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Essay on English Language examples

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No Sweat - Ruby GaryFalakis
APA 6th edition with in text citations. Read assignment carefully.
You are going to select an issue that you feel strongly about
For the third essay, you are going to select an issue that you feel strongly about and explain why you feel strongly about the issue. This essay will, later on, be used in your larger research paper. The assignment will include an MLA outline (1 page), the essay itself (Max. 2 pages) and an MLA works cited (1 page). The assignment should not exceed four pages...
Argumentative Essay - A Clockwork Orange and Chemical Castration
Hey if y'all have read this book then I assure you you'll understand this. I can give more information about it once you message me. A rough draft is due tomorrow at 9 am and a final draft due Friday at 9 am. I need something to turn in tomorrow, an A quality paper. 8-10 dollars a page. With the infromation I will attach and worksheets, it'll help so much when you write this...
American popular culture and connecting it to the american dream, capitialism, or democracy
Semiotic Analysis of a trending American popular culture phenonmenon of ones choice. Pick something to which you have already access in order to do your analysis. Select any kind of current American text that you believe makes thoughtful and unqiue whether its positive or crucial, connecting it to American Dream democracy or capitalism..
- Research Framework and Methodology (10%): Using Chapter One from EIIW, explain your theory of the concept of
- Research Framework and Methodology (10%): Using Chapter One from EIIW, explain your theory of the concept of “literacy.” What is literacy? How do you know a “literacy event” when you see it? How will you go about looking for literacy in its “natural habitat” or in context? Think of this essay as the framework you are creating for your study. (3-5 pages)..
Power of Relationships, Natural Helpers and Social Capital
analyze the readings and please try to identify common themes across several readings rather than analyzing readings separately, one by one.  you need to do the synthesis of the readings (i.e. determine overlapping themes) and then reflect on those themes. At the end of the essay, please ask a question according to your reading ? Remember APA Style format...
Would you take the Huntington's disease test if one of your parents have it? Why or why not?
Hi! this is link for a documentary film about Huntington's disease..can you watch it and then write an essay? I wrote summary and now i need 3 body pharagraps and conculsion
The global population has increased from 2 to 7 billion in the last 80 years. In the next 40 years it is predicted to rise to 9 billion, WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES AND WHAT MEASURES CAN BE MOST EFFECTIVE IN FEEDING SUCH A RAPIDLY EXPANDING POPULATION?
What made Leonardo Divinci an extraordinary person?
I realized that Divinci was more than an artist. He was an architect, inventor amongst other things I read that that on of his sketches was used as as a perscur for and invention 500 years later invention ( I don’t remember what) I have attached apps per indid for the professor on Richard Wright to give you the format And attached the assignment and what I have so far..
What is the most important thing someone thinking of studying in another country should know ?
make a thesis in the introduction I'm not good at English so no hard vocabulary used talk about people in the USA and how the culture is so different than the other countries I want the paper tonight at or before 9PM please
Write a Critical Response based on story(birthmark)
Critical response will focus on “The Birth-mark” Choose one point that written by an author in the story, demonstrate agreement or disagreement, with evidence from the story only (NO outside research). use 2 – 3 quotations (direct or paraphrased) from the source. The length of the paper should be between 800 and 1000 words. Write this paper in the first person..
Analytical paragraph on Greasy Lake by Coraghessan Boyle
I want an analytical paragraph which must consist of three parts; the claim, the evidence and the analysis. This paragraph should be of 200-220 words. i am attaching all the required instructions for this paragraph. I am attaching the paragraph on which i want the analytical paragraph. please make sure the it meets all the requirements. thank you..
Step 1: Topic Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this assignment is to identify an academic line inquiry suitable for a 7 - 10 page paper. You will extensively research your topic and arrive at a complex, arguable claim. You will present this claim in your introduction, then go on to explore this claim from various angles and prove it through reliable research...
Design a small country that fosters the greatest happiness for the greatnest number of people
Your body paragraphs will zoom in on five or more national interests. Examples include: class, race, ideologies (belief systems, religions, and so on), urban design, architecture, transportation, renewable resources, leadership / system of government, arts (painting, literature, music, film), military, cuisine, physical / mental health of citizens,..
REVISE paper on culture and identity. Culture of American Work
Document attached has the full paper. You will see that there are highlight things. Yellow is for the professors words--comments she inserted, or words she added/changed. Turquoise is for the original words: the things she is referring to. Sometimes she highlights words in turquoise without comments; that means there is some problem with those words--an..
Women are overlooked in the workplace (toulmin argument)
talk about : women are overlooked in the workplace because they are looked upon by their physical appearance and vulnerability; are adhering to the feminine norms, trying to maintain work/life balance and the need to uphold the traditional gender roles 1200 words 5 minimum citations
Explore how Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “The Handsomest Drowned Man”
This is a community college level English Literature class essay, The attachment is the guideline and the material. I am goind to write option one - "Explore how Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “The Handsomest Drowned Man” (a) incorporates elements of magical realism and (b) represents an origin myth for this small town."..
ESSAY QUESTION - HOW DOES NOSTALGIA AFFECT BOTH NATIONS AND PEOPLE IN THE NOVEL? " Must have Quotes from book. " Four-to-five typed, double-spaced pages (1000-1250 words). Last name and page number should appear in upper-right hand corner of all pages except the first. " One-inch margins and 12-point, Times New Roman font. " Use MLA documentation for citations..
Social Psychological Foundations of Stereotype Formation
I need the article to be summarized in no more than 120 words and no less than 100 words. The article is attached. If you give me a good summary and if the professor liked it, I will choose you for critiquing the same article later.
One day there may be a drug to turbocharge the brain. Who should get it.
Use the procedure in essay paper.introduction,title of the article, the writer name and for an d so this paper u gonna quotes from the text or the article, . Introduce the quotes, incite the quotes, interpret the quotes, etc. all quotes from and everything from the article attached in the file...
(critical Approach Essay)IFS Analysis of August Strindberg's Miss Julie Here are some documents you need to read, including the play Miss Julie and the instruction of Internal Family system(IFS) .There are some example I posted and there is a critical approach format of this essay, please follow it, thank you..
Should companies be allowed to profit from a donors body?
Should companies be allowed to profit from a donor’s body products, whether it is DNA, tissue, cells, etc? Some points to consider: 1. Who owns cells and why ownership of cells or body products is complex and problematic 2. Benefits and drawbacks surrounding commercialization of body products 3. Whether Henrietta Lacks’ family should have shared in the immense..
Why did the French cultivate such positive relations with Indians?
Please read : Faust, "Culture, Conflict, and Community" Article and answer the question: -Why did the French cultivate such positive relations with Indians? Please follow instructions in the attachment.
Meaning of water imagery in Never Let Me Go by kazuo Ishiguro
A close reading of a longer, more complex literary text. The challenge of Essay 3 will be to develop an appropriate scope of inquiry. Strong arguments or claims will be cognizant of the text as a whole yet grounded in judiciously chosen components of it. You will be expected to engage with a critical discussion associated with your text. You can agree, disagree,..
Research Division 2 or Section III and Research Division 3 or Section IV
Assignment 1 Draft - Research Division 2 or Section III of the Research Paper (Essay 5) - Body Paragraphs 3 and 4 Directions: Create a new file in Microsoft Word that includes only the body paragraphs for Research Division 2 or section III of the Essay 5 outline. (Body paragraphs 3 and 4 of Essay 5). Ensure that the document is in MLA format with a heading and a title..
Methods Essay on Police in the Hallways by Kathleen Nolan and Privilege by Shamus Khan
Write a five to eight page essay discussing the research methods used by Nolan and Khan. Describe and compare the two authors’ methods using terminology from the readings and lectures. Identify the different communities in both books. Discuss why a researcher might choose to use those approaches for their topics. Consider what other methods might have been..
The Courtship of Mr. Lyons and Beauty and the beast.
