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Essay on Arts examples

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Exploring Ideas about Art and Aesthetics (3 pages)
In this assignment you will have the opportunity for personal reflection on art and aesthetics, based on selections from a range of philosophical and cultural approaches that are provided in course documents. Goals for this assignment include exposure to a range of ideas about art and aesthetics, and an opportunity to reflect on some of those ideas in terms..
Art exhibition of a museum. digital upload. must have experience with art history
Read the attached file labeled art paper study bay final for directions. The are some power points to see what eras we are working with i uploaded and will send the rest when hired. This has to be in depth paper with art vocabulary and visual analysis and familiar with the pacific eras. I had another writter tell me they knew what they were doing just for a one page small..
It's All Greek (and Roman) to me have to use art key terms and visual analysis.
The ancient cultures of Greece and Rome have had enormous reverberations throughout history, even to the present day. In fact, many of the major themes shaping these ancient art forms (worship of an ideal athletic human body, "everything in moderation", reverence for logic and mathematical harmonies, praise of individualism, democracy) are not only familiar,..
The spread of chinoiserie floral motif along silk road
For each country, describe the objects, emphasize on the floral motif and features. For China, discuss the objects as the starting point of Silk Road. For the rest country, discuss what features they have on their original culture (if have), how the motif influenced by Chinese culture and Silk Road, and how are they relate to each other overall. Suggested word..
How does fashion film as a medium offer new ways to represent, explore, and understand fashion?
. How does fashion film as a medium offer new ways to represent, explore, and understand fashion? Base your argument around at least 2 examples of your choice (historical and/or contemporary). Please use as many references as you can (at least 12), not only use the references mentioned in the lecture, Harvard referencing style, 2000 words...
"The Black Arts Movement": Forging a Black Aesthetic
Read pages 48-61 on the link below. See attached directions. 1. Write a 3.5 page response 2. Write two important facts and ideas found in the reading. 3. Discuss at least one opinion about the facts and why you agree or disagree. * DO NOT WAFFLE OR MAKE REDUNDANT STATEMENTS. MEANING RECITE WORDS ALREADY WRITTEN TO MEAT A WORD COUNT. THE RESPONSE SHOULD BE COGENT AND..
Ompare and contrast the two botanical artworks (by ellis rowan and emily kam kngwarray)
Your essay task is to compare and contrast the two artworks, concentrating upon the artistic approaches, techniques and conceptual outcomes addressed in this subject. Although some research is necessary to provide context, this essay is not significantly focused upon historical research or facts. Rather is it about your own visual analysis and response..
How did the avant-garde challenge museum culture and the viewing experience?
This is a 'History of Art' paper. It will require an individual with: -A Degree level education in the history of art or European Social history of the 20th/21st century. -Western educated the deadline for which is 12 midnight Wednesday 20th Feb 2019 (GMT) It's focus is, through using the sources I have provided, to first define the "avant garde" emerging in art...
How was Gitto's 'Saint Francis Cycle' integrated with the... decoration of the Upper Church?
FULL TITLE: "How was Gitto's 'Saint Francis Cycle' integrated with the other elements of the decoration of the Upper Church?" This refers to the upper church of Assisi Art Historical Essay. The Focus should be on original thought. This is a cambridge university essay and I will be sure to refund if there are futher signs of essay-bot or machine learning made essays..
Descriptive essay writing about one image by the American illustrator, Norman Rockwell.
deadline is February 6th I've already chosen the image. (attached) 1. Intro 2.  Describe the scene ex) in the woman dressing room 3ft from the wall they are plumbers. Briefly. 16inches long 1inch high bronze with a bronze piano hinge 3. Describe the characters in detail Narrative imaginary * character identifiable * Environment - scene (dramatic purposes)..
Choose 3 examples from art and design from your discipline and describe how they relate to their context.
Use one of the following methodological approaches to interpret the work? (ending of question) Choose from Formalism/Marxist historiography and social art history/semiotics/Phsychoanalysis Im doing three dimensional design thats my discipline
Choose at least TWO examples from the art of two different eras which have been covered in class.
Title of Assignment (500 to 800 words): Choose at least TWO examples from the art of two different eras which have been covered in class. For each of the art works you need to describe some aesthetic characteristics and provide some historical context. Finally you need to show how each art work/style from the past has served as inspiration for a modern or contemporary..
Weave a word challenge NOTED - I'm not paying 15 dollar for 2 paragraphs
“WEAVE A WORD” challenge This is a creative writing challenge. Below are 12 words. Your challenge is to create a 2-3 paragraph narrative. It can be a bio; a fantasy; sci-fi; or an adventure, funny, or serious … basically, whatever you want. However, you cannot simply use the words as a part of a series, ie. “I ate an anchovy, an almond, an adroid, etc.” If you are not..
Please choose one artwork which represents Realism.
Chuck Close,Artist,President Clinton,painting Please choose one artwork which represents Realism. Post an image of the art chosen. Describe the art,telling us the title,artist,date created,materials used. Discuss the art using art terms from the reading such as focal point,line,composition,color palette. Tell us why it is considered Realism. Above..
Art of Comedy Parody of Supreme Court confirmation hearings.
Write a parody or travesty of the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Provide a paragraph explaining what makes your piece a parody or travesty. 4-6 pages, typed, double-spaced. *NOTE* This is for an Art of Comedy paper. Make sure there is light humor in the paper. You are basically going to have to make fun of the Supreme Courts confirmation Hearings...
Latin american design- topic on Brazil or colombia
These essays are a critical extension of the lectures presented by the instructor, not just a repetition of the lecture. The student determines the specific topic and emphasis based on research material. Each essay is an expansion of the larger and major points of the lecture and readings, with a bibliography and materials selected by each student.
 NOT just..
Fuente Ovejuna- Honor and the relationship between personal integrity vs rule of law
Must read and cite the play to complete this essay- n Lope de Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna, members of the nobility abuse their power to satisfy their desires, requiring lesser-ranked people to organize against them. The play contributes to the exploration of the central theme of honor by questioning the relationship between personal integrity and the rule of law...
In the work of Leonardo, what role does observation of nature?
In the work of Leonardo, what role does observation of nature (and of the visible world generally) play, and what role is played by imagination, free association, and projection? How do these two aspects of Leonardo’s work relate to each other, and to the problem of representing the infinite and/or the invisible? Discuss, comparing one of Leonardo’s pictures..
