finding the right employees. We need to..
Assignment 1: Retrospective Analysis of Personality
Section 1 (1-2 paragraphs): Choose one of the following areas of your brain and explain what it does: Thalamus Reticular formation Brain stem (pons and medulla) Cerebellum Limbic system One of the four lobes of the cerebral cortex Explain how the area you described contributes to a specific activity from your everyday life. (Example: During horseback riding,..
Factors modulating automatic priming effects in relation to social behaviour: assessing magnitude and duration.
Social psychology involves studying how individuals in groups interact. This is achieved through investigating how individual behaviour is influenced by others. Immediate social interactions comprise the main focus of concern in which such behaviours as social influence, attitudes and non-verbal communication etc., may be studied in controlled situations...
Observational Learning or Thinking Like a Psychologist: Sexual Orientation
Written Assignment: You must choose one of two topics: Topic one: Define and discuss Observational Learning. In your perspective, what influence does everyday exposure to social media have on Observational Learning or Topic two: Watch the Video Episode 14: Thinking Like a Psychologist: Sexual Orientation (found in MyPsychLab) and discuss the proposed..
“Animal models/studies are useful but limited for understanding mental health”
your essay should have a clear argument. This means you will need to decide whether you agree or not with the statement above. Whilst you may wish to touch on ethical aspects of work with animals, you should not become side-tracked by this. Your essay must give at least four examples of animal models/studies from Books 2 and 3, and can include supporting material..
Anxiety and Depression in Children of Depressed Parents: Dynamics of Change in a Preventive Intervention
(ARTICLE ATTACHED) COMPLETE APA-STYLE CITATION, including DOI or URL. GENERAL SUBJECT (often related to why study is important) SPECIFIC SUBJECT (related to the variables that will be studied) GAP IN PREVIOUS RESEARCH (why is this study needed, what questions have not been addressed) HYPOTHESIS (list all primary hypotheses) BASIC STUDY DESIGN (e.g., true..
Choose one of the following to discuss using lecture notes, textbook or other academic resources. Before the
Choose one of the following to discuss using lecture notes, textbook or other academic resources. Before the first day of class, what came to mind whenever you heard the word “psychology”? Now that you have an overview of this “General Psychology” class, what are some topics that might interest you and why? How would learning more about these topics impact you..
Your Personality Type's Judgment Style and Its Effect on Conflict Resolution
Consider your judgment style as identified in the Myers-Briggs test. How does your judgment style align with the discussion about judging, inferring, and reporting being core beliefs for each individual? Give examples from your personal life and workplace, and reflect on ways to use your personality strengths to compensate for weaknesses in resolving conflicts...
Emotion Regulation and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Prospective Investigation
(ARTICLE ATTACHED) COMPLETE APA-STYLE CITATION, including DOI or URL. GENERAL SUBJECT (often related to why study is important) SPECIFIC SUBJECT (related to the variables that will be studied) GAP IN PREVIOUS RESEARCH (why is this study needed, what questions have not been addressed) HYPOTHESIS (list all primary hypotheses) BASIC STUDY DESIGN (e.g., true..
Forum 4: Various Types of Households and their Effects on Children
This assignment centers on discussing various types of households (two parent, single parent, multiple generation, and blended families) and their effects on children. Chapter10 of your text discusses various types of households that children can be raised in during today's times, including households where two parents are working outside the home fulltime,..
Identity Development in Adolescence: Role of Spirituality Essay
For this assignment, access and read the article “Daughter Spurs Shift in Gephardt's View on Gays” in order to answer the following prompts in an essay (750-1,000 words), citing three to five sources in addition to the textbook to support your answers: Think about what the family has gone through and the impact has been on all family members. Chrissy was an adult..
Trying something that you are not particularly familiar with.
Choose one of the following experiences and write a 750-word paper for each experience. Please go outside of your own cultural background and write about/try something that you are not particularly familiar with. You can choose from: a new cuisine, music/musical event (e.g., festival) religious service, foreign movie, dancing lessons/dancing night out,..
circumstances of your most difficult ethical struggle
circumstances of your most difficult ethical struggle both sides of the issues involved -- there must have been pros and cons if it was a struggle. Remember that we're considering ethics to be a matter of right or wrong on a personal level, as opposed to moral vs. immoral by societal standards or legal vs. illegal...
APA Paper on Ethical Guidelines, Mental Health Law, and Risk Management
Write a two page essay about ethical guidelines, mental health law, and risk management. How is each important for counseling practice and what are the limitations of each? How are they different, and how do they complement each other? APA Format This has to reference information from Chapter 1 in the; Corey, G., Corey, M.S., and Callanan, P. (2015). Issues and..