Hello please write a essay that compares the 2 topics and**** then take a position stating who is the better role model for the children reading or watching and explain why. **** Movie- Beauty and the beast by Disney Reading- The Courtship of Mr Lyon by Angela Carter
The Role of the Arts and Media in Buliding Community Health
Synthesize and say why you agree to certain concepts and why not agree. APA Style format. at the end of this , a question that summed up things , please look the other one you did. Part 6 (Overview, Chapters 15 and 16) in Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare (Third Edition) edited by Meredith Minkler, Rutgers University Press, July..
Leader's Influence on Subordinate Behavior (Active Listening)
From module entry module 8 answer the following question regarding Active Listening -- Based on what you learned from this module, which one concept is most important to you and why? How will you apply this concept to your development? -- Ensure you properly apply the concept. FORMAT: For each module entry: - Use Microsoft Word or PDF format for your entry - Include..
How do Junot Diaz’s characters speak to issues of morality?
Background: We have spent quite a bit of time reading, discussing, and analyzing Diaz’s stories, as well as considering ideas about what it means to be a good, bad, ethical, unethical person; that is to say, questions of morality. Assignment: In a 5-7 page literary analysis paper, in MLA format, double-spaced with a list of Works Cited, please answer the following..
Book review = devil in the white city by eric larson
this is gonna be analytic book review essay this is not A book report or summary avoid broad generalizations need a significant amount of examples from the book try to argue the opposite have a thesis
Analysis and Evaluation of Lego Women's empowerment
1. Choose a campaign. a. Use research to get to know some campaign(s) in the media around you: Web, TV, print, radio, mobile phone. i. An anti-drug campaign for teens? ii. A local Senator’s campaign for re-election? iii. Starbucks’s line of seasonal coffee drinks? iv. A university’s recruiting campaign? 2. Examine the key elements of the rhetorical situation:..
Content Grading Standards: Narrative Source Story (800-1000 words) An “A” Paper: Rare and Exceptional Work ***The main character(s) are named and clearly described. Most readers could describe the characters accurately. ***Many vivid, descriptive words are used to tell when and where the story took place. ***The plot is very well organized. One idea or..
Racism and Research: the Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study by Allan M.
Read Racism and Research: the Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study by Allan M. Brandt After reading, answer the questions from below. You must use the format below to answer the question. - Assignment will consist of cover sheet - Using APA Format - Each question must be 1 paragraph - A Work Article Cited/ Bibliography page Question 1: In your own words, write 1-2..
Describe a problem you'd like to solve. (More on instructions)
Describe a problem you'd like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps could be taken to identify a solution.
Biotechnology has Improved an Athlete’s Performance
Write a 4-page essay, using a minimum of 4 sources, that makes a claim, provides reasons, and presents evidence in order to convince your readers. In addition to building a case to appeal to your readers’ logic, you will also add rhetorical devices and use the concept of "incentives" from Freakonomics to appeal to your readers’ emotions. You will write an argument..
Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes
Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes # 6, 7 and 8 (100 points/ 30% of final grade) The goal of this assignment is for you to enhance your awareness and understanding of the impact culture and human behavior influenced your personal and professional development.  Utilizing conceptual frameworks that guide the process of assessment,..
Summary response essay for The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
Read the entire essay and write the essay as per the instructions given. Create a topic, 1st paragraph create a thesis statement and give credit to the author (other books written or awards received) and then include 3 major points you will talk about in the essay. 2nd paragraph will be the summary paragraph. The next 3 paragraphs will be the 3 points you mentioned..
Do charter schools hurt traditional public schools? (Argumentative Essay)
2. OURLINE: List each topic sentence as a separate sentence. Under each topic sentence, provide supporting evidence by incorporating facts through a summary or a paraphrase, each with a properly formatted APA in-text citation. Under each summary or paraphrase, explain how the supporting evidence does in fact support the claim you are making in the topic sentence..
Reflective Research paper (writer need create title)
Im going to attached the papers anyway so please see the attached for information How the essays should be 6 pages, doubled spaced, numbered pages Writer need to create title MLA format (Internal citations,works cited) Reflective Research paper (paper attached too) Essays have 3 part 1st person voice narrative form I choose James Baldwin In class we read 2 books..
Unemployment and low wages affecting criminal rate
The thesis When people are getting the chances to be employed and paid what is enough for them to have a good life, their Criminal tendencies will decrease, then the crime rate will decrease. critical questions 1- How can the chances be distributed equally on people? 2- what is the range of wage that people need in order to have a good life? 3- is there employed people..
Literary essay on any theme on inverted world by christopher priest
Atleast 1000 words. The goal is to talk about any theme on the book inverted world by christopher priest and its a argumentative literary essay so you have to read the book.. You need to show how the novel communicates an idea, whether you agree with the idea matters not at all. Be sure to sure quotations to support your theme...
Editing Summary for “Revision as a Critical Practice.”
Summary for “Revision as a Critical Practice.” that needs to be fixed and editing. check the pdf for " (need to be fixed) Critical Practice.pdf", check the instructor's comments and also see page 3 for more comments. the article of the summary is "Revision as a Critical Practice.pdf". the instruction of the summary is : "SummaryAssignment_Engl151-019.docx"...
Voice -single/multiple (literalfigurative, for example finding one's voice vs. voice of the people)
Hi I am taking class English 101 and I need an essay according to my thoughts to the prompt that I posted and to the article Speaking in Tongues by Zadie Smith. It should be 5 paragraph essay with an introduction with a thesis statement with 3 points +3 body paragraphs and conclusion together 550 words. You need to put 2 quotations from 2 articles that I am attached to..
Construct an essay that looks at the problems facing low income families trying to eat a healthy diet,
900 words minimum Sources Required: Two outside sources plus the two supplied in the prompt. One must support your side of the argument and one must support the other side.
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" in Real World Context
- Please read the instruction attached! - This requires full 5 pages and double space with MLA citation! - It cannot be plagiarized at all. - This essay involves critical thinking in the real-world context - Please read the links provided in the instruction. - The essay must include the writer's opinion...
Issues Facing the International Community Essay Discussion
Read the instructions and see and read the attachment of Colin, Nicholas and Bruno Palier. "The Next Safety Net: Social Policy for a Digital Age" to use for evaluation.**** Do not use outside sources aka open Web.**** Use the Rubric as your guide!!! **NO PLAG**
Discuss at least two problems that were brought by colonialism and suggest solutions.
Instructions: Research-based essay The assignment should be about 500 words long. Find at least five academically valid sources and include a reference list. At least one source must be from a printed book or journal. Website sources are allowed as a main source only if they are authored articles from journals or books from nationally/internationally recognised..
Seek first to Understand then to be Understood (Paper)
Write paper on a situation that had an unfavorable outcome where you feel your communications failure caused that outcome. 3-4 pages PLUS a title page and references/citations page (if you cite other's work) Citations as necessary Double spaced 12 point font 1" margins Grammar checked Submitted in PDF format..
How is symbolism used in the novel (The book Thief)? Explore three symbols and their impacts on the text.
So you have to write a formal literary Essay on the Novel: "The Book Thief". In the essay you have to answer the question: How is symbolism used in the novel? Explain three symbols and their impacts on the text. The Essay should be 5 paragraph long with 3 body paragraphs and a intro and conclusion. In the thesis statement you need to have 3 arguments for the topic (1 argument..
What are the causes and effects of global warming ?
Write a 5-paragraph Descriptive Essay on the following topic: The Most Influential Person in My Life Please ensure that your essay contains the following elements: 1. A well organized introduction paragraph, which starts with a hook; follow with some background information, and finish with a clearly stated thesis statement. 2. Three (3) body paragraphs...
How did English goals for the conquest and colonization of Ireland change after 1565?
Please read : Canny,"The Ideology of English Colonization" article . and answer the question: -How did English goals for the conquest and colonization of Ireland change after 1565? Please follow instructions in the attachment.
