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The True Cost (Globalization, the Fast Fashion Revolution, & the Eco-Footprint of Your Wardrobe)
Introduce your topic ( The true cost: Globalization, the Fast Fashion Revolution, & the Eco-Footprint of Your Wardrobe). Explain why it’s important, why it’s of interest to you, and what you learned about it from our course material, i.e., what you knew about the topic before you came up with your research question and found the online articles. This should be..
Examine the relationship between the oceanic sovereignty rights of national and exclusive economics zones
Why are there spatial variations in development within and between places on the earth surface?
Why are there spatial variations in development within and between places on the earth surface? write an essay of 2500 words. Please use peer reviewed articles and where possible use examples to support your position. Use the first paragraph to introduce the topic. The second/third paragraphs of your paper can be used to justify your position. Use the final..
Reaction to Michael Pollan - The Omnivore's Dilemma all 6 chapters
for each of those 6 chapters that you read and write a 1-2 page reaction to (i.e., if you read & wrote reactions to all 6 chapters, The reactions should include a summary of the chapter, which not only lets me know that you read it, but would make the main ideas of the chapter comprehensible to someone who hadn't done the reading, a personal reaction, in which you explain..
Major historical events and the types of natural hazards/extreme weather events and their impacts and causes
Conduct a project on a topic of your choice. Select one type of natural hazard (earth quakes, tsunami, volcano), climate change (global warming, air pollution, sea level rise), extreme weather events (snowstorm, typhoon/hurricane, heat wave, drought, flood) or weather/climate issues (cloud/precipitation/snow formation). •Discuss about major historical..
Physical Geography A level - Karst formation in tropical climate
Looking for a writer that can write H2 A level geography essay. The pages are just indicative please write as deem appropriate to the marks allocated. 12 marks - explain the weathering processes leading to formation of karst landscapes in the humid tropics 20 marks - Cone karst and tower karst are influenced by different factors. Discuss in the context of tropical..
1. According to Koser (2014: 620), if a sensible debate about migration is to take place, “it is essential to
1. According to Koser (2014: 620), if a sensible debate about migration is to take place, “it is essential to consider the totality of population movements and not to focus on one group, still less to demonise it”.  Discuss this statement with reference to the three central issues explored by Koser. ..
Discuss and evaluate the pros and cons of free trade for Pacific Island Countries and base on careful research
World Bank report (2009) on the Pacific Island argued that there is no way small, isolated low economic growth island countries will develop unless they integrate with strong economies meaning developed countries. The contemporary policy approach for this is free trade. Discuss and evaluate the pros and cons of free trade for Pacific Island Countries and..
“What is the geography of your favourite place?”.
To produce a 1,500 word essay based on the question, “What is the geography of your favourite place?”. Your essay should:  Discuss the relationships and connections between the social, cultural, political and environmental geography of your favourite place  Consider how your favourite place is changing, the processes behind these changes, and any potential..
Write an Critical Analysis Essay on the The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler
Contents (3 points each): 60% I. Introduction ____ A. Opening Statement ____ B. Title, author, genre, theme ____ C. Main characters, setting ____ D. Thesis statement    II. Synopsis ____ A. Complete ____ B. Concise (a paragraph, not a lengthy summary)     III. Observation #1 ____ A. Topic sentence ____ B. Support for topic ____ C. Supporting quote(s) ____ D. Wrap-up..
Making Space and Place through Power and Resistance
Looking for someone knowledgable of geography and solid background in political geography. Make a clear argument for how space is made through power, resistance, and representation. Address; 1) How do systems and structures like capitalism, race and citizenship produce space? 2) How have people resisted spatial exclusion by claiming a right to space and..
Analytical Essay on the Bay Street Corridor in Toronto
The essay assignment asks you to expand the research from your field report into a full fledged essay on the City of Toronto neighbourhood of your choice. You will situate your research findings in a topical perspective, either social, cultural, or economic. You may also combine any of these three elements if that suits your research findings. This essay will..
how relevant are Ghandi’s life and ideas to the problems and potentials or contemporary India
2. Essay 1500 word to answer the question how relevant are Ghandi’s life and ideas to the problems and potentials or contemporary India. (Based on the Movie Ghandi Directed by Richard Attenborough) (1982). This Essay is not a movie review.