Controversy in Public Art: The History of the Washington Monument
Research your topic and provide the class with important and significant information. Do not “cut and paste” material from outside sources; rewrite information in your own words. Since you are “teaching” this information to other students taking the course, write about new ideas and explain them. Let the class know what you have learned during your research...
Compare and contrast the political philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
Compare and contrast the political philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke as discussed in your text. How would you describe, using your own words, the way each man viewed the common man? Can you imagine a political situation or a country in which Hobbes's ideas would be better suited? Are there problems with Locke's ideas? What are they, in your opinion?..
A 3-5 page essay comparing and contrasting two works of art
SSIGNMENT: Write a 3-5 page essay comparing and contrasting two works of art "Terracotta Army" and "Tikal, Temple I, Guatemala". You must cover the following points in your comparison: Introduce the artwork titles, period styles and artists names Briefly state what you believe is significant about these artworks In other words… Tell your reader what works..
Rewriting Wikipedia using electronic resources WIKIPEDIA ESSAY
Select a site or an object or group of objects from our sessions so far (up to and including 8/9), such as Jōmon pottery, dōtaku bells, Haniwa sculptures, and the like, and see what you can find out using electronic resources. Use the Powerpoints (in the Files section on Canvas) as a reference for these images; you may also use Mason as a reference. Part I: Check each..
Two Romantic paintings that represent the role of landscape in Romanticism
3. Select two Romantic paintings (they can be by the same artist) that represent the role of landscape in Romanticism. Compare and contrast the subject matter and approach to depicting the natural world in each painting, as well as the historical context in which each was made, including relevant information the artist’s biography...
Write a short response on Turner's role in England during the rise of industrialization and Romanticism.
For the first extra credit opportunity of the summer session: please watch the documentary linked below (one of the episodes of Professor Simon Schama's "Power of Art" series) on J.M.W. Turner and write a short response on Turner's role in England during the rise of industrialization and Romanticism. Your response should be 1-2 pages double-spaced, size 12..
Write a short response on David's role in France both during and after the revolution.
For the first extra credit opportunity of the summer session: please watch the documentary linked below (one of the episodes of Professor Simon Schama's "Power of Art" series) on Jacques-Louis David and write a short response on David's role in France both during and after the revolution. Your response should be 1-2 pages double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman..
Art analysis paper (artwork: Picasso's Harlequin, 1915, oil on canvas)
-should look at the artwork carefully in person -should discuss how line, shape, form, light/shadow, color, texture, and depth and space have been used in the artwork -should design/composition (how have the parts of the image/ objects been arrnaged) -should discuss what materials and techniques were used to make it & how they affect how the artwork looks -should..
Plans and Exercises To mitigate and Recover from Emergency
Write a clear and well thought out essay based on the Florence, Arizona community with plans and exercises to mitigate and recover from an emergency incident. Please remember to use APA style and format. While there is no minimum word count, you must adequately address community planning,
American Dilemma--Slavery – The Art & Literature of Protest
Describe two (2) examples of how either black slaves or white abolitionists used literature or the visual arts as a form of protest against slavery. Compare this to a modern example of art used for social protest. American Dilemma--Slavery – The Art & Literature of Protest •Haven's article on Goodman's scholarship on art protesting slavery before the Civil..
Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure and National Defense
Topic 1: Describe the overall concepts of homeland security and homeland defense. Primary missions, tasks, duties, responsibilities, operations, etc. for each broad initiative. Topic 2: Provide an overview of our nation’s critical infrastructure with an emphasis on the following: Its relationship to homeland security and homeland defense 3 Pages, APA..
Reading Response - Queer Performance and HIR Submit Assignment
Read selection "Gay Drama / Queer Performance?" by Torsten Graff; AND read one of the following two articles: "On the Normalization of Queer-Themed Theatre" by John J Caswell Jr, and "LGBTQ Theatre, Emphasis on the Q" by Zachary Small. For reference, these latter two articles can be found in the same file "LGBTQ Theatre" in Files. No matter your choice, you must..
Profile of a Sacred Space Temple of Heaven complex,Beijing,China
In your essay, you should include: 1) General Description - Why was it built? Is its location significant? 2) Architectural Design - What aspects of its design are unique? What engineering techniques are significant? How was the space designed for its function? 3) Harmony with Nature - How is the building (or the site as a whole) oriented? Do the cardinal directions..
Reading Response - Arab-American Performance and 9 Parts of Desire Submit Assignment
Read Arab-American contextual readings and Heather Raffo's 9 Parts of Desire. Write a one page response to the following: What are the implications of performing this play as a one-woman, three-woman, or nine-woman show? How are the cultural conversations introduced in this play an exploration of American and Arab social norms and expectations? Each reading..
Reading Response - South Asian Performance and Harvest Submit Assignment
Read the introduction (p.1-18) from Theatres of Independence and Manjula Padmanabhan's Harvest. Write a one page response to the following: What are the socio-political and technological critiques in this play? How do they appear onstage? Are there similar forms of discourse regarding post-colonialism today? Each reading response is worth 20 points...
Reading Response - Latinx Performance and Zoot Suit
Read "Necessary Theatre" and "So Many Stories to Tell" in the Latinx Theatre subfolder, found in the Readings folder, and Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit. Write a one page response to the following: Why would this have been one of the first Latinx-written/starring plays to make it to Broadway? How does it fit within larger narratives of Latinx theatrical history? What..
Compare/Contrast Analysis Essay: Poetry and the Visual Arts
Your goal for this paper is to compare and contrast a poem and a work of visual art in order to answer the question: how does the poem add to / enhance our understanding and enjoyment of the work of art?Suggested poem/art pairings are available in the section of The Bedford Compact Introduction to Literature entitled “Poetry and the Visual Arts” (Meyer 978 - 979)...
Reading Response - African-American Performance and Les Blancs Submit Assignment
Read "The Ground on Which I Stand" and the introduction to Les Blancs and Lorraine Hansberry's Les Blancs. Write a one page response to the following: What is revolutionary about Les Blancs in performance? How does staging this play introduce issues of colonialism and representation? Each reading response is worth 20 points. 5 points for writing at least one..