Problems that face Arab students while learning English as a foreign language
i want an essay about problems / difficulties that face Arab Israeli or Arabs students while learning English as a foreign language. - font size 12 4 pages Times new Roman - Double space - conclusion 1 page - 5 resources min APA format / Citiation
Book report - ( Survival in Auschwitz & Still Alive : A Holocaust Girlhood Remembered)
: Write a review/response paper based on the two memoirs we’ve read in class. In your response, be sure to consider the following questions: • First, the review should give the reader a concise summary of the content of each book. This includes a relevant description of the topic as well as its overall perspective, argument, or purpose. • Second, and more importantly,..
Explain how writer Alistair Macleod used writing as an instrument for political change
please use atleast 1 supporting evidence from the short story "The Boat" by Alistair Macleod. I have attached a file which states the formatting guidelines and the assignment requirement. The page should be double spaced
The new life of Bertha Martin in Jessie Georgina Sime's, "Munitions!"
-Explore the changes in Bertha Martin's life with her new position as a factory worker. Consider her former life as a domestic servant. -Write in present tense - 3-5 Paragraphs in length -Each paragraph 5-10 sentences - At least one quote included in each paragraph -Avoid using too much history - mainly focus on the change in Bertha Martin's life using information..
Module 3 Discussion: Understanding Logic and Recognizing Common Fallacies
In a fully developed short essay (minimum of eight paragraphs in length), please answer all of the questions below and post your essay to the discussion forum. Your work should include an introduction, a body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion. 1) What role should logic play in modern argument? Which approach to reasoning do you think will be most useful..
Compare and contrast 2 books more info in instructions
How does Frederick Douglass's first-person account of slavery in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave compare and contrast with Edward P. Jones's fictional account in The Known World? You should mention four points: two points of similarity and two points of difference. (essay; 1200 words max.) Here are links to online versions:
Compare/Contrast Death of a Salesman and The Doll’s House.
1. Compare and contrast the two plays, focusing especially on themes/ideas the two plays share in common or help illuminate. But a partial list would include such things as the divided life/identity; false dreams of self-fulfillment; the hunger for status, especially related to a certain amount of wealth and possessions; the fragmentation of family; the..
A Critical Investigation of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre
- require the writer has read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Or ready to read the novel. - Explain how Jane and Rochester are both constrained by their respective social class, and argue whether or not the fact that Jane ends up with the wealthy, landed Rochester, not to mention an inheritance of her own, undermines the novel's argument for the irrelevance of riches..
Write a literary analysis essay. Minimum of 4 body paragraphs, and a minimum of 5 quote sandwiches
This assignment requires reading the comic "I Kill Giants" Discuss whether or not Barbara is a hero. Does she fit the characteristics of a hero? Why or why not? Your essay should take a stance on this topic supported by quotes and analysis from the book. Suggestions: You may want to look up Joseph Campbell's Hero..
Essay #2 Guidelines - Close Reading of a Passage from The Bluest Eye
You will write your close reading essay on one of the three passages you chose over the past two weeks.  The passage must be in your journal with any accompanying journal assignments. Requirements 1.     The passage must be at the beginning of your essay and each sentence must be numbered. Your passage must be at least 6 sentences long and not longer than 20 sentences...
Justice can be define depending upon geographic location
Write an essay in MLA format. 5 to 7 pages. 5 or more sources, no using wikipedia. the essay is about justice comparing justice system in Russia, USA and one Middle East country. please use EBSCO databases. Oxford Dictionary (OED), works cited page is required. thank you. the thesis statement should be justice can be define depending upon geographic location..
This is a two page essay that must be written after viewing the Medgar Evers documentary.
MEDGAR WILEY EVERS FILM After viewing the film please answer the following questions in essay format. 1. In the 1960’s minorities were not considered as equal. Do you think things are the same in some ways or different? Explain. 2. How do you feel after seeing Byron D. Le Beckwith’s thoughts on Blacks (or “Niggas”)? 3. What, if any, causes or injustices can you see..
Essay on Arthur Miller’s ''Death of a Salesman.''
Hello my friend. All the instractions at the attached file) If you can give me a good price, please do this first and than I going to ask you to help me with Business Law Project. Waiting for your respond.
Using the Web to Locate Sources for your Research Papers & Projects
Student learning objectives: 1) Demonstrate an understanding of the proper techniques used when selecting good, credible, appropriate sources from the Web. 2) Create a properly formatted works cited list ********************************** Assignment: Find at least four good, reliable sources that support the thesis statement below. Your thesis should..
Creativity in Hong Kong - Turn the city into a creative hub
Some people believe that creativity in Hong Kong is declining. Please evaluate this view by consulting a variety of sources to support your stance. You may want to compare Hong Kong with other cities around the world. Write an essay to analyse the problem and propose feasible solutions and recommendations for relevant stakeholders to transform Hong Kong into..
To what extent does marriage help and/or hurt men and women, and should it be encouraged or discouraged?
the deadline is on 01.20.2017 the first doc is the requirement for the essay the second is we have to use three sources, two are from the any one of reading in the zip and one is from the book called THIRTEEN SENSES BY VICTOR VILLASENOR.
The first choice, I suspect the most popular, will be to go to Youtube, as some of you have already done, and
The first choice, I suspect the most popular, will be to go to Youtube, as some of you have already done, and view the play, A Doll's House, and then write an essay on the difference between reading the play as opposed to seeing it. As you know, a play is made to be seen, not read, so the experiences in most cases and for most people are quite different. Do not, no matter..
Compare and contrast 'STRAWBERRY SPRING" by Stephen King with "A ROSE FOR EMILY" by William Faulkner
Write 6 paragraphs: introduction, first body paragraph about comparing and contrasting the surprise ending, the second body paragraph about the narrative perspective ( point of view), the next body paragraph about the settings, the next paragraph about the style of authors and the conclusion.
White paper "Benefits of Using Network Vulnerability Scanners for Organizational Networks
write a white paper about "Benefits of Using Network Vulnerability Scanners for Organizational Networks" It should be an advocacy paper that tries to convince the audience how the Vulnerability scanners influence the organizational networks and their productivity. Explanation: outline for the paper Benefits of Using Network Vulnerability Scanners..
Authur Miller's Death of a saleman, Biff and Willy
tragic figures deeply affected by their pasts.using specific aspects of Psychoanalytic literaty Theory,analyze how their current failure in life may have been a consequence of their pas mistake. yo clear state what theory you using.using evidence .do not merely "srop in the quotation.make sure you have an identifying tag. formal writting use word that everyone..
Reflected text on " I have a dream " by Martin Luther king jr
Reflect on a Text: Writing a Speech Analysis - You should view this assignment as an opportunity to understand the foundation of Rhetoric and it's importance in our class. OWL Purdue suggests the term "rhetorical situation, refers to any set of circumstances that involves at least one person using some sort of communication to modify the perspective of at least..
Poetry assignment on On My first Son by Ben Jonson and O Captain! My Captain! By Walt Whitman
Compare the theme of “On My first Son” by Ben Jonson and “O captain! My Captain by Walt Whitman”. Contrast the form (Genre and Conventions) and style (Rhythm, meter, sound, Poetic devices, figurative language, imagery ,symbols) of each poem - Write carefully a constructed essay with a clear thesis and topic sentences. -Support argument with direct quotations..
Analyze the nature of phoniness through the Catcher in the Rye
Phonies: Throughout the novel The Catcher in the Rye, our narrator Holden Caulfield constantly voices his displeasure for phonies or things that are phony in his mind. Analyze the nature of "phoniness". W hy do people pretend to be something that they are not? Is Holden justified in calling everyone he meets a phony? Would he feel the same way about people in the..
Divine right of kings and how it relates to king james and how shakespeare used it in his play macbeth
It needs to be an informative essay - 1st body is what is divine right of kings 2nd body is how does divine right of kings relate to King James and 3rd body is how did Shakespeare use divine right of kings in his play Macbeth. a outline it needs to follow is attached. I also need that outline filled...
