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Essay on Politics examples

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The United States’ Position in Supporting the United Nations
THE ESSAY NEED TO BE IN THE ROGERIAN MODEL The essay must use the MLA template provided and be uploaded in one of the correct file formats or it will not be accepted. Evaluation of a National Argument 4-5 page (MLA) 200 points In the first essay, you were asked to analyze and update an argument on globalization from your textbook. For this next assignment we are taking..
UK government has announced that it is planning to increase regulations on businesses to combat climate change
Choose a particular political stance from which to base your argument in (Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism or a particular view within one of the ideologies, for example a New Right Conservative or a Modern Liberal). Write in the first person. Include persuasive language techniques. An engaging opening. Articulate the reasons why that political stance..
Critical Thinking Assignment #1 - Informal Presidential Power
Make sure your total assignment answer is at least a minimum of one and a half pages in length (not the answer to each sub question, however) A minimum one and a half pages paper is a 'C' level paper--an 'A' requires a minimum of two pages, double-spaced. Be sure you save a back up copy and submit your work either rtf or word doc format. Appropriate research and citation..
Discuss the way in which violence challenges living political ideas
4000 word essay. I will send you the student notes and guidance, as well as the study materials. Please note: no external sources should be used, simply utilise the material I provide. Please follow the instructions and any other way of applying this essay will result in a fail.
What is Neoliberalism, and how does it operate ideologically?
The aim of the extended essay is to engage in depth with one of the central questions addressed during weeks 4-10 of the course, and/or to think across several such themes. The extended essay should demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical debates concerning the given question, and the capacity to deploy one or more of these theoretical approaches in..
History of united states stance on foreign policy
Discuss the history and major foreign policy position of the united states, begin with the doctrine of isolationism, research nd further develop this and discuss the monroe doctrine, the spanish american war, all world wars and various issues related to the cold war, such as deterrence, MAD and detente. do not go beyond 1991 and collapse of the soviet union...
Response Papers (Two Response Papers for my Politics Class)
Write two critical response papers (each one is 400 words), in response to: 1- Craig Calhoun's article (What Threatens Capitalism Now?), 2- First Chapter of the book (Capitalism, Fred L. Block) and it's called "The Capitalist Illusion". Please take a look at my previous response paper, I don't want these two response papers to be just a summary. We are not meant..
Is violence a necessary condition for political change?
2000 word essay. An important and essential part of this essay is to download or source information from the book- Hannah Arendt on violence 1970. This essay will result in a fail otherwise and the feedback I provide will be 0. You have to also ensure you read the student notes and gudiance I provide. And also source information from the other study materials I provide,..
For what purpose does France always intervene in the Sahel region?
Write about the political and military relationship between France and the countries in the Sahel since the beginning of the 21st century until now. Talk about specific examples and situations of French presidents talking about or intervening in the Sahel countries. Talk also about the 21st century military interventions including the United Nations Multidimensional..
How do the various inequalities of power affect the pursuit of justice in the international system?
Power and Justice- How do inequalities of power affect the pursuit of justice in the international system? This is a 4000 word essay, you must follow the instructions given. I will be providing feedback. And do not use any external sources, unless I advise. Pleas utilise the sources I provide. Please ensure you reference appropriately, I will provide the format...
Should Americans receive 4 more years of free public education?
The paper must be 2 pages, submitted in .doc or .pdf format, and discuss the readings from the "Debating Reform" book (Robert Samuels and Neal McCluskey, pp. 362-379) before providing your own view of the issue, backed by outside research (at least 3 sources).
2200 word essay- requires revising. Follow instructions. Read essay title below.
What makes something a security issue? Your essay must begin with a clear account of how you have interpreted and narrowed down the question posed and draw on more than one approach to security. This should take up around 20–25 per cent of the word limit. This is a 2200 word essay that requires editing/revising. It's already been written, however requires revising...
Essay about the problems Mali is facing as a country
 The Report Theory about Mali Nation-State is still a crucial actor, and, factor, in the world, although the contemporary political structures involved more globalized process. The globalization has not meant, yet, that the Nation-State has, or, had, lost, its vital status in world politics. In this sense, we could see the flow of the nation-state in the..
Critical Thinking 2: who are the disenfranchised, marginalized, or outright oppressed in your chosen country?
In their book, Why Nations Fail, Acemoglu and Robinson argue that nation-states will only be sustainably prosperous when they have functioning inclusive political and economic institutions. I would suggest that inclusivity – valuing, respecting, and accepting all people regardless of disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, race, religion,..
Controversial Turkish Policy in the Middle East: the Syrian Crisis
This is an academic paper needs to be published at some point. therefore, the paper should research properly with credited resources and should not exceed 5000 words. this essay have these subtitles: 1. Their stance from ISIS 2. Their stance from the Syrian regime 3. Their relations with Muslim brotherhood movement around the Arab world (Egypt, Hamas) 4. Their..
2200 word essay- Read the essay title and guidance in the instructions
Essay What makes something a security issue? Your essay must begin with a clear account of how you have interpreted and narrowed down the question posed and draw on more than one approach to security. This should take up around 20–25 per cent of the word limit. Word limit: 2200 words Read the learning outcomes and follow the student notes and strictly use the key..
Chinese relations with the outside works , see details in instruction!
Title :Chinese relations with the outside works are informed by a history of victimisation and crisis. Would this be an accurate statement? 1.following the guide of the essay standard structure,see the attached file. 2.give me the sharp idea and prove that. 3.the essay needs 4000 words, and below 5% (Turnitin test of plagiarism)..
Read the assignment question/instructions below. 2000 word essay.
‘If racial minorities or poor people are doomed because of their biological inadequacy, the state or the ruling classes are relieved of any obligation towards income redistribution or welfare services. If crime is a product of genetics, then the contribution of deprivation and social exclusion need to be analysed or reformed.’ (Kerr, A and Shakespeare, T..
Documentary film review - cultural criticism and transformation
Documentary film review on "Cultural Criticism and Transformation" featuring bell hooks In 300-500 words share whether or not you believe the assigned documentary film text has the potential to transform one’s political sensibilities and how the documentary film text compares to the feature-length non-documentary film text that examines the same historical..
How does international politics influence your life
questions 1) How do you think people will answer them twenty-five or fifty years from now? 2) Do most of your peers view themselves as participants in international affairs as bystanders or as completely disconnected?
Documentary film review : cultural criticism and transformation
Write a Doc Film review about "Cultural criticism and transformation" (1997) featuring Bell Hooks. In 300-500 words share whether or not you believe the assigned documentary film text has the potential to transform one’s political sensibilities and how the documentary film text compares to the feature-length non-documentary film text that examines the..
To what extent have EU's core interests in the Maghreb changed as a result of the Arab spring?
just a good plan, for other instruction we will discus with each other. and the title was little bit long, impossible to put in title slot so i put here the hole title. (in what ways and to what extent have EU's core interests in the Maghreb changed as a result of the Arab spring?)
Development of China during the Deng Xiaoping period
"The seeds of future conflict between China and its neighbors were sown from the time Deng embarked on rapid industrialization. As its industrial power has grown, so too has its military capabilities and territorial ambitions. China has been developing its military power and will soon be able to challenge the status quo and pursue regional hegemony.Faced..
Upgrading and innovating our democracy for long-term prosperity and happiness
Make substantial suggestions to improve Tony Fang’s (2014) idea paper “Our democracy calls for innovation and renewal” by referring to the following sources: Acemoglu & Robinson (2012); Fang (2012); Fukuyama (2015); Fukuyama (2016); Hessler (2017); Leeson (2011); Sachs (2012); Shambaugh (2015); Zhang (2012); The Economist (2014); plus three other (or..
Explain Confucian moral theory and practice and illustrate it with five virtues.