Describe the Silk Road and its use and effect in China and the West
Writing Assignment for Unit One • Include your name, student number, course number, course title and unit number on each page of your writing assignment (this is for your protection in case your materials become separated). • Begin each writing assignment by identifying the question number you are answering followed by the actual question itself (in bold type)...
Reading Response - Native American Performance and Death of a Chief
Read "The Death of a Chief: Watching for Adaptation" and Native Earth Performing Arts's Death of a Chief. Write a one page response to the following: What are the implications of adapting Julius Caesar with Native artists? How does the change from a culture of dominance to one of subjection manifest itself in conversations in/about the play? Each reading response..
Give it a unique tittle please need it in MLA format
Class here are a few paper topics, keep in mind you may also choose your own. When picking a topic please think how you will approach it. Please consider the class, race and gender roles of the time, as well as, historic events and their effect on the subject of the paper. For example the Pictoralists emphasis on the natural gave rise to studies of the male and female..
Asian Art History Visual Analysis Compare and Contrast
Please see attachments, I have attached the prompt as well as a few example essays that were given an A grade. I also attached a document with the two images I would like to use for the assignment. For compare, they are both battle scenes, please speak about this For contrast, they are pretty different,; just describe this This is a visual analysis only, just one paragraph..
“What is Sacred?” to Prehistoric and ancient Egyptian humankind?
In 2,000 words or less answer the following question, using the examples of art and architecture listed below, to support your thoughts on: “What is Sacred?” to Prehistoric and ancient Egyptian humankind? Use each of the following as an example to support your points: 1) Cave Paintings 2) Stonehenge 3) The Great Pyramids 4) One work of art, architecture, or myth,..
Fake Fruit Factory: An avante Garde experimental film
Chick Strand’s Fake Fruit Factory (1986) [] is a film that can be situated in multiple strains of the avant-garde: 1. Maya Deren’s concept of film poetry 2. Structural film’s emphasis on formal rigor and attention to the material of film (David James) 3. Creative uses of sound and image relationships (Mary Ann Doane and Michel Chion) 4. An..
The role of Semiotics within design context/Same but different (please write the tittle for me)
Instructions: This assessment task will involve the selection of an essay topic (choose any one from the three outlined below), thorough research around the key components of the subject using a variety of sources, and writing up your 1500-word response in appropriate academic style. A suggested plan for your essay has been included below for you to follow...
Reading Response - American Realism and Picnic Submit Assignment
Read "Tragedy and the Common Man" in the Readings folder and William Inge's Picnic. Write a one page response to the following: What is the social commentary in Inge's play? How does the lack of a stereotypical 'tragic ending' reflect Miller's call for tragedy within 'common' characters? Each reading response is worth 20 points. 5 points for writing at least..
The influence of Gothic Art (Giotto) on Catholicism Art
Research Paper Prompt: Choose a research topic related to the art of from 350-1850 CE. I picked The influence of Gothic Art (Giotto) on Catholicism Art, but you can choose another topic that similar to this to write. Conduct original research in the CCSF library and museums in the Bay Area using a minimum of five (5) separate academic sources (scholarly books,..
Summarize the study of painting of Caravaggio and Caravaggisti in 17th-Century Europe.
Using the link below, summarize the study of painting of Caravaggio and Caravaggisti in 17th-Century Europe.
History and Gentrification: Chelsea, Capital of Modernity?
This class has discussed many of the ways that art responds to contemporary urban life, and influences it in turn. New York City offers many rich examples of this relationship. For example, the old Meatpacking district in downtown Manhattan has undergone profound and rapid gentrification in the past decade, and art has played a central role in this transformation..
Duchamp’s Fountain (1917) has been called the most important work of the twentieth century. In an essay of 300 words, please either agree with this and argue that it is the most important work of the twentieth century, or disagree with it and argue why it is not an important work. Pick one position and stay with it throughout your essay. Your title and thesis should..
MUSEUM VISIT Essay #2—Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon vs. Matisse’ Piano Lesson; MoMa
--Paper must be 3-4 pages in length (double-spaced) --Paper must have a title (a good title will reflect your thesis) --Paper must be in Times New Roman 12 point font --Paper margins must be 1" on left and right; top margin must be 1" and bottom margin 1" --Put titles of works of art in italics **IMPORTANT** If you borrow someone else's idea, you must footnote it. If..
Easy 1 Page Summary Bahram Gur in a Peasant’s House, Ilkhanid Dynasty
Using the link provided below, summarize the meaning, and medium, of the illustrated manuscript of Bahram Gur in a Peasant’s House, Ilkhanid Dynasty.
Distinction between “low” and “high” art Due OCT 7
Do you think there is a distinction between what is termed as “low” and “high” art? If yes, why do you think it is important to have this distinction? If not, how will you justify that all forms and samples of art are “good” in their own terms? Support your answer with appropriate rationale and examples. write a response of approximately 400 words. Compose your thoughts..
When you recognize you made a purchase based on the pressure.
Write a two-page short essay where you identify and explain three examples of when you recognize you made a purchase based on the pressure placed upon you by a specific ad or commercial. Can you identify any instances when you bought something because the image of that product “pushed the right buttons” in your mind? Maybe a certain smartphone? Or an automobile?..
Short essay on Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait painting
Write a short essay on Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait painting. Use the information on the painting under the tab Arnolfini Portrait Resources for background knowledge and information when you construct your essay. Include the following when you structure your essay: A general description of the painting: what do you see? What is going on? Talk about two..
Jaune Quick-to-See, Native American Women Artist AND WOMEN HISTORY
I WANTS YOU TO DO A Preliminary Idea Summary/Works Cited FOR A RESEARCH PAPER, TWO TO THREE PAGES AND HEAR THE INSTRACTURE ADVICES: ALSO I WILL ATTACH SOME IMPORTANT FILES Ideas Summary: (3) page typed summary (do not exceed this limit) of important ideas and connections relating to your selected artists/exhibition (see below) based on your research to date...
Theory Meets Practice III: Art and Technology DUE OCT 2
As part of your final project, in Week 3, you are required to analyze the relation between art and technology. Your analysis document should be three to four pages in length and respond to the following: The technological advancement or advancements, such as the invention of the camera, the computer, the printing press, digital photography, or others, that..
