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Essay on Construction examples

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Risk and Value Management(Construction Economics)
Kilby House is an existing building. It comprises of Block A, which is six storeys high plus a roof level plant room, and Block B which is eleven storeys high plus a roof level plant room. The two blocks are linked by a central stair and lift core. The proposed works comprise of the design, conversion, extension and defects rectification of Kilby House into 202 en-suite..
Discuss the legal requirement to ensure their employees have access to health surveillance & health services
have already send it to turnitin. got 34%. need you to reduce it to at least 15% tittle: Discuss the legal requirement to ensure their employees have access to health surveillance & health services, and explain why employee well being is becoming an important issue
Construction Safety Essay(details see instructions)
Topic : If laws are made to prevent accident and ill health then, applying theory on accident causation, critically analyse which laws are the most effective at ensuring that the causes of accidents are controlled. Criteria : 1. Sources and types of law are clearly explained, including the influence of case law 2. Identify the value of applying the theory of accident..
Paul O'Neill Essay
What are your takeaways/thoughts from your research into Paul O’Neill’s approach to workplace safety at Alcoa? How could it be applied? Suggested Resources YouTube: “Paul O'Neill on Safety Leadership”
Enterprise Leadership
The essay should have a clear structure which includes: 1. An introduction that: a. Includes a few general statements supported by the mandatory readings (in-text citations) about the topic to clarify your interpretation of the question; b. Includes a thesis statement that presents your position on the topic; and c. Outlines the main points that support your..
Unit IV Article Critique
Choose a journal article from the CSU Online Library that deals with any of the material presented in the first four units of this course. The article itself must be more than one page in length. The EBSCO Database (Business Source Complete) is a good source of journals for safety related articles. If you have a specific area of interest that is covered later in the..
Construction Project Management
1. You are working for a relatively inexperienced developer who want to know if he should manage all the work he has lined up as separate stand alone project or employ a Programme Manager. He has asked you to prepare a specific briefing paper that highlights the merits and drawbacks for each option. (750 words) 2. The same developer has also asked you to consider..
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