Required 7-9 full pages not including work cited page. MLA format. There is no need to refer to outside sources. The sources I will provide are pdf notes as well as a link to a podcast that will be used to write this paper. I attached the pdf notes as well as the report guidelines. The link to the audio >>
2200 word essay- looking for best value for money. See below:
Please follow instructions I send. Essay title below: Focusing on a case study of international governance, compare and contrast two analytical approaches to governance and evaluate how well they explain the successes or failures of governance. You must devote around 10 per cent of the word count to an explanation of the case study method you have followed...
It's a 2000 word assignment- view instructions. Guaranteed a second assignment after this.
‘How is it possible – or is it – for those of faith... to endorse a constitutional regime even when their comprehensive doctrines may not prosper under it, and indeed may decline?’ (J. Rawls, 1999) Drawing on the materials from Room 3 discuss whether liberalism and religion are incompatible.
(model united nations) UNDP committee, position paper
A position paper is a brief overview of a country’s stance on the topics being discussed by a particular committee. Though there is no specific format the position paper must follow, it should include a description of your positions your country holds on the issues on the agenda, relevant actions that your country has taken, and potential solutions that your..
To what extent has the US-led war on drugs failed?
This is an important essay and must be treated as such. It should be detailed and thorough with the use of references and sources to help support arguments. The question should be discussed in reference to either domestic or international counter-narcotics efforts. Use harvard referencing.
Iran does not have enough power to control middle east as long as Saudi Arabia exist
1500-2000 word Argumentative Research (AR) Paper on a military topic,This paper is more than a report or survey of information on a subject; it is an ARGUMENTATIVE paper that must take a stand on a debatable position, support that stand with documented research, and refute anticipated counterarguments. The supporting documented research should take this..
Original topic: Given the rapid progress and development of the mainland social and economic systems, do you think China still needs Hong Kong for her enterprise reform program? And how should Hong Kong “export” its experience to the mainland proactively? Just only focus on the part "And how should Hong Kong “export” its experience to the mainland proactively?"..
What were the key features of the ‘Pax Americana’ according to Robert Cox?
What were the key features of the ‘Pax Americana’ according to Robert Cox? -2 pages Along with MLA citations -Please do focus on grammar -Be Specific and answer should be to the point. -Intro should not be more than 3/4 lines. -Do not use more than 2 sources -minimum of 3 quotations should be there from the sources cited..
Final Exam__ Should oil be the basis for the United States to become involved militarily?
To answer this question, write an essay of no less than 750 words meeting standard APA requirements. Before giving your position in the essay, delineate key points on both sides of the issue. Site at least four sources from peer-reviewed journals in support and against – two sources for each position. After you have done the above, give your position along with..
Power from a realist versus a neorealist perspctive
Definition of classical realism and neorealism (200 words). Classical realist definition of power (300 words) Neorealist definition of power (300 words) The reason why states strive for power according to realist (due to a preponderant human desire to dominate) 350 words The reason why states strive for power from a neorealist perspective ( the anarchical..
The essay should be 6-8 pages in length, double space, use a 12-point font and standard margins, and contain a bibliography. (Essay prompt and more detailed requirement is specified in the Fall2018Midterm.pdf. Please read it carefully before you write. There are three prompts, and I would like you to choose the first one 1. United States foreign policy and terrorism...
The essay should be 6-8 pages in length, double space, use 12-point font and standard margins, and contain a bibliography. (Essay prompt and more detailed requirement are specified in the MidtermFall2018.pdf. Please read it carefully before you write.) There is a handout on the course website “Writing a Good Social Science Paper” which details the appropriate..
Global Political Economy & the Making of World Orders
Gramsci: What are the key elements of politics for Gramsci? (see Prison Notebooks, pp. 144ff) How do they relate to the “relations of force”? (see Prison Notebooks pp. 175-85). - 4 double spaced pages, 12 point font. ¾ inch margins. -IF YOU CITE FROM THE COURSE READINGS DO IT LIKE THIS: Braudel (23) (Polanyi: 17) IF YOU CITE FROM ANOTHER OUTSIDE SOURCE YOU MUST CITE..
1st Amendment – Freedom of Religion scenario assignment
Political science/Government:Scenario analysis/argument 1st Amendment – Freedom of Religion The Scenario will be included. explain the religious violations & why the judge’s ruling in the scenario was correct or incorrect or not. explain why or tell me what the judge legally should have done. using both given video link, text pages Provide me a page number..
Political science/Government:Scenario analysis/argument
1st Amendment – Freedom of Religion find me 10 examples of religious freedom from The Scenario included. explain the religious violation & why the judge’s ruling in the scenario was correct. If it was not correct. explain why or tell me what the judge legally should have done. using both given video link, text pages Provide me a page number from the text or a time..
Lebanon vs. South Africa- Media and Social Movements
Compare Media and Social Movements in Lebanon and South Africa (The success of nonviolent civil resistance Ted Talk by Erica Chenoweth (2013) will help with writing this paper) Since you wrote the other paper i feel like you have an idea on what this topic is about..
The The electoral and popular votes in the 2000 and 2016 elections
*Double-spaced with standard margins and 12-point font. *just use the sources which I put it. *Due to the mismatch between the electoral and popular votes in the 2000 and 2016 elections, more calls have been made to abolish the Electoral College. In your essay, review the effects of replacing the Electoral College with a direct popular election the President..
Essay - The role of Education and society when it comes to hate speech/racial slurs
3 -4 page paper discussing the role of Education and society when it comes to hate speech/racial slurs. Discuss both sides of the issue and make a conclusion based on readings from the text (American Politics Today, 5th Edition), previous Supreme Court decisions and current events. Also the use of such language in movies, music and print as well as the use of social..
Why does Machiavelli suggest it is always better for a Prince to be feared than loved?
Why does Machiavelli suggest it is always better for a Prince to be feared than loved? (1500 words) References 1. Between 18 to 24 unique references 2. Must be Harvard referencing 3. References must be shown within the main body of the case study 5. Must be of good quality (books, journals, official reports, independent sources)..
In24hours, 2 pages. realism view, read 2 book and write essay
SEE prompt for details. Should include this part into this essay: Of Mice and Men is also an absolutely authentic portrait of a precious friendship. No matter how unfair and confusing the life is, George and Lennie still have the mutually sustaining friendship as the priceless treasure. They stand together, and support each other through times of difficulties...
Devaluation of Currency Chinese Politic In 2 hours only
It must be double-spaced, 10-12 pages in length, with 1-inch margins on all sides and 12-point font size (use Times New Roman). The paper should focus on the pressing Chinese domestic issue assigned to each group at the beginning of the semester. These issues are: education (Group 1), economic development (Group 2), human rights (Group 3), environment (Group..
Can china rise peacefully from an offensive realist perspective
Requirements: Length: Between 10 and 14 pages (text only) (Min 10 pages - Max 15 pages long) plus bibliography and cover page. (Paper that is less than 10 (full) pages long (text only) will automatically have 25% deducted from its final evaluation). Font: Times New Roman 12, double-spaced Sources: Books used in class plus minimum 7 additional academic sources..
Position paper - globalization cultur and ethical view
The ties between globalization and culture are complex, making it exceptionally difficult to consider ethical solutions to complex social conflicts. As a first step in developing your own ethical views on globalization and culture, take a position on the question of a common human culture or a diverse one. Should we favor cultural unity or cultural diversity?..
University degrees do not prepare students for the job market.
Your essay must be no fewer than 600 words and no longer than 900 words. -Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and must include a list of references at the end. You must use and cite at least three reputable sources in each of your essays
Main factors that led the way to the Quiet Revolution in Quebec
5 pages on What are the main factors (social, political, economical) that led the way to the quiet revolution in Quebec? How does the Quiet Revolution help us to understand Quebec today? And 5 pages on Present and discuss the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec society between 1930 and 1970..
