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Does the rise in terrorism affect immigration in the UK?
I have a full draft of my dissertation done 10k words written,however I dont feel 100%. I will upload it to the chosen writer to see the arguments and work to finalise it for me. Edit, change, add structure. I need quite a lot of changes. I have set a plan for how I want the dissertation to go now. I will upload and discuss that with the selected writer...
The impacts of the “foundational Nazi theories” on the violence dynamics
1. Preliminary pages are numbered in lower-case roman numerals at the bottom centre of each page; 2. Page numbers begin with 1 at the first page of the Introduction, and pages are numbered henceforth sequentially to the very last page; 3. Page numbers should appear at the top-right hand corner on each page except for the first page of each chapter where they appear..
The role of NGOs in the political empowerment of women in Jordon
This will be my dissertation so i have 5 questions for my dissertation to answer as a chapters so i need a lot of references and-the research will use secondary data. The main sources of secondary data will be books, NGO’s manuals, annual general reports of NGO’s, journals, newspapers and relevant websites...
A Recipe for Ethnic Clash: Han-centric CCP Rule and the Introduction of Revolutionary Ideology in Xinjiang
Deadline is TOMORROW 4/6 @ 12:30pm PST Serious offer only please - this has VERY tight deadline with demanding amount of work and domain knowledge. I'm looking for a great social science writer to EXPAND my 12-page research paper into a 35-page dissertation. I want the core theme and argument to remain exactly the same - but you are free to be creative beyond that...
to what extend does the current SINO-CHILE trade affects technological innovation in Chile?
1) I need a paper of 25.000 words, double spaced, MLA format, this needs to be completed before the 21 of March 2016. 2) The aim of my research is to find out if the "south-south" trades affect innovation in the less developed countries, using China and Chile as my case study.
the third world war
Is the war close ? who is with who ? and who is probably going to win
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