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The Role of Transmedia Storytelling in building fandom and its impact on generating revenue for celebrities
Academic Writing 2400 words 15 references (5 from websites and 10 from journal articles, newspaper,etc.) Structure essay: intro, background, body, discussion (analysis), conclusion, references. Maximum 5-7% plagiarism. Harvard style referencing.
Exploring a specific new media technology/platform/practice
Students are required to submit a 2000 word essay on a topic of their choosing exploring a specific new media technology/platform/practice. Students should select a new media technology/platform/practice and construct an academic argument around it. It needs to be a specific argument, that tells the reader something about the relationship between this..
social media has damaged our ability to engage in meaningful conversation with people whose opinions
Whichever argument you choose to make, your essay must be organized around a thesis that makes your claim about this issue clear; as well, your essay must use both textual and visual evidence to argue its point. Utilize Toulmin's method of argumentation-claim, evidence, warrant-in both the individual body paragraphs and the paper as a whole, and explain how..
Annotated Bibliography for Articles relate to Media
Please find total of 7 articles relates to Social Media Impacts on health issues of Adolescents/ Children. Then do a annotated bibilography with APA format style. For each articles, write 3 sentences of evidences that you can use for your research . It could be direct quotes or paraphrases , not the summary of the whole article...
Is the media affecting the body image/self esteem of the younger generation?
Inspiration for this essay: ---------------------------------------------- Introduction (2 references), 3 arguments for (media betrays reality, distorted body image, ...) (3 references) 3 arguments against (Healthy lifestyle, Advertising/Companies, ...) (3 references), conclusion..
The historical relationship between media technologies and major themes of the course
* The historical relationship between media technologies and major themes of the course. How a media technology of your choice relates to major themes. * Select and discuss at least one media technology covered in this course * Provide at least two historical examples either from lecture or course readings * Media Technologies : 1. Writing (illuminated manuscripts,..
Are journalists the gatekeepers of collective memory?
Essay Question: Are journalists the gatekeepers of collective memory? Please Use Harvard referencing. Key outline is to connect collective memory and journalism together to answer the question. Use academic quotes and journals. discuss the impact journalism has on memory of the people. Examples of how news stories can convey a certain memory through being..
Sexual harassment and assault against women in Media Today
This version of your article will be well researched, well written, and will include at least three citations in MLA format. This issue of the Journal will have the theme, "Race & Gender in 2018 America," and is inspired by the current state of race relations and gender roles in our country today. We have all seen Donald Trump make race, nationality, and gender issues..
Discuss the role of persuasion (Logos, Pathos, Ethos) in Benetton Ad with David Kirby
Benetton is well known for its ads. David Kirby was an HIV/AIDS activist. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, and it is a means of convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader. Pathos is an appeal to emotion, and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response. Logos is an appeal to logic, and is a way of persuading..
DUE at 10 pst The social network / Facebook success.
answer the 3 questions in 2 pages, it will be included in my previous paper attached. Ideas in your essay that you could use for a rewrite would be 1) the passion Zuckerberg has. Like this idea and others, you will need to show how the film establishes or depicts it. In other words, what does Mark do or say in the film that evidences his passion? 2) You could also discuss..
Reality Tv show"Big brother" : social, cultural &political impacts in the global context.
Argument: I would like to argue one of the politicals value: Preparing people mind to advanced technologies to maintain power and control people. How to approach: Discuss one of the political values in details. The critical essay requires to demonstrate disciplinary-specific literacy in global media and communication. it is expected to develop an argument..
analysis of how Jewish has been portrayed in pop culture over the decades
Your final paper will be a 5-7 page analysis of how a specific cultural group of your choice has been portrayed in pop culture over the decades. Choose any culture or subculture, but get my okay. Examples of groups include: Native Americans, Asian-Americans, the disabled, little people, Catholics, housewives, etc. To aid in your analysis, you will choose four..
Cultural industries and Creative Labour ( Report: 1000 words, and Essay: 2000 words)
Assessments: Report (20%) - 1000 words (Due: 23rd of April) A 1000 word critical review of 2 articles of your choice that are listed on syllabus Essay (80%) - 2000 words (Due: 15th of May) You may choose one of these three options as your essay topic, based on findings from scholarly literature, trade journals, government documents etc. Please choose a media/creative..
Illustration Essay About Why a Specific Television Show or Hobby is Popular
IS an illustration essay explaining why a specific television show or hobby is popular YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE THE SHOW OR HOBBY, BUT EXPLAIN WHY OTHERS ENJOY IT. REMEMBER TO CAPITALZE AND UNDERLINE TITLES OF SHOWS. 3 main reasons 5 paragraphs Introducción Body paragraph 1 Body paragraph 2 Body paragraph 3 Conclusión..
500 WORDS provide a textual analysis of a selected scene or scenes one of the film listed below.
I need a textual analysis of a selected scene or scenes of the films. This is the choice of blogs you have (choose 3 of the 4 listed here): Laura: narrative and mise-en-scene Written on the Wind: mise-en-scene and sound Mildred Pierce: cinematography and editing Certain Women: editing and sound Choose one movie of 4 movies above and write analysis following the..