Compare and contrast Books II and V of Plato's Republic in the context of both the whole of Republic
Topics: Compare and contrast Books II and V of Plato's Republic in the context of both the whole of Republic (i.e., how do these books relate to its overall project) and the whole of the course (i.e., how do these books relate to the foundation of ancient political philosophy?). Choose your own adventure. Write an essay on a topic of your choosing using one or several..
How does the Texas flag compare to other state flags?
How does the Texas flag compare to other state flags? Steve Chapman presents a tongue-in-cheek assessment of the Texas flag design and that of other states. Write a 2 page paper with a brief summary and your reaction to the article below: “Flag Poll,” by Steve Chapman, Texas Monthly, Vol. 26, Issue 5, May 1998, pp60-67..
Totalitarianism in the Modern World: Essay Assignment
ALL about saudi arabia I wrote opening paragraphs about saudi arabia and i used 5 sources so I expecting you to find about THREE more sources on your own. The seizure of power: How did the current leader in your chosen state come to power? Was it a legitimate (democratic) accession, or did this leader force his/her way into power? Is this leader appointed for life,..
Political intervention, economy, and govement intervention
Political Intervention, Political Economy, and Government Intervention The following course outcome is addressed in this Assignment: PP640-3: Evaluate public policy decisions and actions based on integration of the strengths and weaknesses of political and market solutions. The understanding of how the government's behavior and economic forces impacts..
What role do social welfare associations play in addressing water inequality in India?
My preference for structuring is (a) introduce the context first (the landscape of water inequality in India, the drivers and dimensions of unequal access), (b) introduce the key actors/institutions (the social welfare associations) and (c) then start addressing your question referring back to that context and those actors/institutions. And try to make..
Mourning in America: The 1980s and the Rise of Trump
The 1980's continue to capture a somewhat romanticized place in the American public imagination: Reagan's assertion that "its morning again in America" persists to this day leaving a relatively positive and optimistic legacy of the period. However, the election of Donald Trump thirty years later threatens to undermine – maybe shatter – that image of the 1980's...
A comparative essay about the “National Identity Crisis” in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Students are required to: - submit a 4,000-4,500 word comparative essay. They are to compare one issue in any one of the three aspects (social, cultural and political) between any two cities/countries among Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea; - state the title of the comparative essay on the first page clearly; otherwise no mark will be given; - adhere to the word..
Post Mao Era: Economic Effects of Globalization in China.
This is a Argument Paper that needs to supported with a lot of STATISTICAL Data. And Empirical Data. Take CHINA and EXAMINE whether it has benefited from policies associated with economic globalization. This is NOT A HISTORY PAPER. DO NOT JUST RESTATE FACTS ABOUT HISTORY. China is the Country that we will be discussing and the time period is the POST MAO ZEDONG..
Central Issues in American Foreign Policy (essay question in the commentaries)
Question: Using the 1947 National Security Act as a key pivot point, describe, discuss and evaluate the historic evolution of America's strategic doctrine from "mobilization" to "deterrence" between 1789 and 1989. In what ways do you think America's "exceptional" ideals and institutions impacted (and/or were impacted by) this evolution? - Use relevant..
Write a Paper and Fill Out the Provided Chart: Why We Should Eliminate Plastic Bags from U.S. Grocery Stores
Use the decision-making chart to make a decision about an action you can take that addresses the issue above (why plastic bags need to be eliminated and replaced with more eco friendly bags.) Once you have engaged in the decision-making process, you will write a brief reflection paper about the experience. Your paper should do the following. Explain each step..
Write A Speech About Why People Should Vote for the Democratic Party (In the United States)
Using the Internet to find sources, write a speech. In the speech, you will ask your audience to vote in line with the Democrats. Within your speech, create a catch phrase that will make your speech memorable. Try using a simile or metaphor. Your oral argument must explain the philosophy and goals of two parties- Democratic and Republican. What does each philosophy..
Write a four-paragraph summary essay analyzing a Supreme Court Ruling that includes a Dissenting Opinion. A good place to start is . You will need to make use of both primary and secondary sources for this assignment. For your research, check to make sure you include: An introduction paragraph..
Russian Economic Reform and transition from 200-2013
Identify one set of domestic issues (Russian Economic Reform 2000-2013) which Russia has confronted in its post Soviet transition. Undertake a case study, using the issue, to explore the nature of the political transition Russia is undergoing. Undertake a case study of the issue by: 1. Defining the criteria for democratization, using the key elements of democracy..
To what extent is the post-2001 US-led war in Afghanistan a repetition of the past?
must contain at least 5 scholarly source STRUCTURE : 1 intro to present your argument (answer to the question) and explain how the paper will be structured - several sections to develop important ideas - 1 conclusion to briefly summarize the essay and conclude your thinking process IDEAS - Every piece of knowledge that you borrow from another source must be cited..
Define interest groups and distinguish between economic and non - economic interest groups in California.
1. Define interest groups and distinguish between economic and non - economic interest groups nationwide and in California. 2. Identify what factors account for differences in voter turnout both in California and at the national level. There are two questions in this assignment. You need to write a full page, double space, (no more, no less) on each question...
Predict senate race off of electoral votes by midnight
What is going to be the outcome of the 2016 Electoral College vote for Senate? Predict how each state will vote (and each district, for states that split their EC votes), supporting your predictions with data and citations. You should consider voter histories of each state, public opinion polls (and the quality of those polls), and other factors as may be relevant..
4 key issues effecting sustainable environmental industry
18 hours 5-6 references ( Harvard referencing style ) no introduction or conclusion : just main points about 250 words each point examples of key issues : - issues moving from a capitalist society to a sustainable society - factors influencing or shaping environmental policy - environment and humanity..
Write an advisory memo commenting on the private-public relations in security
Ask yourself: are my main points clear? Is the introduction a good summary of the memo? Can someone with less knowledge than me follow and understand the memo? Proofread, proofread, and proofread! And make sure the memo is clean and clear
A Critical Review of Theoretical Approaches to International Development (edit work)
I need you to edit my review and check that I have analysed i well. its a critical review of 3 journal articles but the last writer I feel like he did not write it well, I just need an edit of it and check the journal points A brief introduction setting out the main arguments of your critical review.  A summary of the key points raised by each reading.  Analysis of the strengths..
Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships
Read the "Hydrofracking" article on this week's Electronic Reserve Readings page. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper based on the Hydrofracking article. Include the following points in your paper: Describe the ways in which different levels of government interrelate. What solution are the different governments trying to achieve? Identify the advantages..
Documentary Analysis: Don't Need You & Lilith Fair
Carefully watch writing the assignment below, make sure you draw direct evidence from your notes to the questions above. Your objective should be to present evidence for your assertions and conclusions. Under the subheading..
Reading: Multi-issue Multi-sited Movements and Performance
In the lecture and videos this week the focus is on how activists have used music/sounds, costuming and space to articulate their political standpoints. The protesters use carnival strategies which are said to "turn the world upside down." If we think about it, then, for these strategies to work there has to be a sense of 'the world right side up.' We might often..
Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships
Read the "Hydrofracking" article on this week's Electronic Reserve Readings page. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper based on the Hydrofracking article. Include the following points in your paper: Describe the ways in which different levels of government interrelate. What solution are the different governments trying to achieve? Identify the advantages..
What Determines Voting Behavior in the U.S Political System
You have to make sure you put how media/social media, public opinion, religion, self-interest, misinformation, education, beliefs, political climate and environment contribute to how people vote in the United States. Footnotes included and bibliography
Focus on the divide on immigrant population in cities and regional areas
FULL QUESTION Focus on the divide on immigrant population in cities and regional areas. Then look at the immigration policies outcomes based on the distribution of immigrants. 2500 words including references Focus on the divide on immigrant population in cities and regional areas in Australia . Then look at the immigration policies outcomes based on the distribution..