Visual art analysis(an creative tittle for that work of art)
the following link is the work of art that i want to write about. it can be either Chicago or MLA style 20 sources, 5 of them must be from library(books, not online) i have attached file of instructions, criteria, and checklist when is done.
How do the different contexts of display reflect different attitudes to the art of Benin?
Read the following extract from Reading 2.2 ‘Benin antiquities at the British Museum’ and look at Plates 3.1.14 British officers of the Benin punitive expedition with bronzes and ivories taken from the royal compound, Benin City, 1897 and 3.2.24 Display of Benin bronzes in The Sainsbury African Galleries, the British Museum, 2005 in the AA100 Illustration..
Using examples, examine what “eclecticism” means in Postmodern product design.
• Review and analysis of the arguments in texts relating to the topic. • Analysis of the visual languages of relevant product design examples and precedents. • Conclusion from the review and analyses in answer to the question. • List of images, with sources properly referenced • Bibliography, properly formatted Essays should also include: • Quotations from..
Buddhist architecture of the stupas and chaitya halls
Analyze the Indian Buddhist architecture of the stupas and chaitya halls. How do these structures reflect the ideology and worship practices of those who built them? What were the architectural forerunners of these structures? How are they similar to structures built for Christian or Islamic worship and how do they differ?..
This chapter begins coverage of the visual elements through a discussion of line and shape. It’s a good opportunity to help students establish helpful habits, such as using artistic terminology and noticing the role of specific visual details. Some stud
Steven Spielberg’s film still from Schindler’s List, (fig. 3.9, page 44, Understanding Art 11th edition, Ficher-Rathus) is a great example of expressive value of color. This color technique plays a key role in design. Select an image outside of chapter 2 from the text that uses expressive color. Discuss how expressive value of color is used in your selected..
Art history Critical Thinking: Essential Question #1
Papers are to be typed, double spaced, 12 pt. type, 2-3 pages, one inch margins. Students are to do their own papers but may use any sources available for gaining information. If online or text sources are consulted, appropriate footnotes and a list of references are to be included. If needed, use the free Writing Lab in Vest Building for help in grammar and composition...
Critique of paint reproductions of collages and collages themselves, along with color matching swatches
Dear writer Please writer critique of my paintings of collages and collages themselves, along with color matching swatches ( I have attached and upload the magazine color cutting painting that i made. This painting is from color magazine cutting and i have to pain them in acrylic. I am painting exactly the same that i made from color magazine cutting. Please write..
Visual arts defining the purpose and language of the visual arts.
Write a 350- to 700-word summary on the subject of visual arts defining the purpose and language of the visual arts. Please, apply APA format to every assignment in class when citing and referencing text chapters, peer reviewed sources, films, or videos. For individual assignments that are essays or papers, use at least one scholarly or peer-reviewed source..
The psychological and behavioral factors of terrorism
Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1" margins, APA writing style . Address the following : Describe the psychological and behavioral factors of terrorism.Categorize means of communication and influence they have upon advancing terrorist narratives.Summarize psychological and behavioral factors within al Qaeda leadership and affiliate..
The Malaysianess of Malaysian Art: displaying or exhibiting culture
From the use of specific cultural imagery in advertising, movies, and so on, to artists appropriating imagery or styles from specific cultures in their work (your own work?), to aspects of fashion and bodily ornament, to the body and its markers (skin pigmentation, ‘racial’ or ‘ethnic’ bodily features) as a site of cultural display, to practices of collecting..
Write about one artwork from Greek or Egyptian art dept. at the Met NYC in the point of view of a character.
'Visit the Met Museum NYC and view the galleries relating either to the Egyptian or Greek art.' Basically, choose one piece which is there (Met Museum NYC) in that section (Greek or Egyptian art) (link with choices attached) and Then imagine that you are one of the characters from either "Gilgamesh", "The Odyssey" Book of “Genesis” or from Sappho’s poems or from..
Visual Analysis Paper- Compare and Contast Artist Naomi Fisher and Ana Mendietta
Introduction with thesis and overall aesthetics, and may include history, economic, cultural about objects (art piece) specific time period and technique utilized to create the object etc. analytical fashion, the significance of the object and how it fits into contemporary art historical framework. not a research paper however if quote a source a plcard..
Artemisia Gentileschi portraits from an early feminist
Evaluate the work of Artemisia Gentileschi Renaissance Artist and interpret why she is considered an early feminist. APA format, required to annotate five academic scholarly resources. Scholarly resource is written by an academic scholar, holding a Ph.D. or other terminal degree, is published in a multi-volume, peer-reviewed journal.The essay must be..
Religion in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century European Art
Religion in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century European Art Whether artists were working under the patronage of a Catholic Pope, endorsing a Counter-Reformation agenda, or producing art influenced by the Protestant Reformation, religion had an undeniable impact on the creation of art in the High Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe. Carefully examine..
Descriptive writing Of the View of a Town in the Sabine Hills 1814 By jean- victor Bertin
View of a Town in the Sabine Hills 1814 By Jean-Victor Bertin (1767 - 1842) Include a brief history of 160 words or less about the artist and his work. Do not plagiarize historical information.Cite the sources of your information. This is not a book report or a general essay. Descriptive writing and close observation is necessary. Further questions to answer:..
Ai Weiwei - great artist and a fearless fighter for the human rights and independent thinking. Sunflower Seeds (2010) – ‘seeds of hope.’
Hello, everyone. I am looking for someone to help me to write an essay on Art History subject. The main idea is to analyse the artwork of 'Sunflower Seeds' by Ai Weiwei. Please, no plagiarism!!!! I am ordering this essay for the second time, as the author name Skymogz just copied someone's articles, put them together and sent it to me))). Once again, to use the same..
Advantages and disadvantages of public speaking courses in colleges and universities.
The title of Essay is Advantages and disadvantages of public speaking courses in colleges and universities. ( Advantages and disadvantages of on-line public speaking programs in universities and colleges) The first page- Concept Map of this Essay. The second page- Essay itself, 4-5 paragraphs. Pls, 3 main paragraphs -with 3 for each why. Simple words. Regards..
Two types of assessments teachers can use to measure students' achievements ( portfolio & formative)
Hello. I am back to U. Pls, use a Concept Map, as a first page showing 3 main ideas, then 3 why in details for each statement. The next page just simple words the essay in 4-5 paragraphs, as 3 main and introduction and conclusion.
