Dissertation Proposal on Business examples

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Analysing how internet marketing such as cookies affects the privacy on consumers and how trust can be gained
1.What is my burning question ? -what is the problem I am seeking to solve or situation I am seeking to better understand -what is my revised title What are my revised research questions -why are these research questions relevant and important right now -from whose perspective will I investigate this burning question ( 250 words with in text citations ) 2. What..
New Trend in e-Marketing, Specific reference to social media
Project Background: Rationale for selection – importance and potential impact of the strategic projectfor an organisation or business sector. Word Guide approximately 500 Literature Review: Identification of the key aspects of the business literature (e.g service quality) to be underpin the study. This review should briefly cover the main ideas and business..
An investigation into types of costs that are used to analyse the "whale curve" and to what extent do they affect decision making of company A
I want the information below converted into a better topic than the one above. "The ‘whale curve’ features in most management accounting textbooks where it is maintained that 80%, say, of the channels, customersor products/services make up more than 100% of the profits, while the remainder reduce the profit back down to 100%. Research into whether and how this..
the impact of the technology on business
this is master degree work please it should be perfect I need 4000 words and it most be more than 20 sources and be specific, not general and focus
b2b ecommerce
Looking to build a complete dissertation, starting with an idea to build a proposal and then based on my instructions / direction build the complete dissertation
Mentoring and Successful Implementation for Career Advancement
I need a problem statement which should include a hook and anchor with statistical data initially as a wow factor with proper apa citations within the problem statement. 2 Sentences long A problem statement is the description of an issue currently existing which needs to be addressed. It provides the context for the research study and generates the questions..
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