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Can human evolution coexist with the abrahamic religions
FULL QUESTION-Can human evolution coexist with abrahamic religion, how has it impacted religion since the appearance of pre modern human and Neanderthal remains and skulls were found. does the hindu and buddhist belief of reincarnation work for apes to? Is there evidence that it can and an argument of why it can not co exist together and perhaps why it can. (Ive..
Can human evolution coexist with religion ? if not why
Full question- can human evolution co exist with religion and how has it impacted religion since the appearence of pre human and neanderthal skulls were found (looking at abrahamic regligion in particular) referenced harvard style. Final year dissertation so top quality is a must .Please accept 60 dollars for 10 pages. I will pay you 100 for another 15 pages..
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