How do time periods of an artist’s life change their artwork?
Outline: -Intro: -Artist: #1:Small biography (Introduction of artists) time period life situation #2:Small biography (Introduction of artists) time period life situation -Artist#1: choose three artworks(before) choose three artworks(after) Dicuss formal qualities and how they changed -Artist#2: choose three artworks(before) choose three artworks(after)..
Ai Weiwei - great artist and a fearless fighter for the human rights and independent thinking. Sunflower Seeds (2010) – ‘seeds of hope.’
Hello, everyone. I am looking for some help to write an essay on Art History subject. The main idea is to analyse the artwork of 'Sunflower Seeds' by Ai Weiwei. Essays must be 1500 words in length, including references & footnotes. (bibliography attached). Start your essay with a clear statement of what your essay is about and how it is structured. Essays should..
Communicating with the Public About Design in Context—The Design Review
Replacing your smartphone with the newest and most beautifully designed model might lead you to consider how technology companies get us to scrap perfectly functional technology, creating mountains of technology waste.
What are the benefits of technology for ney generations reading skills?
In only your own words except for direct quotations, write in two-to three page essay answering the following question - what are the benefits of technology for the new generations reading skills? READ THE ARTICLE FIRST AND include examples from Johnsons - Dawn of the digital natives - Also, you may include examples for your experience. please type your essay..
Which of your school and extracurricular activities have been your favorite and why?
his extracurriculum activity is for example taking Ceramics Class, painting of his own pottery, glass fussing. When asked my son why these has been his favorite he said he like to see the after effects and process it takes to achieve this art is amazing. So please help put all this together in a ten years olds old words. In case you want to check out website its called..
DADA graphic design and it's influences on modern graphic design
The essay needs to be with images and demonstrating that. Minimum 3 outside sources( foot prints ). Only prefer to use related to these Dadaists design: Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Filippo Marinetti, Fortunato Depero, Kurt Schwitters, Andre Breton or Max Ernst.
Compare and contrast the character and the characterisations of the two following nz characters
Compare and contrast the characters and characterisations of Grandmother Ramona (from Witi Ihimaera’s Bulibasha and Pat/Aorewa (from C. K. Stead’s All Visitors Ashore). there will be some basis for the contrasts you draw, some point to the comparisons you make. You will be assessed on your ability to come up with one or two leading ideas that organise your discussion,..
The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago/Caroline Herschel
Caroline Herschel (b. 1750, Hannover, Germany; d. 1848, Hannover, Germany) Caroline Herschel was a pioneering female astronomer, and the first woman to discover a comet. Her achievements enabled generations of women to develop a career in the sciences, a field that was once exclusively reserved for men. Herschel grew up in Hannover, Germany, with ten siblings...
Wilson & Brustein: The Debate of Colorblind Casting
ARGUE BOTH DEBATE POSITIONS FOR YOUR TERM PAPER – Discussion questions to be addressed is term paper: What does Wilson fear? What do Wilson and Brustein agree on? What does Brustein say to Wilson’s fears? You can read about actors, directors and playwrights in the textbook. How do the debate positions affect them? Instructor Comment: You will have read in your..
Art Analysis "Terracotta statuette of Aphrodite and Eros"
it should be typed ESSAY version. The paper should be in standard format: Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double spaced, 1-inch margins. Include Image. Describe the image. Include bibliography. Great deal written about Greek mythology and Hellenistic work in general.
Hokusai's The Great Wave Off Kanagawa vs. Degas' The Tub
TEXT Your essay MUST: * Be a minimum of 3-5 pages excluding illustrations, headings and paragraph breaks. * Be spell-checked and grammar-checked and proofread for errors not caught by computer. * Include a heading containing your full name, ID number, class title & section, date, and instructor's name. * Be typed and double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman..
Academic research essay: Write an essay based on the following essay question:
Sociology explores the relationship between "personal troubles" and "public issues". Discuss this relationship using one example of social inequality and explain the value of adopting a sociological perspective when devising solutions to address social problems. Your example of social inequality should be linked with one of the following topics from..
Italian art then (for example, in the Renaissance) and now.
For your essay topic, you will choose a comparison of past and present, either in Italy as a whole, or in Siena or some other part of the country. Ideally, you will choose your own topic. You will then run it by the professor. Please do not suggest a topic until you have also identified the literature that you will be referring to. You can download most literature from..
What I like and disliked about the artwork at frist
The response paper is a formal paper in which you demonstrate your understanding of art and the visual elements and principles of design. You must visit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts (if you live in the Nashville area) or the Appalachian Center for Craft (if you live in the Cookeville/Livingston area) and write about your response to the artworks you see..
Still life with flowers in a vase. Christoffel van den Berghe, Dutch, achieve c. 1617- after 1628
General information, Description, formal analysis, elements of arts & design, short introduction about the artist, describe the subject matter on display, Who commissioned the painting? where was it displayed?, what was the medium, technique, Why did you pick this painting? why does it interest you?. Chicago manual of style. 3-5 pages. Use the book: Sylvan..
"artworks can challenge accepted conventions of the art world"
the essay question is : "artworks can challenge accepted conventions of the art world" DISCUSS this statement referring to these artists and their artworks. i have to include three artist and they MUST be: - tracey emin - artemisia gentileschi - frida kahlo answer MUST inlcude: - reference these artists and their artwork which have CHALLENGED THE CONVENTIONS..
American Museum of Natural History Admission - New York‎
this is a American Museum of Natural History Admission - New York‎ analysis... I have to argue something... I already wrote an essay related to but the professor didnt like so i have to re-write it. the professor want me to argue something related to the museum like.. what i didn't lie and why.. or what i would change and why, how .. etc... she likes to bother students..
Paper response to 2 short readings about 911 Memorial mmuseum (NYC)
This essay it should be written based in two reading about the 9/11 museum in NYC.. first reading: The near impossible Challenge of designing the 9/11 museum second reading: The worst day of my life is now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction. I need one essay analyzing this two readings DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ... I already got in trouble for a plagiarized paper. I provide..
Paper response, reading analysis about museum architecture
can a real writer help me with a 500 words paper response to a reading about museums ... DONT PLAGIRESE PLEASE. my professor is not stupid... she is young and knows when something is plagiarized .. I will provide the photos of the reading ... this is due on Tuesday.. that means on Tuesday at 6 pm I have to bring the paper to my class... NO OUTSIDE SOURCES PLEASE. once ogain..NO..
