Dissertation Proposal on Law examples

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Compression between global antitrust law and Saudi Arabian competition Law
I'm thinking of US/UK Antitrust Law and comper it with the Saudi Arabian Competition Law. History, implementations, and goals all these ideas I'm thinking about besides other matters that should be mention. Maybe the similarities and differences. Last but not least, I'm interested in this topic because I'm working in an insurance company that complies with..
Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities proprosal part 4
Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word proposal focusing on program implementation that includes the following: Identify sources of funding for your program. Determine the criteria that will be used to evaluate the success of your program. Determine the data collection methods that will be used to determine the success of your program. Describe the way to collect and..
Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities proprosal part 3
Continue working on the Criminal Justice Program Proposal for the problem selected in Week One. Write a 1.050 to 1,250-word proposal that describes the development and design process for your program. Include the following in Part III of your proposal: Identify the target population and describe how you identified it. Locate similar programs and analyze..
Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities proprosal part 2
For this assignment, it will require you to login into my university campus to view the material required for this assignment. I will provide an attachment of the instruction on how to log in as me into my university campus. Resource: "Seven Stage Model for Planned Change" located in the introduction and appendix of Criminal Justice Policy & Planning. Research..
Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities proprosal
Select one of the following problem case studies from the University of Phoenix Material: Program Case Studies: The selected case study will be on: Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities Identify a problem in the case study that requires intervention. Write a 750- to 1,050-word proposal about a problem identified in the case study that requires intervention..
Outline/Dissertation Proposal: Trademarks in a globalized world
I need an outline for a 15,000 words dissertation on the topic "Trade Marks in a globalized world". The outline should include a structure, short explanations on how to build up the idea behind the proposal, literature/materials to work with , anything else that you consider helpful. The proposal should be between 3 and 8 pages and should be clear as well as thought-through...
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