Various topics in the subject of "INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS"
This is an essay for a 3rd year political science student. The essay is two parts: Proposal (4 pages @ 1.5 line spacing) and Essay (13 pages @ 1.5 lines spacing). Essay much be 100% Original, plagarism free. Essay details: Assignment: Proposal Date Due: 12:00 PM October 9 Value: 20% Late Penalty: .5 mark out of 20 per day PROPOSAL: You are to design and submit a proposal..
How did the right wing party set the stage for Donald trump to become president
please include past and present events. talk about the koch brothers as well. Pick a strong argument for why you believe these factors set the stage for Trump to become president. Please use reliable sources such as google scholar, Washington post, New york times, pew. please fact check. Please proof read and check grammatical mistakes. i need 1 full page of sources...
Would China change the style of Human Rights to the world especially EU after being world's super power
This is a policy paper,you need to first talk about the current situation of human rights for both EU and China Then make comparison and contrast Lastly investigate whether the definition of Human Rights or the style of Human Rights will be changed by China or not.(Most important part) ** paper should be provocative and prescribe one of the parties how to approach..
DIVERSITY and ETHNICITY -Critique of Cultural Music
USE LINK BELOW AND DOCUMENTS ATTCHED: After having read all the course materials provided under the week lesson and forum sections, please utilize the material, especially the one discussed in the Diversity Readings, in order to complete the following: This week, you are required to listen to cultural songs, such as rap, Latino, classical, or another cultural..
•Higher education in the USA is too expensive.Online classes are more effective than face-to-face classes
You may agree or disagree with any of these statements in your essay.You may nuance your response as well. For example, you can make the case that some American universities have indeed abused First Amendment rights, but that the problem is not as widespread as is often claimed. Or you may argue that online courses are best for certain kinds of students but perhaps..
India Development Paper for International Development Class
Please look at attached files only use those readings for evidence/support for paper for quotations. This paper is to address economic development in India, Paper has to formulate proper question and answer. Professors Instructions below: You will prepare a Response Paper based on the readings for your chosen seminar week. Papers are due at the start of the..
Politics of Britain ¡5 PAGES! (Choose a topic below in the Instructions)
Choose a question: 1. To what extent can events in British politics be explained through an understanding of British political institutions? 2. Do UK political parties align with specific political ideologies? Why or why not? 3. Did the post-war consensus reflect genuine agreement between British political parties? 4. Margaret Thatcher’s greatest victory..
THE ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL ACTORS IN CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION [YEMEN] Using a specific case to illustrate your argument, assess the role of the international community in either state building or security governance in YEMEN Introduction Conflict transformation as a concept Humanitarianism and its application in the Yemen case The role of key international..
Writing Assignment: Essay: Texas Campaigns, Elections, and Voting (Auto-Feedback)
Voter turnout in Texas elections differs from national trends. Texas consistently has lower voter turnout than the national average. There are several reasons that contribute to this. Discuss these reasons, clearly explaining how each leads to lower voter turnout. Provide specific examples to illustrate your reasoning...
Field assignment (Government Class) Essay, History
The study of American government and politics does not just happen in the classroom. You can experience government and policy in ways outside of class that enhances your learning. This said, you are required to participate in a field work activity that is relevant to American or Texas State government and write a 1200-word reflection paper on your experience..
Why do some societies tolerate high levels of poverty and how could it be changed
NEED HIGH QUALITY ESSAY, PRICE NEGOTIABLE For the first part of the question, please form the argument around the idea of elitism in the US and UK. - How does elitism propagate(Example: Education) - How does elitism contribute to the toleration of high levels of poverty (Example: - Social segregation - Positive correlation between the rise of elitism and social..
Is the present relationship between Russia and the West best described as a new Cold War
Is the present relationship between Russia and the West best described as a new Cold War, a "new war", or neither? Andrew Monaghan, A ‘New Cold War’? Abusing History, Misunderstanding Russia", Chatham House, 2015 Alex Marshall, “From civil war to proxy war: past history..
2 of two questions politic(I need it asap in few hours. bid it if you can do it)
I need these 2 paper seperated, each is about 2pages. And I will provide the method to log into the ebook in the attached file. Please use your own words. First one: Read the chapter on Interest Groups. Using your book and outside sources, pick ONE interest group. Describe it according to the types of interest groups explored in the chapter. Also, tell me the following:..
Who exercises greater power over US citizens: the US government in Washington, or multi-national companies?
ONLY SOMEONE WELL VERSED IN POLITICS Write a 2000 word essay on the question. My plan and bibliography to try and base the essay off of: The core element of the question I will be answering surrounds the notion of power. Before I can even begin to discuss who exercises greater power over US citizens, I must first define what power is. This is why I will be addressing..
Locke and Plato (who should rule) Locke and Aristotle ( comparing the function of the state)
1) Locke’s theory of property begins with the claim that the earth was given to all men in common and ends with the claim that men will have unequal amounts of land in the state of nature. How is this possible? Explain Locke’s theory of property and how he comes to the conclusion that land will be divided unequally in the state of nature. Do you think it is just or morally..
One and 1/2 pages on Locke and Plato: Who Should Rule? and 1 /12
1) Locke’s theory of property begins with the claim that the earth was given to all men in common and ends with the claim that men will have unequal amounts of land in the state of nature. How is this possible? Explain Locke’s theory of property and how he comes to the conclusion that land will be divided unequally in the state of nature. Do you think it is just or morally..
Civil Liberties -- politic questions answer paper(need it 03/29)
Read Chapter 14 and answer the following questions. Make sure you respond to at least TWO of your peers' responses as well (due upcoming Saturday). 1) Pick one clause or amendment in the Bill of Rights; paraphrase it for the class. Are controversies surrounding this clause or amendment? What is your informed opinion on these controversies? What should citizens..
essay question will be :Identify the key issues facing the economy and in particular the government’s development strategy—and any major conflicts or disagreements between analysts and interest groups on these questions. topic chosen ( SAUDI ARABIA) THE TOPIC MUST BE ABOUT SAUDI ARABIA All will be judged on the logical coherence, intelligence and depth..
Assignment 1: The Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court
In this essay you will explain how the structure of the federal system affects the application of the Bill of Rights, describing how the Supreme Court has used the Fourteenth Amendment to expand coverage throughout the federal system. Discuss the due-process clause and the incorporation doctrine. Your essay should be 2-3 pages in length and incorporate classroom..
Write a 350-500word response to the discussion question. This discussion is graded out of 25 and is worth 5 o
Write a 350-500 word response to the discussion question. This discussion is graded out of 25 and is worth 5 out of 20% of the final grade. Marks are allocated as follows: describing the key principles of ecologism (Max. 10). Identifying at least 2 ideologies that fit the ecologist worldview AND describing how/why the ideological fit matters (Max. 10). Using..
Intergovernmental Relations interring with services to homeless women in brooklyn, ny
Describe knowledge acquired from Intergovernmental Relations pertaining to services available to homeless. Explain that knowledge’s usefulness and why it was useful. Include appropriate quotations and references. American federal system of government, and how the division of power, authority, and functions impacts on the administrative process..
Government intervention in economic freedom and political freedom
These are the specific instructions... Consider the readings completed in our class so far, and the topics that have surfaced in our work: scientific discoveries, eugenics, government intervention in economic freedom and political freedom, dissemination of information and the balance of consumption and saving. Follow the prompt to write a coherent, thesis-driven..
Illegal Immigration and the use of Social Services.
I need to do some corrections to the exploratory draft " Illegal Immigration and the use of Social Services." THE WRITER NEEDS TO WORK WITH THE FIRST DRAFT THAT I AM ENCLOSING. NO NEW ESSAY NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN ...NEEDS TO BE EDITED Instructions and comments from professor in connection with the first draft of the Exploratory Essay are enclosed too. Corrections..
