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If you have read any math novel and can write an essay about it let me know the novel and I can give you the j
Write an Amazon style book review.Be sure to address the following aspects in your review 1.Biological information 2.Brief (1-2paragraph) summary of the text 3.Can reader relate to the text? What would make it better? 4.Does the writing style help or hinder the subject? 5.Is there anything controversial that audiences or readers should be aware of? 6.To whom..
reflection essay on pros and cons of my advanced engineering mathematics course, only 500 words
This is honestly a very very easy assignment and I doubt the professor even reads it. However, I simply do not have the time to write it and it is due within two hours of right now (due by 5:30 central time). So this really doesn't need to be anything spectacular, it just have to be 500 words and at least make sense and have some substance - I will hire whoever can get it done..
I don know just read the instuctions, evrything is there
This is your class paper assignment, worth 10% of your final grades. This is assignment is due on Friday, October 12th, 2018 at 11:59pm.You are an assistant to the attorney for ABCD company. To complete this assignment you must write a two-to-three page report discussing the issues and likely outcome of the case below: Several months ago, WXYZ Co. CEO met with..
Assignment 1: Exploration Activity: The Change in Society
Assignment 1: Exploration Activity: The Change in Society You may have heard the saying, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Paying attention to the change all around you can help you to better understand your world. For this week’s Exploration Problem, you will use estimation techniques to identify how a topic of your interest has changed and is changing..
provide a concise yet comprehensive comparison of hotmaths, khan academy and scootle
Assignment (2100 words total) During the course of this unit you will be using HOTmaths, Khan Academy, and the Scootle Digital Repository as the source of mathematical content and pedagogical strategies. Your task is to provide a concise yet comprehensive comparison of these three resources. Your essay should clearly demonstrate your familiarity with the..
the history of math, to a person who contributed to the field, or a way you use math in your everyday life.
The topic can be anything from the history of math, to a person who contributed to the field, or a way you use math in your everyday life. The paper must be typed and double-spaced. The paper should be at least two pages but no more than 4 pages. I do require at least 2 cited sources; the sources can be online but must be education sites...
Comparing And Contrasting Simple and Compound Interest
essay comparing & contrasting explaining the simple and compound interest and the ethical issues of both. Real world applications should be utilize to make valid points when necessary. I already have one page on information already presented.
Finding an equation for the area of the enclosed circle inside the folium graph
I want to make an equation to give me the area of the enclosed circle at any variable. The equation is x^3 + y^3 =3axy. The equation forms a graph with a leaf shape. I want to calculate the area of that leaf shape using integration. The use of integration by separating the leaf shape into two graphs an upper graph and a lower graph. Then finding an equation for the two graphs...
la teoría de conjuntos, números reales, fracciones, decimales y orden de operaciones matemáticas
Escriba un ensayo de al menos tres páginas en el que explique e ilustre con ejemplos la teoría de conjuntos, números reales, fracciones, decimales y orden de operaciones matemáticas. Asegúrese de redactar según APA, incluya las citas y referencias. El facilitador enviará los trabajos escritos a SafeAssignTM para detectar casos de plagio...
Critical comparison of HOTMaths, Khan Academy and Scootle
Primary Maths, there is three points that need to be looked at for each of the 3 resources.Each part is about 500 word. Plus an overview of each resource using specific examples ~100 words each resource (total of 1800 words)
Gather and Analyze Data
Assignment Instructions Gather and Analyze Data You have been charged with creating a survey for your community! The community is interested in having you create a survey and present the results at the next town hall meeting. In this project, students will: Learn about quantitative variables. Learn to analyze data for measures of central tendency (mean, median..
history of algebra essay report
The History of Algebra Read the following articles from nrich The history of Algebra in two parts Part 1, Part 2 Alternatively, go and revisit the essential questions and essential understandings and consider writing a response to one or more of them Write an exploration/report/response having read the article(s) Your report should be a couple of sides long..
Integer in the Real World
Assignment Instructions Integers in the Real World Connecting Integers to Finances Imagine that you have graduated and obtained your ideal job! This project will help you connect what you have learned about integers to personal finances. In this project, you will: Learn to describe income using an equation. Learn to evaluate your income based on given hours..
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