The Connection between the Korean currency and Design
Be sure to connect to specific trends, techniques or images that you have learned about in class. Our Textbook was Meggs' History of Graphic Design, Sixth Edition by Phillip B. Meggs and Alston W. Purvis.
Hans Zimmer's soundtrack in the film 'Interstellar'
Please read the attached file. This is a creative, philosophical, musical soundtrack essay. It will discuss the soundtrack in detail and why its relevant in culture, world news, impacts, views, environment. this is an essay thats bigger then just reviewing a soundtrack.
Compare“Description of a City Shower” with William Blake’s in “London,”
the best comparison essays are usually alert to both thematic and technical aspects of the works being compared Do not simply summarize the two poems. Ultimately, your comparative analysis of the two poems should allow you to make a general claim about them be alert to both similarities and differences 4 pages (1200-1600 words)..
Advances in Animation and Their Effects on Modern Cinema
the paper must contain researched historical information as well as critical analysis including discussion of TWO animation films (can be disney). all papers are to be accompanied by a list of animation and print resources cited Bibliography
Triptych of the Madonna and Child with Saints, Neri Di Bicci
Descriptive Essay: What is the artwork’s subject matter? Did the object originally have a function? (What was its original context?) What materials is it made of? How would you describe the artwork’s composition? What details are particularly striking? What overall effect does the artwork produce? Picture Reference:
Critique on the Play El Nogalar I watched for another customer
1 Must be based on the Play El Nogalar I watched 2: Must be based on instructions (Critiques in Syllabus which I marked in yellow) 3:Must be based on the play El Nogalar which perform CSUN (PIC 1,2,3,4)
A third gender, beautiful youths in japanese prints.. ESSAY REPORT
hi.. so this time i need an analysis of a exposition i went with my classmates and professor... the place is called "the Japanese society " the exposition is very sexual and show that in the history of japan the transgender .. I include a photo with all the instructions provided by my professor.. In the answer that asks "how can one identify a wakashu in Japanese prints?..
my tok essay is partial, i need someone to complete it in 12 hours (500-600 words)
Civil War and American Art
Need work within 6 hrs The Civil War and American Art complete this paper 3200 words I have complete 1750 need Conclusion and 2 more works of art from this period.
Creative writing
I will provide you a paper to use as guideline about will create a paper using jazz dance...simple
Creative Project Midterm(Play)
1.Lesson Planning: 2.Lesson Planning Sample : 3 The Cherry Orchard
Personalize your trainers with art
Example: how shoes are bieng designed or drawn on at carnaby street, London, vide:
Abstract Expressionism, Ideologies, Individualism and Beyond
grammatical revision complexity of sentences (sentence structure)+better word choices
Abstract Expressionism, Ideologies, Individualism and Beyond
I already have my essay written. I need some grammatical revision and just check -up if my point is valid enough. + citation
Short analysis response /.. 7 pages reading
the reading is named " The Exhibitionary Complex". The Professor wants an analysis of the reading but also a response ..needs to include a reaction. the analysis and response it has to focus in something specific of the reading.. is just 2 pages double space .. please this professor is very smart.. she is from London .. the language has to be American.. and 0 % plagiarism..
Reading Reflection Essay
Please follow the Instructions I sent, and this paper only covers pages 55-77 of the SteinbergEssay file.
talk about the impressionism art and and introduce its characteristics and chose one of the most prominent artists to talk about him briefly and select one of his masterpieces and how the characteristics of impressions appear in the selected piece and the meaning if it. then discuss the relationship between his style and the different circumstances of the time..
The Epic of Gilgamesh and Odyssey (hero).
Honor Different view of getting honor Death Well-developed papers will follow the MLA format, formal academic principles for writing, as well as demonstrate effective use of grammar and syntax. Papers will be no longer than three and a half (3.5) pages but no shorter than two (2). Furthermore, students will use at least one scholarly article in their papers..
Art Discussion
500 words cited using MLA style Wikipedia is not a permitted scholarly source. 3 to 4 images Note the artwork’s identifying traits: title, name of artist, year created, medium, and current location. How could the 1960s and 1970s artwork of Eva Hesse, Lynda Bengalis, and Louise Bourgeois be seen as a critique Minimalist art? Support your discussion with at least..
hey I just want to someone help me with this essay, just want you to write about " Classical Art: Ancient Greece, Rome & the Renaissance" anyone of them just choose one title and write about it
hey, I just want somone help me with this essay, just 3 pages. anything I want it, it's going to be in Attach File, In addition, add one picture for what you will writing about.
History of Art and Technology
Please answer the following 4 questions in approximately 700-800 words each. These are short answer questions intended to assess your familiarity with the content of the course. Please focus your attention on comparing and contrasting the different works and artistic approaches that you mention, and do not duplicate specific artworks or media across answers...
Short analysis.. 11 pages reading
the professor gave me this reading but i forgot ... i have to submit for Monday the reading talks about discriminations against blacks and women in the museums of new York in the history bla bla bla .. so i have to write something saying that i totally disagree with discrimination to women or black or any person .. bla bla bla.. is just 2 pages double space .. please this..
In this task, you will write an analysis (suggested length of 3–5 pages) of one work from the disciplines of visual art or music. Choose one work from the list below:
18th century art history professional writers only plz
Discuss the representation of the “Family” in the works explored in the course. How did artists reflect the changing ideas about, and expectations of, the role of family in society? Your response must address the “evolution of the family” as its relates to one or more of the following areas: public life, happiness, politics, state power, and any other key ideas..
PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY Watch the following two clips: Q : What do these videos tell you about creativity? Explore two or three key ideas that you find interesting, surprising and/or problematic. ** Begin with a quote about creativity (For the..
Not What She Expected by Katherine Strause
discuss each of these 3 methods to analyze the painting: discourse analysis, feminism, psychoanalysis. Essays should: have a title page that clearly indicates the following: your student ID only (no name), the essay’s title, the course number, the date submitted, the instructor’s name, your TA’s name. Be carefully checked for spelling, grammar and inadvertent..