Least two analytical approaches from Block 4 and at least one case study,
HARVARD REFERENCING TMA 04 The assignment Cut-off date: 5 March 2018 Important: These pages provide guidance on how to write your assignment. Please ensure you read all of this information right through until the checklist at the end. Before you start work on this assignment, please ensure that you have read the Assessment guidance specific to this module and..
What is the existing balance of power between Congress and the President?
Instructions: The Constitution divides foreign policy powers between the President and the Congress. The President has command over the armed forces, nominates U.S. diplomats, recognizes foreign countries, negotiates and signs treaties, and has a cadre of hand-selected executive branch advisors available to provide expert opinions. Congress, on..
Politic paper(2 parts ) totally 6 pages 1st one 2.5, 2nd one 3.5 please
please use your own words to answer the questions below with undergraduate level politic class, I will attach the method to log into the online e-text book. 1st part: Please answer the question below using a balance of the book and at least THREE OUTSIDE SOURCES. These sources may include newspaper or magazine articles, books, academic journals. Please do NOT..
2 politic questions answer(need it todaym bid if you cna do it)
Please use your own words to write this assignment with undergraduate level, American Bureaucracy Read Chapter 11 in your books. The American bureaucracy is often referred to as the "fourth" branch. With all of its institutions and agencies, it can be the largest branch during any given term. 1) Bureaucracy exists at all levels of government - even the local..
What is the existing balance of power between Congress and the President?
You must type your essay or copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document into the submission box. Do not attach a file. - Essay must be at least 800 words but no more than 1000 words. - A rubric is posted to help you understand the expectations for this assignment, I strongly recommend you read the details of the rubric in the assignment link in Revel. - You must discuss..
The title of the assignment is below in the instructions
Is the term ‘fragile situations’ more appropriate than ‘fragile states’ or ‘failed states’ for understanding insecurity? You must follow the student notes and study materials given, otherwise, this paper will be unsatisfactory and you will receive feedback. I will also send this back and write a negative comment, however, if the job is satisfactory you will..
Any topic dealing with an issue currently facing our national government.
A paper must investigate a specific topic. Explain, for example, what the topic is about. What is important about this topic? Discuss it with reasonable thoroughness. Your paper must include extra-textual (i.e. NOT from the textbook) research as evidenced by your including a bibliography listing at least TWO other sources besides your textbook, which..
Political Parties: Is Continuous Campaigning Causing a Lack of Governing?
Option B: Political Parties: Is Continuous Campaigning Causing a Lack of Governing? Watch the you tube video Are the Political Parties Destroying American Politics by Bob Schieffer from the Dec. 4, 2011 CBS Face the Nation television program at Bob Schieffer raises concerns that a political party’s continuous..
Is there a general will? a critical evaluation of Rousseau’s and Schumpeter’s arguments
Is there a will of the people at all, and are there any convincing reasons for respecting it? Make a critical evaluation of Rousseau’s and Schumpeter’s arguments, what is the bottom line of their arguments. What is the defensible view of the general will according to you, why?
The government should have the right to censor the content on the internet
i need my essay(persuasive essay) to look simple and my teacher want me to convince my president. the essay need 3 reasons and a rebuttal. reason #1 protect children from disturbing website reason #2 decrease internet violence reason #3 protect social stability and national safety.
"Can Iran rise peacefully? The View from Power Transition Theory
From the view of power transition theory, Iran cannot rise peacefully. Therefore, the paper will need to have the following structure: 1)Content-thesis statement (1st sentence in these instructions) & evidence to back argument 2) Organization & structure 3) Quality of references 4) Quality of writing, including grammar, spelling & sentence mechanics..
Canadian Democracy (To what extent is Canada a democracy?)
n essay on either the state of democracy in Canada, or on the definition of politics in Module 1 that you agree with and can defend. This is a 6-8 pg, argument-based, (thesis, evidence, conclusion) paper. You need to use at least 5-6 sources and you cannot rely solely on internet sources. PLEASE HAVE THIS DONE BY FEB 10th 9PM..
Are rogue states or non-state actors a greater threat to state security through CBRN proliferation and use?
I am required to write a 3000 words essay (including footnotes, bibliography excluded from word counting) I am studying International Relations, the closest discipline I could choose was Politics. I've been previously criticised for not structuring the essay well, using unbalanced arguments and using not too many literature. Therefore, I'd like my essay..
Flower Power: The Legalization of Marijuana in the United States of America
1800-2000 word argumentative essay. Vocabulary should be advanced but it should not look like you are using good words because it does not have much content. The outline should be Intro,( hook+ thesis statement) background,( history and usage around the globe) body ( 3 arguments),( recreational use, medicinal use, subtitute) counterrarguments, rebuttals,..
Optimum size of the government and government interventions in the economy such as Social Security program. Is Social Security program good or bad?
Optimum size of the government and government interventions in the economy such as Social Security program. Is social security program good or bad? Social Security program is the largest single item in the annual federal government budget. Assume for the purpose of this assignment that we do not currently have a Social Security Act, but that the creation of..
What are the concerns regarding Immigration in America?
What are the concerns regarding immigration in America? a) Give an historical perspective on Immigration in America. Examine the conflict between the fact that the United States is a nation of immigrants and the hostility that is expressed toward each new group of immigrants who arrive here. b) Be certain to discuss the similarities and differences between..
Title of my assignment is in instructions, it is longer than 110 characters
deadline is on 15th of january, 14:00 pm UK time Topic: Pick a practice or event (war, security, terrorism, migration, development*) in international politics and critically explore what work language (discourse) and representation are doing for how, and what, we might think about it. In other words, what is discourse/representation doing in a international..
Blog - National security visa versa civil liberties
Blog / Essay in first person After finishing the assigned reading and viewing the YouTube video about national security and civil liberties after 9/11, do the blog activity, discussing what you think the proper balance should be between individual liberty and national security during times of war or crisis. Source:
Affirmative Action should continue as is (that is, with no change). Remember that women, as well as minorities, are beneficiaries of Affirmative Action as it now stands.
Use at least 3 References from the following readings: Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the United States, Chapter 6 The Intimately Oppressed (1980/2005) Sojourner Truth: “Ain’t I a Woman?” (1851/1863) Rosalind C. Barnett..
What are the greatest challenges to implementing foreign policies? How could they be overcome?
This essay is of great importance and needs to be taken with great care. This essay should provide the challenges to implementing foreign policies and properly analyse them, while including real world examples and a lot of references while using the Harvard style references.
Critically assess competing reasons why women might participate less in politics than men?
Essay must be detailed and precise. There should be the use of many different references and it should be in the harvard style format. This essay is to do with the participation of women in politics, so key real world examples should be used. This essay should be written to the highest possible level to achieve the best grade please...
The Prince, Niccólo Machiavelli, “loved or feared.” Which do you think is more important and why?
- Harvard referencing style - The book must be referred to therefore it would be the best if you have read the book - Please strictly follow the question and provide a thesis statement in the introduction In his book The Prince, Niccólo Machiavelli asks if it is better for a prince to be “loved or feared.” Which do you think is more important and why?..
Compare and contrast Plato’s and Machiavelli’s account of virtue.
Compare and contrast Plato’s and Machiavelli’s account of virtue. What are the virtues that each identifies as valuable for political life? How do these virtues contribute to the health of the state? In what ways do their accounts of virtue depart from one another, and what do they tell us about how each of them approaches political life? Your answer should be..
What interests, if any, do you believe the government (on all levels)—should have in promoting marriage? Why?
Compose a brief essay of at least 550 words (not including your references list) on the following topic, referring to and critiquing relevant ideas from at least three of the Week 6 readings as you develop your thoughts: Census figures that present evidence on these topics: • Births to unmarried women by country • Marriage and divorce rates by country • Single..
