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To what extent does Shostakovich draw on musical tradition in his chamber music?
To what extent does Shostakovich draw on musical tradition in his chamber music? Your answer must be supported by a discussion of two or three appropriate pieces of chamber music by Shostakovich that you have studied in the module materials (please see attached file). GUIDANCE NOTE This question is aimed at the learning outcome for Music and develops skills..
Beethoven's Celebration of Life and Joy in His Symphony No. 9
In preparation to write your essay, you must watch the documentary and also watch and listen to the youtube examples provided in this lesson's page. Please click on the youtube links below to watch the Discovery History Documentary and the youtube performances of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. The examples belong in the last movement of this composition and feature..
How did Charlie Parker change the direction of jazz from a musical standpoint
How did Charlie Parker change the direction of jazz from a musical standpoint? A few them did this more than once in their careers. Also, look for ways that he may have influenced society at large – music business, politics, religion, the aesthetics of music and art in general, social issues, civil rights, etc. Based on your research, how would you advise young..
Music as teacher tool:Effectively integrating music in the elemary classroom
MLA Format one inch at the top and bottom and on both sides of the text double space the entire research paper, including quotations,notes and work cited list indent the first line of a paragraph half inch from the left margin, indent set off quotations half an inch as well
Lesson 10 Writing Assignment - Choose three 20th century selections and compare (includes listening)
Writing Assignment Listening Selections Wozzeck, Excerpt from Act III by Alban Berg (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Ritual Melodies by Jonathan Harvey (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Sextet by Steve Reich (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. General William Booth Enters Into Heaven by Charles..
music and society a two page essay on the big picture
music and society a two page essay on the big does music reinforce cultural, social and political event.? think like anthropologist here: imagine that you analyzing our society 500 years from now. how would you describe daily life and how is music used to accompany it birt death.sporingeven..
Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 Narrative DUE BY MIDNIGHT
ASSIGNMENT: To see this symphony as a “soundtrack” to a movie. Submit a narrative (minimum of 300 words, although don't be afraid to go longer) describing an original story that you hear being told within your chosen movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. Your narrative must cover the ENTIRE movement. Create your story based on images you “see” as you listen..
Be serious: Need music major and deadline is 12-18 hours Choose one topic from Attached three topics
I have my own writer group but this one need music major and we do have 12-18 hours Pages: 8 pages ( main body around 2300 words ) Format: Harvard system reference Deadline: 12-18 hours Requirements :see attachment ( 3 documents| you are recommended to choose the first topic from ‘ Three Topic ‘ and discuss changing perceptions in the performance of Chopin’s piano..
Trace the development of music history from the Medieval to the Baroque Eras or
Trace the development of music history from the Medieval to the Baroque Eras or Classical to Post-Modern , inclusive. Be sure to give a clear and complete picture of each style period and clearly illustrate the causes of music’s evolution. A complete answer will thoroughly summarize each style period, and will clearly show how and why it evolved into the subsequent..
The Life Of Classical Composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
Use my own outline to finish the final version. The Research Paper Six Double-Spaced Content Pages Minimum MLA Format In-Text Citations MLA Format Works Cited Page An Annotated Bibliography Page Due on Friday November 10, 2017
If you organizing a tour, What music business practices would need to be in place to ensure positive outcome?
Answer the following question: If you were organizing a tour, what music business practices would need to be in place to ensure a positive outcome? This assignment relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
LO1: Analyze industry practices in order to discover new knowledge concerning the music business. LO2: Interpret and evaluate various music business..
Comparative analysis essay of any three versions of the song “Hallelujah”
***URGENT - THIS NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED IN TWO HOURS OR LESS*** Write a comparative analysis essay of any three versions of “Hallelujah,” using Greg Blair’s comparative analysis of “Stormy Weather” covers as a model. It should be formatted and documented in MLA Style. Your essay will likely be about 4 pages long (including your works cited page)...
What is MIDI and what is its value to musicians/composers?