The influence of videogames on education and its usage in school
One 1,000 word academic essay (+/- 10%) The essay should conform to the 8th MLA style guide and should contain a minimum of 5-6 academic sources. The essay should contain collocations from the Manchester Phrase bank. Collocations should mark bold, see an example in the attachment.
Stigmatization , and lack of access to care despite mental health awareness
For this assignment, complete the following: • Review the Toulmin-model outline (Week 2 Lesson) and your completed Week 1 Assignment (Pro-Position Proposal). Assess any feedback provided by the professor and/or your peers. • Compose a position paper representing the pro side of your topic. (See the Pro-Paper Template). The paper should include approximately..
“Fake News and the Future of Journalism” by Pablo Boczkowski
In a fully developed short essay (minimum of eight paragraphs in length), please answer all of the questions below. Your work should include an introduction, a body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion. 1) Of the three formal approaches outlined earlier in this learning module, which do you think is most effective for communicating in contemporary rhetorical..
Should alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased
Marriage comparison between christianity and buddhism
This paper must be a comparison between one Western (Christianity) and one Eastern (Buddism) religious system regarding one aspect of religious practice (Marriage). Compare marriage between Christians and Buddhism. 5 pages (Intro page and citation does not count).
What Makes ______ the Best Place to Work and Why?”
Choose one (1) company that you believe would be an ideal company to work for based on working conditions, salary, opportunity for advancement and work involved. Use the Internet to research. Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: Evaluate the fundamental driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the selected company. Be sure..
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones in the classroom at university?
Planning and writing an expository essay ( Explain, provide info, problem and sollution/compare and contrast/pros and cons) (650-750 words). Planning (brainstorming, organising, outlining), Writing (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion). Use no references. Write from your own knowledge.
Marbury v. Madison: The Legacy of Judicial Review
I NEED 750 WORDS MINIMUM. Probably the most important case in the history of the United States Supreme Court is that of Marbury v. Madison. The holding of the case, however, was only of immediate import to a few. However, Chief Justice John Marshall’s determination that the Supreme Court has the power of judicial review (i.e., the power to invalidate a duly passed..
Analysis of an Individual Comic Strip or Political Cartoon
Choose one comic strip or political cartoon. If you visit the website of a newspaper such as The Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., you should be able to search for comic strips or political cartoons easily. Which techniques does the creator of the comic strip use? How does the creator make his/her point in the comic strip? What do we learn..
Peronal statement for master of science in finance
I have a bachelor of science in chemisty. i have worked in the banking sector and insurance sales.i am applying to the university of miami online education to study master of science in finiance. AN essay on Personal Statement that should be 1 page or about 500-750 words that describes your interest in the program in relation to your professional background and..
Women Committing Property/Drug Offenses and What Influence Them
Discuss why women predominantly commit property/drug offenses. Discuss biological and/or societal factors that may influence the types of crimes in which women are likely to engage. Use textbook for references: Title Women, Law, and Social Control Author Alida V. Merlo; Joycelyn M. Pollock ISBN 978-0-205-44207-2 Publisher Allyn&Bacon, Incorporated..
What is the extent of acquaintance rape in American society? What can society do to prevent it?
Textbook: Title Women, Law, and Social Control Author Alida V. Merlo; Joycelyn M. Pollock ISBN 978-0-205-44207-2 Publisher Allyn&Bacon, Incorporated Publication Date July 2005 Binding Paper Type Print Required Description 2nd Edition. What is the extent of acquaintance rape in American society? What can society do to prevent it?..
Providing accomodation to students with this abilities and definition of diasabilities
it should be done by 29th of December and there are 3 short essay subjects that are about basically people with disabilities that they are educating. an approval example of the essays that shows how the essays have to look like is also attached to the file.
Research Based on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
The outline I used is copied and pasted at the bottom of this order as I was not able to successfully upload the document. The Portfolio Project is designed to require you to expand your understanding of Things Fall Apart by combining knowledge and application of content with your own interpretation and judgment. For the Portfolio Project, you will write a research..
Arizona offers unique opportunities for direct democracy based on initiative power. In 2012 the Arizona voters
Arizona offers unique opportunities for direct democracy based on initiative power. In 2012 the Arizona voters, for example, rejected the Proposition 204 initiative that sought to convert a temporary sales tax that funded education into a permanent tax. In a 500-750-word “Letter to the Editor,” propose an initiative for an educational issue that you feel..
Why is it not “reasonable” to apply the “reasonable man standard” to crimes where women are the primary victim
Why is it not “reasonable” to apply the “reasonable man standard” to crimes where women are the primary victims? What standard would work best in such instances and why? USE TEXT BOOK REFERENCE ONLY TEXTBOOK: Title Women, Law, and Social Control Author Alida V. Merlo; Joycelyn M. Pollock ISBN 978-0-205-44207-2 Publisher Allyn&Bacon, Incorporated Publication..
Ethical responsibilities and domestic violence reporting paper
Details: Prepare a 500- to 750-word paper that addresses the ethical responsibilities associated with mandated reporting of domestic violence according to your state reporting laws. Be sure to reflect on the implications of these laws to the professional counseling practice. You must include a minimum of two academic resources to support your paper. Prepare..
Why I am motivated to enroll in a college writing course developing my skills will improve my life.
For this assignment, write a narrative essay on why you were motivated to enroll in a college writing course and how developing your writing skills will improve your academic and professional life. If the reason is simply that is was required, explain how you think it might or might not help you in your academic and professional life. Your essay should include..
Discussion by 24 hours from now answer the discussion then replay for one or 2 of my classmates
Discussion answer the discussion then replay for one or 2 of my classmates Master level now I need you to answer the discussion when you provide the answer the next step want you to reply for one of my classesmates. I attach the question also I attached my classmate answer for the question will be helpful for you I attach the article and if you need more article let me..
Formulate a community diagnosis for Sentinel City™ by doing the following: 1. Discuss the three problems for Sentinel City™ based on the Healthy People goals. 2. Discuss community resources (e.g., Sentinel City™ Affordable Housing Project, Better Health Clinic) that are available to address one of the problems identified in part C1. 3. Identify a primary..
Should the drinking age be lowered or should it stay the same?
It’s an argumentative ent essay if the drinking age should be lowered or should stay the same. I argue that it should the same please do it. Follow the steps on the photo I uploaded. It’s needs be 7 paragraphs. The numbers that are listed are the paragraph that needs to be in order. So far number 5 it needs to be about counter & refutations. It needs to have 2 counterargument..
Choose one of the questions below to write your essay on. Give yourself plenty of time to plan out and organize your essay. Also leave plenty of time to proofread before submitting. **Diane Ackerman starts each of her chapters on "Touch" and "Taste" with a quotation. Choose the one that you think best represents the contents of its chapters, and write an essay that..
Can the Success of the High Line be duplicated in other places?
The book is one of the attachments Links to Articles about the High Line:
“Women have been fighting against sexism for a long time. If men can learn from them, it will be to everyone's
What is meant by this statement? Cite specific examples from the article to support your conclusions. Your essay should be 1-2 pages in length. Remember to use appropriate formatting as per APA (6th ed. Assignment should be done by 12/16/2018 6:00pm easter time
Compare Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream Speech” to the Langston Hughes poem "Harlem"
I need this ASAP by 12/13/18 Review Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream Speech”. Compare this speech to the Langston Hughes poem, "Harlem" in the beginning of the play. Which genre reaches more people and which piece of literature is more effective (in your opinion)? You can present your thoughts and findings in an essay. Must be in MLA format..
Capital Budgeting (Investment and Financing Decisions)
Capital Budgeting (Investment and Financing Decisions) for organic steak restaurant WACC using Beta for similer business should be used (0.87) as it was found REfercnece is needed to be calcuated and NPV for all serarios is required , excel sheet with initicial calculation ( stratup cost and forcasted sales is provided. Harverd Refecing 3000 word report...