Political Injustice- Thomas Rawls, Martha Nussbaum, et. al
John Rawls, Martha Nussbaum, Judith Shklar, and Bernard Yack each present a different theory of what justice requires, and what we should consider when trying to address questions of injustice. Using at least three of the assigned readings on justice, explain what INJUSTICE is. How do the texts you’ve chosen inform how injustice should be addressed? All essays..
Appointment Process for U.S Supreme Court justices
"Write an essay that examines the appointment process for US Supreme Court justices. Be sure to include the roles of the President and the White House, the Congress, and Interest Groups." Need it done in 6 hrs
What moral guide should American society use for making moral decisions, moral absolutism, moral relativism, or something in between? Make an argument for your stance.
What moral guide should American society use for making moral decisions, moral absolutism, moral relativism, or something in between? Make an argument for your stance. Note 1: No matter what stance you take, it is recommended that you make one of your three chosen readings the essay by Ruth Benedict, as her essay has been hugely influential in the social sciences..
Final exam online International organizations class
Please read and follow these instructions carefully: Answer two (2) of the following questions. Clearly indicate, by number, which questions you answer. Answers must be typed (12-point font) and double-spaced, and should not exceed 5 pages for each question (this limit will be rigidly enforced). Each question requires you to think critically about aspects..
The role of the working class in Karl Marx’s theory of revolution
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto both as a polemical critique of capitalism and as a propagandistic tool to rally the working class to political action. In their theory and method of historical materialism, the working class is the central political agent, so much so, that the working class is described as a “universal class.” Explain..
Critical Response: Implementation of Judicial Decisions: An Organizational Analysis 1976 by Lawrence Baum
2 pages long and double-spaced the response paper is to be able to critique scholarly work. Provide a very brief synthesis of the reading and then discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and contributions of the reading.
Accomplish the political, economic and ethical objective of the US. Soft power, hard power by Joseph Nye
what is the best way accomplish the political, economic and ethical objective of the US ? Does "soft power" as proposed by Joseph Nye offer a better alternative than traditional idea of "hard power?" Why or why not... need to make a essay 2 pages with details and completing the question requirement above:..
The Relationship Between Politics and Administration
My assignment is a one page paper written for a discussion board for one of my classes. It is just one page but needs to adequately cover what the teacher has instructed in the assignment along with a apa format bibliography page. The Case Study the professor refers to should be able to be found online. It is called “Reinventing School Lunch: Transforming a Food Policy..
Presidentialism and Multiparty system: Democratic Stability?
This is the question that needs to be answered in the essay: Explain why the combination of presidentialism and a multiparty system could be a problem for democratic stability. In your answer make sure to discuss the "problems" of presidential systems, as well as the polarization and institutionalization of party systems. Provide examples from specific countries..
Faith groups and institutions should not be allowed to form political parties and they should not attempt to gain influence in the workings of government for their views and values by entering the realm of political discourse and attempting to elect their
Since its 1947 decision in Everson v. Board of Education (with an opinion written by Justice Hugo Black), the Supreme Court has further considered and limited the active role that religion or religious institutions can play in the public sphere—that is, on government property. In your essay, present an argument for the following positions: Faith groups and..
Identify and summarise the key features of either power or sovereignty as a political concept.
Part 1: Essay Identify and summarise the key features of either power or sovereignty as a political concept. Word limit: 1200 words Part 2: Reflection Write 50 words setting out one thing that you find rewarding and one thing that you find challenging about engaging with political concepts. Word limit: 50 words..
Conflict between the rights of the Executive branch of the government (to classify its documents on the basis of what it considered “national security”) and the right of the press to inform the citizens of the country of vital information about the co
In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg was an economist employed by the RAND (Research and Development) Corporation, which provided the United States government with analysis in various areas, including defense. As part of his work for RAND, Ellsberg had access to classified United States government documents about the conduct of the Vietnam War. The documents showed..
The implications on US Foreign Policy of Using Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Against Terrorism Suspects
The paper topic must address whether the US should or should not use enhanced interrogation techniques (torture) against suspected terrorists and the implications it would have on US foreign policy. Must use no less than 4 peer-reviewed scholarly sources, and one page of the paper must be a literary analysis in which you write about the sources and what others..
Discuss the process of political socialization. Relate political socialization to the stability of pu
Discuss the process of political socialization. Relate political socialization to the stability of public opinion. Answer the following: What role do you think the Internet will play in political socialization? In what way do you think the Internet will influence stability of public opinion? Consider why you hold the political beliefs that you do and who..
Discuss what you see as the future role of non-govermental agencies in international diplomacy.?
I need citations include title page and number of each page with the first page of the text numbered 1. Include da works Cited page, and not a bibliography or reference page. Only include works actually cited in the body of the essay. It must be 10 pages excluding the works cited page. I need it to be ready on the 20th of June, 2016...
Why do so many groups and individuals oppose globalization?
it should be eight double spaced pages and i need bibliography minimum five sources that should be refrenced as either endnotes or footnotes. essay should be based on five cretria 1( presentation of argument) 2 (organization of essay) 3 (quality of research) 4 (sentence structure and clarity) 5( format and referencing)...
Can democratic rule in early twenty-first century America still be justified?
Must be APA format, plagiarism free. Professor wants top notch research with contentions and specific format of introduction and conclusions, which I'll provide. Need someone with background in writing political science papers and passionate about the topic. Will also provide reading that should be included. Peer reviewed, scholarly sources only...
Main challenges to achieving justice in American society today
What are the main challenges to achieving justice in American society today and how does American government allow the country to address those challenges better than either the Platonic (Plato) and/or Aristotelian (Aristotle) forms of government would?
Ancient political thought DUE DATE= NOVERMBER 11 10:00PM
Essay_ Section 2, Plato Exam Due Saturday November 11 on Tracs Use citation properly Original Prompt: 1. Interpret the blueprint from heaven offered by the myth of Ur. What does this mean for our education in the regime, both in terms of fortune and in terms of virtue? What does this mean we must learn how to do in life? Use deductive and inductive reason, carrying..
Some commentators have talked about the emergence of an “Imperial Presidency.”
FULL QUESTION : 7.Some commentators have talked about the emergence of an “Imperial Presidency.” What do they mean be this, and is it a useful concept for thinking about contemporary Presidential power in the age of Trump? Harvard referencing 5 sources and please use the sources below
Why is it important to study African Politics and Society?
An essay about why it is important to study african politics and society. 7 pages including cover and bibliography. 1.5 spacing, 12 font, times new roman. APA format, at least 5 scholarly sources that are accessible online
Quelling insurgency in somalia requires military, political, and judicial operations
Essay to argue that, in Somalia when it comes to fighting against insurgency, military responds alone does not work, for Somalia to win the war against insurgency, it needs military, political, and judicial operations, as stated in the quote “Whatever the shorthand, the point was that winning this kind of war involved more than just fighting. It required military,..
Forum: Administrative Communication: The Concept of Its Professional Centrality
I just need a quick answer for my discussion forum one page with reference of course answering this question. I need it by tomorrow. What does the case study tell us especially about the communications between governmental jurisdictions, as well as between the media and public agencies today? Are there any enduring lessons for public administrators?..
Should the incarcerated be able to vote in elections?
It is an op-ed, so it isnt extremely formal. It should be formal, and opinionated, so using ″I″ is acceptable. it should be 5 paragraphs with 2 points supporting each major argument. no repetition please :)
Is the international system a system governed primarily by anarchy or primarily by law and cooperation?
essay must answer the question and must be a maximum of 750 words.use only the book "The Globalization of world politics: an introduction to international relations; seventh edition" by john baylis, steve smith, and patricia owens, published by oxford university press
To what extent has the traditional role of the diplomat been challenged in the period since 1945?
definition of traditional role of a diplomat 200 words the postwar creation of IMF and World Bank 500 words soft power & interdependence 600 words track two diplomacy 600 words public diplomacy 700 words conclude with the challenges posed by elements mentioned above and the contemporary role of a diplomat 400 words..
