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Family and Medical Leave Act and Core HR Functions
Prepare a 5–6-page analysis on how FMLA has affected both teamwork and your selected function of an HR department. You must include both positive and negative consequences of the act as well as recommendations to mitigate negative effects of the act on teamwork, using an employee-centered approach. Scenario The health care ecosystem is experiencing considerable..
The extent of influence of Automation and Artificial Intelligence on Accountancy, Surgery and Law
AI and Disruptive Employment Less than 24 hour deadline. 2500 words total Thorough academic research and creativity needed! Part 1 (90% of the paper (2200 words)): Critical analysis of the fields of Accountancy, Surgery and Law, for evidence that Automation/AI is already or is likely to ‘take over’, or will be like earlier disruptive technologies. Part 2 (10%..
a healthy investment at sisters of charity providence hospital
Your analysis of the case should include the following sections: Situation Identification: · What are the key issues/problems in this case? · What are the underlying issues? · These “underlying issues” are the Human Resource (HR) principles that apply to this situation. Key Facts/Supporting Information: · Discuss the facts that affect the problems and issues...
Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Workforce Diversity
The following items should be included in your Final Paper: 1. Cover page with project description, your name, date, class name, and professor’s name. 2. Table of contents with outline of research paper’s contents. 3. Abstract not required for short paper 4. Written content - five pages in length not including cover page or reference page. 5. References and..
Employer Project with Jobstreet.com (Expert Needed)
The contents of the employer project are in the pdf document. We are required to do PPT slides to fulfill the assignment. As this is an employer project, we would need an expert with experience in the related field because we will be needing to solve the issues that the company is facing today with out of the box thinking and applying effective practical methods...
Collective Bargaining Course - Case Study & Grievant Questions
450 word count Case Study - APA Format Read Cases Study via link below Read Case Study 11-2, “Sleeping on the Job,” on pages 426-427 of your textbook. Then, answer the following questions: 1. Should the company’s treatment of the grievant for the first two “sleeping on the job” incidents influence the outcome in this case? Explain. 2. Did the Company have just cause..
Assignment 2: New Supervisor Training on Performance Evaluations
Now that the position has been created, you’ve taken the opportunity to create a PowerPoint presentation to train new supervisors on how to conduct performance evaluations. Whether you use an annual evaluation, real-time feedback, or quarterly evaluations, it is important that new supervisors understand: 1) the rationale for a performance evaluation..
Employee retention, Employee Motivation as well as Reward System
Hey there! I am looking to write a research paper about employee retention, motivation as well as reward system. I want to cover the following subjects: Retaining and Motivating Employees 1.1.1 Employee Orientation 1.1.2 Training and Development 1.1.3 Employee Motivation Additional Tools for Employee Retention Reward System for Employees 1.1.1 Purpose..
Case Study; To relate the world of not for profit organisation?, write 1200 words
Case study: What is a non for profit? how is it different from a for profit organisation? How non for profit survive? where they get there fundings from? Write 1200 words and harvard referencing Case study: Non for profit organisation in Australia " BSOL - Brisbane Seniors Online" https://www.bsol.asn.au/pages/ and analyse the following: 1. Potential for..
Identify and develop a diversity and inclusion strategy
“ABC Pty Ltd is all about creating places where people feel comfortable in their environment, allowing us all to be the best we can be. A diverse and inclusive workplace not only means people feel valued, it helps build a better, stronger and more innovative ABC Pty Ltd Australia”. Their global inclusion strategy is focused on embedding flexible work; achieving..
Exploring the impact of employee engagement on organizational performance
HI, you helped me with my proposal. I just need to change a few things after they gave a more clear indication of what they expect. Will you be able to help me? I will need 9 pages on literature review and aprox 1 page on research methodology. I attached a word document of what they said they expect. Thanks, Girty..
Personnel Planning and Recruiting and Job Analysis
1. Read the following Chapters: • Job Analysis (Chapter 4). • Personnel Planning and Recruiting (Chapter 5). 2. View Power Point presentations and lectures for chapters 4 & 5 Overview of both chapters, using examples and be consistant with citing and reference to both chapters and ppt's.