Student notifies you that she has been subjected to bullying through a classmate’s Facebook page. In 500-750-
student notifies you that she has been subjected to bullying through a classmate’s Facebook page. In 500words, address the following: Steps you are required to take that are consistent with state statutes, your district’s school board policies, faculty handbook, and the student handbook; Any First Amendment arguments you think the student with the Facebook..
The power of families and individuals - as opposed to the power of the Roman Catholic Church.
For this assignment, I would like you to consider how power is reflected through the architecture discussed in class. Specifically, the power of families and individuals - as opposed to the power of the Roman Catholic Church. Looking at the structures listed below - what common characteristics are used in the structures below to express power and social hierarchy?..
Modiano, So You Don’t Get lost in the Neighborhood
Grading: Papers will be graded on the following basis: 1. Content: the ability to explain the literary content called for in the question. 2. Writing: correct grammar, clarity of expression, focused thesis, and effective organization. Quotations: Do not use long quotations; weave quotations into your own writing; all quotations must be shorter than a single..
Teaching of English in Spain's national and international schools
How is English taught in Spain? Focus on how English is taught in international schools and non-international schools of Spain 1. What is the role of English in these two types of schools? 
 2. How is English taught, similarly or differently, in these schools? (Focus on secondary Education)
 3. What is the existing language policy and how does said policy affect..
Ticking Bombs, Torture, and the Analogy with Self-Defense by Daniel J. Hill according to Kantian view
I need this essay in 24 hours. I have attached guideline for style. I have to have a minimum 8 page essay not including title page or works cited page. It is Ethics essay and the subject is what I have listed as title. I have to include the author, Daniel Hill's view on the subject, the view/theory based on Immanuel Kant, philosopher, and then my view(writers view on..
Compile pictures and graphics for your final project
Compile Pictures and Graphics for Your Final Project Compile, describe, and cite at least 15 works of art that you will use in your final project, and write 3 to 5 sentences about each one. Why did you choose that specific work of art or picture? What does that picture mean to you? What did that picture or work of art mean to society in general during the time the artist..
How the three plays fits Aristotle’s famous definition of the Tragic hero
I need a 1.5 paper talks about three plays -Oedipus the king -Othello -The death of the salesman The question will be How the three plays fits Aristotle’s famous definition of the Tragic hero ? I want 1 paper essay with 5 paragraphs 1-Introduction 2-Talks about the first plays 3-Second play 4-Third play 5-Conclusion I want you to write it as simple as possible, the..
Joint law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking
The essay is to discuss each of the following prompts: An introduction and brief overview of the policy relationship. What are the major issues facing each level of government? What are the reasons for initiating changes to the policy? What are the options to be considered (discuss several)? What are the pros and cons of each potential reform (costs v. benefits)?..
Business Organisations and Environments in a global context
Please add : background information of Pepsico, opportunities and threats and their impact after doing pestle analysis and Porter's five Forces (microenvironment), graphs and tables regarding GDP, unemployment, industry overview and market segmentation, more recent references
‘What are the causes behind UK’s decision to leave the European Union?’
The vote by the British people to leave the European Union sent shockwaves across the continent of Europe and beyond. It is one of the most significant events in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and may well mark the beginning of the end of the European Union as we have known it. You are commissioned by the UK Parliament to carry out a qualitative research..
Toulmin Essay, Should the U.S. continue to act as a policeman for other countries?
This essay must include a minimum of five sources. Three should be peer-reviewed sources Make sure to include the following sections in your essay: an introduction and claim, background, body, and a conclusion. Within the body of your essay, make sure to include the following in any order: support for your claim, opposing or alternate views, the strengths and..
A research-driven essay that offers insight into a comedian Ryan Higa and analysis of his comedy.
I have work with you before and I'm really fascinating with your work. The way you put on the essay is not like a robotic but a driven writer. This time you'll write for me a research essay about how the comedian present himself beside making people laugh, what is his point he bring to the table. -Insightful intro and conclusion -Analysis of the comedian’s material..
5 paragraphs essay. 1 introduction (3-4 sentences) 2-4 Body paragraphs (9 sentences) 5 Conclusion paragraph (4-5 sentences) Topic: DEVELOPED NATIONS VERSUS DEVELOPING NATIONS (I CHOOSE COLOMBIA AND FRANCE ) AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT ECONOMY, JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND EDUCATION OF THOSE TWO COUNTRIES .
Identify what you believe to be the most important cultural values of the medieval period in Western Europe an
A successful essay communicates one main idea to the reader. That one main idea is usually referred to as a thesis statement, and the writer’s job is to support and develop that thesis statement through the body of the paper. The specific goal of this essay is to communicate to the reader your response to the question below. The answer to this question will be your..
Your task is to identify and briefly describe a current organisational problem or challenge faced by organisat
Your task is to identify and briefly describe a current organisational problem or challenge faced by the organisation. (e.g. high turnover, low employee engagement, the need to implement a change within the organisation, etc). You are expected to critically analyse the problem or challenge you have identified drawing on relevant frameworks and concepts..
Write anything you know about psychiatric pharmacy
Choose any article about psychiatric pharmacy. Heading will include name, date, and topic. (10 pts.) • 1st paragraph: Briefly summarize findings from article. What did the author(s) study and how did they study it? (20pts.) • 2nd paragraph: Relate this article to material covered in your textbook. Does the textbook adequately cover the topic? Does the article..
2 Essays: Racial Profiling and Homosexuality in 1950s america
Essay #1: Due in 18 hours (December 6, 2018 12:00 pm). Topic: Racial profiling, MLA Format. Thesis Statement: Racial profiling has many negative impacts. Those impacts include the discomfort and humiliation of many minority citizens, the lack of unity in the American people, and the possibility of real criminals of non-minority getting away thus becoming..
Rough draft for term paper "Religious Oppression as a Global Problem and its Effects"
Rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion. A minimum of three references are incorporated as support. Use the outline you posted as a guide, but if you find that changing some pieces makes more sense as you draft, that is fine. Be sure to follow APA formatting for your paper..
Psychology perception of art form of tv commercials
8 Page essay using 2 class sources with 3 outside sources which are provided. Essay must have a thesis in a form of a question. Paper will talk about the psychological aspect of the individual and how they react to tv commercials. paragraphs must contain at least 1 direct quote from in class reading, and 1 quote from outside source per paragraph..
You have a standard practice of displaying all student work in your classroom. Recently, you assigned students
You have a standard practice of displaying all student work in your classroom. Recently, you assigned students to write any essay and submit a pictorial depiction on the person they considered to be their hero. One of your students submitted an essay on Jesus and a drawing of the Last Supper. In a 500-750-essay, discuss any legal issues regarding the grading of..
Why America incarcerate many of it citizen, particulary Africa American ?
Create a causal argument explaining how and why America has incarcerate many of its citizen, particularly its African American. What force dieologies, profit motives, biases, and political decisions led to the current state of things ? Articles to read 1. The Bitter History Of Law And Order in America 2. The school to prison pipeline, explain 3. Yes You Cam Measure..
Do you believe the credit rating agencies acted in an ethical manner leading up to the 2008 financial crisis
Use the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook in answering this question: Do you believe the credit rating agencies acted in an ethical manner leading up to the 2008 financial crisis? In your answer include the following: Describe what the credit rating agencies did to contribute to the 2008 financial crisis. Use the CFA handbook as a guide to define ethics. Why..
Rhetorical Analysis of Plato’s “The Apology of Socrates”
The links that may help you:
Individual Case Report (DUE TOMORROW DECEMBER 4th)
Due: December 4th, 2018 at 6pm Instructions attached Individual Case Report (DUE TOMORROW DECEMBER 4th) Case is attached. Instructions are attached The report itself should be approximately 5 to 10 pages typed, double spaced, plus any appropriate appendices you wish to include.
