Dissertation Proposal on Education examples

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Achievement Gap in Math at K-12 among Minority Students in the U.S.
This Dissertation Proposal should be in 3 parts. First part is the Introduction (Problems into investigation leads to Research Question - 10 pages), Second part is the Literature Review (Deeper into describe the Problem/Issue, Conceptual Theoretical Perspective, and Third part is the Methods, what Statistical Methods will be used?..
Correlational Study of African American Women School Administrators and School Climate
The following format is to be followed by students. Once in final form, the approved proposal will provide much of the substance of the dissertation’s first chapter. 1. Title Page The title sheet should include the information ordinarily encountered on the title page of the dissertation except that the proposal should be labeled as a dissertation proposal,..
STEM mentoring program’s influence on students self-efficacy
Edit my paper by reorganizing chapter 1 for clarity and edit highlighted areas; This study examined how a mentoring program affected the math self-efficacy of 4th grade math students Purpose Topics: U.S. education system failing – math Why math is important in primary years Self-efficacy in general Self-efficacy in math Minority problem Hipanics in particular..
I already have the chapter all typed out. it only needs revisions, and references reviewed. Also, you need to make sure references are no more than five years older than 2007 (started my Doctoral Program 2012). Please make sure you use APA Style format. I have downloaded the university formats, which are very important, and detailed, previously with another..
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