RESEARCH ESSAY Your second writing assignment is an essay, to be written in formal style, on a topic chosen from a list provided by the instructor. Keep in mind that an objective paper does not utilize first person statements. The essay should demonstrate your ability to research and consolidate material. You are required to consult a minimum of three sources,..
Composer Comparison (Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Liszt)
Write a short essay comparing the works of Johann Sebastian Bach from the early 1700’s and Franz Liszt from the 1800’s. Explain how the two composers were similar and how they were different. I need this essay done by today June 11, 2017
Jazz music as in instrument of global diplomacy between 1949-1971
Jazz has been an instrument of global diplomacy almost since its inception, sending artists to distant lands, who in turn share their “inherently democratic” vernacular music with the world. In this comprehensive exam response, please discuss the use of jazz as an instrument of global diplomacy during the years 1949 – 1971. Be sure to cite specific ensembles..
Music History- Baroque Era first and second practice
Why is Palestrina’s music representative of the first practice, and most of Monteverdi’s music representative of the second practice? Things to cover: Describe Palestrina’s style using the motet “Dum complerentur.” Discuss the debate between Artusi (works for the church) over the madrigal, "Cruda Amarilli” by Monteverdi. Consider Artusi’s background;..
The Disco Sound (You can change the title if you want)
*** TEACHER NOTE *** So, your final paper should be at least 800 words (anything shorter will be marked down). It should be an analysis of ONE SONG, any song you like from any of the musical traditions we've studied. Don't tell me the encyclopedia facts about the song, but give me an ANALYSIS of the musical and cultural elements of the song. Tell me why the song taps..
Bruce Springsteen analyzing The Rising as a cultural response to 9/11
You are to analyze songs from the album The Rising as a response to 9/11. Do not narrate 9/11. Rather, pick a theme from the album and explore it. There are many here. Some familiar-- faith, hope, salvation== some less so-- revenge, loss. Read the piece by AO Scott, Poet Laureate of 9/11. Feel free as well to do additional research in online sources, but do not neglect..
A Reader Response essay
Choose an article from a reputable source (New York Times, National Geographic, Washington Post, TIME, etc. Please follow guidelines for a Readers Response Essay - 1.Discuss why you chose this topic about the subject. 2.Consider your general thoughts and feelings about the subject and why you have those thoughts and feelings. 3.More specifically identify..
swing era
1500 word essay analysis should include dates prominent innovators band leaders and sidemen as well and stylistic attributes as significant songs cultural relevance and significance that define that era 1000 to 1500 words not including bibliography
rock and roll1
Like the great classical composers Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, there are a few supreme rock and roll artists who will be remembered 200, 300, and even more years from now. It is generally acknowledged that Elvis and The Beatles will be at the top of that list...Elvis, because he was simply the one who started it all (along with his stellar talent) and The Beatles..
Concert critique
At least 800 words, 12-font times new roman, double space, and photo of the concert ticket or brochure only. Concert being critique has to have taken place within the past 2 months.
Music Analysis Paper
Analysis paper: (1200-1500 words) Choose a set of 4-6 songs, possibly from the same album (this is not a requirement), that you feel explore a key theme from the first 7 weeks of course material. This could be gender, sexuality, stardom, fandom, race, or something else covered by the readings. Discuss these songs' musical and lyrical content, reflecting on how..
Bruce Springsteen critical essay
A critical essay (5-7 pp.) in which you choose a theme (musical, lyrical, thematic) and discuss how Springsteen’s vision changes over the trilogy that is BTR, Darkness, and the River.
Mediators and the Process of Music
Consider how the process of creating and distributing music involves systems of both people and technologies. In each case, people and technology may “mediate” the musical process in a way not intended by the musician/composer/performer. For your final assignment, you will argue how technology, a person, or another mediating actor affects the process of..
Music Composer Bio
After reading the text pages for the unit "New Ways of Making Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries" found in your syllabus, listen to the examples posted on your textbook site. Then, go to one of the sites below and choose one example of new music. Look up the composer of the selection to which you listen. Write a one page report including a brief composer bio, name of..