Word research essay, explore the role satire plays in our society.
Does satire have an overall positive or negative impact on our political and social systems? In what ways can it inspire both change and apathy? What makes satire different from other forms of humor? What are the limits of satire? Are there certain rules or lines that should not be crossed? Ideas for essays: Write a close analysis of one famous example of satire:..
An article short for (rising divorce rate) an some includes facts and opinions with some quotes
In Within 4 hours, paragraph in only one page talking about (rising divorce rate) an some includes facts and opinions with some quotes. There must be some facts and opinions and quotations within the text with references mentioned below.
Ownership of firearms should be more strictly controlled in the United States.
word limit 475 to 600 ( APA style, 12 font, new times roman) the essay should be a persuasive essay in agreeing with title that firearms SHOULD be more strictly controlled in the US with giving facts and making an great argument for the reader. five body paragraph. three arguments on why should it be strict for the thesis statement make the thesis clear with three..
200 words by 20 hours come up withe a research question i attache how to frame research questions
come up with a research question I attache how to frame research questions. I attached audio + notes+ power point . also if you need i m able to provide the book if you need it . the qustion and the details for that not more than 200 or 300 max less than one page
Do dress codes and/or uniforms have a positive effect in K-12 schools? Why or why not.
Must be at least 5 pages not including work cited page. Must have a chart or graph and explain about the chart or graph. Must be in essay format. Must have at least 6 academically appropriate research sources in this argument. Acceptable sources are books,,published expert reports,articles from academic journals,information published through..
Reading Response for Donna Kain & Elizabeth Wardle
Read Donna Kain & Elizabeth Wardle, “Activity Theory: An Introduction for the Writing Classroom” Writing About Writing pp. 395-406 Explain in your own words what an activity system is, then explain the motives, tools, and goals for two systems which you are familiar with
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Steveson (1898)
Pick a passage from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (1886). It must demonstrate an important piece of information and include theme, character development, time and location, and conflict. This can be half a page. 2nd assignment: From the same passage above write a 500 words paper of why I chose the passage. Due before midnight today 12/01/18..
Tell the story of imigration and its history and effect on current day America
ESSAY 1 Tell the story of its history and effect on current day America. Latin American Describe the current political battle against illegal immigration today? How does it affect people of different ethnic backgrounds in the U.S.? What is the symbolism of “the Middle Passage” and “borderlands.” Finally, imagine an America of the future where people live in..
I REPEAT, DUE IN 2 HOURS Compose an essay of at least five paragraphs. Be specific and detailed. Please also use a title. Your essay should have at least two quotes **Annie Dillard writes, "The work's unity is more important than anything else about it" (xv). Write an essay that proves this statement by using one or two other essays we've read for class. Choose a work..
Write a one-page how-to article on how to do something useful. An article would have an introduction, body, a
Write a one-page how-to article on how to do something useful. An article would have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your reader might want to know: WHO would be doing this WHAT is it WHY would anyone do this WHERE would someone do the activity (or, maybe, where would they get supplies) WHEN would it be important to do the activity HOW would someone go about..
Reflective essay on your writing in an english course
As discussed in class, the last assignment for this course is an essay where you reflect on the writing you did in ENGL200. You could focus on any assignment you want, but preferably on your research paper. If you need help with the task, you could use these questions to generate ideas for your essay: How easy or difficult was the course in general? How difficult was..
1100 words paper that briefly describes a global issue
Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a 1200 word paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e., the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realised (approx. 300 words) and then, propose ways to address this challenge (approx. 900 words) in your professional community, locally..
Argumentative research paper on how stressful it can be being a computer engineer
this is a very important essay. please write a argumentative research paper on why becoming an computer engineer can be stressful and how to combat it. it need to be double spaced 12 font times new roman and please include a work cited and reference page
The Essay Prompt PROMPT: The context that had created and supported the Jeffersonian world view (that of the y
In this exercise you will use all the skills you have learned in the skills exercises to write a full length, rule of three, historical essay on the prompt below. As a reminder, an analytical essay contains an introduction setting up the context (with a clear rule of three thesis statement as the last sentence), three paragraphs of the body (in the same format as..
Mississinewa 1812 is the largest War of 1812 living history event in the United States.
description of the entire event that explains why it is there and what the significance of the battle being reenacted was, both to the war of 1812 and to the region’s history. Please don’t cut and paste this directly from the event’s web page. I have already read that and know what it says. Recast it in your own words, based on your own experiences as an attendee. Describe..
Unfair advantage" are buzzwords used recently in business to describe various notions, especially for product
Unfair advantage" are buzzwords used recently in business to describe various notions, especially for product branding. Another way the phrase can be used is to apply to personal advantages such as skills, knowledge, reputation, and so on. Whether "fair" or "unfair," what are one or two of your own advantages--what can you do that not everyone else in competition..
Does violence in video games cause violence in children ?
Write a unified, coherent, and well-developed argumentative research essay (800 words) on a topic of your choice. Throughout your essay, you must refer to at least five reliable expert sources, providing correct MLA in-text citations and an MLA Works Cited list at the end of your essay. Your essay should make frequent use of at least 5 reliable expert sources..
Bartleby the Scrivener and The Yellow Wallpaper: Compare and Contrast
Submit your comparison essay here. You must choose two stories or poems that we have already read in class and compare them to each other. You may compare any aspects that you find interesting. You must include a thesis statement and quotes from the text to back up your analysis.
ANTHROPOLOGY OF MEDICINE AND THE BODY: Answer two questions in detail, using the readings I have provided.
How has HIV/AIDS reshaped social relations and citizenship in Africa? Use these readings: - From “Rights” to “Ritual”: AIDS Activism in South Africa - Nguyen Chapter I have added the readings in a file. It is very important that you use these readings as proof of your opinion. Answer with 400words How are gendered Identities shaped through power relations?..
Describe and Evaluate a Postmodern or Beyond Theory/Theorist
Describe and Evaluate a Postmodern or Beyond Theory/Theorist 1. Select any “postmodern or beyond” theorist 2. Introduce the theorist or theory by situating the theorist (or theory) in the social and historical context in which his or her theory emerged. 3. Describe the theory and the social issues addressed by theorists who developed this theory. 4. Compare..
The US should not have withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty negotiations.
It should be 3 to 5 pages (double spaced). In this position, paper you should first name the theme of your essay and then provide enough background to allow a novice reader to understand the positions you will take.(my position is participation is correct) As you proceed, you may frame as many as four or five points that you think are central to the position you take...
People of Baltic Heritage and People of Brazilian Heritage
1. Which countries are known as the Baltic nations? 2. Discuss how the Baltic nations view the delivery of evidence-based healthcare and their beliefs related to health and disease. 3. Give an overview of the Brazilian heritage, how do they see health and disease and if there is any similarity between them and the Baltic nations. You must cite at least 3 evidence-based..
Letter to the president of university of north florida
ENC 1143 Project 2 Revising the First Synthesis Project Paper Objectives The objectives of this assignment are to demonstrate your ability to do the following: Understand arguments that utilize multiple, opposing perspectives;..
I. 1. Discuss the ideas developed by Richard Wagamese in Indian Horse about the interplay between how indivi
1. The paper should be maximum 750 words or 3 pages double-spaced (not including references and title page). 2. Formatting: a. 12 point Times New Roman font b. 1 inch document margins c. Numbered pages 3. MLA style is to be used consistently throughout the assignment. For help with the MLA style, visit the OWL – Purdue’s Online Writing Lab. 4. Upload your completed..
Reimagining Intellectual Property: Understanding Copyright, Plagiarism, and Authorship 20%
When we turn on a television, flip through a magazine, or browse the internet, we encounter copyrighted or trademarked material at almost every turn. We are peering a content created and registered by numerous authors. Since the birth of copyright and the concept of intellectual property, the modern world has struggled to balance “fair use” and artistic freedom..