Art Discussion
10–12-page research paper • At least 2200 words, approximately 2/3 of the length of your final paper • Must include an introduction with a clear statement of purpose • Different sections of paper show clear development of statement of purpose and integrate research sources • Visual analysis of specific artworks • Overall paper has a coherent flow that supports..
Rhetorical analysis
Film History
1. Research and define national art movements: German Expressionism Movement 2. Briefly describe the history 3. Provide an overview of art disciplines affected by the movement 4. Compare and contrast a single shot or sequence from "The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari", "La Strada", "Breathless", with a shot or sequence from a film that came before or after the respective..
Comparing and contrasting two pop artists
im looking for someone who can finish in 11 hours MLA style easay
Michelango and two of his greatest works
must utilize two references of reputable source other then text books or wiki..
1. Discuss the evolution of Othello’s character. Provide a description of the emotional and/or psychological journey he undergoes (connect the play’s events to these things) as well as an analysis of the reasons for this journey. Make sure you start with a clear thesis. Develop the thesis with specific evidence from the play and connect that evidence to your..
Cimabue Crucifix
Italian Renaissance Art History: You need to read the direction come up with a question and answer that question in the essay
Art 101
Choose one two-dimensional piece from either the "landscape", "unseen forces", "unlikely landscapes, seascapes or still-lives", "blue people", or "here the symbols crash" collections of the Museum of Bad Art (Links to an external site.). In your first paragraph, start by citing the artist and name of the artwork. Then conduct a formal analysis. Analyze..
Art Discussion
During the Great Depression, murals proliferated throughout the United States. Public murals, whether in public or private spaces, conveyed specific ideological messages during this period of crisis, revealing competing visions of America. Conduct research to identify a mural created during the Depression era that caused controversy. Discuss the meanings..
Art History Assignment
simple English not hard one minimum four sources You are to write a short, 1-2-page, essay on the following sculpture. Be sure to introduce the artwork you are to write about by including what it is made of, where/when it was found and a brief description of the piece. THEN give a short analysis of it based on your knowledge of Stone Age Art. Formatting: use TIMES NEW..
Writing Assignment World of Art Humanities
Writing Assignment SHORT ESSAYS 10 pts. (5 pts. per topic) Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar and spelling. CRITERIA: •Select TWO questions / topics from the list below. •Write your response in essay format. •For full credit- your response to each question / topic must be more than 250 words. •Please re-write the question /topic that you are responding..
AAD Midterm Paper-- Art and Gender
There are two attached file in this order. The first one is the requirement of this essay; the second one is the Proposal Worksheet that I submitted last week. You should write this 4 pages paper basic on my Proposal Worksheet. The third file is the Painting Picture what I want to write. Please read the requirement carefully and put your topic on this artwork and gender...
Art Discussion
How were lithography, photography, and/or sculptural monuments used to document or commemorate the Civil War? Choose two examples, each one a different medium, and explain how the artists conveyed meaning visually through choice of subject matter, composition, elements of art, and principles of design. Here’s a tip for this assignment:  consider the facts..
paper should include information about the time period/ style of each of the two time periods that you write about. You have to display art historical knowledge. some time periods examples 17th and 18th century or the modern world from 1800-1945 but not limited to the book we use is living with art by Mark Getlein I NEED SOMEONE THAT KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT ART!!!..
Eileen gray
an around 1100 words essay,2 parts,one is the biography of eileen gray,the other is her Design features
COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE WORK OF FRIDA KAHLO AND DIEGO RIVERA, looking at media, their relationship to european artistic movements, their political views, and the impact of their personal lives on their work - 5 pages (double-spaced, 12 font, not including title page) -endnote form for citations NOT footnote -at least five bibliographic entries required..
Critical analisis of an artifact
critique of a cultural artifact from the classical to the post-modern period which includes any type of medium for example pictures, paintings, drawings, sculptures, buildings, bridges, freestanding structures, landscape, song or instrumental, etc.
Unknown yet
Need this assignment done:Opposing opinions / Self Debate. All the requirements are listed under the assignment,
Art Discussion
Compare two portraits from the eighteenth century (1700s)—one of a private individual and the other of a public figure. How does each portrait communicate a person's wealth, status, religious background, and/or identity? writing a response of approximately 600 words. Compose your thoughts with careful research, analysis, and personal insight. Your commentary..
Art Compare and Contrast Essay
Complete a comparison/contrast of one pair of the works of art listed below. Your analysis should be a Minimum 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman. The comparison should be at least one page and the differences at least one page. This should be saved as a WORD file (Not Wordperfect) and sent to me as an email attachment. This means your file name..
Compare contrast of three goddesses Parthenon and jamb statues on Chartres cathedral
Actually on need 2 pages of text plus bib
Greece Assignment
Ancient Greek Assignment: Build your own Ancient Greece Museum Essay: 1000-1500 words, Times New Roman, 12-font, double-spaced Points: 100 Imagine: The City of Tulsa, has decided that Tulsa needs a museum devoted exclusively to Ancient Greek art and architecture, and funds are unlimited! This will be one of the biggest projects ever to hit Tulsa, Oklahoma...
American theatre
Identify influences of Greek and Roman theatre, discussed in class, which you find in Eugene O’Neill’s Desire under the Elms and Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. Do not just look at the obvious; strive to really consider what you learned, and apply that to a critical analysis of Greek and Roman influence on these plays. This is not a research paper. Rely..
Venus with a Mirror
Your task is to provide a 2-page analysis of the image attached using a concept or topic drawn from John Berger's book "Ways of Seeing." The paper could consider the form of the image(what medium it is, how it is composed, what is unique about it as an image in terms of representation of humans, of space, of relationships of looking, of the place of the artist with respect..
Discussion Board
Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, you will create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 300 words, demonstrate course-related knowledge, and be supported by biblical principles. Summarize this module/week's readings in at least 300 words. Your summary must integrate..
American Art History
Find a visual example that shows the interaction between Spaniards and Native Americans from the seventeenth century (1600s). Discuss the artwork’s subject matter, style, and context. Does the background of the artist play a role in the artwork’s intended meaning? writing a response of approximately 600 words Compose your thoughts with careful research,..
Religion in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century European Art
Religion in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century European Art Whether artists were working under the patronage of a Catholic Pope, endorsing a Counter-Reformation agenda, or producing art influenced by the Protestant Reformation, religion had an undeniable impact on the creation of art in the High Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe. Carefully examine..
