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The Endings of It Happened One Night and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Analyze the relationship of these two films to each other, paying particular attention to their endings. How does Eternal Sunshine hearken back to classical Hollywood comedies like It Happened One Night, and how does it revise/challenge/reimagine them? You might compare and contrast the films' couples (Ellie and Peter vs. Clementine and Joel), the structure..
the achievements/failings of the Chinese revolution as seen through the films,
Is the film Cuo wei (Displacement) more a science fiction film or more a film that comments on Chinese reality? what are your reasons saying so? I suggest that you argue a position on one or more questions about one or a group of films viewed in this course. The question/theme may be derived from the discussion questions in the course outline, from those in the course..
Feminism Essay on the movie ″Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them″
- Grade 11 University (Academic) Level English Class The literary theory of Feminism There is an outline there of what the essay structure should look like. It is a Point, Proof, Analysis type of essay The essay has to include 2 direct proofs (Direct quotes from the movie) and then 1 indirect proof (Quotes or Scenes that are Paraphrased). I have included the rubric..
Movie Grave of the Fireflies, War and its Aftermaths
Analyze how your movie approaches its subject. How does it portray war, both generally and specifically? (Think of how Kubrick in Paths of Glory comments somewhat abstractly on the politics of war but also gets very specific in documenting some of the unique hardships of World War I.) How does the film employ history, on the one hand, and drama or mythology, on..
Comparison between a Chinese film and one hollywood film
Chinese film named Red heroine(1929) and The Thief of Bagdad (Raoul Walsh, 1924) are both silent movies. It needs to compare within historical and sociological matters based on that time. And also need to explain chinese film history . Read carefully of attach file!!!
Treatment of landscape and subjectivity in the Movie "Gerry"
Please develop an essay that examines Gus Van Sant’s treatment of landscape and subjectivity in his 2002 film Gerry in as many inventive ways as you can. In what ways does this film deviate from mainstream Hollywood cinema, or potentially fulfill critiques of it? Potential themes you may want to address are constructions of gender; intersubjectivity; sexuality;..
Analysis of Documentary: This Film is Not Yet Rated
The writer must Watch the documentary and analyze it according to the criteria in the Document Attached. Documentary: This Film is Not Yet Rated Links to Watch: Part 1: Part 2:
Critical Analysis - Movie Trailer DUE IN 20 HOURS
Watch the TRAILER for your favorite film from the last five years. Write an analysis, at least 2 pages in length. Provide a link to the trailer at the beginning of the analysis. Answer some of the following questions: Was it effective? Did it excite you and make you want to watch the movie? You've already seen the film, so looking back at the trailer, talk about which..
Social Realism in Film: Depicting Social Problems on Screen
FINAL ESSAY Guidelines PDF Comparative Analytical Essay FPA 135 Due: Nov 22 (tues group) , Nov 23 (weds group) by 8:30 beginning of class Length: 1400-1600 words (25%) The objective of the Essay is to practice deploying the terms of Film Studies in an academic paper dealing with two films. After considering your interests, and even beginning some research, you..
Run Chicken Run & The Great Escape Compare and Contrast
See attached For your exam films, I just include the "bare bones" and expect you to do additional research. (That's why we've spent time over the last few weeks working research elements into your writing - I'm sneaky that way.) Here's a quick overview of the assignment and what you can expect. Remember - all exam papers must be turned in by noon on Friday, June 22!..
Animation Paper Compare and Contrast min 650 words
For this one, you'll be working with both Kiki's Delivery Service and How to Train Your Dragon. Details, along with the grading rubric, are attached. Here's just one tiny suggestion - both films show the glory of flying. Does one do it "better" than the other? If so, what makes it "better"? Always be specific! Papers are due by NOON on Friday, May 25! EST Here's the..
The Zombie Child as a Symbol of Cultural Unrest in Night of the Living Dead
1. Since its original release in 1968, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead has become a cult classic with a huge global following. 2. I have to write a short essay(2 pages) that explores a combination of themes in the film. 3. Specifically, the topic should be “ The Zombie Child as a Symbol of Cultural Unrest in Night of the Living Dead “. 4. Make sure to use specific..
Introduction to Media(Authenticity, Montage, Body in frame)
Exam Questions: 1. Authenticity Describe three strategies by which a filmmaker can author AUTHENTICITY in non-fiction media. Given the wide variety of techniques available to filmmakers to tell "true stories,” discuss three of the ways a filmmaker can compel us to believe that what they have made is understood as authentic. (approximately one page in length)..
FORMAL and SOCIAL similarities between Malcolm X and Do the right thing by Spike Lee
You should look into interviews with your chosen directors for more information on the reasons behind particular choices. You may also want to include some details on the time period in which each of these films were produced (remember, that’s probably 3-5 years before release-- at least). Your 750-1,000 word paper should focus on the FORMAL and SOCIAL similarities..
Film Analysis for "THE ROPE" 1948 directed by ALFRED HITCHCOCK.
we should analyze the film from A to Z 1-Film analysis: 1. Dramatic analysis 2.Cinematic analysis Dramatic analysis : is all that related to the drama of the film Script analysis including the synopsis for the film The movie theme Film’s idea characters analysis (main characters - other characters) Analyze characters from the three dimensions (physical dimension..