Information paper : Annotated bibliography about abortion
Your annotated bibliography consists of four annotated sources; two for each side of the debatable topic. For each source, include: •An APA formatted entry for each source •A summary: What is the main message of this source? •Evaluation: Why is this a credible source? Why is this author credible? •Relevance: How will this source contribute to your research?..
Detailing on your comfortability with conducting research and incorporating it into an essay
You will write a five-paragraph essay detailing on your comfortability with conducting research and incorporating it into an essay. This essay is reflective and should be written in first person. Keep in mind that when writing a collegiate level essay, your paragraphs should be of a significant length. Do not submit five paragraphs containing three sentences..
10 Explore the aims, methods and/or impacts of tone in Unchopping a Tree by W.S. Merwin.
will require you to demonstrate your ability 1) to ask compelling questions in order to explore/respond to/argue about a topic, not only at the what-level, but also at the how- and why-levels; 2) to express your findings using clear, concise, grammatically accurate writing; 3) to conduct research and summarise, analyse, synthesize, and evaluate (SASE) ideas..
Response Essay or Argument with Extended Definition component
You are required to write an argument. In your essay, you should present your argument (thesis) at the end of the first, introductory paragraph. You may support your argument by the use of personal experience, logic, quotations from a text/texts we have read in class, or outside sources. Any sources, including texts used in class, must be properly cited. You..
Argumentative Essay.(why should physical classes should be required for the high school students .
1- The writer should give three reasons why physical classes should be require for the high school students . 2- The writer should use very academic words and transition words . Such as , can , should and will . 3- The writer should mention his or her opinion in the conclusion. 4- The writer should mention the work cited in the end of the last paper ...
Modern Warfare: Video Games Link to Real-World Violence" by Tansal
Write a response paper that looks at how Tansal works to avoid errors in linking cause to effect. Please make sure you reference specifics from the article and connect to your knowledge of the course. Please consider good paragraphing and cite your source(s). It is short (1-2 pages), but well done...
Taxes for the wealthy/modern “trickle-down economics”
write a four page argumentative essay, including a synthesis paragraph with at least three sources. Choose three sources that you can incorporate into a synthesis paragraph. Use argument elements that we’ve discussed in the class Clearly establish the problem being addressed Clearly propose a solution to the problem..
ENGL344 - Correspondence Assignment - Business Writing
For the correspondence assignment, include the following three components in one document: 1. cover memo (on page one); 2. bad-news memo (on pages two-three); and 3. persuasive letter (in block format on pages four-five). First, write a one-page cover memo to the Instructor: include a brief summary of your completion of the bad-news memo and persuasive letter..
In a 4-5 page essay, describe four of his principles that you think are the most applicable to daily life. In
In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor proposes a plan for changing our brain chemistry in order to create a positive outlook that induces true happiness or a happiness perspective. In a 4-5 page essay, describe four of his principles that you think are the most applicable to daily life. In order to support these principles as effective, compare them..
Argumentative essay on immigration & the separation of families
My topic is immigration , specifically the separation of families and how the immigration laws need to be more humane and also how americans would feel if it happened to them and their families. This must be in MLA format and every source you use must be cited correctly and you must provide me with them because the instructions say i have to turn them in with my essay...
Why does telling one lie require telling more lies?
Analysis and Argument: Your essay must argue from the position of your thesis. Read “The Truth About Lying” by Judith Viorst on p. 637. Develop an essay from question # 3 on p. 644. Argue that the telling of one lie requires the telling of more lies or the opposite. 1. Must cite three appropriate quotes from the essay selected. 2. Must have a Works Cited list. 3. Must..
Proposal essay. Immanuel Kant, “What Is Enlightenment?”
Proposal Choose a topic based on the material from the course, and propose an argument for your essay. You should focus carefully on the text you've chosen and relate the material to other works that we have discussed in class. Remember to keep your topic narrow, and take a definite, arguable stand on an issue. You’re basically trying to sell this topic to me, but..
Do you believe native speakers are the best English teachers?
This is an argumentative essay. Please find all related documents in this google drive folder: PLEASE NOTE: Use ONLY the provided articles and journals assignments. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES.
Reading Response for Donna Kain & Elizabeth Wardle
Read Donna Kain & Elizabeth Wardle, “Activity Theory: An Introduction for the Writing Classroom” Writing About Writing pp. 395-406 Explain in your own words what an activity system is, then explain the motives, tools, and goals for two systems which you are familiar with. The following content is partner provided..
The exploitation of women and the exploitation of animals
800-900 WORDS prompt: The exploitation of women and the exploitation of animals how they correalte in what ways are they similar . specifially, the circus industry how they exploit animals and how the adult sex industry exploits women , and how both are similar to one another .
Should people support the legalisation of same sex marriage
contention : In my opinion I don't think same sex marraiage should be legalisation . Key argument : Traditional marriage is in the public interest . Key argument 2 : Marriage is for procreation and should not be extended to same-sex couples because they cannot produce children together Key argument : Children need both a mother and a father it is for year11 international..
Reading Response for Donna Kain & Elizabeth Wardle
Read Donna Kain & Elizabeth Wardle, “Activity Theory: An Introduction for the Writing Classroom” Writing About Writing pp. 395-406 Explain in your own words what an activity system is, then explain the motives, tools, and goals for two systems which you are familiar with.
In need of correction for a profile essay ( looking for someone who can finish in 2 hours)
I have written this paper according to an interview that I did in class, but the feedback I got was not good. "remove I perspective and move the introduction of the person to the beginning of the paper" I need to change this paper into "profile essay" attaching 2 files which has the questions and other file that I wrote that needs fixing. I have wrote 4 pages, double..
How and why have members of your chosen nation or community interpreted and/ or adapted Hamlet?
Write at least 2000 words Use MLA style (Remember that you can consult a librarian for help!) for parenthetical documentation and Works Cited page. Quote from Hamlet, and discuss quoted passages. Quote from and respond to at least two secondary sources that you will discover through library research. You may also use secondary sources we have read in class...
MUST HAVE READ BOOK!! Thomas More THE IDEAL UTOPIA 632-42, Machiavelli, 643-51, Jefferson
Definition: First Level of Argumentation To clarify what the subject is (to define a word, to explain a concept, to report evidence) Topic: What is the ideal society? Readings: from Current Issues and Enduring Questions More, 632-42, Machiavelli, 643-51, Jefferson 651-54, Le Guin, 666-70, Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" online Assignment: Take a stand on..
Literary Analysis Essay of "The Handmaid's Tale" story
PURPOSE For this assignment you will write a short (3-5 page) Literary Analysis Essay. The purpose of the Literary Analysis Essay is to closely analyze a source. This assignment is intended to help you begin to understand how to use sources in an academic environment. OBJECTIVES: Critically read, analyze, and evaluate information, rhetorical patterns, and..
Do words have the power to change the course of events in Othello.
*UNIVERSITY LEVEL* Need the attached files to be taken into account. Discuss the role of language in Shakespear's Othello. Do words have the power to change the course of events or are they rather powerless against the tragic series of actions in the play?
Write as you are to present an oral in your english class
Write as you are having an oral in you feel about the auther Lynda Barry and her essay The sanctuary of school 1992. Give 3 Payclological diagnosis on how you fell by reading the essay should be negitive. Define the lable by pointing out lines bu packing it up in her essay, sufficent eveidence...
Interpersonal skills developed in college experience happier lives
750 WORDS - Prompt needs to be about: "the college experience can lead to a happier life because it allows students to strengthen their interpersonal skills" Also needs to have this quote incorporated into the text : "Daniel Gilbert is the host of the new PBS series This Emotional Life. [It] examines the biological and social science behind human emotion and social..
Based on what you have learned from Macbeth, does power corrupt?
Requirements Checklist: ___Thesis (Character and opinion clearly stated) ___Textual Evidence in each body paragraph ___MLA format (including proper heading and title) Introduction Persuasive Essay Building Blocks 1. Start with an attention-grabber such as a question, statistic, quote, or humorous or emotional story that captures you reader’s attention..