Film Observation
A) Instructions for the Film Observations In a page or two (minimum 500 words), tell me what you got out of the film and how it connects with the class. I have intentionally left the format open-ended so that you can approach it in your own way. However, if you're having a hard time knowing what to say, I've included for some films some questions to focus on. You might..
Music Essay/Rearch paper
Requirments: -1,500 word minimum -Include a bibliography of at least four sources, not including the textbook. At least two sources must be from books or journal articles (including jazz magazines like DownBeat or JazzTimes). Web sources must be from official artist sites, reputable news sites, or record labels. Wikipedia and are not acceptable..
music essay (jazz)
Choose a well known jazz composition to research and compare three recordings by three different jazz artists. Compare the melodic interpretations, rhythmic grooves, styles, arrangements, moods, forms, and/or styles of improvisation of the three recordings. Also briefly discuss the origin of the composition. >> At least two sources must be from books..
apa paper about 'Praise dance" i will convert this paper into a presentation for my class. please use information off this site
This essay will argue either that the ideas and values in the song are good for us, as individual s and as a culture, or bad for us. The thesis has to make your opinion on this matter clear, and every body paragraph has to support your opinion. The essay has to do one or the other, not both. In this essay, the "specifics"-the support for the thesis-are quotations from..
western classical music
I want 3 pages and half, you must able to finish it in 8 hrs from now. if you cant plz do not inbox me. .Two pieces of western classical music and compare and contrast, talk about the title of it, the composer, name, title, era and salient features. the importance of it and the characteristics. use some those vocabulary words from the attachment...
Western classical music
.I want 3 pages and half and must able to finish in 8 hours from now otherwise don't bother inbox me plz and thanks. Two pieces of western classical music and compare and contrast, talk about the title of it, the composer, name, title, era and salient features. the importance of it and the characteristics. also use some those vocabularies in the attachment More detail..
Essay/Research paper - Stevie Nicks
Research paper on Stevie Nicks: Explore her career in detail, learning about obstacles she has overcome, and the music she as created. How has she shaped the musical landscape in which she works? Detailed instructions are attached for this paper. I have also reattached the annotated biography that you prepared for me previously which includes the necessary..
(200-300 words) Music Research
Go to the link, Music Awards List in the Music section of our class. Look through the list and find 2 or more musical videos and music sales you like. Write a short essay on 1) why you like these 2) what message (social, cultural, political) is the artist making through the music you select?
Comparative analysis
This paper is to demonstrate the ability to effectively discern basis elements of music and compare the handling of these elements in the works of different composers. Pick 2 works by different composers from the baroque through modern eras (do not use early era). Compare and contrast outstanding features in the music. Draw conclusions about the quality of..
Cucho Valdez concert
Writing Your Critique Your paper should be three full pages in length (approximately 280 words per page), double-spaced, written in 12 pt font, and must conform to MLA guidelines. Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs Consider your paper a reaction paper that chronicles the history of your attendance from an experiential standpoint. You can include information..
Your Favorite Recording
Your Favorite Recording – Listening Guide For this assignment, select a song that around 5 minutes long that you have listened to often. This song can be any genre, as long as it is one that is familiar to you. Do not pick a song discussed in your textbook. See the textbook for an idea of what your listening guides might look like, but your guide does not need to conform..
Ragtime song (You can change the title)
Read Chapter 6 of the book for this coming week and pick one song that is relevant to Ragtime (it can be a contemporary song that somehow has ragtimes elements, or an older song). Write a short, 400-600 page essay explaining why the song is 'ragtime' and what that means..... Paper is due by class time this week.... THIS ESSAY IS DUE 12PM ON FEBURARY 16 !!..
The Marriage of Figaro (1784)
2. The play The Marriage of Figaro (1784), which ridiculed the privileges of the aristocracy and set a common servant above his master, was banned throughout France and Austria. It has been considered an early indicator of the French Revolution. Certainly authorities of the eighteenth century felt justified in their banning of the work. Please discuss your..
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