Critical Analysis Paper
View the following (which are included or linked in Powerpoint and here): Kuleshov Effect short film (1918) Screenwipe on Editing by Charlie Brooker (clip, 2007) (attached in ppt) Brief Intro to Marx Battleship Potemkin _(Odessa Steps scene)_ (1925) Strike (1925) (esp. bull slaughter scene ) Modern Times (1936) Triumph of the Will, Leni Riefenstahl, 1935..
Live Viewing Critique
Critique of a play that you have attended during the course of this semester. Amatuer, professional and academic productions are all allowed. Length: 400-600 word minimum. Format: .doc, .docx, .txt files only. Header bloc: Indicate the date and location of your viewing at the top of the text.
Art histroy paper: Curate a show
You are given the opportunity to create an exhibition featuring 6 artworks/artifacts of your choice. As a curator, you must select the artworks/artifacts and write a curatorial statement in which you explain your choices and propose questions or problems for further discussion. There are some rules: 3 artworks must come from a museum you visit in person. So..
Trace the development of painting
Write a five-page, double-spaced essay in which you trace the development of painting through the following periods: Baroque Neoclassicism Realism Impressionism Post-Impressionism Cubism geometric abstraction Surrealism Cite visual examples that support your response and list the URLs where examples can be viewed. Choose examples other than those..
Journal entry 2
You will complete virtual tours and the textbook chapters through various museums and historic locations. Each assignment must have a journal entry of at least 400 words and contain at least 1 citation in current MLA format. This assignment is intended to familiarize you with collections of 20th and 21st century work in national and international museums and..
The essay will be reflections on readings, video viewings, and discussion from class. This essay should 5-6 pages long and will be written as a letter to King Louis XIV, to whom you are writing about the current state of dance in contemporary society. You will describe in detail, the evolution of dance since his reign, and you may want to add details of you think his..
Modern Architecture Discussion
What makes a good building?Please view the video on Frank Lloyd Wright - the American architect. Argue about the role and importance of architecture in everyday life - use your surroundings as a basis for your opinions. Do you think "form should follow function?" How much do you pay attention to the buildings you inhabit? What do you expect from good architecture?..
An analysis of a painting
An analysis of a painting, or any work of art, should address six basic questions: who, what, when, where, how, and why. The answers to these questions are so interdependent that the order in which they are posed depends upon the evidence of each individual painting and upon the viewer’s own sense of priorities...
Modern Art through Impressionism
Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, you will create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 300 words, demonstrate course-related knowledge, and be supported by biblical principles. Your summary must integrate a Christian worldview..
What is the most important role an artist can have in society and how can that be fulfilled?
400 words
Aristide Bruant in his cabaret
We have to describe the picture "Aristide Bruant in his cabaret" following by the ELEMENTS OF PAINTING ANALYSIS. This is not a research assignment rather it is a test of your visual acuity and your ability to utilize the vocabulary we are developing in class.
Delivering Workplace Performance
Using the Internet, and credible electronic search tools, research various options for delivering worker performance training programs in this 21st century. Select a minimum of three training methods (e.g., classroom, directed study, video conferencing, self-paced, computer-mediated, manual, etc.)one-inch margins a font size of 12..
Art reading response
Arial, font size 10, single space, one page. Your paper should describe the general argument and main points of the text. What you think about the text. The paper should show how well you understand the text, and how it analyses and develops a set of ideas.
Reading response
Arial, font size 10, single space, one page. Your paper should describe the general argument and main points of the text. What you think about the text. The paper should show how well you understand the text, and how it analyses and develops a set of ideas.
18th Century Art Class Issues Discussion
After reading about the art of the eighteenth century, how do you think it represents the different social classes? Which style formed for the aristocracy? Which style formed for the middle class? What are the differences visually and otherwise? Do we have anything like class division in the arts today?..
Reading response
Arial, font size 10, single space, one page. Your paper should describe the general argument and main points of the text. What you think about the text. The paper should show how well you understand the text, and how it analyses and develops a set of ideas.
Raphael's painting
i Want 2.5 pages and i want you to use the transition words from the attachment and you have to talk about 2 of Raphael painting one of them have to be Madonna and child Enthroned with saints and you can choose the other work by him. it must two of Raphael works though.
Need help title
1. Video Assignment 6 Consider the following two videos How We Can Teach Computers to Make Sense of Our Emotions, by Raphael Arar and An Art Made of Trust, Vulnerability and Connection, by Marina Abramovic. • Elaborate on how each of the speakers is exploring human emotion and reaction in their work. • How does the viewer or audience factor or contribute to the artwork..
“Feeling Small: Scale and Proportion in Art”
This is your first essay project of the semester. Your essay will investigate the visual principles of scale and proportion as seen in Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s Shuttlecocks. Your essay must be at least 500-words long. You must use a word processing program (such as MS Word) to write your essay. You must then submit/attach your essay to the assignment..
Museum visit
I need this by Wednesday and actually im supposed to go to a museum and look up an art work but im not available hopefully someone can help me
Lamassu The Gatekeeper
Need help with title
Drawing vs Painting: British artist David Hockney refers to his works created on the iPad as drawings. Compare his iPad drawing with the watercolor painting by John Singer Sargent. Does the distinction between drawing and painting make sense in this case? How do our definitions relate to each of these images? Where should the line between the two be drawn? What..
Tomb of Nebamun
List and describe how (4) visual elements and (4) visual principles have been applied to Fowling Scene - Tomb of Nebamun (c.1350 BCE) British Museum (only this image not the entire tomb/chapel). You should need at least 500 words to discuss the artwork and please use MLA formatting. With a WorksCited page. ***(Scene)- ***Pick..
Formal Analysis
Complete a formal analysis of one of the works of art listed below. Your analysis should be a minimum 2 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman. This should be saved as a WORD file (Not Wordperfect) and sent to me as an email attachment. This means your file name will end with .doc - NOT .wps. These are also acceptable formats: .pdf, rtf. Note - If you send..
Menkaura and Queen
Menkaura and Queen the art of ancient Egypt and then try to make some connections to its culture. First, let’s explore the worldview of the Egyptians. What were the most important geographical features of Egypt? How did they affect them? Why? Given this geography, what values and ideas were most important to them? Why? In particular, please explore the ideals..
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