Design a proposal for a competitive compensation package
Using the job description and evaluation method that you created (Accounting Manager) design a proposal for a competitive compensation package for the position, including the following elements: • Job description (Already Created) • Method of Job evaluation (Already Created). • Intrinsic and extrinsic benefits • Compensation package and rationale for..
How can you use different motivational strategies to retain employees?
Please let me know if you can write the literature review in 5 pages 2300 words. I have attached the requirements which has all the details but if you need more please let me know. Will need to find three data sources for the literature review which are based in the U.K.. also complete the references at the end of the report...
Employability skill development in work-integrated learning: Barriers and best practice
Need to prepare an annotation of each article with the following content: (1) Aim of the research (2) Research design (3) Findings (4) Strength and Limitation (5) Conclusion (6) Does this articles help to answer the research questions: Are business student work ready? If so, how does it help answer the questions? (about 200 words for each article)..
Kirkpatricks's training evaluation and Midwest Electric Corp Case Study
This is a Human Resource course assignment. Please read the attached document provided. This assignment should not be completed in a paper format and should only help address the questions. Extensive research should not be done.
Training & Employee Employer Development Issue Paper
This paper is 5-8 pages long with 12 font and double spaced. IMPORTANT - There is a draft submission that are necessary. If possible please provide. The attachments have all detailed information and the identified issue chosen. Additional resources are provided and would prefer to be used.
Senge’s Five Disciplines and Organizational Climate
The learning organization is affected by both the individual and the organizational climate. In a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), describe Senge’s five disciplines and the characteristics of an organizational climate that promotes organizational learning. Include the following in your paper: 1. Describe Senge’s five..
How can a company enhance her employer branding strategy in order to attract and engage potential employees?
- Introduction - What are the definitions / concepts of employer branding and employer attractiveness? - What is employee engagement? - What organizational and job elements determine the attractiveness of an employer? - How can Social Media be used to increase a company’s employer brand? - Conclusion - Recommendation ** Use APA for references **..
Instructional Design & Training Transfer Questions
I am including the links that are necessary as part of the assignment. http://www.syberworks.com/articles/10-instructional-design-tips.htm http://humanresources.about.com/od/trainingtransfer/fl/4-Tips-to-Make-Training-and-Development-Work-Before-the-Training.htm http://humanresources.about.com/od/trainingtransfer/a/training_work.htm..
Describe the basic qualities of your management style
My management style is basically not to micro manage, I teach the person what to do and I let them know that they should feel free to ask any questions . I train new clerks, the way I like to be trained, what you have to do and why it's done this way.i try not to give the person too much information at once and I let the person implement what I just taught them. ( because a demonstration..
Peer Review for Essay (Choosing to work in Canada or France)
Please complete a peer review for a written essay. It is due tomorrow at 10 AM so please have it done by tonight (Ideally by 12), no later 5 AM. You will be correcting the paper on Turnitin.com, please don't submit the review before I get a chance to review it, there's a save button. I will give you access to the essay and the directions once I choose you to complete this...
Analysis Of T-test and Regressions - Executive Summary
Assignment: By the due date, you should be prepared to do two things: a. Submit a 2-3 page executive summary which describes to top management what the work and pay data can tell them about the workforce and in particular how they could use theories of motivation to better understand how pay interacts with the motivation in the company. Your executive summary should..
Tthe Impact of Total Rewardss Programs on Business Strategy
Write a 10-page research paper, double-spaced and in APA style. The research paper is based on "The Impact of Total Rewards Programs on Business Strategy" . The paper is required to have no less than 10 references with a limit of three web-based references
Your Workers May Be Contingent But Your Liability for Them Is Certain Article Review
This is a human resource article review. Attached are the instructions and chosen article.
Canadian Bereavement Leave Policy
Scenario Your organization is a floral supply company with employees in the following jurisdictions: British Columbia Manitoba Newfoundland and Labrador The organization is planning to implement a company-wide policy with respect to bereavement leave that provides the same benefits to all employees, regardless of their province of employment or their..