Discuss why digital technology has been referred to as the death of cinema.
Related Lecture: Our final turning point in cinematic history is the digital revolution. Digital technologies slowly transformed production and distribution processes from the early 1990s onwards. The first commercial feature film to be shot on digital video was Festen, the first film from the Dogme 95 stable. Using the Dogme Manifesto and Vow of Chastity..
Compare and Contrast Films Pulp Fiction and Crimes and Misdeamonors
"For your second paper, you will analyze two of the movies that have screened in class. Through the use of the analysis tools we discussed in class and the readings from your textbook, you will compare and contrast your selected films. For example, you can compare and contrast the film’s use of Fictional and Dramatic elements, you can write about the film’s theme..
In Contrast: How Silent Film Depicts Social Issues
This is for a feminist film theory class the contrast between then and now,how racism, gender inequalities, social unrest, and cultural differences . Things to keep in mind: Laura Mulvey's view in Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, Broken Blossoms, Piccadilly, Hypocrites, Riot at the Barricade.
They will analyze the way that the shot helps to progress the narrative as well as support the theme
Learning Outcomes/Description Students will further appreciate the care and planning that goes into the making of a film. By examining the moving camera shot of a particular film, they will learn to create shots of their own that will be motivated by narrative, character development or style. Detailed Instructions Students will choose a specific moving shot..
If you had one picture/image/video/to make me laugh, what would it be?
2 other titles - (ONLY 200 WORDS EACH FOR $10) What do you geek out about? Why? Invent something that solves an everyday problem. Don’t be restricted by real world limitations. What does it do? How does it solve the problem? 600 words in total thats equal to a page! Need it done asap!! Also please don't over complicate the essay by using complex vocabulary THANK YOU..
shot by shot analysis of the movie coming to america
****PAPER NEEDED BY 8 AM ON 2/20/18 ***** For this first paper, I want you to pick a movie that was produced by an American production company-- and if it was co-sponsored by another country’s production company, that is fine too, but it may change your answer slightly-- and examine how the Other is portrayed. For this paper the movie will be "Coming To America" featuring..
Offer your own theory of film in the form of a theoretical manifesto
Offer your own theory of film in the form of a theoretical manifesto. Over the last several weeks, we have read theoretical manifestos by Comolli and Narboni and Laura Mulvey. Now is your chance to write your own theoretically-informed treatise. Your manifesto should reflect an engagement with course content (concepts, terms, arguments, and so on), but should..
Canadian Cinema: Quebecois Catholic Impact on Canadian Film
This assignment should approach Canadian cinema from the viewpoint of a critical analysis of one or more of the historical, political, cultural, conceptual and/or theoretical aspects of cinema as discussed in the course. The topic may be in any era (pre- or post-WW II). This will usually take the form of a compare-and-contrast, which will consider the similarities..
Summary of Chapter 22 HOLLYWOOD’S FALL AND RISE: 1960–1980 472
READ Chapter 22 and then complete a summary of the chapter following these guidelines: The summary will be one page, single-spaced in 12-point Times font, with one-inch margins. Failure to adhere to these formatting specifications (i.e., half page, incorrect font, 2-inch margins, etc.) will result in a ZERO for the assignment The summary will address at a..
Is there an acceptable level of manipulation with Fashion and beauty editorials or advertising?
Its a Photography base essay, a 6000 words Essay Notes: * Double space CONTENT: Abstract 50 - 100 Introduction 300 - 400 Chapter 1 - 1500 Chapter 2 - 1500 Chapter 3 - 1500 Conclusion - 1000 Bibliography Website List of figures •Two Case studies •Quotations ~ Italics •Illustrations USING HAVARD STYLE REFERCENING the writer can change if whatever he/she thinks is..
Must censorship be limiting, or can it be liberating as well?
-research essay on, "Must censorship be limiting, or can it be liberating as well? " - Examples from the movies MUST!!!!!! be used "South Park: Bigger, Longer,Uncut (Trey Parker, 1999)" & "Baby Face (Alfred Green, 1933)" -Minimum of 5 Scholarly academic texts must be integrated. - 2000 words. - please include page numbers in referencing and intext.-..
Within our gates directed by Oscar michaeux 1919
Choose one of the films from the first week of our syllabus to analyze in a 2-3 pp. (double-spaced, 1-inch margins) essay. The topic of discussion is up to you, but make sure that you have a clear and strong thesis around which your argument is built. Your topic should be closely related to subjects we've discussed this week, such as essentialism, stereotyping,..
Explain the french new wave and the roll of an editor
the movie "The Graduate" film analysis
Film response: A film response will demonstrate your analytic response to the examined films. Your task is to examine a single film technique or device as it is used in a film we analyse in a given week, e.g.: editing, cinematography, lighting, mode of narration, etc. You need to focus on specific aspect(s) of selected cinematic technique/device (e.g. for mise-en-scène..
