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Fashion Period Report: Post WWII Society and Fashion
Assignment 1: Fashion Period Report: Post WWII Society and Fashion For this assignment, write a (minimum) 600-word essay that explores the period after World War II, 1945–1960. Society in the post-war era was characterized by conformity to new trends. Women's roles largely returned to home making and a population boom ensued. This period was also marked by..
The purpose of an apparel sizing system and the problems/issues of the current sizing systems.
People must try on multiple garments when shopping, and often feel that they cannot find an appropriate size. These problems are a result of many factors including the use of a sizing system. Topic: (1) the purpose of an apparel sizing system and (2) the problems/issues of the current sizing systems...
How does the street inspire style? Discuss this question with reference to examples from subcultures, alternat
Your essay needs to answer the assigned question and make use of at least 4 scholarly sources, as well as contemporary examples of fashion designers or fashion images. The essay should have a clear thesis and be supported by secondary reading and primary research. You need to have a bibliography and all sources need to be correctly referenced...
Employment Status Report
Address the following topics, using the sets of questions below to guide you in narrating your professional story. Use your process and research to develop a thesis assessing your current position and preparation within your industry as well as next steps toward achieving your dream, or another argument you wish to make about yourself and your field. Do not..
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger is considered to be one of the different designers recognized globally for his collection of unique products. Hilfiger together with his company has been able to influence people ....from all niche of life. With the designs that the company focused on creating, the sustainability of the firm has been able to accomplish a significant customer..
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
MUST BE FINISHED IN 5 HOURS. Zara a Technology Company not a Fashion Retailer!! Read this article:, Inditex Agile Fashion Force, BOF March 30,2015 1. Pick 3 of the terms below that you can you identify within the Zara article and briefly describe how Zara uses each..
Macy's Department Store
MUST BE DONE BEFORE 8AM EASTERN, MARCH 6TH, 2017!!!!! Watch the video “What is GIS” Select 3 different zip codes in different regions of the U.S. for your selected retailer. (Your retailer must have a brick and mortar location in this zip code) Go to and look up zip codes to find demographic information..
How does G dragon influence fashion marketing and branding
This is a Fashion Marketing and Branding visual Essay. ( Formal) The aim is to introduce G Dragon and its links to the fashion world and how he influences various fashion brands. I need a range of images about G dragon This visual essay needs to be presented with adobe indesign. Harvard apa referencing required..
This is My Fashion
THIS IS DUE TODAY. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS ESSAY WITHIN 5-6 HOURS. NO EXCEPTIONS *Create a report that covers the fashion influences of an up-and-coming fashion designer working today (someone new in the fashion world within the past 5-10 years). Focus can be on any aspect or category of fashion. Deliverable to include a two-to-three page write-up. Your submission..
impact of Russian aristocrats on fashion in Paris in 1920
I need help on illustrated essay due in 22 of august. The book which has to be use is Beauty in Exile as one of the main research books as well as other books and websites which might help. I'm really struggling on this essay as im dislectic and this is my resit.
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