Compare and contrast the treatment of rhetoric in the political thought of Plato and Aristotle
FULL QUESTION : Compare and contrast the treatment of rhetoric in the political thought of Plato and Aristotle. Which view do you find more compelling ? [[ Please try to include the attached readings ]] Harvard referencing 10 references
Where is politics done? Reflect on the ways in which you might consider yourself a political actor.
This is a two-part assignment. For each part you are required to write no more than 500 words. Part 1 Where is politics done? Word limit: 500 words (50% of the mark for this assignment) Part 2 Reflect on the ways in which you might consider yourself a political actor. Word limit: 500 words I have attached the instructions, such as the student notes and the guidance..
Essentially Contestable Concepts in Political Science
Hello! Pick one of the three following choices below: 1. In what ways is leadership an essentially contestable concept? Use examples of political issues and events to illustrate your points. 2. What is Stone’s conception of leadership and how does it build on Burn’s conceptualization. Use examples of political issues and events to illustrate your points...
How effective is the UN in dealing with security challenges in the 21st century?
The essay is at Masters level and need to be no more that 4000 words (including footnotes but not bibliography). It need to argue that the UN is struggling to keep up with the pace of change in modern security threats and quote the big names of international relations such as Barry Buzan etc. It will need to use the Chicago referencing system. If the paper is good, i..
Why are so many schools and neighborhoods segregated in this country
despite laws meant to desegregate, why are so many schools and neighborhoods segregated in this country? Simply answering "racism" is not enough. Think about the mechanisms and structures in place that enforce de facto segregation.
Executive Orders, A Transgender Ban, and Separation of Powers
* 1 page for Government essay with minimum 270 words. * 1 page for Psychology with the minimum is 7 Sentences (just answer the question) - the instructions are in the "Attach File" and you can find more relative information on the Internet
The concept of Culture and its relation with the peacekeeping missions
* This chapter is about the general definition of the concept of culture, and the relationship between culture and the peacekeeping mission: this relation has to cover these areas: 1. The relationships between peacekeepers who are coming from different cultures, races, ethnicities and religions. 2. These relations should be studied in terms of the following..
What experiences and lessons from the ASEAN Way, if any, could be applied...
1. Full question: Today, relations between the countries of Northeast Asia (the Koreas, Japan, PRC) exhibit similar characteristics of dispute and distrust as once existed in Southeast Asia. In your opinion, what experiences and lessons from the ASEAN Way, if any, could be applied to improve the modern situation in Northeast Asia? 2. I do not want you to get..
American Politics - executive power of the president (persuasive/argument)
Hello. I need an essay for my Intro to American Politics class. The instructions for the essay are attached to this. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WILL BE WRITING ABOUT, I URGE YOU TO NOW READ THE ATTACHED INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS ESSAY THOROUGHLY BEFORE CONTINUING ANY FURTHER. First off, I have uploaded all relevant files for this task here in this Google Drive folder:..
Is the United States facing a constitutional crisis?
In addition to information available in the textbook and supplemental videos, you are to find and use any legitimate information source to obtain information about making American government more responsive to the issue demands the country faces today (use keywords to search). Though you will consult and list your sources, you must not quote or paraphrase..
Is the United States facing a constitutional crisis? * This is the link of my book. Required Reading Chapter 1: American Government and Civic Engagement (7-34) Chapter 2: The Constitution and Its Origins (35-68) Chapter 3: American Federalism (69-106) Chapter 6: The Politics of Public Opinion (199-240) Chapter 8: The..
Explore the rise (and fall?) of the Washington Consensus in Latin America.
Select one of the following topics and write an essay of approximately five pages, typed and double-spaced. Please create a heading or cover sheet making clear which question number you have selected. A hardcopy is due in class May 5, 2016. In addition, you must submit your paper electronically to for plagiarism detection. I will provide instructions...
Outline undestanding of the Australian liberal democratic system
1500 words on a. Outline understanding of the Australian liberal democratic system b. Discuss how this system enhances/limits the well-being of its citizens Please note deadline for me to receive it is 24hours from now. I would truly appreciate your efforts on this. If it cannot be completed within 24 hours then send what you have done..
INGOs' transnational policy influence representative?
Select one of the solutions posed in this week's reading for making In your essay, describe briefly the proposed solution and the problem it addresses. Then, with reference to readings from the first half of the course, explain why or why not you think this solution will be effective in addressing the specified problem. All sources must be cited using Chicago..
Why did USA and its Allies invade Afghanistan in 2001? And why do they stay until now?
this essay was written by a writer, but with weak and unsupported evidence, most of the evidence are not supporting the argument , so i need a professional writer do correct it. if you are really able to put strong evidence please let me know. otherwise it can be refunded. has got an F+ with 37 comments , according to the comments i need complete correction, there are..
A Comparison of The Federalist and Non- Federalist Papers
NEED THIS IN 12 HOURS! In this essay, take the side of either the Federalists or the Anti-Federalists. You will argue either, “I believe the Anti-Federalist system of government will better prevent tyranny because…” or “I believe the Federalist system of government will better prevent tyranny because…” In the essay, be sure to argue why you think your argument..
Political Science: The Constitution and Healthcare
Political Science Which provisions in the Constitution give the federal government power to create, regulate, and mandate healthcare policies and according to whom? **Provide a news article or a congressional bill from the last four weeks to illustrate government actions in the policy area.
International Relations: Parallels between the Oil and Food Industries
Question for Essay #4 Science, Technology and the Environment: We examined the oil industry to explore a variety of International relations issues including the environment, national decisions (to protect and defend oil reserves), international relations and non-governmental organizations. Can we draw useful parallels between the food industry and..
In which way does the creation of the European Union differ from the unification of states?
FULL QUESTION In which way does the creation of the European Union (from 1957 onwards) differ from the unification of states (such as Germany or Italy)? Identify the main ideologies and political actors driving the creation of the European Union as well as the methods which were used to create this polity More than 6 scholar articles Harvard referencing Due in..
Reflect on the differences between a normative and empirical theory
PLEASE FINISH THE ESSAY PART BY FRIDAY OF JUNE 9 FOR WORK CITED, ONE OF IT SHOULD FROM THE TEXTBOOK: Struggle for Democracy, The, 2014 Elections and Updates Edition, Books a la Carte ... Book by Benjamin Page and Edward S. Greenberg~
Evaluating American Political System to which it's Democratic
-Needs to have reference page at the end of the essay in APA style -Times New Roman font -12 point font -1inch margins all around -page numbers in top right-hand corner Also, I need ALL these questions answered: Does the definition of Democracy (a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting) accurately capture everything about the meaning of democracy?..
Strong Unions are necessary to protect wages and working conditions of employees
Essay: Investigation of Argument. Proposition: Strong Unions are necessary to protect the wages and working conditions of employees (from an Australian point of view). Part One: Investigate the credibility of the proposition (aim is to find out how true the proposition is). This section is to be 1000 - 1500 words. Requires 12-15 credible references from 6-10..
Editing only 170 words and Write the SHORT opposing opinion (100-120 words) in 1 hour and half.
***NEED THIS IN 1 Hour and half THIS IS VERY SHORT !!! This is about brexit . I wrote in terms of safety issues after Brexit in UK (regarding Terrorism) I want you to do that editing what i wrote (ONLY 170 WORDS) and add the opposite opinion. ( I only wrote the advocates of Brexit. You should write the opposite one. ONLY 100-120 words with references) I need this in 1 hour..
Identify a current issue being debated about American national security
300-500 word essay using current new articles pertaining to anything being debated about American National Security. Must use current, reputable on-line articles/sources and textbook readings ch 15 attached. Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution. Incorporation of concepts and terms from the required readings. With reference..