Answer the following question
1.) In The Gold Rush Movie, what does the cabin shifting on the edge of the cliff symbolize ? How does Chaplin's use use of settings to illustrate his idea that comedy deals with the same issues as tragedy. 2.)In The Wizard of oz movie how do dorothy's three symbolic allies represent different sides of her personality ? 3.) In Casablanca movie, how do the characters..
film analysis
Honeymoon Killers (1970) and Dark Crimson (1996) are both routed in the same sordid true crime story. Yet the treatment in each case could not be more different. You will explore that difference by choosing 3 scenes of each film and producing a thorough analysis of the examples you have chosen. Pay attention to framing (composition) and camera movement. Pay equal..
documentary theory
 5. TRUE LIES Discuss the relationship between truth and fiction in The Thin Blue Line. This should include reference to Bill Nichols’ ‘reflexivity mode’ in documentary filmmaking.
movie review
choose a favorite movie you watched over the past and write a good review about it.
Film success: finding the balance between familiarity and novelty
Instructions are on Attached files
Take home exam for Television Studies
two questions on tv studies (What is the orgin of the concept of: Narrative complexity and how it relates to "operational aesthetic") and (How are the differences between Canadian Idol and The Wire, like the differences between theatre and cinema?) 300-500 words each question.
Write an film anaylis on movie modern times by charlie chaplin
In this essay, you have to only write about the theme and Setting element which focuses on the theme. You have to write four paragraphs. In first, paragraph just wrote the theme of film and in other three paragraph should only focus on setting element(write 3 different setting elements) which describes the theme of the movie. Frist paragraph should not be more..
mini essay with strong analysis on editing and sound
I just need you to write a strong thesis + function as the promo specifies. I just need Editing and Sound mini essays. they are about 350-450 words. They are about this short film.
Understanding Cinema
In 1,000 words altogether, please answers one, two or all three of these questions: 1. In 2003, The Battle of Algiers was screened at the US Pentagon to educate the staff about the tactics 
 and the frame of mind of Muslim terrorists. 
 In this case, do you consider the film an apt choice of teaching material? 2. What are the differences between animated films by Studio..
political humor in film
3) Television, especially comedy TV, has become increasingly political in tone and message. We watched Boondocks, Family Ties, and Always Sunny, but I want you to write about politics in television from your experience, from the comedies you watch. Try to focus on the sitcom form, rather than the news related comedy shows. What kinds of ideas is comedy interjecting..
, The Palm Beach Story Reaction Paper
Write a Reaction Paper to , The Palm Beach Story (1942) (Not A Plot Summary) These writings should not contain plot summary, nor should they simply record whether or not you liked the film or what you thought of the acting. Their primary purpose is analytical, not evaluative. You can also do some research but be sure that you cite your sources. Format: SINGLE SPACED,..
Select 5 essays from this book,
Select 5 essays from this book, and condense each into approximately 2 pages, excluding direct quotations, cover page, and bibliography. Start your essay with something like this, “This research essay concerns Canadian Cinema, specifically the following five essays: ??? by ???, ??? by ???, ??? by ???, ??? by ???, and ??? by ???.” Are you aware of how you should..
monsters in movies
I only need compare and contrast " body " of the essay for four movies in the document. please don't write an introduction or a conclusion, just the comparison. The deadline of my essay is tomorrow at 5pm so i need it done at 12pm
Pop and Protest assignment
This paper will be talking about why Asian actors or actresses are less dominant in the field of film production. First, you need to address the question of why Asian actors or actresses are less dominant in the field of film production, then you need to write the analysis of the question. Lastly, how is this going to affect the audience (everyone who watches plays,..
First Assignment
Read the following selections carefully, marking up the text and making notes on the important ideas, words, phrases, and concepts. Then write a short essay (2-3 pages double- spaced) analyzing the selection and the ideas it brings up. You should be able to find out who the film theorist is because it’s part of your assigned reading. Short papers are not easy as..
pick up a movie
1) Summarize the Film 2) Tell me why the film you chose was the one you picked. 3) Give me a summary of the main female character(s) in the movie. Please do not tell me about the actress, only the character. 4) Take a scene from the film in which the female character you’ve written about is NOT a part of. Write out what you believe her response to the scene would be given..
“The most important person in the business of filmmaking is the producer
“The most important person in the business of filmmaking.’ Is this an accurate description of the role of the film producer?” Could you please make an essay outlining that there's no such a thing as the most important person in the business of film making is the producers. That every job in film business is vitally important. I would also like you to talk about Christofer..
Practical Film Production
Assignment 1: Essay (1200-to1500 words) “The most important person in the business of filmmaking.’ Is this an accurate description of the role of the film producer?” Weighting (% of final grade): 40% Learning Outcome(s) Assessed: 1 Description of Assignment: This assignment requires the students to construct an argument and back it up with evidence from..
The Fault in Our Stars Film Evaluation Essay
Film Evaluation You will be writing a thesis-driven essay of 1,000 to 1,200 words. This essay will be an evaluation of the film which you have already pitched to the class and written about in class. This essay will attempt to address what makes your movie good or bad. While this essay will begin in opinion, you will have to try to prove your argument as objectively..
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