Locate a new article that depicts an ethical dilemma in the workplace. An employer with controversial policies
Summarize and discusses specific situation and article,includes connection to relevant ethical theories from course readings,provides thoughtful perspective and depth of discussion demonstrates understanding of ethical issues
The trends of population growth and the possible effects
I would like your help on my essay about "the trends of population growth and the possible effects" which can be 6-9 band score of IELTS. The components of my essays: 1. 1 Intoduction 2. 1 Body paragraph about Trends 3. 1 Body paragraph about effects 4. 1 Conclusions (Which can get 6 -9 band scores on IELTS) (250-300 words)( 1 page)..
Blog Post- The enviromental impacts of your meal or product
350-400 ***Please do not get lower than 350** This is a Blog post and should answer the questions within 350-400 words together. Please bold the questions and write the response beneath each question.
“Guatemala/Mexico: Coffee Country Can fair trade save the farm?
For this discussion, you will need to click on the following link and watch the following Frontline Video on Guatemala/Mexico: Coffee Country Can fair trade save the farm? Before you watch the video read the following questions and try to think about them as you watch the video: • What are the..
What are the most important environmental problems facing us today?
Students will choose one of the issues discussed in the Class Discussions and write a research paper. The paper will present a thesis, and support it with data and discussion. The paper provides the opportunity to apply and discuss concepts that we have studied in the course and are relevant to your chosen issue. A map, hand drawn by the author, will accompany the..
Sustainable Development
Have to pick 3 of the 5 questions. I have the articles to answer the questions. Has to be minimum of 1800 words. 600 per question.
Sustainable Development
I can provide you with the articles that are referenced in the questions you can choose from.
Sustainable development
Three 600+ word responses to the given questions that are attached below. Needs to be off of information on the attached documents. Please read the rubric attached. FOR QUESTION 1: Brundlant definition: AND Attached files called "KruegerAgyeman" and "Sustainable Development, Hopwood" FOR QUESTION..
Air Pollution in China due to Coal Burning Power Plants
Attached is the Essay outline to be followed along with the Proposal and the feed back on the proposal that should be worked into the paper
*Writers Chooses
How does language cause divisions within the landscape of a country? Identify a specific country and write about how language has caused division within that country. Where is your country? How has language created division? What other languages are present Is the division peaceful or causing conflict?   You cannot use the United States as an example. MUST..
Middle East Discussion
One page with references, it's a video URL with one of the pictures. 1 to 1.5 pages. Had to be one in a few hours. Their are a few examples in the picture.
Biomes Earth's Major Life Zones
Youtube: Biomes Earths Major Life Zones The essay needs to be very detailed over each Biome on the video.
Article Analysis
Write a article review on "WORLD-SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY" by Peter J. Taylor. Thesis – Explain the world regional geography issue including analysis of its historical context and ethical dilemmas. EXPLAINED: The student is expected to write a thesis that presents the main point(s) of the article or the author’s thesis/argument, as well as,..
Coastal Processes Assignment geography
Coastal Processes Assignment Instructions This assignment combines what you've learned from several chapters and focuses on a very specific environmental issue - sea level rise. Since we're currently discussing coastal features, you will analyze the impact of global climate change on our coastlines. Complete the following for your assignment: A. Currently..
Migration Pattern of Minnesota Counties
Migration today in the United States is exclusively a voluntary migration related to political, economic and social changes. For this assignment I want you to analyze the migration patterns for 4 counties in Minnesota in 2017. Blue Earth County (Mankato) 2012 population 64,013 Olmstead County (Rochester) 2012 population 144,248 Dakota County (Egan) 2012..
Instructions: Write a short paper including all of the following- What is desertification? Choose a specific location currently affected by desertification to research Where is it located What climatic region is it associated with (Koppen system) What type of climate was it associated with in the past (ie. what was the region like thousands of years ago, what..
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