View the film Manufacturing Consent and answer the following questions in the attached file.
I am sending the attached file and please make sure every thing you follow in the instructions. You have to answer the four questions and watch the film too. Ever question you have to write the definition and attached links like meaning of the question take it from the book because the professor said that you have to include the textbook material in the assignment...
Analysis Paper 2: South Park Season 19 Episode 2 "Where My Country Gone"
The introduction should briefly explain your choice of episode, give a brief synopsis of the plot for this episode, present your theses statement and preview your main points. Your thesis should make a claim about how the episode produces meaning i.e. about the style or structure of the episode. The body of the paper is the analysis. I would suggest picking one..
Editing and Proofread ONLY 400 WORDS (a level of high school)
I need this in 1 hour and half**** REALLY EASY ONE 2 ARTICLES (200 EACH) i need only editing and proofreading each articles. ( I will send you 2 files) You don't need to use the academic words only proofread and editing
Reflective Essay.ONLY 400 WORDS.(2 articles /EACH 200) NO NEED TO RESEARCH. level of undergraduate.
I need this in 2 hours.**** This is Reflective Essay. ONLY 400 WORDS. (2 articles /EACH 180-200) you don't need to goolging or research. I will give you a questionaire and my answer to follow. You only have to refer to it. It's a 2 article. I will give you two MS words file which includes the topic and the questionaire and my answer...
Essay Mis en Scene- The Graduate
Media and Film Studies 6 page essay on Mis en scene The Graduate
the future of the media
How do you think the future of the media will look like? Key words: A discursive and reflective answers with an analysis that explains how this affects the society around us, using their own conclusions that are based on external sources to deepen the discussion.
5 paragraphs essay
- 1250 words plus must include a bibliography - in addition to one of the course readings ( will be attached as a file) you must reference at least two academic sources and include them in your bibliography . - you must cute your refrences, citations i up to you but be sure to stay consistent. There are two questions from which you can choose the paper to be about, the..
Advertising analysis
Essay 2: Advertising Analysis Select one or more advertisements or promotions that suggest a potential question at issue: 1. Determine who the target audience is. 2. Articulate the major claim in the ad. 3. Decide what the underlying assumption is. 4. How does the ad attempt to achieve credibility? Does it succeed? 5. What appeals to the audience’s emotions..
war of the words
Listen to the broadcast on NPR'S radiolab program (wnyc march 25 2008) and explain why you think Orson welles and subsequent broadcasters were able to get so many people into a state of panic and flight with a story that was far fetched and one which they told their audiences was fiction. Mla format 2 pages..
Connotation & Hysterical Sublime
Instructions from Prompt4-Instructions.pdf Quote from Prompt4-Readings.pdf Choose from the following ads: •Is Mankind? by Airbnb •“Chairs Are Like Facebook” by Facebook •Google Glassses Ad •Lyft’s..
social media 8/12
based on the files which i upload to write this essay the essay must include those: 1. Write about the background 2. Social media reduces social skills. write this example: Sometimes, people play social media is not only social media catch their eyes, but also they feel embarrassment during the conversation or environment around them. They use social media to..
Video game analysis
Students will select one video game and analyze it based on the topics and issues that are covered in the class (using a minimum of three of the articles covered in the class). Papers should be 5-7 pages double spaced and sources should be cited in MLA style format. Video games and book and internet sources (including YouTube links) need to be included in the bibliography...
Freak Accident Feature
The information below has been provided by a Tustin police officer. You're a reporter for the Orange County Register and will be writing a feature story of 375 to 400 words for immediate publication. There is no right or wrong way to begin this story. It is a feature, so you don't need to write a direct or hard news lead. Rather think of the most interesting way to start...
Media ethics assignment
Choose ONE section/chapter of Susan Sontag's book Regarding the Pain of Others and offer a summary of what you see as the main point or points of the section. Apply this summary to three photographs, which you have chosen yourself (images found online, images you have taken yourself).
Write a press release of between 350 and 375 words. Be particularly mindful of the lead. What is the essential information you should include? The CEO's comments should be included, but not in their entirety. Consider paraphrasing what he said and using part of the quote. Do not use the "we" or "I" voice. Instead, write in news story fashion. This enhances credibility..
Media Writing Story-- American Dream
Your task will be a news feature story on the state of the American Dream. The story of between 1,250 and 1,350 words will be based on seven to ten interviews and online research. Your central task is to combine interviews with research and take stock of the American Dream. Your paper need to follow this rule, the first paragraph of every assignment is called the lead...
The story you write will be a fairly short profile. Describe a bit about the person and then go into detail about the thing or things that make your interview subject interesting. Do not write in a question-and-answer format. You are to write a full-bodied storyPlan for an interview of at least 20 minutes, and if at all possible conduct the discussion in person...
Is new media beneficial or detrimental to society
My stand on this is that it's beneficial. At least 5 paragraphs. More sources that I can't attach:
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