The Affordable Care Act an Appraisal Article Review
This is a Human Resource article review pertaining to the Affordable Care Act
Employee Orientation Procedural Manual
Employee Orientation Procedural Manual Length: 4-5 pages Due: Tuesday 3/21 For this assignment, you will write up employee guidelines and procedures for a company familiar to you to be used in an orientation manual. Company manuals, distributed to all new employees, help to orient new workers, while also protecting the company. The company manual outlines..
collective bargaining simulation
I m on the union side of the case. we already did the collective bargaining simulation. now you should finish the final report as a union side which just answer questions from the instructions. before negotiation simulation, each side already did the pre-bargaining report and I will give you this. after negotiation simulation, we did a new collective bargaining..
Job Requirement
On page 190, under "Applications", respond to "Conducting a Job Requirements or Job Rewards Job Analysis". Do the Job Requirement option. You may choose your current job, or select one of interest to you. This assignment/report should be two pages in length and address all five sections on page 191...
Total Rewards Assignment
Research the job you are interested in and determine what the salary range is (use labour market web-sites for this). https://www.app.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/labourmarket/ojf/findoccupation.asp http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/wage-outlook_search-eng.do?reportOption=wage List and briefly describe four things you would want a company to provide you in..
Compensation principles of Walt Disney Company
DIRECTIONS ON WRITING THE RESEARCH PAPER The research paper assignment will comprise 40% of the total grade. Select an organization or industry with which you are familiar and then write a 5 to 7 page analysis paper to research the appropriate application of compensation principles to achieve organizational/industry objectives. Research the industry specific..
Reference Letter
Writing a reference letter about me and my achievements. Base will be my resume/cv plus additional information
army combat readiness
There are three different parts the first two require 250 words and the third follow as directed in the instruction 1 "Following successful initial field testing, Army senior leaders have approved the development of alternate Army Combat Fitness Test assessments for selected Soldiers with permanent profiles that prevent full participation in the six-event..
Let's Expose the Gender Pay Gap
I need a one page reaction paper to the article "Let's Expose the Gender Pay Gap" from The New York Times-August 13, 2015 by Joanne Lipman. The paper needs 3 sections ,1. Insight (describe a key insight gained from the article include an objective and a subjective description. 2. Linkages-describe how the insight relates to one reported in another reading (Lean..
Word based learning report using Gibbs reflective model
Assignment: work based learning report 1. A 2'500 words essay which focuses on applying and evaluating the usefulness of one of the theoretical tools introduced. 2. Applying a specific tool to a situation or experience, in order to generate new insight or perspective 3. It should include reflective practices. Focus: 1. A workplace experience or a situation..
Ways to Determine Best Means of Hiring and Testing New Employees in the Company
Your report should include the following documents. The body of the report (No. 5) should be no more than four single-spaced pages. The other documents should be on their own pages, so the report will be about 10 pages total. Title page Transmittal memo Table of contents Executive summary Body of the report (list from above) Introduction Problem (one or two paragraphs)..
Employee Illness
report writing in Apa style mandatory, with this page,1.Title page,2. Table of Contents,3.Abstract or Executive Summary,4. Introduction(or terms of References and Procedure),5.Finding and /or Discussion,6.Conclusion including Recommendations,7.References. Note : Number 4,5,6 .should have a minimum of 2 pages...
Violence in the work place
APA Style is mandatory 1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Abstract or Executive Summary 4. Introduction (or Terms of Reference and Procedure) 5. Findings and/or Discussion 6. Conclusion includes Recommendations 7. References Note: Number 4. 5. 6. should have a minimum of 2 pages
How does office romance affect the parties involved, their colleagues and the general working environment?
Please see attachments for instructions and guidance for my annotated bibliography assignment. Use the attached week 3 assignment for reference. MY research questions is. "How does office romance affect the parties involved, their colleagues and the general working environment" Please feel free to send me a message for further assistance thank you...
• Employment Issues Posed by Legal and Illegal Immigration
BBA 328 – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - TERM PAPER REQUIREMENTS • A mini term paper on a specific Human Resource Management Topic is REQUIRED for this course. • The paper is to be posted as a Word Document attachment in the Term Paper Forum on Blackboard on Tuesday, June 25th by 11:59 PM. Late submissions will not be accepted. • The term paper should not be treated as..
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