More detail on steps in synaptic transmission - Discussion group 4
Now let's go into more detail in studying certain aspects of the process of synaptic transmission. 1. Choose one neurotransmitter or type of neurotransmitter and then describe how it is inactivated after being released into the synaptic cleft.
Summary of The Levels of Analysis revisited –MacDoughall- Shackleton (2011)
Word Count 1000-1250 Papers have an introduction (statement of relevance and roadmap), summary (overview of major sections of article), evaluation (whether you agree/disagree and why with reference to evolutionary concepts in course, or wherever) –8 marks intro, 16 summary, 8 evaluation, 8 style Don’t plagiarize the article which means you must put it..
Historical Timeline Paper (Obj. 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3)
Review the list of major historical events listed below and select one to examine for this assignment. The Pure Food and Drug Act The Harrison Act Prohibition End of Prohibition The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act Write a 750-1,050-word paper about the selected historical event. Include the following in your presentation: A description..
Violent games - link with aggression but not criminality?
Benchmark - Social and Cultural Diversity Paper: Final Paper
Refer to the “Social and Cultural Diversity Paper Writing Instructions” for a detailed explanation of the requirements for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper that you have been developing throughout the course. Complete the final draft of the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper (1,750-2,000 words), structured in three parts, in which you address the..
the metaphysical fate in Queen of Spade and the materialist determinism fate in Notes from Under. and The Duel
Description The research paper needs to engage with 2scholarly sources. It should be 1 page long, double space and engages directly with the texts mentioned. the radical distinction between the metaphysical fate we meet in Pushkin's Queen of Spades and the materialist “fate” (as materialist determinism) in Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground and Chekhov's..
Social and Cultural Diversity Paper: First Draft (Obj. 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4
Refer to the “Social and Cultural Diversity Paper Writing Instructions” for a detailed explanation of the requirements for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper that you will be developing throughout the course.  You should have been working on the draft of this paper since you developed the outline early in the course. For this assignment, complete the..
Discuss the Characteristics of Effective Research Problems
Use Leedy and Ormrod (2015) to identify and discuss the characteristics of effective research problems. Keep the focus of your discussion on what constitutes effective research problems, not on your potential research problem as this will be developed in Week 4. Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages References: Leedy and Ormrod (2015)..
Critically evaluate Schein’s Career Anchors as a model/theory (choose 1 model or theory)
1500-2000 words Literature review on Schein’s Career Anchors. APA format Include at least over 12 refeences from scholarly journals Include reference page (words are separate from overall word count)
Is it time to retire the Theory of Planned Behaviour?
According to Ogden (2003) health psychology theories, social cognition models in particular, do not meet “the criteria set for a good theory. If they are to be given the status of theories, then it is recommended that the critical eye that psychologists place on other areas of research also be cast on this one.” More recently Sniehotta (2014) has suggested that..
Is it time to retire the Theory of Planned Behaviour?
According to Ogden (2003) health psychology theories, social cognition models in particular, do not meet “the criteria set for a good theory. If they are to be given the status of theories, then it is recommended that the critical eye that psychologists place on other areas of research also be cast on this one.” More recently Sniehotta (2014) has suggested that..
Literary Analysis (The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne)
As general rules for this assignment, (1) your introductory paragraph should include a compelling thesis statement advancing an interpretive claim that is provable. Support your argument using textual evidence and details (use paraphrase rather than primitive, unnecessarily long quotes). (2) Be argumentative and analytic, rather than merely factual..
2. Does having siblings affect the maturity and socializing ability of children?
it is an argumentative essay. Decide on your perception; take a stance. Articulate your perception in a thesis statement. Summarize the issues; demonstrate an understanding of the controversy. Defend/argue in favor of your perception using all resources available. Finish with a strong summary statement that reinforces your thesis. Proofread your work;..
The psychological impact of segregation on inmates
Literature review and critique of any issue relating to psychology and the criminal justice system that is of theoretical, empirical and practical importance. Sample topics will be provided. Up to 10 pages (typed double space) in APA format. The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (PSYC 230) Grading System for Papers (2011/12) Introduction (4 points) • broadly..
Article Review on Bystander intervention in emergencies Journal
Create an Critique of a Research on the chosen Journal: ArticleDarley, J. & Latane, B. (1968). Bystander intervention in emergencies: Diffusion of responsibility. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 8, 377-383. Instructions and Rubric are attached The goal of this activity is to give you an opportunity to apply whatever you learned in this course..
Pros and Cons of Elizabeth J. Tisdell and Sharan B. Merriam
create a seven page multiple source essay comparing the two: Elizabeth J. Tisdell's writing of Spiritual Development&Commitments; to emancipatory Education in women adult education for social change . vs Sharan B. Merriam's writing How cultural values shape learning in older aduldhood ( the case of malaysia). The analysis requires the additional components:..