Compromise negotiation author made in Things Fall apart
Essay question *****In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe what compromise negotiations did the author make with the audience of the world. Explain their culture Essay 3 pages mla format You may use another source My name is vernitta Mathurin
Censorship, Writing, and the Inherent Risks of Authorship 10%
Essay #2: Censorship, Writing, and the Inherent Risks of Authorship 10% Writing has always been a risky venture, fraught with ethical, political, and financial pitfalls. The history of writing is filled with examples of censorship—governmental, social, and personal—and authors have often risked much for the sake of their written words. For this essay,..
PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FREE PLAGIARISM Comparison essay between Trifles and "A Jury of Her Peers"
Remember that your essay must be typed in a 14-point Times New Roman font. Double space your paper, format it with two inch margins, and be sure to follow the instructions on the syllabus regarding the information you need to include in the upper left-hand corner of the paper.Write a comparison and/or contrast essay in which you focus on the main differences between..
“Should Everyone Go to College?” And Why College Isnt (and Shouldn’t Have to be ) for everyone
Compare/Contrast: This means to focus on EITHER how two things are more alike than they are different OR to focus on their differences. Don't do both. This essay is looking for how two pieces are DIFFERENT even though they have the same thesis or purpose.
Should citizens have guns?(citizens shouldn't have guns in America)
before write an argument essay, I also need you to write the main claims about the essay. I will send you all requirements about the main claims and essay. and I hope you can send me the main claims before tomorrow 23:59.( for the essay, I need you quote three resources to prove three claims.)
A typical or the most popular holiday from your home country
Write about a typical or the most popular holiday from your home country. Here’s what you should include: • Special traditions associated with the holiday • Special foods • Special activities • The meaning of the holiday Include colorful and specific descriptions and detail. Discuss your own experience with this holiday and what it is that you miss now that you..
Susan Glaspell's "Trifles" Play Analysis/Summary with Integrated Questions. PT 2
Take existing work that i will provide and just add 400+ words using the questions on attached sheet as reference. You don't have to answer the questions for the assignment just integrate the would be answers into My Draft. Should flow easily and not seem like you just threw the answers in there
How Discrimination and loyalty explored in the kite runner and Eddie mabo
Divide it in two paragraphs first paragraphs write about how discriminationis explored in The Kite Runner and Eddie Mabo second paragraph write about how loyalty is explored in The Kite Runner all together around 350 words it is for year 11 EAL student
Personal essay about Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Nature"
Task: Now that you have closely analyzed Emerson’s thoughts about nature and solitude, I want you to take a walk by yourself (or with a dog if you have one!) and consider, for yourself, what Emerson’s thoughts about experiencing nature in solitude and connecting with God mean to you. You must, in your essay, explain and analyze a minimum of three quotations from..
“Does the Truth Matter, Personally, Politically or Culturally?”
500 words: “Does the Truth Matter, Personally, Politically or Culturally?” This paper (2 full pages) should examine the idea of truth as we have explored it so far. Use the Sykes, Burton and Koerth-Baker essays (plus the Errol Morris video “Umbrella Man”) on truth and conspiracy theories to describe how 21st century America (and Americans) view truth. Then..
Write a 3 1/2 to 4 page essay on the experience of growing up from childhood to maturity
Write essay 3 1/2 to 4 pages on the experience of growing up, from childhood to maturity. Prompt:What growing -up experiences does the boy in "Conjurer" have, and how do they change him, if at all? FIND SCHOLARLY RESEARCH ARTICLE about growing up and maturing and work the ideas into your essay. HINT: it may help to ask yourself wether the boy we meet in the beginning..
Susan Glaspell's "Trifles" Play Analysis/Summary with Integrated Questions.
Take existing work that i was provide and just add 400+ words using the questions on attached sheet as reference. You don't have to answer the questions for the assignment just integrate the would be answers into My First Draft. Should flow easily and not seem like you just threw the answers in there. **May have to add more words as next assignment so you can possible..
Problems and Call to Action for dishonesty of gaming companies
So my topic is dishonesty of gaming companies like how they show good game plays etc.. to make player think the game so good etc.. but at the end its shit. So I wrote about problems and Call to Action. If you could add more to it that would be awesome.
Detailed Summary on "The Sexism of School Dress Codes"
A summary essay on the article: Must be: standard memo format, APA references and citations, and in your own words. Take your time, the deadline is 1 week (October 16 2018). I have included the detailed instructions in the pdf files...
What questions does Atwood’s book raise about present-day American society?
Quote from the novel and discuss quoted passages. Write readable, coherent, focused paragraphs and sentences. TIPS FOR SUCCESS (for a strong essay): Avoid too much summary. Don’t use a lot of space retelling the story. Make the most of the writing exercises we’ve done leading up to this essay assignment. These were meant to help you discover interesting questions..
According to The Bhagavad-Gita, what is the point or purpose in practicing yoga ?
Write an essay of 3-5 pages in which you develop your own thoughts , interpretations, and or insights. Support evidence from the text. MLA style. AVOID PLOT SUMMARY and discuss your topic in an INTELLIGENT and INSIGHTFUL manner. Essay should have a detectable introduction(with a thesis),body,and
Choose a song that speaks to a particular social issue
Summarize: Explain what the song you selected is about. Does it tell a particular story? Who are the central characters in the song? What theme or themes emerge? Identify the Purpose: What is the central message in this song? Is there a subtext? What is the main idea that the songwriter is trying to get across to the listener? Does it call on the listener to take action?..
Europian nationality: civil rights and participation in democratic life of europe.
Like it defined on aricle 9 on the treaty for the europian union, europian nationality is the first step for the making of a europian adentity Who are the rights that the europian people have and who these rights help in the making of a europian adentity
Urgent reserch paper/essay about a short story you should read first (kafka metamorphosis)
VERY IMPORTANT first read the short story by kafa name : metamorphosis. then please discuss the story in detail, think about how the individual is conceptualized in the story as you see in the struggles that Gregor Samsa goes through, and then relate it to a social/political change/movement. Feminism is not the most appropriate in this case -- how could it have..
Brownies by Z.Z. Packer Vs. Battle Royale by Ralph Ellison
In an essay 7 pages in length, you’ll compare and contrast two short stories: Brownies by Z.Z. Packer Vs. Battle Royale by Ralph Ellison, exploring similarities and differences in content, perspective, how the authors utilize story elements, social/cultural themes, etc. This essay will need five (5) sources, while two (2) has to be a peer-review journal,..
Understanding the discourse of Discourse Communities
In James Paul Gee's article, he states that Discourse is not one about using language, but that it is about saying(writing)-doing-being-valuing-believing combinations. Look back on Tony Mirabelli's article "Learning to Serve" pages (298-318) to find and then describe some examples of those combinations among the community of severs he analyzes...
Rhetorical analysis of the story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’
You wrote a paragraph-length rhetorical analysis for 'The Tell-Tale Heart' and submitted it to UBlearns on 9/20 and we conducted an informal trial of the narrator in class on the same day. Next steps: 1.) Revise your paragraph-length rhetorical analysis using any new ideas gleaned from the trial. 2.) Submit this revised paragraph for a tutoring session on MyWritingLab..
Traditional Classroom Learning is Better than Online Learning
ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION Your assignment is to make your own argument for a material that you find most useful for English courses (or other courses, if you would rather focus on that) (3-5 pages) Steps: Choose your argument Introduce your argument (thesis statement) Support your argument Consider objections to your argument Refute those objections Conclude..
Critical analyses of a science fiction short story
Papers should be written in MLA format and run 1,400-1,750 words (approximately 4-5 pages). choose one of these topics. It has been argued that science fiction’s imaginary worlds can each be situated somewhere on the continuum between the opposing poles of utopia and dystopia. Consider how two or three of the stories published since 1980 suggest futures that..
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