North Korea's Foreign Policy Leverages in the Asia-Pacific: key dilemmas in dealing with North Korea
Format • 1500 words ±10% (excluding references and bibliography) • In-text citations and Bibliography (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, etc.) • 1.5 spacing with 11-point font-size • Footnotes, endnotes, bibliography
In what ways has the arab spring impacted the islamist movemnts in the middle east
analyse how islamist movements became major players in the middle east after the arab spring include the causes, goals and methods of the Arab revolutions.. focus on tensions in eygpt, tunisia, libya and syria (political parties, unrest and conflicts in middle east).. (Muslim brotherhood) include the role of the west.. answer the question from a development..
How have European welfare states responded to the challenges posed by globalisation?
The assignment is on welfare state. How have European welfare states responded to the challenges posed by globalisation? the first draft is done but do not feel strongly about it. it needs more concrete argument on the readings. 2k words has already been written but it needs more concrete answer from the readings...
To what extent did ICTs impact on the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum
I am in third year and I need a high marks on this essay, and the most important thing is the structure. make sure the essay is organised well. and please keep looking at the question when answering it and don't go out from the topic because its happen a lot, and my teacher have warn me about the references so make sure to use academic sources. i will upload an essay i have..
To what extent does the failed state thesis explain the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran
I am a third year student and I need to get high mark on this essay and the most important thing is the structure also i will upload some files that's need to be included in the references and use some useful information from them as the papers are from the teacher so they are important to use I need the writer to answer these questions by including them in the essay.Key..
Is an emancipatory struggle needed against neo-colonialism? (synthetic essay)
PLEASE READ DOCUMENT PROVIDED it will have all the instructions. The essay is not a regular one but a synthetic one, infortmation on what that is included in documents.1500 words (excluding bibliography), TURNITIN REPORT is needed. Harvard APA referencing.
How have European welfare states responded to the challenges posed by globalisation?
This assignment is a welfare state module. So the answer is around welfare state in Europe. 2k words I will attach the readings for the assignment to the writer, and guidance towards answering the question. It is an academic assignment only academic resources.
Describe the constitutional organization of the state for three countries
I need an undergraduate level essay of min 600 words on the following question: Describe the constitutional organization of the state (three branches of government) in three countries of your choice among the following list. In your answer, use your own words instead of copying from the book or any other resources. USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Russia. Mexico..
A Brief History and Institutions of the European Union’.
I need and undergraduate level essay of min 600 words with the following question(please refer to the link provided) Suppose that you will give a lecture titled ‘A Brief History and Institutions of the European Union’. Write you lecture as an essay by using the following list as the outline. - the European Union I. The Integration of the Europe: From ECSC to EU:..
Are Human Rights Universal, Or a Reflection of Western Interest
PAPER NEEDS EDITING AND PARAPHRASING GRAMMAR Basic Universal Human Rights are universal, however the argument that a reflection of equality where all individuals are subjected and are entitled to equal treatments disregarding of one's ethnic background or race . Human rights are universal and are subject to be applied to all persons around the globe without..
Please explain the difference between presidentialism and parliamentarism.
I need an undergraduate level essay of 600 words answering the following question: Please explain the difference between presidentialism and parliamentarism in terms of the relation between the legislative and the executive? In your answer, use the following article, which can be reached from the link below. Juan Linz, “The Perils of Presidentialism”...
External policies of the EU in non proliferation of WMD
Focus not on history part of the policies, but on the external activities, actions and policies of the EU in non proliferation of WMD. Describe the most important policy, why it has more power than the rest or previous. My conclusion is that EU external policies are ineffective, yes they contributed to some changes in neighborhood and other countries, but generally..
President Trump’s policies on Immigration AND the roll back of the Affordable Care Health Plan (ie Obamacare)
15 articles with their resources ( it does not have to be in any type of writing *just their links* ). Also, 15 short summaries of each of those articles, and 2-3 pages reflective essay. The essay is about the topic that's written in title of the assignment consider the articles. I hope that is a good clarification!..
What makes one turn against and war and into anti-war activism? Do ideologies and/or identities matter?
Essay Question What makes one turn against and war and into anti-war activism? Do ideologies and/or identities matter? Reading list below Topic 11 – Anti-war activism (EM) Every time there has been the threat of a war in the last hundred years, there has been an anti-war movement opposing it. Considering the violent record of the 20th century, it is difficult..
Step 1: Choose Your Case Choose a case that has either been decided or will be decided this term: You can go to OYEZ.ORG 2014 cases for a list of current cases. If you decide to research some of the cases that have gotten a lot of press recently, you are welcome to choose one of these to research: City of Los Angeles v. Patel (Links to an external site.) King v. Burwell (Links..
Who represents me?
This is a type of assignment where I should write about the issues of my U.S House member’s and compare their issues with other democrat U.S. house representative in Texas.
Review about a news
Write a review about a news. It has to be TWO PARAGRAPHS and single space. There is a example that I did before.
'To what extent can the so-called 'Obamacare' legislation in the United States
the question is. 'To what extent can the so-called 'Obamacare' legislation in the United States be described as an exercise in liberal political thought?' Looking at so-called Obama care legislation and applying philosopher Rawls , theory of justice as fairness to Obama care. at the end using philosopher, Nozick to critically argue . 2k words essay, I will..
Is a science of politics possible?
Summarise and evaluate the argument in the following online article: 'Is a Science of Politics Possible?' - James Skillen Your evaluation should draw on at least four chapters from the text book "Theory and Methods in Political Science", third edition, edited by Marsh and Stoker. Article available at:
Federal Right to privacy
Each student shall submit a 500- 600 word essay that addresses the following fundamental question before former and future United States Supreme Courts: Is there a federal right to privacy according to the original intentions of the Founding Fathers? To answer this question, each student should first watch the video about Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. If..
The United Nations has largely failed to address global challenges.
The United Nations has largely failed to address global challenges. Critically discuss this statement drawing on the experience of at least two specialised UN agencies
Briefing Note
Assignment: Briefing Note Country Based: Melbourne, Australia Topic/Title/issue:  (choose 1) "Wages for childcare workers" or  "Childcare center turning Non-vaccination children" if choose "wages of childcare worker" the heading will be  “Briefing Note for Minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos” The need for a wages increase for Childcare..
-write a one (1) page memo "Briefing Note" on a current public policy issue "HEALTHCARE". -Follow with a (3) page "Policy Memo" directed to an elected official on the issue reported in the briefing note (Healthcare) using theories from independent research to frame the argument.
To what extent is the united states hegemonic position in the global political economy in decline?
Compare John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx on strategies of political resistance.
The essay must be structured as an argument to support a particular interpretation of the chosen author and text, and to support this argument direct reference to the relevant text through direct quotes or chapter and page number are necessary. Although this essay is not considered an extensive research essay, you are required to include discussion of at least..
I need 4 Journal for a total each journal for an essay and there are the require. Those essay does not require outside sources thx a lot. NO Class name, professor names or class sections or date on the journal. Only student name. Journal5 Please view the links and write a one-page journal based on the question, no outside source required. Link:
SLO paper
I need 3 pages of words and if possible, can I get a cited page on a 4th page of no charge? I do not have a lot to spend and I cannot go above my price that I put in.
President Obama’s speech after the killing of Osama Bin Laden
Hey everyone It is a non fiction essay on 900 words. you have to make introduction and conclusion. it has to be on high school level in Denmark, so nothing high level language. i will send you the speech you have to make it from. it has to be about 900-1000 words. i have to be done in about 6-7 hours..
Rhetorical Analysis
Analysis should include discussion of the following elements of the speech: 1. The speech situation—when and why the speech was given. Why was it necessary to give the speech at that time? 2. The actual audience or audiences for the speech. Who were they and what were their characteristics, as far as you can tell? 3. The nature of the audiences as they are indicated..
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