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Effect of educational session on Saudi women' knowledge and attitude about fertility period
-literature review -15 to 20 pages -Including physiology and anatomy of menstruation and process of fertility, knowledge and attitude of saudi women related to fertility time, factors affecting fertility period and methods to dedict fertility period to avoid pregnancy or seeking pregnancy, related researches done within 6 years about fertility period..
Cervical cancer screening and prevention in sub-Saharan region
YOUR DISSERTATION SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING STRUCTURE: -ABSTRACT: Has to be around 200 words, and in essence it is the summary of your Introduction and Conclusion. As it is rational this is the last thing we write when the whole Dissertation is complete. - CONTENT -ACKNOWLEDGEMENT -DISSERATION -INTRODUCTION -CHAPTER ONE: LITRATURE REVIEW I -CHAPTER TWO:..
Obesity within Secure Mental Health Services - A Practice Improvement
Dissertation is a 10,000 word +/-10% around a practice improvement in the chosen field. The Field is Mental Health nursing - the practice improvement is based around early interventions with patients to ensure they do not gain weight due to medication, lethargy, lack of exercise and lack of staff participation. Dissertation handbook is attached...
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
I failed twice in my assignment and I need to resubmit for the last chance. My order need adjustment and make some changes according to the marker's comments with more literature review. my subject belongs to personal and service improvement dissertation in Oman. I attached 5 exemplars to write the topic in same structure with the same guidelines. I will upload..
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
I would like to add 300 words to my assignment because it was done with 7500 words and needs to reach at least 7800 words to be accepted. Add the 300 words in between and distribute them properly with citing all statements using Harvard style. I need this work done within 24 hours.
Assess various methods of collecting primary and secondary data
Locate at least 4 contemporary, peer-reviewed articles or dissertation or thesis research studies that are qualitative in nature (e.g., case studies, historical) related to your topic of interest for your paper and PowerPoint presentation. Write a paper that contains the following sections: Summarize the type of study and phenomenon of interest. Discuss..
Health Promotion is Harmful Traditional Practices and Violence Against Women.
1. Demonstrate the ability to choose, plan and carry out a substantial and complex piece of work independently. 2. Engage in critical inquiry and problem solving. 3. Critically evaluate current issues in policy and practice and devise a strategy for service improvement. 4. Critically appraise relevant literature and research related to the organisation..
hello, i have completed my introduction and literature review. i know there are loop holes and additions or subtractions needed. and i need to develop the PRISMA and find papers for the systematic review it self but i am finding that difficult. i need RCTs only from the UNITED STATES ONLY and my inclusions criteria are written in form of a paragraph at the very end..
set up the survey quesionnaire
Could you please set up the question that relating to the question below , Total about 15 question. What are General Practitioners’ patterns and referral decisions to acupuncturists and how do their personal beliefs about acupuncture influence these? - How frequently do GPs refer patients with common injuries for acupuncture treatment via ACC? My topic relate..
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