Biomedical (or biogenetic) explanations of mental illness
I had an extension as have been unwell in hospital and then at home in bed. Still unwell, and have not had the time to write the essay. It is due Sunday evening by 4pm. (Australia EST). I would greatly appreciate your support, to ensure I pass the unit. Thank you. The assessment needs to be based on my annotations from Assessment 1 (which i got shit marks for, only 60%,..
What makes people publicly shame others on social media?
Hey there, the topic of my essay is ''What makes people publicly shame others on social media?'', it should be an explanatory essay. For this essay, I have to include three sources of information which I have provided for you below. Locate one idea(quote) from each source that you find intriguing and relevant to the central question(topic).The list of sources..
roles of evolutionary, sociocultural, and other contextual factors in determining human mate preferences.
Discuss the roles of evolutionary, sociocultural, and other contextual factors in determining human mate preferences. essay needs to provide an answer to the question by applying social psychology principles, theories and axioms, as well as relevant research
Cross-cultural differences in people’s ideals and expectations of mating, marriage, and the family
Although there are some universal features of human mate selection and pair-bonding processes across the world, there are also many cross-cultural differences with respect to romantic ideals, marital expectations, and family responsibilities, especially for males and females in Eastern versus Western cultures. Critically discuss the research on these..
Is Australian higher (i.e. university) education in Australia, “meritocratic.”
Is Australian higher (i.e. university) education in Australia, “meritocratic.” Using the statistics, I aim to identify a pattern in Ethnicity that seems to challenge this. Use academic sources, to explain some theories and academic research that has sought to explain this pattern.
the roles of evolutionary, sociocultural, and other contextual factors in determining human mate preferences.
 Recommended reading the these three selections of pages from peer-reviewed articles:  Pages 365-370 in Lewis, D. M. G., Al-Shawaf, L., Conroy-Beam, D., Asao, K., & Buss, D. M. (2017). Evolutionary Psychology: A How-To Guide. American Psychologist, 72(4), 353–373.  Pages 1-14 in Buss, D. M. (1989). Sex differences in human mate preferences: Evolutionary..
Chapter 3 Essay: Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind
Must be 1,000 words. Must be done in APA Format with correct citation. NO PLAGIARISM WHAT SO EVER. Must be turned in on 09/24/17 by 10 am. Is addiction a disease? In your response provide a description of both psychological and physiological addiction. Hint: Everything psychological is simultaneously biological...
Comparing Theoretical Best Practices to Actual Practices
Due Date: Sep 27, 2017 23:59:59 Max Points: 150 Details: In 1,250-1,500 words, do the following: Describe some of the theoretical best practices for restorative justice, crime prevention, and corrections. Explain how the theoretical best practices are, and are not, manifested in current correctional settings in the United States. Explain different ways..
Behavioral and Social-Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits
Write a 1,050 to 1,500 paper analyzing the formation of habits using behavioral and social-cognitive approaches. Your presentation should cover the following areas: Analyze one of your current habits that you would like to change. How did you develop this habit? Were there role models for this habit? Which people influenced the adoption of this habit? Why..
PSY 352 week 5 Discussion Language,Perception, and Cognition
Week 5 - Discussion Week 5 - Discussion Due: Sep 14, 2017, 10:59 PM Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Refer to the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Settings icon above for guidance..
Week Two Opinion Paper- How to Reduce the Stress Response
This week we have discussed the individual differences in responses to stressful situations. After reviewing the resources for the week, propose a solution to reducing the amount of stress that individuals have in our society. Make sure to include a rationale for why your solution would reduce the amount of stress and identify the type of people or stressful..
Identity Development in Adolescence: Role of Spirituality Essay
Due Date: Aug 30, 2017 23:59:59 Max Points: 80 Details: For this assignment, access and read the article “Daughter Spurs Shift in Gephardt's View on Gays” in order to answer the following prompts in an essay (750-1,000 words), citing three to five sources in addition to the textbook to support your answers: Think about what the family has gone through and the impact..
Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper needs to be done in 26 hours
Develop a 700-1050 paper in which you define cognitive psychology. Address the following: Identify at least four key milestones in the development of cognitive psychology as a discipline. Discuss the importance of behavioral observation in cognitive psychology. Format your paper according to APA formatting guidelines. At least two scholarly sources..
Importance of psychology to ensuring reliable and valid psychological assessment in the workplace.
Use psychological research to support your argument. Assignment Guidelines: Note Students should focus on Psychological Assessment used in recruitment and selection within working environments for their discussions within this essay. The use of empirical psychological research evidence to support arguments made, and key discussion points, is an important..
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