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Attendees’ Perceived Risks and Intentions when attending Music Concerts
I have developed my own topics and some key parts like introduction, questionnaires. There are some key journals and readings you have to read and understand before working on this. I will provide you some of it. It may difficult to work on, cuz it has developed some ideas and you require to build up more and it should be related correctly. I want somebody that are..
Add a section to Literature review and expand on other subtitles
Need to fill in the gaps of Theoretical foundations and Review of Literature section in addition to adding a sub-section/topic. Follow the criteria table requirements and address various corrections. Address all points that are least 1 or 1.5 points in each of the criteria tables. Each section needs an additional 2 to 3 references 2014 to current only with APA..
How PayPal’s Strategic to Become the One of The Largest Payment Methods Compare to Other Payment Methods?
-Read the topic (a proposal of 2500 words will be given once the order is confirmed). -Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 30 assignment done -High quality assignment content - (+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grades are given -references are in Harvard style..
How organisations in Microstates learn within an organisational context within the Public Sector.
Failed my Dissertation. I have a chance to to a re-submission. Please look at the feedback comments and my dissertation and then kindly make the necessary adjustments to my dissertation for re-submission.
Big Data and retail: Challenges and Opportunities for Coordinated Policy Development in the UK
A systematic literature review of intellectual property (IP) rights and data ownership on new business models based on ‘big data’ mining and sharing to uncover opportunities for the Shoe Lab. 2) To map out privacy and transparency issues of sharing data to better overcome barriers and find opportunities for the proposed brand and business model 3) Develop..
Reducing Excess Inventory through Lean Six Sigma Approach
The aim of this topic is to reduce excess inventory as they are the cost in perspective of company. The dissertation should follow standard dissertation format guide. Please come out with at least three research questions which is related to the topic.
CSR practice in oil and gas firm
I have started my dissertation on CSR in oil and gas firm, i have recieved comments from the supervisor to rectify the comments. i need to edit as per the supervisor comments and to continue the remaining work of the dissertation.
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